Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Title: Nightmares
Authors: Tarabeth and Jo
Characters: Mason and Billy
Implement: Hand
Warning: Severe beatings

Billy was whistling on his way to work. His butt was still sore, but it was bearable, and the sex he and Mason had enjoyed this morning had been hot when two men he didn’t know suddenly grabbed him. They forced him into an ally and slammed him against a brick wall.

He saw stars briefly, and as they cleared he found himself looking into his father's eyes. He recognized the look; his father’s eyes were evil. Mr. Fleming held a cane in his hand. He looked around frantically for an escape route, but the two men who’d dragged him into the alley were still holding him.

He fought, but he had no chance--the two men beating him were obviously expert thugs. Then when he was barely conscious, his father started in with the cane. He just curled into a ball to protect himself and mercifully passed out after an agonizing couple of minutes.

He came round and moaned, as his entire body protested. He was alone; painfully he pulled out his cell phone, and managed to hit his speed-dial button. "Mason, help," he managed to choke down the phone, before blackness overtook him again.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason smiled when he heard Billy’s ring on his cell phone. “Hey there handsome.” Hearing Billy’s desperate plea Mason asked, "Where are you Baby? What's wrong?"

He received no response, but could tell the phone had not gone dead. "Billy? Baby? Please answer me?" Mason kept his cell phone on and connected to Billy. He listened for any sounds that might help him figure out where his Brat was.

With no more answer, Mason decided he could waste no more time. First he called the garage, and was informed that Billy had not arrived. Then he called home, and got no answer. He got on his radio and called the dispatcher asking for police assistance. He instructed Craig to take the ambulance and to please check he and Billy's house. He tossed his keys to Craig. From the sounds Mason could hear on Billy's phone, he felt that he was more likely to find Billy between home and the garage. Mason took the rescue truck and began driving the route between the garage and his home. He hadn't had any luck, when he first heard from Craig that Billy wasn't at the house. His panic was growing when he heard from the police that they had located Billy, unconscious in an ally a short distance from he and Mason's home.

Mason and Craig both arrived at the scene at about the same time. Mason began to take assessment of Billy's condition.

"Mason," Craig said softly, but got no response. He tried again, but was still unable to get Mason's attention. Craig stood and gently put his hands on Mason's shoulder. "Captain. I'm in charge of this scene. You know it's protocol, and that I will take just as good care of Billy as you would."

Mason began to protest, and Craig calmly reassured him. "Billy needs you to be his husband right now, and me to be his paramedic. Please talk to him, hold his hand. Let me assess and treat him. Officer Lambert is a trained EMT he can assist me."

Mason did as he was instructed, and began to talk softly to Billy. "Monkey, Baby, where are you? Come on my love, I need you to come back to me." Mason had tears coming down his face, he could tell Billy had been badly beaten, and was feeling terribly guilty that he hadn’t done as he had promised and protected Billy from the attack.

Craig got Billy stabilized, onto a gurney and into the ambulance. Craig felt it would be safer for him to drive the short distance to the hospital and allow Mason to stay in back monitoring Billy's vitals.

Billy’s eyes flickered open, "Mace," he whispered, "You came. Hurts," he whimpered, he pushed at the oxygen mask that covered his face.

"Monkey, do you know who did this to you?"

"My father," he whispered, "He used the cane and his two men did the beating." Billy's eyes widened in panic.

Mason got on his radio he called Officer Lambert. "Brian, put a call out on William Fleming Senior. He'll either be in a white limo or a silver BMW Z4." Mason put the radio down; he lifted the oxygen mask off of Billy's face, and planted a soft kiss on his lips. He then gently placed the mask back over his mouth and nose. "That kiss should keep you, until the doctor removes the mask," Mason said smiling down at his husband. "I know you hurt my Baby. Craig is just pulling the ambulance into the bay of the ED. We'll get you some more pain medication in just a minute. Okay?"

Billy nodded.

"I hurt so much," Billy said, trying to sit up. "Owwww," his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out again.

He woke up again in the ED department, the pain medication making him feel better and sick all at the same time. Someone held a basin as he threw up. His eyes cleared a bit and he realized it was Mason holding the basin, as he was sick.

When Billy was done, Mason held a small cup with a straw protruding to his poor battered Brat. He pushed the nurses button.

Billy took a sip, and gently lay back down with a wince. "The police in Kelowana picked your father up, and are holding him in jail there. The police are outside, baby they need to talk to you and take some pictures."

The nurse popped her head into the curtain. "He's experiencing nausea from the pain meds," Mason said.

The anti nausea medicine that was injected into the back of his hand made him yelp, although it did settle his stomach.

Billy smiled at the thought of his father in jail. "What's the damage?" he asked Mason, trusting him to tell him the truth, "Broken ribs I'd guess, lots of welts, anything else I should know about? Do I get out of here today?"

"You'll live," Mason said. "You'll be here a day or two, my love. You took a nasty beating. Yes, you have a few broken ribs, and are basically one big swollen bruise. My mom's gone to get me some clean clothes and to take care of Thomas."

Mason looked down at his watch. "Oh babe, I'm going to watch the news." He took the remote control off of Billy's bed tray and turned the TV on.

Billy seemed to pout a bit at Mason's sudden interest in the TV. The big firefighter was still in his uniform. He sat down next to Billy, and took gentle hold of Billy’s hand. "Babe, I think you might want to watch this."

Billy looked up at the screen to see his father being led into the Kelowana jail in handcuffs on the national news.

Billy grinned, "That's a good sight," he said, wincing a little as he moved cautiously. "Mace, I can't stay in here for that long, there's too much on at the garage. I can't close it down, and Mickey is visiting his family for Christmas and can't help me. Jay can do the bikes and stuff, but he can't do cars. Please talk to the doctor about getting me out of here."

Mason carefully moved himself and Billy, so that he was fully cradling his husband. "Baby, I don't think you're going to be able to go back to the garage until after the New Year. You're going need at least a week, probably two, to heal at home, before you will be able to get back to work."

Mason felt Billy tense in his arms. "The garage will be fine. I promise.
There are always jade miners looking for work this time of year. Hell, babe we may only have to make one phone call to 'Ole Patty Sweeney, I bet he could send over a couple of his boys or nephews to help. In fact I hear he's got a niece who's pretty good with a tool box."

Billy's eyes traveled up and down Mason and his eyes gleamed. "Why change?" he asked, "You look really sexy in your uniform." Billy's eyes snapped back to the television as his mother came on. His mouth twisted slightly as she declared she and her husband would fight the charges vigorously. Her husband would have his day in court. "Will I have to testify?" he asked Mason, with a tremor in his voice.

"I doubt you'll have to testify. Your mother needs to say those things to the press, but once this dies down I'm sure their lawyers will be working on some sort of plea bargain."

"Sweeney's?" Billy was searching his memory. "You mean Quinn's family right? I though they had a snowmobile business. Would they have the time to fill in?"

"They're good people baby. If they have time, I'm sure they will help out...and I'm sure Jay will love them. Jack and I grew up with them; they're a lot of fun."

Billy’s mind was racing. "God I hate morphine," he moaned, leaning back into Mason's arms. "As long as Jay is happy working with them. We've got lots of bikes booked in. I guess I better start posing for those photos and talk to the police," he said, reluctantly. He looked down, "These hospital gowns leave nothing to the imagination," he growled, "Is your Mum bringing me some PJs as well?"

Mason looked down over Billy's hospital gown. "Personally, I'd rather see it all hanging out, than have to imagine it." He kissed the top of Billy's head. "We can ask the nurse if you can wear your own PJs. But baby, don't get your hopes up, they usually leave exposed, the bits they need access to."

Billy pouted.

Mason laughed, "Although I didn't think about the fact that you probably didn't come in wearing any underwear for them to leave on you. We'll ask the nurse, she might be okay if mom brought you some sleep pants."

Billy blushed, his habit of going commando, had caught up with him. Every time he moved, he found another place that hurt more. He was grumpy and feeling sick from the morphine. "Better get the police in here," Billy said, "They can take all the damn pictures they want while I'm still in this gown." Billy looked at Mason, his blue eyes pleading, "Please get me out of here, I hate hospitals."

