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Fabrication Breakers, Froward Brats, and Furious Butt Busters

Title: Fabrication Breakers, Froward Brats, and Furious Butt Busters
Authors: Tarabeth, Jo, and Mel with a little help from LJ and Carol
Characters: Mason & Billy, James & Quinn, and Jimmy & Alan
Implements: Hand, Wooden Spoon
Warnings: The following content has been edited for time. Please do not attempt any of these activities at home as they were conducted by professional brats, stuntmen, and a stuntman brat.
Thank you to Lady Jodie for a wonderful Beta job.

~*~    ~*~    ~*~

~*~    ~*~    ~*~

Two Weeks Ago

Quinn poured the microwave popcorn into the large serving bowl. He placed the bowl on the tray with the pitcher of iced tea, lemonade, and two tall glasses full of ice. He heard the theme music start to play. “Hey, press pause. No fair starting without me!” Quinn shouted to James who was sitting on the sofa reigning in as lord and master of the remote control. 

“Jimmy and Alan are traveling to Jade Heights, British Columbia to try and break an ancient fabrication about the provincial gemstone.” The Narrator spoke over the picture of Jimmy and Alan, The Fabrication Breakers, boarding their seaplane from the dock outside their warehouse in Vancouver. 

Quinn sat down on the sofa next to James. “It’s so cool that they’re coming to Jade Heights. I can’t believe they’re going to stay here at the Inn. Can we invite them over for dinner? You know they are going to shoot at the mine. I put my name in the raffle to be one of the miners who gets to help with their stunts. I wonder if they are going to blow anything up. I signed up for the explosives certification course today. I heard they might want to do some blasting.” Quinn’s daredevil nature was taking over and James could almost see Quinn’s brain formulating him becoming the third member of the Fabrication Breaker team.

James head swivelled hard from looking to the TV to staring at his husband’s face. “You did what?” he asked incredulously.

“I put my name in the raffle to be one of the miners who gets to help with their stunts,” Quinn responded.

James glared, "Quinn Seamus Sweeney, don't play games with me! You signed up for a course on explosives without even giving me the courtesy of a prior discussion. Now I'm waiting for a further explanation before I decide on the consequences to that action!"

"Consequences? I told you I needed to pass certain courses if I wanted to be a foreman. Why should I have consequences if you forgot that we talked about it?" Quinn replied with a bit of a huff. 

James spent a total of five seconds recalling a several year old conversation about Quinn’s desire to possibly someday become a foreman.  “If you are referring to a conversation we had round the time we got married.  A conversation that discussed what you might need to do in the future to move ahead at the mine; then my boy you need to rethink your position here. At no point did that give you my blessing to take on a potentially dangerous position handling explosives.  As a matter of fact I have made it clear on more than one occasion that ANY changes in you duties at the mine were subject to discussion PRIOR to your taking them on.  I know full well that I married a miner, not an accountant, and that your job has certain risks--but I will not agree to you further endangering your life for the sake of a job!”

Quinn got up from the couch and spoke as he exited the lounge, "I didn't know that taking a course required for my job was endangering my life.  Maybe I should cancel my appointment to take my Driver's License re-exam at the ICBC, because I could potentially die in a traffic accident. You had might as well turn the show off, I've lost my interest."

“Stop right where you are,” James voice was deadly quiet. “You do not walk out of the room when we’re talking.”

Quinn's body instinctively stopped. "You weren't talking.  You were being a bastard!"  He wished his mouth also had the ability to instinctively stop when he heard the words that came out of it.

James was off the couch and had Quinn by the arm before the younger man could utter another word.  He pulled him towards the coffee table and put one foot up on the surface, bent Quinn over the now raised knee and smartly applied half a dozen hard swats to the upturned butt.   Quinn let out several gasping yelps before he was up righted and guided to a corner.  “You may stand there for ten minutes and think about how you speak to me; and not a word out of you until I say so!”  

James went and turned off the television and took a seat in his favourite chair from which he could carefully watch his chastened Brat.  

Quinn stood in the corner fidgeting.  His emotions were a confused mix of anger, guilt, and remorse.

“Stand still,” James admonished.  “You’re there to think, not squirm around.”

Quinn’s movements settled down some, but James could tell his husband was having a hard time remaining in place and silent.  When the ten minutes had passed, James got to his feet, went to Quinn, wrapped his arms around him and kissed the back of his neck.  “Do you think you can talk civilly now?”

Quinn released a lot of the tension he was holding when he felt James’ strong arms supporting him.  He leaned back into his husband and took a hiccupped breath.  He tilted his head back to rest on James’ shoulder feeling the wonderful scratch of James’ whiskers rubbing against his cheek.  Quinn placed his hands on top of James’ and relaxed even more as James held him tighter.  He felt James give him another soft kiss and answered James’ question with a whispered, “Yes.”

“Good,” James patted Quinn’s butt and guided him back to the sofa and sat down pulling his husband down beside him with his arm wrapped around his shoulder.  “Okay baby, talk to me and I don’t want to hear about how this is the ONLY way for you to get ahead at work.  Remember I’ve been married to a miner, who comes from a mining family, for more than five years and I know that explosives certification is not a requirement.”

"It's one of the options," Quinn said.  "The other course is all about legal codes.  The Explosives Certification pays more, and I could have it completed before the Fabrication Breakers come to town."

“Quinn, I love you, and as I said before I know I’m married to a miner and that a certain level of risk is involved in your job.  But we both know that with using proper safety procedures that risk is made minimum.  However, when you bring explosives into the mix, the risks go up and they reach a point that I as your husband am not prepared to accept.  I’m sorry if you find it to be draconian of me, but this is one area where I’m going to put my prerogative as your Top into play and say no, I won’t permit you to do this.  If you want to take courses to further your career I’m going to insist that they not involve explosives or other such high-risk ventures. Furthermore, I am concerned about the timing of this idea of yours.  If it truly is your career you’re interested in furthering what has it to do with the visit of the Fabrication Breakers?”

Quinn raised his eyes to look at James.  “No discussion of the explosives course?”

James raised his eyebrow.

Quinn gave a bit of a pout.  “Well, the flyer for the course was hanging right next to the flyer about the raffle to help out when the Fabrication Breakers coming to town. I do need to take one of the courses if I want to be eligible for a foreman position one day. Can I take the other course?”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Quinn was a bit moody the next morning at work. At the morning break, Sully signalled for his younger brother to come speak with him privately.  “Hey there, Q, what’s with the grumpiness this morning?” He teasingly gave Quinn a punch on his arm.  “Did James keep you up late last night?”

Quinn blushed at his brother’s insinuation.  “No,” he said, his voice sounding a bit embarrassed and bashful. 

“So, what’s wrong then kiddo?” Sully asked.

Quinn sighed.  He took a moment to think of how to describe his argument with James.   “James is worried and upset that I signed up for the Explosive Handling and Detonation Course.  He would rather that I take the Health and Safety Course.” Quinn lowered his head and kicked at the dirt. 

Sully laughed.  “Is that all,” he said. 

Quinn looked up at his brother, his cheeks even pinker as his mortification grew. 

Sully stopped laughing, realizing that Quinn didn’t understand the purpose of his amusement.  “Quinn, do any of us have the Handling and Detonation Certification?”

Quinn gave Sully a puzzled look.

“Pop, Rowen, Aedan, Patrick or me--do any of us have that certification?”  Sully asked a second time.

Quinn shook his head.

“Q, James loves you.  Why would any reasonable partner be happy that their spouse was going to start using explosives on a regular basis?  Janie threatened to take the kids and move back in with her parents if I took the course, and don’t you remember what happened last year when Patrick signed up for the Handling and Detonation Course?”

Quinn looked up at his older brother and a large smile crossed his face as he remembered. 

“Just because Patrick doesn’t have a spouse, didn’t mean he didn’t catch hell for signing up for the course.  Ma was not happy.  Don’t you remember she wore black for a week and half, carried her rosary with her all the time, and went to mass twice a day?  And what about poor Pop, Mom made him sleep on the couch, stopped doing his laundry and refused to cook for him until he told Patrick he would put him on permanent sludge detail if he didn’t cancel his enrolment and take the Health and Safety Course instead.”

Quinn nodded at his brother.  “Thank you,” he said.

“You’re welcome.  Are you going to stop your moping now?” Sully asked.

“No more moping, I promise,” Quinn answered. 

Quinn felt drastically better after his conversation with Sully.  It was important for him to realize that a lot of James’ over protectiveness was what any loving spouse would want for their partner, and that it didn’t necessarily have to do with the power dynamics of he and James’ relationship.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

“Hey Monkey, it’s starting.  Hurry up and put some clothes on and get down here,” Mason called out.  Mason had arrived home from work to find Billy stark naked, that was hours ago.  They had made love three times, had dinner and showered, but Billy still hadn’t bothered to get dressed. 

Billy pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants; he almost fell down the stairs in his hurry to get to the TV. He snuggled into Mason. "They're coming here," he exclaimed, sitting upright, "Cool." He looked up at his Top, "You knew," he accused.

