Sunday, June 13, 2010


Title: Catnip
Author: Jo
Written for the Writing Lines Spring 2010 Drabble Challenge

"But it's not a kitten," Billy argued, as Mason tried to lure Thomas and Biscut down from the top of the bookcases, they had retreated to. "And he wasn't stuck up a tree. He was tied in a yard with no food or water."

Billy looked down at the puppy he'd brought home. "He's so cute and I left him at the shelter but he whined so much I had to bring him home. I'm sure the cats will get used to him." At this Biscuit hissed and jumped down to face down the intruder in her domain. The puppy yapped and wriggled free of Billy's arms, and chased after Biscuit who took off. A couple of minutes later the puppy came racing back whimpering, with Biscuit in close pursuit. Mason burst out laughing.

"I'll call him Catnip."