“I know you do, Baby. I won’t let them keep you any longer than necessary,” Mason promised. Mason stayed by Billy’s side as the police took pictures of his injuries. His heart ached at how little the experience seemed to bother Billy. He could see that his love was disassociating from the attack, as he was sure Billy had learned to do during his childhood beatings.

Billy’s mood was worsened when the nurse and then doctor confirmed they wanted Billy to stay in just the hospital gown. They needed to keep an eye on the extensive injuries below his waist.

Poor Billy was on the verge of a major Brat attack when the nurses informed him that they wanted him out of bed and walking the hospital corridors at regular intervals. They claimed it would lessen the pain by keeping his muscles from cramping and spasming.

Billy just looked at the nurse. "Fuck off," he said, "First off all you won't let me get out of this fucking gown, then you want me to 
walk up and down the fucking corridor, showing everybody--everything."

Billy was tired, sore and emotionally fragile after talking to the police about the beating. Disassociation didn't seem to be working as 
well as it had when he was a child, he was used to being alone, when he was hurting this badly. "Just leave me alone," he said, trying yet again to find a comfortable place to lie on. He turned his back firmly, away from not only the nurse but Mason as well.

Mason gave a weak smile to the nurse, and mouthed a thank you. He ran his hand ever so softly over Billy’s back. Just enough to provide comfort, but not enough to aggravate any of the injuries. The two men lay quietly together like that for quite a while, before Mason felt and then heard the shudders and sobs of his husband. Mason helped Billy to turn into him, and he held the crying man in his arms until the tears ran dry.

Billy scrubbed his eyes, "Wuss," he said disgust in his voice.

"My husband is not a wuss," Mason said firmly. He brushed the long blonde fringe out of Billy’s eyes. “Baby, I do think a walk would be good. My mom dropped our things off a little while ago, and I see your robe and slippers on the chair.” Mason dropped little kisses on Billy’s eyelids, cheeks and then his lips. “I help you go for a walk, you can lean on me.” Mason noticed that his offer of assistance didn’t seem to be increasing the chances of Billy getting out of bed. “Do you think your stomach would be up for a hot chocolate? I hear the machine at the end of the hall can makes a mean cup.”

Billy’s head went up, he smiled weakly, "Chocolate," he said, interest in his eyes, "Hot chocolate? With marshmallows?" he asked, hopefully. "Help me up!" he demanded.

Mason gave a smile so large it was evident in his eyes. His Brat was going to be fine. Slowly and carefully he helped Billy to stand.

Standing straight was not really a possibility, so Billy's purple and abused butt stuck out from his gown. Mason tried to discreetly pull the back of the gown together to protect Billy's modesty, even though no one else was around to see.

"I'll do what I can to try and get you some marshmallows," Mason said. He held Billy's robe open and did most of the work to get Billy into it. He held the slippers in front of Billy's feet, so he could easily slide into them. Once dressed, Mason, Billy, and Billy's IV pole started a slow walk out of the room. At the end of the hall, was a small drink station. It held several pots of coffee, a large urn of hot water, and a hot chocolate dispensing machine. There were hot drink condiments, cream, milk, sugar, sugar substitutes, and a little basket with small individual servings of marshmallows. The drink station had a small needle point sign, which simply said, "With love from the Jade Height's Auxiliary."

Mason made a mug of cocoa as Billy leaned up against him for support. He supported most of Billy's body weight, while his bruised and abused husband took slow sips from the mug. Mason was pleased that Billy finished the drink, it was now early evening, and his Brat hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. He and Billy slowly made their way back towards Billy's room, as they approached the nurses station, Mason whispered into Billy's ear. "Monkey, I think you need to apologize to your nurse."

Billy blushed and made his way unsteadily towards the nurse he'd abused earlier. "I’m sorry for swearing at you," Billy said, looking up through his long fringe, shyly. "I can only say I was in pain and took it out on you. It’s not an excuse, and I really am sorry. I promise to do everything you ask from now on." He smiled. "I still hate the 'let's show everything' gown."

He looked over at Mason, "Can we go back now?" he asked,

“Of course we can.“ Mason guided Billy back to his room, and tucked him in. “That was a very nice apology. Thank you.”

“I don’t feel too hot. No nausea, just really sore. I could murder another hot chocolate." He smiled sweetly at Mason.

Mason kissed Billy and went to make him another cup of chocolate. When Mason returned to the room with the steamy cup of cocoa, he found his Brat sleeping.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The hospital ended up keeping Billy for two nights. He was not happy, but Mason knew he was actually far more comfortable for those first few days at the hospital than he would have been at home. When he was finally able to bring his Brat home, Billy was still in need of Mason for almost all of needs. A lot of the first week at home was spent on the couch or in bed, with Billy sleeping on top of Mason.

Mason didn’t mind. Not only did it seem to be one of the few comfortable positions for Billy, but it supplied both men with a level of safety they needed after the attack.

Billy woke up in a cold sweat. He was on top of Mason which made him feel safe, but the nightmares still came almost every night. He refused to tell Mason about the nightmares, he didn't need to know.

Billy was just glad he'd now got to the stage where he could go to the bathroom by himself and was walking further each day. He was determined to walk to the garage soon and check on things.

He carefully rolled off Mason and slowly levered himself up. He shivered slightly, it had been snowing recently in Jade Heights and wandering around in just his sleep pants was a bit chilly. He sat on the windowsill in the hallway and looked out into the pristine whiteness. He wondered what was happening with his father. Mason had instituted a complete news blackout, which Billy had chafed at. He wanted to see his father in handcuffs; being charged with assault, it was a very reassuring thought.

Mason woke shortly after his Brat. He could feel the damp sheen of sweat on his clothes in the perfect outline of his husband. He knew Billy was having nightmares, and was sad Billy didn't want to confide in him. It was often a fine balancing game with Billy. Sometimes it was good for Mason to just wait. If he gave Billy a lot of love and compassion sometimes that was all it took for his Brat to share. Other times Billy needed the issue to be forced. He needed Mason's strongness and discipline to envelop him so he could share. But Mason was struggling; neither of those was feeling particularly right for this situation.

Mason got up off the couch and put a mug of milk into the microwave. He went upstairs and did a quick change out of his damp clothes. He grabbed the well-loved monkey socks and his own large bathrobe, and went back down stairs to add cocoa to the warm milk. He frowned when he saw his sad lover sitting in the windowsill. Mason sat the hot chocolate on the hall table, and stood by his husband. He held a sock out to Billy; which brought Mason a very polite tongue being stuck out at him. Mason returned the gesture, and kneeled down and covered the bare feet in socks. He then held his bathrobe open, while Billy slipped into it, and handed his handsome mechanic the mug of hot chocolate.

He then took Billy by the hand and led him back into the living room. "I'm not sure I've ever told you very much about my first partner."

Billy raised his eyes in protest.

Mason smiled and shook his head. "No, Monkey. I'm sorry that's not what I meant. I mean my fire partner before Craig. His name was Sal."

Billy looked relieved, but said nothing. He quietly curled into Mason and drank his cocoa.

"I don't talk about him very often, because sometimes it just hurts too much.
Sal grew up here in Jade Heights with me. He and his family lived down the street from my mom and me. We were great friends as kids, and teenagers, and we went to university and then the fire academy together. After graduation we were hired as the two full time paid firefighters here in Jade Heights together for the first four years of my career. Back then the Captain was in the process of retiring, and he just worked part-time. He’d come in several times a week, issue praise, instructions, and occasionally to kick Sal and my butts."

"So, anyway. Sal and I were hot shit. Well we though so anyway. We spent a lot of time together, not only at the firehouse, but hanging after work."

Again Mason got a concerned look from Billy.

"Not that way. Jeez Monkey," Mason said with a laugh, "get your head of the gutter." Mason planted a kiss on Billy's forehead. "Never mind, it can stay there--if you're thinking about me," he teased.