“Yeah, they called this afternoon, insurance company requires that there be fire and rescue personnel onsite.

 "Will you introduce me to them?" Billy's mind was racing, “I wonder if they want an assistant on set."

“I don’t know about an assistant,” Mason said.  He watched as Billy’s expression grew sad.  “They did ask me if I knew of a good auto repair shop where they might be able to have access to some tools, and they were talking about needing a tow truck on set.  They wanted me to recommend someone.”

Billy began to bounce.

“I told them I couldn’t think of anyone,” Mason said with a teasing smile.

Billy’s facial expression was beginning to show fury. 

“Calm down Monkey,” Mason laughed.  “I gave them your number at the shop.  I think you must have just missed them, because you closed early to come home and prance around the house naked.” He gave Billy a wicked grin and a tugged at his sweatpants.  “I’m sure there will be a message on your shop voice mail in the morning.”

"You didn't mind me prancing around naked," Billy pointed out, grinning, "In fact you were more than happy with it." He looked at Mason.

Mason huffed when Billy thwarted his advances and settled into watch the rest of Fabrication Breakers.  Although Mason's chance for another romp was thrown off he and Billy were great fans of Alan and Jimmy.  "Sometimes I swear that Jimmy is a Top.  What do you think, Brat?"

"Well duh," Billy replied. "Seeing as Alan is pure Brat I would guess so. He has bratting down to a fine art. He's heaps better at it than I am." He looked up at Mason, "Should I take notes while he's here?" he joked.

"Don't you dare, if you value ever sitting comfortably again." Mason teased.  

 "Spoilsport," Billy muttered under his breath.

"Do you remember the episode where they were debunking tales of the old west?  Alan said he was saddle sore, but I'm pretty sure he was sporting a spanked backside."

Mason started laughing hysterically.  He couldn’t speak he was laughing so hard.  Jimmy entered the screen wearing a pair of shiny gold hot pants, but that was not what had Mason laughing so hard-Jimmy was fully covered in gold body paint.  Finally as Mason began to regain his composure, he said, “Hey, you and your friends should ask Jimmy if he wants to be in your calendar.”

~*~    ~*~   ~*~

At lunchtime, Billy came bouncing into the Fire Station.  "So, I'm guessing you heard from The Fabrication Breakers," Mason asked.  

"Just when they needed me and how much they’re going to pay me," Billy replied.  “What’s for lunch?”

“Tuna fish and vegetable soup," Mason answered.  "So, are you gonna tell me about your deal?"

"They're sending through a contract you can read tonight if you want. Also I talked to them about the possibilities of doing something on screen with Jimmy and Alan." A devil may care light had come to Billy's eyes.

Mason gave his Brat a serious look.  "And what exactly are you hoping to do on screen?  Because you are not blowing anything up, setting anything on fire, swimming with sharks, firing any weapons, climbing any trees, or rescuing any kittens." Mason looked over at Billy and saw him loose some of his spark.  "Unless I know what it is, have checkout it out, approved of their safety precautions, and given you my permission."

"Spoilsport," Billy muttered through his tuna, “Control freak,” he thought to himself and found himself blushing wondering whether he'd said it out loud.

"Are you looking to spend the rest of your afternoon with a sore butt?" Mason asked sternly.  

"Absolutely not," Billy replied promptly, "but I do think you're being over cautious. It's not as though the production company will put me or anyone else in danger. The kitten shot wasn't fair," Billy pouted.

Mason pulled Billy close and kissed him deeply.  "I'm a Top, the terms over and cautious do not register, because you, my funky monkey, are my world.  I could never be over cautious when it comes to protecting you."  He kissed Billy a second time.  "And I was teasing about the kittens."

"Sweet talker," Billy said, coming up for air. "I'm happy to be your Brat and you are my world too." Billy very carefully didn't say the thought that came to his mind, which was, I hope they want to blow something up.

Mason gave Billy one last kiss. "Okay, my Brat, I think it's time you got back to the garage.  I love you," Mason applied a playful swat to Billy's butt, "and you're not blowing anything up." 

Billy just looked at Mason, "I didn't say anything," he protested. "You've already made your view known on that subject. I don't go around and ask to be paddled you know." He took off running, his laugh floating back on the breeze.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

One-Week Ago

It was all hands on deck at The Trillium Inn the day the Fabrication Breakers arrived in Jade Heights. It was pouring rain and James had all his staff busy preparing for the mass arrival of the Fabrication Breakers and their crew.  The storm was making James anxious; he was worried that with all the guests arriving at the same time it would be difficult to keep all the guests and their equipment warm and dry. 

Quinn was working by James’ side all morning.  Sensing his husband’s nerves, he retrieved his cell phone out of his pocket and dialled his older brothers into a conference call.  “Hi guys.  James has all the crew of the Fabrication Breakers checking into the Inn in an hour and a half.  Could you grab your golf umbrellas and come over for an hour or two?  We could really use help with escorting the guests inside and bringing in their luggage and equipment.”  Quinn looked up to see his amazed husband’s face and smiled.  “That’s great.  Please wear nice slacks and those nice scarlet sweaters we all wore in the family picture.” He looked to James for confirmation and received an appreciative smile. 

“Scarlet?” Quinn heard several of his brothers’ question.

Quinn rolled his eyes.  “Sorry, let me translate for the heterosexually color blind.  The red sweaters Ma bought us for the family picture.”

James snorted a laugh. 

“Great guys, thanks so much.  We’ll see you in a little while.”

James took Quinn’s cell phone out of his hand and placed it on the front desk; he then pulled his handsome lover into his arms and kissed him passionately.  “Thank you, sweetheart, that was just what I needed. I’m glad I decided to marry you instead of Cheyenne Jackson.  He only has two brothers.”

Quinn put his mouth up to James’ ear and whispered, “I thought it was because I had a better ass.”

“Yes, that did have a lot to do with it,” James laughed.  “I do really appreciate you calling your brothers.  Shall we ask them to stay for dinner?”

“And have the wrath of the sisters-in-law, no way.  Just give ‘em each a beer when we’re done and they’ll think they made out.”

“That I can do.”

The arrival of the Fabrication Breakers team went smoothly.  After being escorted into the Inn by one of the handsome Sweeney men, Stan and Velma checked every of the guests in, James and Quinn showed them to their rooms, and Mrs. Chelsea served tea and desert cakes in the dinning room. 

The production crew was staying on the third floor.  Jimmy was staying in the Water Avens Suite and Alan was put across the hall, next to James’ office, in the Enchanter's Nightshade Suite.

The producer, director and other production staff were each escorted to the remaining rooms on the ground and second floors.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Mason and Billy finally received the shooting schedule for the show.  The Fabrication Breakers and their crew would be in town for five days shooting the segments for their one-hour show.  There were three Fabrications they would be testing--the strength and effectiveness of jade arrowheads, a car stunt used in the Knight Rider television show, and a balloon lawn chair ride.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~


Monday was a quick and easy day.  The Fabrication Breakers tested the effectiveness of the pointy jade arrowheads.  They had arrowheads on spears and on arrows used with a bow. 

Although Quinn had not been selected as the member of the mine staff who would assist Jimmy and Alan--he was allowed on set to watch the filming because he was there helping James with catering.  Catering didn’t allow him much opportunity to socialize with the filming crew, but he was having a great time watching, and he still felt he was a part of show business by just being there.

~*~     ~*~      ~*~


The mine was still closed on Tuesday for the Fabrication Breakers shoot.  Since Quinn didn’t have to be at the mine and the Inn was full of guests, James had Quinn come and help him with breakfast service. 

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Alan woke early due to his excitement about the set up for the Knight Rider stunt; he would doing the bulk of the driving while Jimmy was doing all the measurements and equations to ensure that the ramp was at the correct angle and that Alan was driving the correct speed.  He quietly crawled out of Jimmy’s bed in the Water Avens Suite, put his sleep pants on, and slipped into the hallway. 

“Good Morning,” James said as he saw Alan sneaking into the hallway.

“Oh…uh,” Alan blushed.  “I just had an early morning question about the show for Jimmy.”

James smiled, he didn’t want to embarrass the man, but he also wanted to supply some type of assurance to his guest.  “You’re awake early.  Breakfast is ready.  You don’t have to wait until seven to go down.  My husband, Quinn, is already down there.  He can help you get anything you like.”

Alan seemed to relax at James’ kindness.  “Umm, thank you.  I think I’ll just take a quick shower and then go down.  I think I met Quinn yesterday; I didn’t realize he was your husband.”

“He was helping with check in and with catering at the mine yesterday.  He is a Jade Miner, but with the mine closed he had been a great help to me at the Inn this week.  I hope you enjoy your shower.  We remodelled the Nightshade room last year and our guests have just raved about the rainfall shower.”

Alan blushed slightly again.  He and Jimmy had made love under that showerhead their first night at the Inn.  “Yes, it is wonderful.  Well I had better get moving.  Thank you for the information about breakfast.”  Alan inserted his key into the door of the Enchanter’s Nightshade Suite. 