"Well just after Sal and I celebrated our fourth year on the force, there was a huge forest fire in Banff, and the province was asking all available fire fighters to come and help. The thing is Monkey, there is a big difference between being a forest fire fighter and a city fire fighter. But when you are young, strong and cocky it's easy to forget that. Sal and I went up to help. We really should have been working with the well-trained forest fire fighters and listening to everything they said and told us to do. Well, we didn't and we got trapped inside a fire zone. I made it. Sal did too, but only because I carried his dead body. He didn't properly cover himself with his fire blanket, and took in too much smoke. When it was safe to come out from under my blanket, I found him dead only a few feet away from me. I tried CPR for what seemed like hours, but finally I knew it was futile, and I had to get moving before I got trapped again."

"My best friend died only a few feet away from me. I should have checked on him. I had nightmares about it every time I closed my eyes for a very long time."

Billy put his hot chocolate down and got up; he sat in Mason's lap and hugged him. "Don't like nightmares," he mumbled into Mason's shoulder. "Don't want to remember. He's left me with enough reminders over the years." Billy felt the old familiar sensation of floating come over him. He pulled away from Mason's embrace, and picked up his mug and moved to sit next to Mason instead of on him.

Mason let Billy curl into him. He began to gently rub Billy's back, and continued with his story. "It was such a hard time. I was a mess from not sleeping. My mom wanted me to go to therapy. And although now I know it can be a great thing. I was a bit younger, and I thought only crazy people went to therapy. But mostly I didn't want to have to talk about it."

"Aunt Kelly was my saving grace. She and Uncle Doug came to visit, and Uncle Doug had gone to help my mom with something. I wasn't very sociable, but she just sat with me and starting talking about a friend of hers. Her friend had been in an abusive relationship. The woman's husband beat her so badly; she nearly died. I didn't notice that I was paying attention to the story, until she started to tell me about her friend's nightmares; how they had a really devastating effect on this woman's life. I didn't really want to hear about it, because I already knew exactly what her friend was feeling."

"And then my Aunt said something that changed everything. She told me how her friend had gone to see this man who worked magic with people who were having a lot of bad memories. That her friend didn't have to talk to him or tell him about the abuse she suffered. He just worked with her to focus her eye movements while she thought about the things that had happened to her. Aunt Kelly said her friend only saw him six or seven times and she was feeling so much safer, that her nightmares were mostly gone. They still happened sometimes, but they didn't terrify her like they once had."

"At first I felt tricked. That she had told me this story hoping I'd be interested and would go see this man. But after she told me the story, she didn't say anymore. She didn't push it or anything. So, then I was really interested in what this man was doing. I found out it was called EMDR, and that a lot of people have been really helped by it--soldiers, police, firefighters, and various victims of abuse. Finally a few weeks later I called my Aunt and asked for this man's name and number."

Mason stopped to see how Billy was doing. Checking to see if he was still withdrawn, if he was paying attention, or if he was getting agitated. He wasn't fully sure what his Brat's response was--Billy didn't quite seem to be doing any of those things. But he was still carefully curled into Mason.

"So, Monkey, I went to see him. I couldn't believe how it worked...or that it could actually work. I sat in a chair opposite this little old man who just waved a pen back and forth. I watched the pen, and I thought about Sal. We did that twice a week for six weeks, and by the sixth week I was sleeping so much better. Eventually I was able to say goodbye to my friend, cry over his death, go back to work, and sleep without waking up every night after having found my friend dead."

Despite himself, Billy listened. "I guess you want me to see this man," he said. "Don't want to. Just want to forget about it all. The nightmares will stop; they always have before. Better go back to bed," he said, "I want to try and visit the garage tomorrow."

"Hey Baby," Mason said. "I'll come with you." Mason took hold of Billy's hand and walked with him to the bedroom. "You don't have to go see him. I just wanted to share with you a little of what happened to me when I was having bad nightmares."

Billy took off the big robe, and draped it across one of the bedroom chairs, before he went into the washroom to brush his teeth.

Mason leaned in the doorway watching him. "Yes Baby, I'm sure the nightmares have stopped before. I just hate that they have come back and are upsetting you. I want to keep you safe, and I feel like I failed to do that. I love you so much, and want to know what I can do to help you Monkey."

Billy turned around sending toothpaste everywhere. "You haven't failed me," he protested. "You're the only person keeping me sane, just by being you. I just want to forget it all, I've been to counselors and they never did me any good."

He rinsed his mouth out and unsteadily walked over to Mason, and fell into his husband's arms. His eyes which were bloodshot, looked up through his fringe “Do you think that guy might help me?" he asked,

Mason picked Billy up and carried him over to the bed. Sitting down with Billy still in his arms, he laid down with Billy on top of him. "Thank you love." Mason gave Billy a long loving kiss.

"I think he might be able to help you. We could call him and see what he says."

"How can anybody, except you, even like me after what my father did to me?"

Mason began to gently toy with Billy's hair. "Johnno, Micky, my mother, the bakery lady, Uncle Doug, Thomas those are just a few people who love you. Shall I name some more?"

It was then Thomas, who was growing up fast, stalked in and jumped onto the bed. His rubbed his head briefly on Billy's arm, and then flopped down. Billy gave a slight laugh, and gently stroked the cat, causing Thomas to purr loudly. "The bakery lady?" he asked his eyebrows raised, "What bakery lady?"

"Yes, Mrs. Neddlemyer. She works in the bakery at the grocery store. She asked one day what I did with all the chocolate cake, because I didn't seem to be putting on any weight." Mason laughed. "So, I told her all about my wonderful chocoholic husband, and how not only did you eat all the cakes I purchased at the store, but I told her of all the ones I make for you at home. Now she always asks after you. I need to take you into meet her. She seems to have a crush on you, but I think she visions you as my little plump sweetie."

"Me plump?" Billy squeaked, "I'm not plump. Maybe I should visit her, so she can put a face to the name. You never told me about her," he accused Mason. He was glad to get his mind off the subject of his nightmares.

"I don’t know,” Mason said. “She already has a crush on you. I'm afraid if I actually introduced you two…you would charm her with your sparkly blue eyes, everlasting sweetness, and cute butt. And then you may either start getting a lot of free cake on the side...and if you got that who knows you might leave me," Mason said, feigning jealousy.

"Mason," Billy spluttered, "She's a female, she hasn't got the right equipment to keep me happy." A smile crept across Billy's face, "Although free chocolate cake sounds good."

"Hey, you get free chocolate cake from me too, and," Mason began to laugh. So much so that Billy was shaking on top of him. "and anyways, I can't imagine 83 year old Mrs. Needlemyer in a strap on for you."

Billy laughed along with Mason, "You never said she was 83," he said, "Now that, is going to give to nightmares," he accused.

Mason continued to laugh and ground his pelvis into Billy's. “Damn, now I have a visual too. I think we need an immediate distraction, how about I show you what my equipment can do? I'll even let you be the six."

"Hell yes," Billy said, "no sex for a week is driving me mad. I want to get off, and I want to get you off too."

Mason watched as Billy gently slid off his pajama bottoms. Billy's erection was growing firmer by the second. Mason was pleased to see his sweet Brat once again interested in sex. He got off the bed and removed his clothes, and then lay back down next to his husband with his head facing the footboard of the bed. Mason ran his hand softly over Billy's body. He loved the feel of his partner's soft skin, and the electricity that sprang from the touch. Mason's eyes grew wide with desire as he watched Billy climb on top of him. He continued to run his hands over Billy's body, touching ever so softly. Mason let out a long sigh when he felt Billy's warm inviting mouth engulf his cock.

Billy put most of his concentration into sucking on his lover's magnificent cock, but still arched slightly as Mason ran his tongue from along his shaft. It had taken a lot of practice but he'd learned how to pleasure Mason, while being sucked off himself. It didn't take long, just as Mason came, so did he, he swallowed everything Mason gave him. "Oh God," he said as soon as he got his breath back, "I've missed that."

"Me too, my love," Mason rearranging himself, and pulled Billy into his lap. He covered them with the their bedding, and turned the electric blanket on low. "I think going by the garage tomorrow is a great idea. But just to say hi and check on things. The doctor said no work until you saw her again after the New Year.

Billy frowned and rolled his eyes as if to say, 'No shit.'

Mason smiled. "Just two days until Christmas Baby. We haven't talked about it much. Have you finished your shopping?"

Mason saddened as he watched Billy’s eyes water as he shook his head. Mason kissed his husband. "No worries Monkey. Mom said she would take you shopping tomorrow or Wednesday and/or if you gave her a list she would go into Kelowna and pick things up for you." Mason gave his husband an evil grin. "And should there be anything that might not be appropriate for my mother to pick up, we can call Uncle Doug in Vancouver, or see if Jack or Jay could help. How does that sound?"

"Do you want a pet snake?" Billy asked, with a grin, "I think Thomas's nose would be permanently out of joint."

"No, I do not want a snake," Mason responded. He then burst into laughter as he saw Thomas move near Billy giving a glare that would melt ice. "Monkey, I think you need to apologize to our brat cat."

"That's ok, Thomas I was just joking around," Billy assured his cat, stroking him in apology. "I've got no idea what to give you," Billy complained.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

It was only when he was out with Mason's mother that he finally found the perfect book. "Do you think this is more for me than him?" he asked, and after being assured of how perfect it was went up and purchased "101 Chocolate Cakes." He also looked in Jackson McCallum's window and spied a silver bracelet with Celtic engraving around it and bought that for his husband.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Christmas morning was upon them. Billy woke first, as was normal in their house. He kissed Mason awake, and did a wonderful little bounce of excitement on the bed to ensure Mason was up.

Mason laughed, and pulled his husband into a longer kiss. "Happy first
Christmas to us, my handsome husband." The two men moved downstairs to the lounge, with a meowing Thomas running circles between their legs all the way. Mason turned the heat on as he got to the bottom of the stairs.

Billy went to the kitchen to start coffee and feed Thomas, while Mason went to the lounge to start a fire and turn on the Christmas tree lights. Billy entered the lounge with a tray of coffee for Mason, and a cocoa enhanced coffee with lots of whip cream for himself. The tray also contained a lovely plate of Christmas cookies he and Mason had made the night before.

"It's beautiful," Billy said with a sweet sigh before he set the tray on the coffee table and curled up on the couch.

Mason watched his husband with the utmost love; he had never imagined that a wonderful holiday like Christmas could ever be as amazing as it felt at that moment. Having his own family to spend Christmas morning with made an already perfect holiday a million times better. Mason retrieved the three full stockings that were hanging from the fireplace. His mother had gifted he, Billy and Thomas with the colorful handmade felt stockings earlier in the month. Each stocking was uniquely its own, but the colors and patterns made it obvious that they were made as a family set. Each stocking had its owners name carefully embroidered at the top.

The stockings had confused Billy; he'd seen them in books, but they'd never featured in his Christmas memories. He'd had a deep talk with Mason's mom about Monroe family Christmas traditions. He wanted to ensure he gave Mason all the best parts of his families customs.

Mason's stocking contained a firefighter Smore ornament. The base of the ornament looked like a graham cracker with two chocolate squares sitting on top of it. There were two large marshmallows looking snowmanish. The marshmallow man had a fire helmet on. It matched a mechanic ornament that Mason had found for Billy earlier in the Christmas season. The two men had spent a fortune on ornaments this year, ensuring their tree was a true representation of each of them as individuals and as a couple. Within his stocking Mason also found a glass ornament shaped as a toy top, painted in rainbow colors, a large bag of his favorite peanut M & Ms, and a coupon book Billy had put together with various coupons for he and Mason's favorite sexual positions.

"I figured we could start using those tonight," Billy said, his eyes twinkling. "After all, the doctor said I could start doing normal things again, and those positions are normal, to us."

Protruding from Billy's stocking were several fancy new tools he had been hinting he wanted, as he emptied his stocking he smiled, there was plenty of chocolates of all different types. And a coupon book, Mason had made with vouchers for chocolate cakes.

"When I cash these, you might want to use this," he teased Mason, picking up the book he'd bought for his husband.

Mason took the beautifully wrapped gift and carefully untied the bow. He smiled at his Brat as he slowly undid each piece of tape, thoroughly enjoying watching Billy try to restrain himself from helping him to rip the paper. He continued at his sluggish pace as he unfolded the wrapping paper to reveal the book. Mason's face lit up when he saw it. "Oh Monkey, it's perfect. I've been looking for something just like this." He pulled Billy gently down onto his lap and kissed him passionately. "Do I have to wait until tonight to redeem one of my coupons?"

"No," Billy breathed, as he returned the kiss. "Which one do you want to redeem first?" he asked, eagerly.

“Well seeing that it is Christmas, I think we gotta go with a reverse Santa’s Little Helper.”

“Mason,” Billy laughed as he stood up and shed his sleep pants, “That’s called a Sit on It.” Billy reached into the drawer of the end table and removed a bottle of lube.

Mason laughed, “Yeah, but ‘Sit on It’ doesn’t sound very Christmassy.” Mason stood and removed his pajamas. Billy handed Mason the lube, and Mason sat down on the couch. Billy straddled his husband’s lap, resting his weight on his knees. He leaned in and began to kiss Mason. The big firefighter slicked his index and middle finger with lube as they kissed, Mason gently inserted first one and then two fingers into his Brat. Billy began to moan with pleasure; Mason removed his fingers and slicked his own cock. He then placed his hands on Billy’s hips and helped his partner to lower himself onto his hard shaft.

"Feels so good," Billy moaned, as he felt Mason's cock breach the tight ring of muscle. He smiled wickedly as he dropped taking Mason by surprise. He was startled, when he felt a burn, and he hissed. He and Mason hadn't had anal sex for a while. "No, don't stop," he urged Mason, "I'll be okay."

Mason stayed still, to allow Billy to adjust. "You start when you feel okay.
If it is really hurting you, we're going to stop. There are other things that we can do, that feel just as good."

Billy wrapped his legs around Mason and began to gently move. "It doesn't hurt," he said, leaning in to kiss his husband, "Just a little burning feeling, like we haven't done this in a while." He began to speed up, "Come on old man, let's get this show on the road" he said, his eyes sparkling.

Mason loved seeing the sparkle in his husband's eyes, and he began to move slowly. He was careful not to over stretch or over exert Billy.

As they moved together, Mason took hold of Billy's cock and began to stroke it in rhythm with their lovemaking.

It didn't take long for Mason to come. It had been several weeks since he had felt the tight warmth of his lover, and it quickly sent him over the edge. Billy followed shortly after.

Billy stayed seated on Mason's lap for a while, enjoying the feeling of his husband going soft inside of him.

When they had recovered their senses, Mason turned Billy over his lap and began to check him out, ensuring he was okay. Mason spread Billy's cheeks, and carefully felt around his partner's opening.

Billy protested and complained about Mason being overly cautious, having a butt fetish, and way too toppy.

The complaints did nothing to stop Mason's investigation and probing. He inserted his index finger inside of Billy feeling for tears. When Billy really began to protest, Mason having felt everything was healthy began to massage his Brat's prostate.

Billy's moans of protest turned to moans of pleasure. "I'd almost forgotten how good this was," Billy said, as he shuddered in response to Mason's actions.

It was good to be back in this position; he felt as he relaxed, it was safe. He wanted things to be back to normal. He was still having nightmares, although he was seeing the absence of daymares, as a positive step forward. He no longer saw his father's face, every time he closed his eyes, or let his guard down.

Billy moaned as Mason removed his fingers. He turned over and stretched lazily and grimaced slightly, not all his wounds were completely healed, and his butt had been well used. "Time for more presents now?" he asked, smiling up at Mason.

“More presents, huh. I suppose I could be talked into that,” Mason said. He then broke out into laughter and pointed toward the fireplace. Thomas had received a fancy cat tree house. It had five levels; the middle level was just right for Thomas to reap the benefits of the roasting fire., and it also contained a soft and cushy little kitty bed. Thomas had obviously decided the warmth of the fire and the comfy bed made it okay for him to remain in the room while Mason and Billy were fucking.