“You’re very welcome.  I’ll see you at breakfast service.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Quinn was placing scones, fresh fruit, quiches, and breakfast condiments on the buffet in the dinning room when Alan entered.  “Oh good morning,” Quinn said.  “Breakfast service doesn’t officially start for about fifteen minutes, but Mrs. Chelsea has everything ready and is cooking eggs to order.  Can I have her start a couple for you?”

“No,” Alan answered, “I’m not feeling like eggs this morning.  I heard from our producer that yesterday she had a scone with fruit and cream; I was thinking I might have that.  Are you one of the owners of the Inn?”

Quinn held out his hand.  “My husband, James, owns the Inn.  I’m Quinn Sweeney.  I’m a miner, but with the mine closed this week, I’ve been helping James here.  You’ll love the scone. Can I prepare it for you?”

“Sure, that would be great,” Alan answered. 

“So what fabrication will you be testing today?”  Quinn asked while he prepared Alan’s scone. 

“We were hoping to try and fly a lawn chair today, but with the continued rain, we’re going to have to put that off until Thursday.  So today we are going to try the stunt from the TV show Knight Rider where they would drive the car up a ramp into the traveling car lab that was housed inside a semi truck.”

“Wow, the flying lawn chair sounds really cool.  Do you think it is really possible?”

“Oh definitely.  We’ve been doing the math and testing prototypes back at the shop.  What you need are extra large balloons with a six or seven foot circumference.”

“That’s huge.  Where do you find something like that?”  Quinn asked. 

“There are places on line, and you can usually get them from any type of store that sells balloons.  I bet the toy store here in town may have a few, but it takes about seventy-five of them to get off the ground.”

Quinn got a dreamy look on his face.  “I bet that would be so amazing to fly like that.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

It was a slow day on the mine; the Fabrication Breakers spent the day doing set up and figuring out camera angles for Wednesday’s Knight Rider stunt.

~*~     ~*~      ~*~


Billy and Mason arrived at six a.m. as their shooting schedule had announced.  Mason was on site in case any first aid was needed and Billy was on the logistics team for this stunt. He had tools and his tow truck on site to help repair and move around any vehicles needed for the stunt. 

Billy had been bouncing since he woke up.  Mason had thoroughly threatened Billy’s butt should the Brat do anything considered even remotely dangerous, but little could ruin the mechanic’s excitement.  He had loved watching Knight Rider as a kid, and this was his favourite stunt being conducted this week in Jade Heights. 

The premise of the stunt was for a moving car to drive into the back of a moving truck without crashing.   The Fabrication Breakers had received a ton of mail requesting this stunt since the short-lived remake of Knight Rider and the appearance of the stunt on the current television show Burn Notice. 

Billy and Alan met at the catering table and bonded early in the day while eating Mrs. Chelsea’s chocolate chip cookies. 

At the afternoon break Quinn was bombarded by both Billy and Alan requesting more cookies.  “Sorry guys, James only brought fruit and nuts for this afternoon’s break.”  Both men looked as if their day may have been ruined.  “I’ve been really impressed with how easily today’s stunt has seemed to go even though the weather has been miserable.  I hope tomorrow will be nice so that you will still get to do the flying lawn chair stunt.”

“Well we need a third stunt for the show, so I’m sure we will be shooting the flying lawn chair stunt tomorrow no matter what,” Alan replied. 

Mason had strayed over to the catering table.  He picked up an apple, polished it on his t-shirt and tossed it into the air, catching it with his arm twisted around his back before he raised the fruit to his mouth for a bite.  “Are you talking tomorrow’s weather?” he asked.

The three men nodded in response. 

“This storm’s supposed to get worse, high winds until Friday afternoon.  Then we are supposed to have a beautiful weekend.”  Mason took another bite of his apple.  “Well, I’ve got to get back to the first aid station.”  He placed a hand on Billy’s shoulder and dropped a soft peck on his cheek. 

“Damn.  It will suck if you can’t do your stunt tomorrow.  I was really looking forward to watching how you performed it.  I thought it would be a fun way to check out the town and the crown land meadows,” Quinn said. 

“We’ve conducted a lot of our stunts in less then optimal circumstances; I’m sure we’ll be fine.  But I could give you copies of the stunt specs, if you’d like?”

Quinn and Billy smiled to each other and then answered in unison, “That’d be great.”

“How high can you get in one of those contraptions?” Quinn asked. 

James accompanied Jimmy over to the catering area.  “What contraption?” James asked. 

“Oh, I was just talking to Quinn and Billy about our flying lawn chair stunt,” Alan answered. 

“We don’t plan on flying more than a two or three stories when we do the stunt.  Hopefully the weather will clear up so we can get it done tomorrow.” Jimmy informed the men around the table. 

“Flying lawn chair?” James said in a bit of shock.  “That has got to be terribly dangerous.”

“Oh, we’ve done a lot of testing, James, and we have a whole safety crew scheduled for tomorrow to ensure everyone is completely safe.” Jimmy answered. 

“Still, I’m glad both Quinn and my jobs require us to be on the ground all the time.” James said.  “Oh, here are those pistachios you were asking for.”  James handed a bag of nuts to Jimmy.  “I’ve got to head back to the Inn to do some paper work, but Quinn will be here should you have any catering issues.  I hope the rest of this afternoon goes well.”

James kissed Quinn and left.  Jimmy informed Alan that he had five minutes before he had to be back on the set. 

“Hey guys, I’ve got a copy of the specs in my trailer.  Come and see me there when we finish shooting today and give them to you.”

Quinn and Billy shared a look of sheer of mischief, as they knew they would eventually be flying over Jade Heights together. 

The Knight Rider stunt went flawlessly and it was proved to be possible at both 30 and 55 miles per hour. After the crew shut down for the day, Billy made absolutely sure Mason was fully occupied and was secretly amused when he noticed Alan had glanced around to make sure Jimmy was no where near.  He and Quinn picked up the plans for how to fly a lawn chair.

~*~     ~*~      ~*~


Jimmy hung up the phone after talking with the Fabrication Breaker’s producer.  He turned towards the man dressed in Star Wars’ sleep pants and a Fabrication Breakers’ t-shirt and informed him, “Ginger has cancelled the lawn chair flight.  This rain storm is expected to get worse and the forecast is calling for a major electrical storm.” 

“Ginger’s over cautious.  We can just shoot around the rain,” Alan protested. 

“No Allan, we will not be shooting around the rain.  The lawn chair flight is totally dependant on proper weather conditions.  Not only will rain weigh on the balloons, but the heavy winds will make it difficult to steer, and the lightening storm would make flying around in a lawn chair a death wish.”

“We’re trained stuntmen, Jimmy. We can do this in a safe way.  I’m sure this experiment will totally boost our ratings, we can’t not do it!” Alan emphasized the last bit with a stomp on the floor. 

“Ginger said no.  Doing this experiment in the storm would violate our insurance and the contract with the network, but most importantly I said no.  I don’t want to hear any more arguments or you are going to being riding back to Vancouver on a very sore backside.  Got it?

Alan shot Jimmy a very sour look.

James knocked on the door to the Water Avens.

“We are going to talk a lot more about that attitude after our breakfast has been delivered.” Jimmy warned his pouty Brat.

James wished Jimmy a good morning when the television personality opened the door, and nodded at Alan when he entered the room. “Would you like me to put your breakfast on the tea table?”  He was not really surprised to see Alan sitting at the table in his pyjamas nor was he shocked to see that Alan was pouting.  He had received a call from the show’s producer early in the morning letting him know that the show wasn’t going to shoot and would be checking out of the Inn earlier in the day than they had expected.

“Yes, that would be wonderful,” Jimmy answered. “Oh that raspberry peach coffee cake smells like it is just out of the oven.”

James smiled.  “It is; Mrs. Chelsea took this batch out of the oven right before I came upstairs.  I think I’m going to go get a piece when I go back down.”

“You have a wonderful staff and an amazing Inn, Mr. Lefebvre.  We have had such a nice stay.  You and your staff have truly spoiled us; I don’t think we have ever had such wonderful accommodations when we have been away on a shoot before.”

“Thank you so much.  I’m very glad you have enjoyed your stay.  I hope you think of coming back for another stay, maybe for a vacation when you have more time to enjoy all of the wonderful things Jade Heights has to offer.”

Jimmy moved to stand behind Alan.  He placed his arm around Alan’s waist and replied, “Yes I think that would be nice.”

“Please enjoy your breakfast, and don’t hesitate to call if you need or want anything else or if we can help with your bags when you are ready to check out.”

“Thank you, we will,” Jimmy replied as he walked James to the door of the suite. 

As soon as Jimmy closed the door, Alan erupted.  “I’m an equal partner on this show, I should have a say in whether or not we call off a shoot.  I’m calling Ginger.”

Jimmy placed the phone headset back on the receiver and took Alan by the hand and led him to the bed.  “Do you want to take your pants down or should I?”

Alan grabbed hold of the waist of his sleep pants and held them firmly in place.  “Hmph! You can’t spank me because I disagree with a work decision,” Alan protested. 

Jimmy’s strength and long honed Top skills kicked into gear.  He pulled Alan down over his lap and while Alan struggled with the position, Jimmy swept the pyjamas down.  He applied a very firm swat to the Alan’s bum.  “Do I have your attention now?”

“Yes,” Alan said with another humph. 

“I am not spanking you because you disagreed with a work decision.  Have I ever spanked you because of that?”

“No,” Alan sniffled. 

“So why am I spanking you?” Jimmy asked.

“Because I didn’t listen to you, and I had a shitty attitude even after you warned me to stop.”

Jimmy landed a dozen more sharp swats before he up righted his Brat.  Alan quickly pulled up his pyjamas and then leaned into Jimmy.  “I’m sorry.  I just really wanted to do the balloon flight.”

“I know, sweetheart, and you will.  It’s a great stunt, but it isn’t safe to do today.”

Alan stood up on his tiptoes and looked over at the breakfast.  “Can we eat now?”

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Billy flipped through notes and information Alan had given him.  Alan had recommended that Billy do some type of trial run before he and Quinn made their actual flights, and Billy had decided that he had the perfect furry test pilots back at home. 

The trial run went perfectly. Billy used the cat carriers, five helium filled balloons and plastic bottles of water. He lured Thomas and Biscuit into their carriers with food, and he rewarded them with catnip and their favourite toys once they were inside. He attached the balloons, punched holes in the plastic bottles, and watched the carriers rise majestically to the ceiling--ignoring the water soaking through the carpet below.

Biscuit made her displeasure known as the carrier rose. Thomas purred so loudly that it made Billy grin. He had always maintained Thomas was a brat cat. Biscuit always preferred Mason's lap to Billy's, and she always bossed Thomas around. But she never failed to comfort Billy after he'd been spanked, just as Thomas did.

He let the cats down by bursting the balloons with a pin. He needed to climb onto the back of the sofa to reach the balloons.  Billy reflected that Mason would have had a heart attack if he'd seen him.  When the cat carriers hit the ground with a thud, he let the two cats out.  Biscuit let out some truly horrible language making sure to let Billy know how she had felt about the experiment. Thomas, on the other hand, purred and twinned around Billy's legs when he exited the carrier.

It was then Billy heard the front door open. He looked around the lounge--wet carpet, cat carriers, burst balloons--the place was a mess. He thought fast, stripped quickly and walked out to the hall to meet Mason stark naked.

Mason growled at the handsome man standing before him, and he felt his pants grow tighter at his desire to claim this sensuous man. 

Billy got hard at the sight of Mason in his uniform. “Hallo Captain. Want to take me upstairs and fuck me stupid?”

Mason watched, as Billy grew harder, and gave his husband a devilish grin.  “Yes,” he replied in a low husky wanton voice. He bent slightly, placed his arms around Billy’s thighs, and lifted the younger over his shoulder.  “To what do I owe this pleasure?”  Mason asked.  He then applied a firm swat to Billy’s ass.  “Have you been up to something?  This isn’t a distraction, is it?”  Mason started up the stairs to he and Billy’s bedroom.  “Because if it is, you are very lucky; it worked.”  He tossed Billy onto the bed and began to undress. 

Billy crawled down the bed and helped Mason undress. Once his lover's cock was free, he started to lick its length. ‘Lucky my ass,’ he thought to himself, ‘who in their right mind would refuse some hot, monkey sex?’  He then swallowed Mason's cock.

Mason gasped in pleasure as Billy’s warm mouth engulfed him.  His husband knew just when to lick, love, blow, suck, and swallow to make his body quiver.  He moaned in delight as Billy’s hand fondled his sac, causing it to pull upward.  Mason grunted his release; it felt like Billy had swallowed him whole. 

Mason fell down onto the bed, pulling his lover on top of him.  They kissed and fondled each other until Mason was ready to send his lover into oblivion.  He pushed Billy into a sitting position.  “Spread your legs wide and bend your knees,” Mason growled.  He pumped lube into his hand and bent down to kiss Billy just below his navel.  Mason continued with the kisses, dropping each one just a little lower than the last.  At the same time he both had Billy’s cock in his mouth and pushed two fingers deep inside the handsome mechanic. 

Billy howled in pleasure, held on as long as he could and came hard. His slightly glazed eyes looked at Mason, “Want you in me now,” he demanded, “your cock in me,” he amended quickly, as Mason wriggled his fingers, giving his Brat a wicked grin. Billy suddenly realised his cock was getting hard again, he'd never had believed he could have got so aroused, so quickly again.

Mason swirled his fingers over Billy’s prostate, and he smiled wickedly as Billy gasped with pleasure.  “Are my fingers not enough for you?” Mason laughed as he watched Billy’s eyes roll back in pleasure.  Not able to deny his handsome brat any longer Mason withdrew his fingers and slicked his cock.  He positioned Billy’s legs on his shoulders and used his left arm to brace himself while his right hand guided his cock into the wanton mechanic. 

“Finger's good,” Billy gasped, “Cock better.” He let out a howl as the cock entered him and brushed his prostate. “So good,” he panted. Mason slowly picked up the pace and then slowed down. “Oh God stop teasing me,” Billy begged shamelessly.

Mason smiled down at Billy, and pulled almost all the way out of his lover.  “What, you want me to stop?”  Mason teased. 

“No,” Billy replied, “And you know it.” He gasped as Mason plunged back in him deeply, then again almost pulled out of him and drove in again. He screamed in pleasure.

Mason’s orgasm followed quickly behind Billy’s.  When both men had regained their energy Mason got out of bed and threw on a pair of sweats.  “I’m going to go start dinner, Monkey.  I suggest you go clean up whatever it was you were trying to keep from me.”

Billy quickly cleaned up the living room, and Mason was kind enough not to mention the towels that were covering the floor in the lounge. His only comment being that Billy should arrange to borrow a carpet cleaner and finish the job.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~


Quinn put his lawn chair into the back of the Bronco, and closed the door.  James pulled him into a hug.  “I wish I was able to bring the Camry by for a wash today, but with the Women’s Guild holding their Tea this afternoon, it is going to be swamped around here.”  James reached into his wallet and handed Quinn a twenty-dollar bill.  “Put this into the school’s donation bucket.  We want our boys to make it to regional playoffs again this year.”

Quinn pocketed the money and felt his heart sink.  He had told James he was spending the afternoon at Billy Monroe’s garage to help chaperone a car wash for the high school hockey team.  Quinn gave James a peck on the cheek.  “I will.”

“What time do you think you’ll be home?” James asked. 

“Uh, probably four or five,” Quinn replied. 

“I’ll expect you home by four thirty.  It’s your turn to make dinner.”

“Okay, I’ll call if I’m going to be later.”

“No,” James said, “I want you home by four thirty. I’ll expect a call if you’re going to be late, but if I get that call you WILL be in trouble.”

Quinn bit his tongue to keep from saying something that would get him trouble. “Okay.  I’ll see you then.”

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Quinn knocked on the back door of the garage.  He hoped Billy would answer the door quickly, because the boxes of balloons were heavy.  They also had not been cheap--three hundred and fifty dollars, and Billy had spent just as much for the helium tanks.  Neither of them had realized their endeavour in lawn chair flying would be so expensive.  He had no idea how he was going to keep this expenditure from James.  He wondered if Billy would have a similar problem hiding the cost of the helium from Mason.  Thankfully, Billy answered the door and took half the boxes from Quinn.  “We need to get started right away. James expects me home by four thirty, and I think it is going to take a couple of hours just to get the balloons blown up.”

Billy grinned at his friend and co-conspirator. Mason would have been alarmed at the spark in his eyes. “That's cool,” he said, “I closed the garage today and gave everyone the day off. We've got plenty of time and space to get this done.” Billy thanked his lucky stars that Mason wouldn’t do the accounts until the end of the month, so he wouldn't notice the cost of the helium until after the stunt was done.

“I bought seventy-five six-foot balloons for each of us.  I think we should take turns either blowing up the balloons and attaching the ropes or filling up the water jugs and attaching them to our chairs,” Quinn suggested.  He and Billy had spent the several weeks since the Fabrication Breakers left town researching lawn chair flying.  They had been thankful to Alan for sending them some helpful hints.  They had even run a couple of sample runs with Thomas and Biscuit.  They had done all their trial runs inside the house, as Billy seemed to have an odd fear of the cats getting stuck in a tree. 

“Sounds like a plan,” Billy replied and the two men loaded the helium tanks on to a trolley and made their way to the outside to the back of the garage. They filled the jugs of water first as they were acting as the ballast for the flight. To rise they would release some of the water and allow the balloons to raise them and to come down they would release the balloons. The two had discussed using a bb gun to descend, but Billy with a sudden burst of common sense, had pointed out neither of them had a BB gun and no way to get hold of one without having to answer awkward questions.