Mason got up and put his sleep pants and sweatshirt back on; he walked over to the tree and retrieved one of his presents for Billy. He kissed Billy on the forehead, and handed his brat a colourful package when he returned to the sofa. Mason watched as Billy ripped open the package and then tore into the box. Mason had gone to the local print shop and had them make up a set of t-shirts and several sets of coveralls with the garage’s logo on them.

"That is so cool," Billy said, bubbling over, he stood up and put one of shirts on. The t-shirt was long enough, so it just covered his balls and cock. When he bent over the t-shirt rose and showed off his pert bottom. "Here's your present," he said, and handed Mason the package, containing the silver bracelet.

“Mmmm, that is a beautiful view,” Mason said appreciatively as he eyed his Brat’s ass. “I think I would like you to wear just that t-shirt forever.”
He gave Billy a flirtatious grin. “Thank you, babe. Will you also grab the red present with the orange ribbon; it’s for you.”

Mason opened the small package, to reveal the handsome bracelet. He had always been a big fan of Jackson’s work. “This is wonderful, Monkey.” Mason slipped the bracelet onto his wrist, and then pulled Billy down onto his lap, and kissed him tenderly. “Now open yours.”

Billy pulled at the curly orange ribbon, and then as Mason had done earlier slowly undid the paper, one piece of tape at a time. Thankfully there were only three pieces of tape, so neither of the men had to wait very long. Billy lifted the lid on the box, and held up a set of platinum dog tags. The fist tag had an engraved monkey on one side and a fire helmet on the other. The second tag simply said Fleming-Monroe est. 2008.

"Wow," Billy gasped, "These are beautiful. Did you see the engraving I had Jack do, on the inside of the bracelet?" he asked, "They do say great minds think alike." He watched as Mason took off the bracelet and peered at the inside of the words inside, Fleming-Monroe, and the date of their marriage, 4th of October 2008. "Need glasses, old man?" he enquired archly, scrambling out of range of the expected swat.

"I have perfect 20/20 eyesight, Brat," Mason teased Billy. "Are you going to come and keep me company while I start the roast and yule logs?"

The small Fleming-Monroe family retreated to the kitchen, all three of them, Mason, Billy and Thomas. Mason cut and seasoned the roast, and then tied it into the exquisite beauty of a crown rib roast. This had become one of Mason's standard Christmas contributions. Once the roast was in the oven
Mason began to remove ingredients from the fridge and cupboards. He retrieved just about every bowl in the house, and the many jelly roll pans he acquired over the years for just his occasion.

He started off with the various batters--yellow cake, chocolate, butterscotch, and banana. After the batters were complete he started cooking the rolls and then began on the fillings, frostings and decorations. He loved having the whole family with him in the kitchen when he cooked. But early in the process he lost track of how many times he was scolding either Thomas or Billy for licking the bowls.

"Oh come on," Billy said snatching a bowl out from under Thomas's nose, "This is half the fun of cooking. Stop being such a grouch." Billy shot Thomas a nasty glance, as he twined under his arms and started licking the bowl he'd grabbed. "Bad cat," he rebuked his pet.

Mason laughed at Billy's rebuke of Thomas. "It's Christmas, so that makes me a Grinch not a Grouch," he teased. "How are we doing on present wrapping? Have we got all the family presents wrapped--mom, Uncle Doug, Aunt Kelly, the cousins, their spouses and kids? If not why don't you finish the wrapping while I decorate the cakes."

"I'd rather stay with you," Billy said, his mouth full of cake scrapings.
“Oh Baby,” Mason said. He walked around to Billy and pulled him into a hug. “I wasn’t trying to get rid of you. I thought you sit here at the counter or at the kitchen table and wrap, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

"They're mostly done. Besides aren’t they coming today, I don't remember." Billy had blocked out a lot that had happened or been arranged the time of his attack. They'd already postponed the post Christmas get together with Jack and Jay, Billy only wanted to be with Mason until all signs of the attack disappeared.

Mason stepped back and realized he had left his husband covered in flower and cocoa. “My family are coming over to my mom’s for early dinner tonight. I’m making food for the party, but I’ve left whether or not we attend open to see how we feel. If we’re up for it, we can go and stay as long or as short as we wish. We can also, as we’ve talked about, stay home and cuddle, grill some steaks, and watch Christmas movies. We haven’t decided if we are going action--Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, or shmoopy--It’s a Wonderful Life, maybe silly--A Christmas Story, or we just watch all the great holiday cartoons.”

"Well, I'd like to say hi to your Uncle Doug and the others, but I don't really want to stay," Billy said, rubbing absently at a bruise on his face, which had faded to yellow. "Although, I'm not sure how they feel about me now, after all the trouble, I've caused."

His eyes darkened, one of his nightmares involved Mason, and his family, turning their backs on him. He was certain that Mason wouldn't do that, but he wasn't so sure about the others. How could people he hardly knew even like him, if his parents hated him so much? The exercise he'd done at Uncle Doug's house during the honeymoon wasn't helping much at the moment.

Mason brushed his finger over the bruise on Billy's face. "We don't have to go if you don't want people to see you. But, I know they would love to see you. They were all very worried about you when you were in the hospital. They love you very much. They all were very concerned with getting you the right gift." Mason stuck his tongue out. "Uncle Doug said I’m much better behaved when you are around, my mom says I'm more cuddly, Aunt Kelly says my chocolate cakes have drastically improved, and the cousins like to have another person to help gang up on me, and the kids think you are the supreme Lego builder, so I think they would all love to see you. We could always ask my mom for a little makeup to cover that up, if you wanted."

Billy choked, "You are kidding aren't you? Me in makeup, the big, bad, manly mechanic," Billy stuck his chest out. The pose somewhat spoiled with the flour and cocoa adhered to him, He looked down, “I'm going to need a shower. Want to join me? I'll give you a free pass, so you don't have to spend another voucher." Billy wriggled his eyebrows, as he started a striptease in the kitchen. "Uncle Doug thinks you're better behaved? The things I could tell him," Billy giggled.

"So that's a no on the make-up," Mason laughed. He followed Billy up to the bathroom, picking up the clothes as his husband shed them. Billy was standing under the spray of the shower as Mason undressed. "It is so kind of you too to give me a free pass. You act as if that's the only sex I'm going to get this year. You, my sweet nymphomaniac, would have a very difficult time withholding sex." Mason laughed at his partner's look of mock outrage as he climbed into the shower. "And I don't think you could tell Doug anything about me that would shock him. He on the other hand probably has quite a few stories you would love." Mason kissed Billy possessively on the lips. "Including one about my first trip to a leather bar."

"You and Uncle Doug went to a leather bar together? Why? When? He's straight, isn't he?" Billy's voice almost broke on last question. He moaned as Mason began to idly stroke him. By the time they'd had some really hot, shower sex, the hot water was turning to a mere warm.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy was fidgeting wearing one of his new t-shirts with new blue jeans, a leather jacket and his new dog tags. "Come on, Mason," he said, "I can't wait to see everyone and ask your Uncle Doug what happened."

Mason finished dressing. "We need to get the car loaded before we can go,"
Mason informed his impatient Brat. "And Monkey, the leather bar story, it isn't really a story to share with the whole family over Christmas dinner. I'd prefer you not say anything about it."

"Give me some credit," Billy shot his Top, a disgusted look as he picked up a tray of food, to load into the truck, "I was going to drag him into a corner to ask him. Are we ready to go now?" He grinned at Mason, "You can't dangle something like that in front of me, and expect me to ignore it."

Billy hung back a little, as they entered Mason's mom's house. He brightened up, when he was enthusiastically greeted, by all Mason's relatives.

Shortly after the warm welcome, Billy saw Mason was busy being teased by his cousins, so he obtained a plate full of wonderful appetizers, and made his move. "Uncle Doug," he said, "Can I talk to you--privately for a couple of minutes?"

He took a deep breath when he and Uncle Doug were alone. "When we were talking this morning. Mason mentioned you and he want to a leather bar together. What happened? He wouldn't tell me." Billy pouted slightly.

Doug broke into a laugh. "Told you we went to the leather bar together did he?" Uncle Doug said. " I seem to remember it a slightly different way. I remember walking into the back room of the Eagle to find my slightly intoxicated 17 year old nephew bent over a chair with his pants around his ankles and a much older man getting ready to ride him bareback."