Both men had great fun filling the balloons and sharing tales of previous adventures.  Quinn’s stomach was full of butterflies--some for anxious excitement over he and Billy’s planned flight, and the others knowing that this adventure would most likely end with him draped over James’ lap.  But Quinn felt a spanking was a small price to pay for the wonderful adventure he and Billy were about to experience. 

Quinn was blowing up the last balloons and handing them to Billy to tie onto their chairs.  “Well I think that’s the last of them.  So as long as we’ve got our snacks, I think we are about ready to take off.”

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

It was mid-afternoon and the Womens’ Guild keynote speaker was at the podium, allowing James a bit of breather.  He slipped away up to his office and began to check his messages. He had a call from his produce supply and a wedding planner wanting to schedule a walk through with her bride and groom.  James returned those calls and then called to check the messages on the home line. 

“You have one new message.” The voice mail informed him. 

James pressed the one key to listen. 

“Hello.  This is a message for Quinn Sweeney.  This is Joe from the Toy Box.  I accidentally double charged your MasterCard for the balloons you purchased this morning.  I just issued a credit for three hundred and fifty dollars; I wanted to let you know in case it shows up on your statement. Call me back if you have any questions.”

James wrote down the phone number and quickly called the toyshop to find out what his brat was up to.  He was worried sick when he found out the type of balloons Quinn had purchased.  He grabbed his car keys, asked Stan to handle the rest of the Tea, and dialled Quinn’s cell. 

Quinn’s phone went straight to voicemail.  “Boy, your phone is not supposed to be off! I just received a call from the Toy Box stating you spent a small fortune on balloons.  Your body is not allowed to leave the ground! I’m on my way to the garage, and I expect to find you sitting in the office of Billy’s shop when I get there.”

James ended the call to Quinn and dialled Mason Monroe’s number.

“Monroe,” Mason said as he answered the phone.

“Mason, it’s James Lefvebre.  My husband left our house this morning with a lawn chair.  He told me he was going to help Billy chaperone a car wash for the high school’s hockey team,” James informed the Fire Captain.

“Billy’s not hosting a car wash, James.  Although he is at the garage catching up on some work,” Mason replied, feeling sorry for the Innkeeper and his errant husband.

“Quinn purchased one hundred and fifty six foot balloons.  The kind often used for lawn chair flying.” 

“Fuck,” Mason replied.  “That’s enough balloons for two fliers. I’m on my way to the garage.”

“I am too.  I’ll see you there,” James replied.

Mason dialled Billy’s cell phone.

Billy's cell phone was off and he'd set the office phone to go directly to the answer phone. He was equally certain he was going to end up over Mason's knees, but he wanted to experience the thrill of flying. He and Quinn tucked snacks down next to their legs and Billy began to turn the spigots to release the water and let the balloons lift him.

Mason arrived just as the two Brats were lifting off the ground. 

Billy had a slight head start on Quinn. 

Mason sprinted out of his truck and jumped into the air with both hands raised hoping to catch one Brat with each arm.  He was able to grasp Quinn’s leg and pull him down to the ground, but Billy was already out of his reach. 

“Billy Flemming-Monroe, get your butt back down here right now!”  Mason shouted to his husband. 

Quinn looked like a rabbit stuck in the headlights as James pulled up to Billy’s garage and stormed out his car.  He tried to squirm away from Mason.

“Oh no, you don’t,” Mason growled at his friend.  He began to release the balloons attached to Quinn’s chair, leaving the miner with no possibility of escape.

Billy looked down and saw Quinn's capture. He shivered when he heard Mason's voice, his Top sounded pretty angry. He suddenly realised he was flying and whooped out in sheer joy. This was worth every moment he was going to spend over Mason's knee.

Mason watched as Billy continued to gain altitude and soar out over Jade Heights.  “I’m warning you Billy.  You are not going to be a happy man when I get my hands on you! I want you to carefully start to release some of your balloons and get yourself back down here. NOW!”

Mason growled when Billy blew him a kiss and let more water out of the containers attached to his chair. 

Mason was slightly distracted by James approach.  “He’s all yours,” Mason said to the Innkeeper. “I’ve got to go chase my flyboy down.”

“We’re coming with you until we get that boy of yours down.” James replied.  He grabbed Quinn by the biceps and shook him.  “What the hell were you thinking?”  He quickly undid the strapping that held Quinn into the chair and pulled him to his feet at the same time releasing the last of the balloons so that the chair apparatus didn’t go floating off with them.  “Let’s go.”

“Alright,” Mason answered. “Did you two brainiacs have any type of flight plan for this incredibly dangerous and idiotic escapade?”

James was tightly holding Quinn by the upper arm, and Quinn couldn’t help but to squirm a bit.  “We were going to head down Main Street, over the park and then head out of town towards the Crown Land Meadows.  We’d turn around there and come home.”

James held tightly to his husband.  He couldn’t believe Quinn had gotten himself involved in such a hair-brained scheme. “You and I are going to have a very long talk when we get home, and I wouldn’t count on sitting comfortably for the next week if I were you.”

Mason quickly shooed James and Quinn into his truck and they followed Billy’s balloon as it wafted towards Main Street. 

The wind seemed to slow and Billy stopped for a moment just off Main Street near Jack’s gallery and Daisy Monroe’s Delicatessen.

Jay was up on the roof sunbathing and Billy steered himself over towards his good friend. 

“Hi Jay,” Billy said, trying to get his lawn chair to co-operate. He laughed at Jay's expression after his friend opened his eyes.

A crowd was gathering on the street as people poured out of the shops to see the man in the flying lawn chair.  The large group of people made it difficult for Mason to get his truck close to Jackson’s shop.  He ended up parking several shops down and he, James and Quinn made there way up the block. 

Daisy saw her fuming son approaching the deli and quickly figured out what was going on.  She stopped Mason for a moment. “I take it the magnificent man in that flying machine is your husband,” she said unable to contain her laughter. 

“It’s not funny, Mom,” Mason growled.

“Oh hello, Quinn dear, I see you have your handsome husband with you this afternoon,” Daisy sweetly said to Quinn before turning to Mason. “Don’t you growl at me, young man.  And it is very funny.  Billy is only about two stories high and having been the proud mother of a cub scout I would recognize the knots he’s using.  He has a very well constructed apparatus there.  Now just as long as he stays away from any kittens stuck in trees and doesn’t go any higher, he should be fine.”

Mason paled at the thought of more cats in their house.  Thomas and Biscuit were full-grown now and each demanded their own lap to curl up on--another cat would mostly likely incite a major feline war at their house.  “Billy Monroe, don’t you dare bring another kitten home! And land that contraption of your RIGHT NOW!” Mason shouted. 

Billy rolled his eyes at Mason’s comment.  It had been over a year since he had brought home any rescued kittens, and Mason certainly didn’t need to know about the two that Billy had rescued and found homes for with one of his customers.

Jay opened his eyes slowly so the sun didn’t blind him, looking around for the person who had called his name his eyes bugged out.  “What the fuck are you doing up there,” Jay yelled out, when he saw Billy in a flying lawn chair. “Dude, you're nuts.” Jay tipped his energy drink to toast his friend's courage. “And Mason is going to kill you.”

“It's worth it,” Billy replied as he floated away. “This is way cool.”

Billy looked down at the street and realized a crowd was growing, and at the center of that crowd was his not to happy husband.  Realising that Mason was near, he was thankful the wind seemed to be picking up again.  He said his goodbyes to Jay and steered himself towards the park.  The park was full of activity--families were picnicking, kids were running and jumping on the colourful playground, and two men were playing with their dog. 

Kadyn tossed the Frisbee to Kyler, who whirled it back towards his friend and laughed at the antics of Kadyn's dog, Bandit, when Kadyn failed to catch it.  Bandit caught the Frisbee meant for his owner and tried to get Kadyn's attention, but Kadyn was too busy looking skyward.  "Kyler, look at that!" Kadyn exclaimed, pointing at a spot over the playground. "It's a big bunch of balloons with a chair hanging from it."

Kyler followed the direction his friend was pointing in. "Is that someone sitting in the chair?" He blinked his eyes in disbelief.

"Looks like it. Whoa, how neat is that?" Kadyn bounced excitedly. "Let's go check it out!"  

When Billy noticed Kadyn and Kyler just below him, he gave them a wave.  He could see Mason was close behind him in the truck, so he didn’t stop to visit with them, like he had with Jay.  He made sure he was turned in the direction of the wind and continued to fly towards the outskirts of town.

He knew he was going in the correct direction when he saw the small neighbourhood that bordered the edge of Jade Heights.  He let out a little more water and steered himself directly down the middle of the street. 

Rene Pierce was working in his studio, enjoying the beautiful afternoon sunlight streaming through the expanse of windows. A shadow passing over the window caught his attention and he looked up to see the most astonishing thing.  A man in a lawn chair floating slowly across the sky with dozens of colourful balloons keeping him aloft.  Rene kept binoculars at hand to study some of the birds that lived in the large backyard.  He snatched up the field glasses to get a better look and was astounded to see it was Billy Monroe perched in the floating chair.  Wanting to capture this moment for a future painting, he grabbed his ever-present camera and began to snap pictures with the zoom lens.  He got about thirty shots before Billy floated from his point of view out the window.  “Zack is never going to believe this,” he muttered to himself as he ran down the stairs and out into the yard to see the balloons flight path taking Billy out towards the town line.

Billy had greatly enjoyed himself, although there was a slight chill running down his spine. He had pushed his luck about as far as he felt safe. He started to release balloons and slowly began to descend. He finally came down and landed just outside the city limits of Jade Heights. Mason’s truck slid to a halt and Billy looked up as the driver erupted out of his seat.  “Hi Mace,” he said brightly. “What's up?”

Mason ran towards Billy as the younger man unfastened himself from his lawn chair.  He pulled Billy into a tight embrace and kissed his face several times.  “Thank God, thank God,” he said.  He released Billy and began to run his hands over the mechanic, making sure he didn’t have any injuries.  After assessing his Brat was healthy, he applied a very firm swat to Billy’s butt.

Billy yelped as the swat registered. Embarrassed that James and Quinn provided an audience for his chastisement, he blushed. “Mason,” he hissed urgently “There are people watching. I'm perfectly okay. We did heaps of research and even a trial run with Thomas and Biscuit.”

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

It wasn’t until Billy was safely in Mason’s arms that James allowed himself to stop and think about the disastrous consequences that could have befallen the two Brats.  He’d always known Quinn had an adventurous streak in him that led him to trying some things that were not very well considered, but this one was the icing on the cake.  Quinn had to know that such a public spectacle would hardly have escaped his notice. Even if Mason and he hadn’t known about it while it happened, word would have reached them quickly.  Mason was the fire chief for heaven’s sake and someone would have called him out to respond to this. He looked to Quinn who was sitting silently in the truck beside him. 

“You knew…you knew that this would get you into trouble and yet you did it anyway.” James stated his voice shaking with both relief for his husband’s safety and building anger over his actions.  “Are you asking to be punished? Was this some way of goading me?” He saw Quinn squirm as he tried to formulate a response to James' questions.  “No, don’t…don’t answer me right now!  We’ll talk when we get home.” James moved to get out of the truck.  “Sit right where you are and don’t move.  I’m going to assist Mason with that damn flying chair.” 

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

“You put our cats in a lawn chair and launched them into the air?” Mason asked with complete exasperation. 

James approached the Fleming-Monroes just in time to hear Mason’s odd question and he looked back and forth between the Fire Captain and his Brat.  Realising he hadn’t misheard them he silently began to release the balloons from the chair.

Billy tried to explain to Mason that he and Quinn had experimented with the cats inside the house, but was cut off by his husband.

“Thank you, James.  I really appreciated your help and company this afternoon as we tracked my husband,” Mason paused and glared at Billy, “as he flew through town.”

“Of course.  I’m so grateful to you for keeping Quinn on the ground.  I think you would have had to shock me with a defibrillator had he actually gotten airborne.”

“Well we would all be better had this little escapade not taken place.  Billy, grab your chair and get in the truck.  I’m sure that James would like to get home so he and Quinn can discuss this in the privacy of their own home--as we will be doing--just as soon as we take them back to their car.”

It took about fifteen minutes to drive back to Billy’s garage and drop James and Quinn off.  As soon as Mason saw the Innkeeper and his husband drive away, he turned to Billy and said, “You are in a lot of trouble, my dear Brat.  Would you like to start your explanation of what led to today’s adventure now, or should we wait until we get home and your bare butt is over my lap?”

Billy gulped. “Well you remember the Fabrication Breakers had to call off the lawn chair flight because of the weather?” Billy started off, flinching a little from the anger in Mason's eyes. He continued his tale looking fixedly at his feet. “Quinn and I thought it would be fun to try and do it once the weather broke. We asked Alan how to do it and he told us what was needed and sent us an e-mail with more details. He didn't think it was a bad idea. He even said he'd have us on the show if we did the flight.” Billy looked up at Mason. “I don't know why you're mad. We did lots of research, even if Thomas and Biscuit will never speak to me again, and I was never in any danger.”

Mason shook his head. He couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Billy attaching balloons to the cat carrier and trying to fly the cats.  He figured if the cats had their bed, a couple of catnip toys, and good handful of their treats, they were probably game for Billy’s flying adventure.  The two men pulled into the driveway of their home, and Mason resumed the firm resolve he would need to discipline his Brat.  He pulled Billy close and gave him a hug and soft kiss on his forehead.  “Okay, Monkey, let’s get this done.  You can fetch a wooden spoon and take a corner in the lounge.”

Billy's eyes widened. “A wooooodeeeen spooooonnn,” he stuttered. He stared at Mason. “Come on it was only a little bit of fun.” Billy was not regretting his adventure; he thought Mason was being over dramatic over it. Although at the back of his mind, there was the niggling thought that once Mason was through with him, he might be regretting his actions. He squashed that thought firmly down but it kept coming back. He honestly thought the worst he'd get would be a hand spanking. “I can't believe you think the wooden spoon is called for,” he moaned.

“Yes, Monkey, a wooden spoon, and if you keep me waiting much longer I’ll have you bring me the slotted spoon.  Oh, now that’s an idea, it’ll pick up more speed as it whooshes through the air towards your butt.”

Billy yelped and made for the kitchen to grab the regular wooden spoon. 

Mason went into the spare bedroom to check on the cats.  They were both curled up on the guest bed.  Thomas opened one eye to see what had dared to disturb his sleep, and when he saw Mason he yawned and slowly rolled over onto his back.  Biscuit stood and stretched her front paws far out in front of her.  “Hello kitties,” Mason said.  He rubbed Thomas’ belly and scratched Biscuit’s back.  “I hear you two had a bit of a misadventure recently.”

Thomas stood up with a large smile emblazed on his feline face, and Biscuit curled into a ball and lay back down. 

Mason gave a small laugh and scratched Thomas’ ears.  “I should have known you two would have loved it.  He did find you both stuck up trees.”

Thomas let out another yawn, signalling to Mason that he was bored with the direction the conversation had taken. 

“Well you had better make sure you are there to cuddle with him, because he’s not going to be a happy man when I’m done with him.  I’m not sure if he’ll accept my cuddles.”  Mason closed the door to the spare bedroom and made his way to the lounge where he found his Brat nervously wiggling in the far corner. 

“Come here, Sweetheart,” Mason said.

Billy slowly crossed the living room, dragging his feet the whole way. “It's not like I was ever in any danger. I didn’t go any higher than two stories, and even if I hadn't been strapped in, the worst that might have happened is a broken bone or two.” Billy looked at Mason to see if his plea was working.

It didn’t, and Mason hooked a finger into the belt loop on Billy’s jeans when the Brat was within his reach and pulled him forward.  Mason held his hand out for the wooden spoon. 

They had several wooden spoons Mason used to make Billy's favourite chocolate cake. Billy had grabbed the thinnest and oldest of the spoons--he hoped it would break before Mason finished with it.  Billy held out the spoon, and Mason placed it beside him on the couch.  Mason pulled Billy to him and unfastened his pants.  He gave a firm tug causing Billy’s jeans and boxer shorts to pool around the younger man’s ankles.

“This really sucks,” Billy moaned as he found himself over Mason's knees, bare butt in the air. He tried to relax; he knew this spanking was going to be memorable. He yelped when the first swat landed, ‘Not good, not good,’ his mind screamed at him, yelping on the first swat was not common at all. He bit his lip as the next one landed on the same place as the first one. ‘Maybe lawn chair flying had not been such a great idea after all,’ was all Billy was able to think, as the pain of the spanking began to really hit home.

Mason paused the spanking.  “I hope that got your attention, you little cheeky monkey.” Mason ran his hand soothingly over Billy’s butt, and then over Billy’s legs and back.  “I love this whole body--this whole man.  I love you, and I don’t want any of you broken.”  Mason applied several more swats to Billy’s other cheek.  “I would have let you fly.  If I were there to watch and make sure everything was okay.” Mason let out a small laugh.  “Although I would have been holding onto you with a large rope.” Mason’s voice grew more serious.  “You need to tell me what adventures you want to do and try.  I may say no, but I just might say yes.  You’re never going to know if you don’t ask.  Not asking and just doing, putting yourself in danger, encouraging your friends to go along with you in your dangerous activities, lying to me about what you are doing--those things are going to land you over my knee every time.”  Mason continued to spank until the soft white butt that he had pulled over his lap had turned an unhappy red.  He picked up the wooden spoon. “And every time you’re going to get the spoon or the paddle.” Mason lifted the spoon and applied it firmly to the under curve of Billy’s bum.    