Billy laughed out loud, "I'm assuming you saved him," he said, trying to stifle his giggles. He reddened slightly when he saw Mason looking at him. "He was right," he confided to Doug, "You have much better stories about him."

“Well I’m not sure at the time he thought of it as saving,” Uncle Doug said. He signaled Billy towards an empty couch. “Bring your snack and I’ll give you all the lovely details.” Billy shot a glance towards Mason, and smiled at his Top, signaling his win at retrieving the wanted information about Mason’s first time at a leather bar.

“You see, Billy, your husband was not always the dashing, self-assured, gay man extraordinaire.”

Billy gave a mock look of shock.

“Oh, please,” Doug said, “you’ve seen the pictures of the tall, gangly pimply faced teen age Mason.” Billy giggled, much to Mason’s displeasure, there were pictures proving that fact all over his mother’s house. “If you can control your giggles, I’ll give you all the horrible details.”

Billy quickly stopped his laughter, and pretended to zip his mouth closed.

“Well I’m sure as you know, your husband is a smart man--he skipped the forth grade, and therefore ended up at university at the very young age of seventeen. Although Sal was eighteen, and living in student housing at UBC, Daisy was not allowing her baby Mason into student housing until he was eighteen. Which resulted in what Mason lovingly refers to as his year from hell living with Uncle Doug. You see, I assumed a lot of your husband’s need for a father, and that means from day one of Mason Henry Monroe’s life I supplied lots kisses, hugs, ball throwing, mending of his torn out jeans--Daisy is not safe with a needle and thread--and spankings. And to your mistaken hunks displeasure he assumed that Uncle Doug’s entire role in paddling his ass was over upon his entering university. Well, I am here to tell you the tale that proved that theory wrong.

“A young, gangly, pimply, Mason arrived on my doorstep fairly knowledgeable of his sexuality. I had noticed him in his first month or so of university secretly taking many opportunities to drill my many gay and lesbian friends about gay life in Vancouver. For, some reason I was more concerned with Mason indulging in drunken rugby parties, than running off to any of Vancouver’s gay bars. Although I knew Mason was gay, he only shared with me his interest in UBC activities that first month. I wasn’t a total ogre, I knew the boy needed to make friends on campus, and that his year of living with Uncle Dougie and Auntie Kelly, was a huge cramp to his perceived style. I let the poor lad spend an occasional night on campus with Sal.

Well about six weeks into Mason’s first term, Mason had garnered my permission to spend a Friday evening on campus with Sal. At about 1:30 am Saturday morning, Kelly and I were awoken to the sound of a drunken message being left on our answering machine. ‘Duuuude, Mason, it’s Sallie, you’re soooo missing out. You should have way listened to me, and come and spent the night here on campus. We’re getting ready to streak through Maya Garden… ’

“At that point I picked up the telephone. ‘Salvadore, are you telling me that my nephew is not at UBC spending the night with you?’

“Again the voice of a drunken teen, ‘Hey, Uncle Dougie, no Mace said he was hitting a gay bar tonight, I just wanted to let him know how much he was missing.’

“As my rage began to grow, I realized that I had the prize of drunken teen spilling the dirt on my wayward ward. ‘Hey, Sallie Dude, I’m glad you’re having a good time. And it is sad that Mace is missing out on the streaking.’

“’Dude,’ Sal answered.

“’He didn’t happen to mention which gay bar did he?’ I asked.

“’Some bird,’ he said, ‘Look Dougie, this is real, but I gotta get naked,’ and then the phone disconnected.

“I turned to my wife and informed her that our little pimply faced Mason was at the roughest gay leather bar in town. In those days, the Eagle was best known for the anonymous sex in the back room. I threw on a pair of jeans, leather boots, a black t-shirt, grabbed my leather coat and set out in the hope of finding Mason’s virginity intact.”

Billy burst out in laughter, which caused him to receive ‘the look’ from Mason. Billy ignored it; he currently had no fear of the look, and signaled to Doug to continue with the story.

“I arrived at The Eagle, and scanned the front room, no Mason. I quickly went to the back room, where as I told you I found the soon to be de-flowered Mason. I pushed the older man out of the way, and applied a very firm swat to Mason’s butt. The older man apologized for touching my boy. ‘Mason get your pants on. He is not my boy, he is my underage, hopefully still virgin nephew.’ Mason blushed more than I ever thought possible. As soon as his pants were up and fastened; I grabbed his earlobe, and dragged him to the car.

“I spent the car ride home quizzing Mason as to what exactly he had done with every minute of his evening since he had left our home. Mason blushed and told a tale of an evening of embarrassing failed cruising until he finally was about to hook up with the leather man I had just dragged him away from. Once sure that Mason was not at risk of any deadly viruses, I preceded to explain his future as a very sore bottomed, grounded, gay teenager.

“When we arrived home, I sent him to my sewing room, while I informed Kelly that we were both home safe, and she might want to be prepared to comfort our sleeping children in case they were awoken by the sound of their cousin receiving a most serious paddling of his bare butt.

“I entered the study, told Mason to drop he pants, and studdly boxer shorts. Mason blushed, but quickly did as he was told. I then pulled him over my lap and delivered a very thorough hand spanking. Mason tried to remain stoic, but his tears started shortly after I applied the first of many, many, many, swats of my wooden paddle to his ass. We then had a long conversation about anal sex, condoms, sneaking out of the house, borrowing his cousin’s ID, and various other topics that caused the cheeks on his face to quickly match the cheeks of his ass.”

Billy loved hearing stories, which ended in his Top getting paddled; he shot a glance at Mason and grinned at him. "Thank you Uncle Doug," he said.

“You are more than welcome, honey, please use it however you like.” Doug winked at Billy as he watched the younger man walk over to Mason. "Liked them older back in the day, did you?" Billy whispered in his Top's ear.

Mason shot a glance to his Uncle. "Brat," he said to Billy. "I was a 17 year old virgin, he was the first person that offered. You," Mason said, "should be very thankful to my Uncle. Who knows what would have happened if he hadn't come in."

Billy sobered, "You and I both know what would have happened," he replied "And it would have been a hell of a lot worse than the paddling Uncle Doug gave you."

“Yes,” Mason said. “I’m very lucky that I had him looking after me. You know after I had finished my two-month grounding, and turned eighteen. Uncle Doug introduced me to several of his friends. Men who were both tops and bottoms. None of them ever came on to me. They just spent time talking to me about the life style, on occasion they would take me out with them, so I could learn how to negotiate what I wanted and to ensure that I was always playing safely.”

“Oooo, can you smell that? Mom just took the turkey out of the oven. Come on, I need to go test it.” Mason pulled his husband close and led him into the kitchen.

Billy started feeling a bit overwhelmed, after the turkey, ham, roast potatoes and vegetables. He refused dessert, and when he said he didn't want any of Mason’s chocolate yule log, Mason's head shot up. Billy suddenly got up, left the table and rushed outside. He sat on a low brick wall and started to shake.

Mason bade goodbye to his family, and grabbed he and Billy's coats on the way out the door. He walked over to his husband and helped him into his coat. He then held Billy closely. "Come on my handsome love, let me take you home."

Billy snuggled into Mason. The minute they got home. "Sorry," he said, "I heard some voices being raised and it threw me back to past Christmas dinners." He looked at Mason, "Can we just snuggle in front of the fire?" After about an hour, Billy nudged Mason, "I think I need to talk to someone about my nightmares," he said, "Can you arrange it for me?"

"Of course I will baby," I'll try tomorrow, "but we may not be able to get anyone until after the new year. I guess I'll have to keep you close and well spoiled until then." Mason said, as he kissed the top of Billy's head.

"You can't keep me that close," Billy replied, "I have to be back in the garage in the New Year, but spoiling me is a good idea," he looked up through his fringe, "Chocolate cake and sex would be perfect."

He turned and knelt up and claimed a kiss from Mason.

"I'm the boss, and I'll keep you as close as I like, and as close as I think you need." Mason pulled Billy into an embrace and held him tightly as they kissed. "I did keep one of the chocolate Yule Logs home just for you, so are we having cake or sex first?"