Billy had been too busy crying to respond to Mason's scolding and was too far gone to realise Mason had picked up the wooden spoon. He cried out in pain when the spoon landed and tried to levitate out of its wicked reach. Billy heard a cracking sound when the second swat landed.  Despite the pain he was in, Billy prayed the wooden spoon had broken.

“Damn it,” Mason said, “the spoon broke.” He set the spoon aside, repositioned Billy on his lap, and finished the remainder of the spanking with his hand. 

Billy wasn't happy, the spanking really hurt, but the fact that the wooden spoon was no longer impacting his butt, gave him the strength to endure the rest of it. He knew from bitter experience that the wooden spoon or paddle left reminders that lasted a lot longer than Mason's hand. This way he would be able to sit comfortably in a couple of days, the spoon and paddle usually made their presence known longer.

He did not know for several moments that the spanking had finished. Mason pulled him up into a hug, and Billy pulled away, a pout showing through his tears. Then he broke and lent into the hug, “Not fair,” he mumbled into Mason's shoulder, “I was never going to go higher than two stories; it was Quinn who wanted to experience oxygen deprivation. He's just too weird.”

Mason dropped a kiss on the top of Billy’s head. “I didn’t know that what Quinn did or wanted to do had any effect on our relationship and our rules.  You were punished based on the choices you made in violation of our rules.  If anything was unfair, it was you trying to lessen your punishment by picking the cracked spoon.  If you would like me to right the injustice of your spanking, I can go get the paddle.”

“Wasn't cracked,” Billy protested, “And you don't need to get the paddle. You got your point across well enough. There was no injustice in the spanking at my end,” he pouted at Mason. He took a deep breath and thought to himself, ‘I'm still not sorry I did it.’ He looked at Mason and wondered if he'd actually said that out loud.

Mason shook his head at his Brat.  “Come on, trouble, put your pants back on and let’s go get an early dinner.  I thought the Maple Grill might give you a chance to gloat about your adventure with your adoring public.  I have one rule though—if any children come up to you to talk about it--you make sure to tell them it was dangerous, you will never do it again, and neither should they.  You break that rule and your butt will feel the paddle.  Got it?”

Billy blanched slightly. He liked the Maple Grill but sitting down was not a prospect he looked forward too. “Can I take a rain check?” he asked.

“Oh Monkey,” Mason cooed.  He pulled Billy into a tight hug. “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable or embarrassed.  Why don’t we call and order take-out from the Grill?  Then we can come back and just have a quiet night.  How does that sound?”

Billy agreed to take-out, as long as Mason promised to bring home chocolate cake.  They ate dinner and dessert in front of the TV.  Shortly after Billy’s second serving of cake; he fell asleep on the couch, his head resting in Mason's lap. Thomas was curled in front of him and Biscuit stretched out along his back.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

James and Quinn sat quietly for the drive back to the Inn.  Quinn in need of reassurance reached out and rested his hand on James’ thigh, hoping that the older man would take hold of it, of him, and assure him that things would be better.

James was feeling his anger rise as his fear level was abating, but no amount of anger could keep him from responding to Quinn’s silent plea for assurance.  He took his hand from the steering wheel and wrapped it around Quinn’s, giving it a firm squeeze.  He then pulled it up to his mouth and kissed the palm.  Quinn’s hand was cold, which was a sure sign of his nervousness.  “I love you baby.  We’ll work this out.”

When James brought the car to a stop in their driveway, he turned and gave Quinn’s hand another squeeze.  “Please go and wait in the corner of the study.  I’ll be there in a few minutes.”  James didn’t choose to go straight to the discipline room.  This situation required a long talk before they got into any form of discipline. 

Quinn nodded silently to James and made his way to the study.  His brain was a swirl of thoughts.  He knew James was upset with him, but he hadn’t thought this was a stand in the corner while James calmed down type of trouble.  He made his way into the study, toed off his shoes, and stood nose to the corner. He started to run back through the events of the afternoon since James had found him.  He hadn’t fully understood why James had wanted to help Mason with Billy.   He would have thought that James would have wanted the two of them to come home to talk in private.  He was also shocked by James’ thought that he was trying to goad his husband into punishing him.  It was a rare occurrence that he did that--usually only when he was feeling guilty about something and he couldn’t think of anything he should be guilty about.  And after all, he hadn’t actually gotten to fly.  As far as Quinn was concerned, this should be no more than a simple hand spanking. 

James took a few minutes to go to the washroom and get a couple of glasses of water to bring to the study with him before he followed his Brat into the quiet room.  Quinn was standing as expected in the far corner from the door.  James took a seat on the small leather sofa and decided he needed to centre himself before speaking to his husband.  This afternoon had really thrown him for a loop, the very idea of Quinn doing something that seemed so insane to James’ mind.  Was he over-reacting, he wondered?  No, the whole idea of Quinn taking off in this contraption of helium and latex with nothing to protect him from a fall or a crash was just beyond James’ comprehension.  This dangerous risk-taking had to come to an end. James knew he could never live with himself if he didn’t do everything in his power to make Quinn realize just how much he was valued and how completely destroyed he, James, would be if something happened to Quinn. 

Knowing now what he wanted to do, James felt a sense of calm wash over him.  Not that the next while would be easy but he had a direction now and that would make dealing with his dare-devil brat a little bit easier.  

“Quinn, come and sit down with me please.”

Quinn turned slowly out of the corner and made his way to sit by James’ side.  He didn’t look up at James’ face but kept his eyes down concentrating on the coffee table.  

“I’m going to sit here very quietly and listen while you explain your reasoning behind today’s escapade.  Did the potential danger even occur to you or did you just ignore any warning signals your brain sent you?”

Quinn was gnawing nervously on his thumb.  James gently removed his hand from his mouth, and Quinn looked up from the floor and into James’ soft hazel eyes.  They looked more relaxed than they had earlier in the afternoon, but he couldn’t quite figure out the difference in the look.  He took a deep breath before he answered, “I just thought it would be a lot of fun.  I thought it would be a good rush.  Billy and I were sure it would be safe because we got the instructions from Allen, and Billy did a test run with his cats.”

James sighed. “So the idea that a wind gust or failure in your equipment could turn your ‘rush’ into a disaster never occurred to you then?”

“Umm...” Quinn stumbled for words, “” Quinn’s heart ached as he realized the look he had seen in James’ eyes earlier had been fear.  “I’m sorry, sorry.”  Tears welled up in his eyes.  “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“But you did know I wouldn’t approve of this. You out and out lied to me about going to a car wash.  Why wouldn’t you tell me if you thought it would be safe?”

‘Damn,’ Quinn thought, now he was sunk.  “Yes,” Quinn answered.  He began to squirm a bit under James’ stern glare.  “I knew you wouldn’t let me do it, even if it was safe.  You get upset when I climb up on the roof to sunbathe.  I didn’t want you to worry.  I figured if I got in trouble it would be after I was already on the ground.  I never thought you would catch me as I was taking off.  How did you?  How did you know what I was doing?”

“How I knew has nothing to do with it, does it?  However if you need to know, the toy store called because they over charged your credit card for the balloons and wanted you to know they put the credit through.”  

Quinn flushed when James mentioned the cost of the balloons--that was an issue he was sure he wouldn’t have to deal with today.

James shook his head sadly. “Quinn, do you know why I get upset when you do things that are dangerous?  Do you have any idea how much it would kill me if something were to happen to you?”  

Tears began to flow freely when Quinn saw the pain in James’ eyes.  “I’m sorry, James.  I know it makes you nervous, but I’m careful--I wouldn’t get hurt.”

James felt his anger rise again. “You don’t know that!  And riding in some homemade flying contraption is not my definition of being careful.  You are going to be punished for this Quinn and not just a spanking.  I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure that you learn to take care of yourself because you belong to me and I don’t allow that which is mine to be put at risk.”

Quinn gulped. “More than a spanking?”

“Yes, this is something I’m not going to let go of easily. You are going to remember this for a very long time to come. Since this little event of yours was visible by the whole community and could have had repercussions to the community if something had gone wrong, you are going to be doing some community service of my choosing.  AND since I cannot trust you to behave when out of my sight, you’re grounded for the next month.  I am also going to look into a manner in which I can show you just what happens to family member when they lose someone to a tragic accident.  And lastly I am going to heat that backside of yours in hopes of burning a reminder of my love for you permanently on your hide.”

Quinn looked at James in shock.  “But I didn’t even get off the ground,” he whined as James stood him up and began to unfasten his shorts. 

James guided Quinn across his lap and settled him so that his upper body was lying on the sofa.  He rubbed Quinn’s back comfortingly before he raised his hand and brought it down in a sharp crack on the exposed butt.  He continued in a quick thorough rhythm until the entire bottom and upper thighs were crimson red.  

Quinn’s emotions were tightly strung after his conversation with James.  He was quick to tears and quietly began  sobbing out his guilt and remorse. 

When Quinn’s sobs turned into gasping shudders James ended the spanking and began to rub his beloved’s back again.  “Okay, baby, we’re done now.  It’s over.  I love you.”