Billy pulled away and pouted, "I need to be back in the garage asap," he said stubbornly, "Be reasonable, cake first," he added as an afterthought.

Mason picked Billy up and carried him into the kitchen, settling him gently on the counter next to the scrumptious cake. He then picked up two forks and handed one to Billy. The two men began to eat directly from the cake. "Now that you have your chocolate, are you prepared to listen?" Mason asked.

Billy pulled a pouty face.

"Think carefully about your answer my sweet Brat," Mason warned.

Billy nodded.

"I didn’t ever say you couldn't go back to the garage. I said I would stay close. I'm on call this week, but not officially scheduled. I can come help at the garage. You know, I also have one of those sexy logoed set of coveralls. I can be your pump boy, or better yet work on your books and make sure they're in order for the year-end. But, if I feel you are struggling or over exerting yourself, we come home. It's my decision not yours...and any arguments and you will find yourself writing a novels worth of lines." Mason accentuated his point by applying a dab of frosting to the tip of Billy's nose.

"Lines," Billy spluttered, "Why lines? I hate writing. I can't quite believe I'm saying this but why not a spanking? I feel safe and loved after a spanking. Lines, I just get a sore hand and bored."

"I'll make sure you feel safe and loved after lines. I know you usually feel safe and loved after a spanking, and I want it to stay that way. I'm not going to spank you while you are so easily being triggered. Once your nightmares have faded, your less shaky, less scared we'll revisit spanking. So, for now that means lines. I love you too much to risk pushing or hurting you when you are still struggling."

"It's not anything you did," Billy said, stubbornly. "It's all him."

Mason placed his hand gently on Billy's cheek, and kissed his lips. "I know love, and that is how I want it to stay. I don't want to do anything that could get mixed up with your memories of him. Okay?"

Billy pouted, "I really, really hate lines and you know as well as I do, that we have different definitions of struggling and overdoing it." He dug his fork savagely into the cake.

Mason lifted Billy's fork out of the cake, and fed his Brat a bite full of frosting. "No worries about the different definitions, you only have to worry about following mine. Now how about we take some of this cake upstairs and we cover each other with frosting?

"Why frosting when I've still got chocolate sauce?" Billy asked with a wicked grin.

“Because my chocolate frosting tastes a lot better then your sauce in a jar,” Mason replied.

"Come on," Billy laughed, "The cherry flavour is nice. You've never complained before."

“Now get a move on; I want you naked, now.”

Billy began stripping quickly, "How do you want me?" he asked waggling his butt, his cock at half-mast.

Mason stripped off his clothes. "Any way you want to be taken."

"Hard and fast," Billy replied, admiring the view, His fireman was so sexy. He laid face down on the bed his butt slightly in the air.

Mason laughed. “I don’t know why I bother to ask. When don’t you want it hard and fast?”

Mason proceeded to pleasure his husband precisely as requested. After a wonderful and exhausting session of fucking and love making Fleming-Monroe style, Billy draped himself on top of Mason, as had become his custom, and promptly fell asleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Boxing day was slow and lazy--lots of eating, sleeping, cuddling, playing with Thomas, and movie watching. It was nice that Boxing Day led into a weekend, allowing for a nice extended first Christmas.

On Monday, Mason accompanied Billy to work. It was pre-agreed it would be a short day. Mason called the EMR therapist, and was able to make an appointment for Billy on Wednesday morning.

Billy had reluctantly agreed to a short day, but had neglected to ask Mason, what constituted a short day. He was fathoms deep happily wrestling with a motor, when Mason came in, and declared it was time to close for the day. "Got to finish this," he replied absently, his mind still on the motor. "Won't take longer than a hour."

Mason watched his husband bent over the car, happier then Mason had seen him in weeks. “All right Monkey, you can have an hour, and when I say an hour, I mean sixty minutes. Anything over that starts to cost you lines. Deal?”

Billy flashed his husband a mega watt smile. "Deal," he said happily and plunged back under the hood. An hour later he was washing up, singing along with the radio.

He froze solid as the radio began to play Mike and the Mechanics’ The Living Years.

Mason walked over to the radio and slowly turned the volume down before he switched the power off. He then walked over to Billy, and pulled him close. Billy’s back was resting against Mason’s chest, and Mason had his strong arms wrapped around his lover. He landed a soft kiss on the top of Billy’s head. “Hey there Monkey, do you want to talk about it?”

Billy breathed in and felt comfort in Mason's arms and Mason's scent. "No," he replied. "Denial is a real place." Billy gave a lopsided smile.

“Yes, it is, but I think it is better visited at home and with ice cream. How about we go home…have a shower, order some Chinese food, grab spoons and ice cream, and curl up on the couch with our favorite little orange fur ball, some blankets, and the Princess Bride.”

Billy perked up. "Chocolate ice cream, shower sex," he smiled, "And 
wontons and the Dread Pirate Roberts to top it off. You have the best ideas ever."

Mason was glad he could supply Billy with these simple comforts. He knew they were going to become even more important over the next couple of months as Billy began to exorcise his demons.

When they got home, and closed the front door behind them, Mason pulled Billy close for a long and loving kiss. The kiss turned more passionate, and Mason began to quickly undress Billy as he moved them towards their bedroom, and eventually the shower.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

It had been a perfect evening, which led to Billy tying Mason to the bed and licking chocolate off of him. Billy kept asking Mason about the EMDR, and grew more nervous the more answers he got.

"I'm ok now, Mace," he said, the evening before the appointment. "I don't really think I need to go to this thing. I slept through the night, last night." He conveniently ignored the two nights before, where he'd been discovered by Mason out of bed both nights. His hand was still sore from the amount of lines he'd had to write.

“Let’s just go see the man, we can’t cancel at this point without still having to pay for the appointment. If you don’t like him, or change your mind after that--you don’t have to go back. But, I think if you give it a chance and put a little effort into it, you will feel hundreds of times better. Okay?”

Billy looked at Mason. "Promise?" he asked. "I won't be going through hell for nothing? You'll be near me?"

“I promise, and I always keep my promises.” Mason pulled Billy close; he kissed the top of his head, and gently rubbed his back until he felt Billy drift off to sleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Why are you asking these questions?" Billy's voice was raised. "I'm a screw up and my father beat me. What the fuck else do you want to know? Man, this sucks." Billy turned to Mason, "I want out," he said.

Mason held out his hand, he had promised they would leave if Billy chose. He wasn’t thrilled about his Brat’s behavior, but that was a conversation for later.

“Thank you,” Mason said to the psychologist, as he began to stand.

“Billy,” Dr. Mollient spoke, “I have just a couple more questions. I realize this is difficult. But please let me assure you that having to sit and talk to me about your issues with your father is not a major part of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, there are just a few things I need to know before we start.”

Billy still looked angry, but he stood where he was and continued to listen.

“After today we will focus most of our time on the actual eye movement portion of therapy, and that phase of the therapy can be as verbal or non-verbal as you like. Would you mind staying and just answering the last two questions, and then you can leave, if you decide this is something you want to move forward with you can give me a call.”

Billy agreed. He calmed slightly, but there was still aggression and anger in his voice and movements. When the questions were finished, Dr. Mollient thanked Billy for staying, and he stood and shook both Billy and Mason’s hands.

Mason had been amazed at how calmly the psychologist had handled Billy’s outburst. He thought this man might be able to do great work if Billy was willing.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy’s anger and frustration began to rise again as he climbed into the truck. He was in full bratting mode when he slammed the truck door. He desperately wanted things to be back the way they had been. The sex was good, but he wanted Mason to reclaim him as only Mason could. He wanted Mason to take charge and pull him back into line. He felt unsettled, and although he didn't enjoy being spanked by Mason, he always felt more at ease after a spanking. There was no way he equated Mason's punishments, with his father's beatings. The lines Mason had recently begun to employ did nothing to calm him down. If anything it increased his frustration, and he upped his brat factor.

Both Mason and Billy were quiet for the beginning of the ride home. Mason was thinking that after today’s outburst, it might be time for him to reintroduce spanking to he and Billy’s relationship. His Brat was spinning, and when Billy began to spin, he often forgot a lot of his coping skills, reverting back to temper tantrums, and not taking care of himself.