Quinn twisted and cuddled into James. He rested his head in James’ lap--his tears wetting James’ slacks. “I’m so sorry. I hadn’t thought that I would scare you.  I didn’t mean to do that.”

James carded his fingers through Quinn’s hair.  “I know you didn’t mean to scare me, my love, but not thinking is the whole problem.  I love you too much to let you get away with doing things like this without thought.  You are my world and the very thought of you doing something like this and risking yourself is more than I can bear.”  

Quinn looked up into James’ soft hazel eyes. “I’m sorry.” His breath hiccupped. “How can you forgive me for hurting you?”

James cupped Quinn’s cheek with his hand and gave Quinn a smile full of love and absolution.  “Oh my sweet Brat, have you been listening to me? My love for you is forever--of course you are forgiven.”

Tears trailed down Quinn’s face, and he wiped them away and gave a small smile to his husband.  “Are you going to keep me handcuffed to you from now on?”  He gave a small pout that was ruined with a yawn. “I do tend to behave better when I’m by your side.”  He covered his mouth as he emitted a bigger and longer yawn. “You are kind of kinky that way.”

James chuckled. “You’d love that too much.” He bent and kissed Quinn’s tear tracked face. “How about I tuck you into bed for a little nap?  You look totally spent.”

Quinn thought for a second about arguing but a third yawn spoiled the effect. “Yeah, I guess I could use a short nap. Will you join me?”

“I’ll stay with you until you’re asleep.” James promised as he guided his husband to his feet and led the way into the bedroom.  

A short while later, Quinn was deeply sleeping and James sat at his computer researching the programs offered at the Kelowna Hospital.  Finding the perfect group to suit his needs, he copied out the time and place of the next meeting. After settling that, he placed a phone call to Patrick Dean and talked with him about potential volunteer work. Patrick knew of a perfect case and promised to get back to James after confirming with the individual in question. If Patrick’s idea did work out, Quinn would get an excellent firsthand look at the effect that reckless behaviour can have on the human body.  

Two hours later, Quinn woke and followed his nose to the heavenly smells coming from the kitchen.  He found James standing at the stove stirring a pan of vodka sauce with a big pot of boiling water beside it and a package of the best Italian penne on the counter.  

“That smells wonderful.”  Quinn stood on his tiptoes behind James, and looked into the pan.  “Shall I make a salad?”

James turned and wrapped his arms around Quinn.  He planted a soft kiss on Quinn’s lips.  “Hi baby, how are you doing?”

Quinn shrugged. 

“That good, huh? Why don’t you sit down, keep me company and we can both make the salad.”

Quinn ran his hand over his butt in an effort to figure out if he wanted to sit down. 

James smiled softly at his Brat when he decided he wasn’t too tender to sit down. 

Quinn gave James a sheepish look.  “What does tonight hold for us?”

“A quiet night at home is in order I think.  We can talk over dinner, and then I thought we could watch a movie. How’s that sound?”

“That sounds okay.”  Quinn began to dice the tomato for the salad. “Have you decided about the rest of my punishment?”

James sighed. He’d hoped to keep things light until they were relaxing over dinner but perhaps it was better to get this out of the way.  He poured the pasta into the boiling water and then put his spoon down and took a seat on the stool beside Quinn.  He took the knife from his husband’s hand and turned him so they could look at each other while they spoke.  “Yes, I have decided.  First, Patrick Dean knows of a group for teen paraplegics.  They are looking for an assistant to help coach their basketball team and you’re going to do that every second Saturday morning for the rest of the season.  The other thing you’re going to do is to attend two sessions at the Kelowna General Hospital’s grief counselling for families of trauma victims.  I want you to see what the families of victims of sudden traumatic deaths go through.”  

Quinn took a hiccupped breath.  His emotions and thoughts felt as if they were swirling in a vortex.  He looked at James and felt tears beginning to fall down his cheek.  He had never meant to scare James as much as he had.  He wanted to continue to apologize, but thought it would be better to let James know he felt the punishment was just.  “Okay.  I think I can do that.” His breath hiccupped again, and he wiped his tears on his sleeve. “Will you come with me to the grief support group?”

James pulled Quinn forward and kissed him.  “Yes, my darling, I’ll come with you.”  He stroked his back.  “Things are going to be okay.  I love you and we’ll get this all worked out.  Now how about we get the rest of this dinner made.  Your pick for the movie tonight; do you have one in mind you’d like to watch?”  

Quinn struggled to come up with a film he wanted to see.  His favourites tended to be action and sports films--and neither was feeling very appropriate this evening.  “Can I go look through the DVDs?” he asked. 

“Of course you can.  Don’t forget that we have a couple of Doctor Who episodes saved to watch.”

‘Ah ha,’ Quinn thought Doctor Who would be perfect.  “Oh, those would be good to watch.”

“Okay, we’ll watch them after dinner.  I’ve got a couple of slices of Mrs. C’s cheesecake for dessert. We can eat them while watching the good Doctor.  And later I intend have my way with you, and make sure you really get just how much I love you.”  James added with a leer.

Dinner went well.  James had done a wonderful job on the pasta and the salad complimented the flavours in the vodka sauce perfectly.   Quinn had more questions about the grief support group and the assistant coaching position.  James answered the questions to the best of his knowledge and told Quinn they could both do more research in the morning by reading through the support group’s website, and calling the basketball coach.

After washing up the dinner dishes, they retreated to the lounge and started the first Doctor Who episode.  Quinn cuddled against James, and James ran his fingers through Quinn’s hair. 

At the break between the two Doctor Who episodes, James brought both slices of cheesecake out.  Both slices were on one plate and there was only one fork.  James sat on the couch and Quinn resumed his place lying beside his husband.  Quinn started the next episode, and James began a slow process of feeding Quinn delicious bites of one of his favourite desserts.  When the credits began to role, James patted Quinn on the butt.  “Go take your clothes off and get yourself into the discipline room.  I want you draped over the spanking bench.”

“James?”  Quinn questioned. 

“Do you need a swat to get you moving?” James asked. 

While Quinn made his way down the hall, James locked up the house and then went to the bedroom and changed into black silk sleep pants.  He made his way to the discipline room and dimmed the lights as he entered.  He walked up behind his husband and stood so close that Quinn could feel the soft cool silk against his hot skin.  James started to rub Quinn’s back and spoke softly into his ear.  “My love, I’m here to take care of you--to show you how much I love you--how much I treasure you.” James started to drop small kisses down Quinn’s back.  “Relax.  Focus your mind and body only on us.  Feel our love.”

James was now kneeling and he continued to drop kisses down Quinn’s body—eventually focusing on the warm red bum in front of him.  He softly massaged Quinn’s bottom causing Quinn to wriggle into James’ caress. 

James’ kisses stopped, and his tongue started to draw small squiggles on Quinn’s ass.  He felt his husband begin to melt, and he parted Quinn’s cheeks running his tongue from the bottom of Quinn’s balls up to his puckered opening. 

Quinn moaned in pleasure.

“There, that’s my boy,” James said.  He fondled the sac hanging before him; his tongue dipped in and out of Quinn’s entrance.

Quinn’s breathing quickened, and his moans grew loader. 

James moved his mouth lower and filled it with one of Quinn’s sensitive testicles.  Quinn howled in delight and began to buck against the bench.  James applied lube to his fingers and slid two inside his husband.  He continued to pay close attention to the velvety scrotum with his mouth, and expertly used his fingers to massage Quinn from the inside out. 

Quinn’s breathing quickened further, signalling he was close to coming. 

James slid his fingers out of Quinn and down his perineum where he applied gentle pressure.  “Not yet, boy.  You may cum once I’m buried deep inside of you, and I give you permission.”  James slicked his cock while Quinn moaned in anticipation. 

“I need you,” Quinn whispered. 

“And I you,” James said.  He positioned himself at Quinn’s opening and slowly slid in. 

James let out a moan as his cock was engulfed in the welcoming warmth of his lover’s body.  He paused for a moment before he began a shallow rocking motion to slowly build the pleasure.  With each stroke he pulled out just a little further than the last until he was using the full length of his cock to stimulate them both.  He concentrated on striking Quinn’s prostate with each inward stroke, causing the younger man to gasp. 

“Mine!” He growled as he began to fuck in earnest. “You belong to me, boy, mine to possess and control, mine to do with as I see fit.”  James felt himself begin to crash over the edge. He reached forward and took Quinn’s cock in his hand and with two quick pulls, he felt hot cum pouring over his fingers.  His own release followed immediately and with a yell of pleasure, he filled his husband’s cavity with his seed. 

The two men were panting hard and glistening with sweat as they slowly separated.  James helped Quinn straighten up and pulled him into a deep kiss. “I meant what I said, my boy, you belong to me and I won’t have that which is mine put into danger.” He emphasized his point with a light swat to Quinn’s butt.  “Now I’m going to take your beautiful body that I own and bath it and then tuck it safely into bed with me.”

~The End~
Copyright Mel, Jo & Tarabeth 2010