Mason had found that the best way to stop his Brat’s spinning was to apply a good old-fashioned bare bottom spanking, followed by a lot of love and attention.

“Billy,” Mason said, breaking the silence.

“What?” Billy replied.

“Thank you for staying and completing your visit with Dr. Mollient, but I think when we get home you and are going to need to have a talk about the rude and disrespectful way you spoke to him.”

Billy gave a huff and turned away from Mason, watching the scenery from the passenger side window.

“A talk that is going to take place with your bare butt over my lap, while I turn your little white ass a bright shade of red. I think that it’s time we bring spanking back into our relationship.”

Billy's mouth opened then closed. "How did you know?" he spluttered, eyeing Mason suspiciously. "How did you know I wanted you to take back control? Are you a bloody mind reader or something?"

“I'm not a mind reader, but I've gotten pretty good at reading my husband.
Although I think this might have been a better conversation if there weren't an impending spanking at the end of it.”

"At least you've gone off bloody lines," Billy said, wrinkling his nose at the mere thought. "I reckon I should get one free pass," he said hopefully batting his eyelashes at his husband.

Mason gave his husband a very loving smile, and placed his hand softly on Billy's thigh. "Monkey, have those beautiful blues ever gotten you out of a spanking?

A bit of the twinkle went out of Billy's eyes.

"And I don't remember ever saying I was ‘off’ giving you lines, but I think I could issue a one time free pass for not have write an apology note to Dr. Mollient on a sore bottom tonight."

Billy stuck his tongue out at Mason, and then leaned down and rested his head in Mason's lap.

"I love you, Monkey," Mason said as he began to lightly run his fingers through Billy's soft blonde hair. "Do you wanna stop and get dinner somewhere before we go home?" Mason asked. When he didn't receive an answer, he glanced down and noticed his Brat softly sleeping. Mason decided to let Billy sleep, his poor husband hadn't slept very well the past few nights in anticipation of his EMDR appointment. He pulled his big truck into the driveway of he and Billy's house. He gently tapped Billy's shoulder. "Monkey, baby, it's time to wake up. We're home."

Billy blinked and rubbed his eyes. He smiled up at Mason. "No nightmares," he said, and bounced out of the truck. "What's for dinner? Do I have time to go check on the garage?" Billy hid his crossed fingers behind his back.

Mason locked the truck, and pulled Billy into a gentle embrace. He spoke softly, "I'm glad there were no nightmares. Go check on the garage. I'll go pick up some pizza from Luigi's, and we'll handle your spanking before bed."

Billy wrinkled his nose at his Top and stuck out his tongue. He turned and started to run, his laugh ringing through the air. He was slightly out of breath by the time he reached the garage. He slowed down when he saw the traveling salesman, standing next to a car, which had steam coming out of the bonnet.

"I don't have time to look at it now," Billy said, running his hand through his hair. "I'm actually closed for the day." Billy sighed as the salesman pleaded his urgent case. He took out his cell phone, and texted Mason, "Sorry urgent job."

“Okay, I'm bringing the pizza over, and I'll help you get it sorted. Love you.” Mason texted back.

Billy was deep in the engine, when Mason arrived. He emerged when he heard his Top's voice questioning the salesman. Mason's tone was sharp, and Billy listening to the salesman explaining that he was probably going to postpone his trip, due to snow. "You lied to me," Billy said, coldly, he didn't swear at customers. "From now on you can find a new patsy. I'll finish your car tomorrow, then you're black listed, mate."

Mason nodded his approval of Billy’s decision to the salesman, and saw him out the garage door. Billy closed and locked the garage, leaving a red-faced traveling salesman behind him. "Sorry Mace," he said, "I should have thought more about the line of bull he was selling me."

“Hey, there sweetheart,” Mason said, “we all make mistakes, and I love your kind and caring heart. It pisses me off, that the jerk used you, but I was really proud of how you set your boundaries with him, once you learned he was trying to sell you a bill a goods. Let’s get the rest of this place locked up, and go home.”

They had to heat up the pizza in the microwave, and they ate quietly, with the healthy appetite of two hungry men. They moved into the living room, where Billy sat on Mason's lap, laying his head on his lover's shoulder, feeling all was well in his world.

They enjoyed a lovely evening of relaxing, cuddling and watching television. When Mason noticed that Billy's eyes were getting a little droopy and his husband let out a long yawn, Mason decided it was time to make the unpleasant move. "Monkey, don't fall asleep, we still have a spanking to take care of tonight. Do you want to do it down here on the couch, or would you prefer to go get ready for bed, and have your spanking in the bedroom?"

Billy suddenly felt wide-awake. He chewed at his lip, "Down here," he said, finally. "Bedroom's for much more pleasant things."

Billy stayed cuddled against Mason. "Okay, Monkey, we'll stay down here.
Before we get to the spanking, I'd like you to talk to me about why you earned this spanking, and why you feel you need it." Mason softly swept Billy's fringe to the side, slightly tightened his embrace of the younger man, and planted a kiss on Billy's forehead.

"You know I hate this part," Billy complained. "I was rude and disrespectful to the shrink," he said, reluctantly. "And you know why I need it," he looked up at
Mason, his blue eyes tearing up. "I want things to be back where they were. I need the boundaries and the structure. I don't want what my father did, to alter a basic part of our life together." He cuddled closer to Mason, needing his reassurance. "The spanking hurts, but all is forgiven after. Lines just draw things out and I hate that."

Billy looked up at Mason safe in his embrace. “I think I want to go back to Dr Mollient,” he said. “I think he can help me. After all he managed to help you so I guess he's the best. I just want him to help stop the nightmares. Both the new ones and the old ones. Although sleeping on and with you helps more than anything.”

"Thank you, Baby." Mason wiped away a couple of his own tears. "I don't want what happened to you to affect our relationship either, but I needed to wait until you were ready...until we were both ready."

Mason kissed Billy softly on the mouth. He gently wiped the tears away, and he continued to hold Billy for a while longer, until Mason felt it was finally the right time. He helped Billy to stand up, and slowly undid the fly of Billy's jeans. He gave a gentle tug to the jeans causing them to pool around his husband's ankles. There was no underwear to lower, as his Brat was in his normal commando state.

Mason held his hand out to Billy to help guide him over his lap; Billy wiggled a bit until he was as comfortable as he could get.

Mason softly ran his hand over Billy's butt cheeks for a short while. "I love you, Monkey," Mason said. He raised his hand and landed a very firm swat to the under-curve of his husband's ass.

Billy hissed in pain and thought to himself, ‘I can't believe I asked for this.’ He'd forgotten how painful a spanking could be. Before long he was crying as Mason steadily set his butt on fire.

Mason delivered a good spanking. It was not the lightest; Mason wanted to honestly and not soft handedly reestablish their relationship, but it was also far from the firmest--as that was not what the situation called for.

When the spanking was over, Mason scooped his sobbing husband into his arms, giving assurances of his love and forgiveness.

Billy eventually fell asleep in Mason's arms. The big fireman carried his beloved up to bed, undressed him, and then climbed into bed beside him.

Mason smiled as Billy sprawled himself over his body as soon as he was settled.

Life as normal was beginning to resume.

Snakes Alive

Title: Snakes Alive
Authors: Jo, Carol, Tarabeth
Characters: Jack/Jay and Mason/Billy
Implements: Hand/Wooden Spoon

As Jay's eyes opened he looked at the bedside clock, it read 6:00 a.m. `Why can't I sleep in on the weekends,’ Jay thought as he flipped the blankets back. He slipped out from under Jack’s arm, and made his way over to the bathroom. His butt was still hurting a little. He grabbed the hand held mirror, and stood with his ass toward the wall mirror until he was able to get a good view of himself. He was still a little red. He could make out a few paddle imprints, but nothing that would bruise or last long. ‘Yeah, I’m going to feel that for a few days,’ he thought. He put the mirror down on the sink, and grabbed a pair of silk boxers out of the linen cabinet to put on.

As he made his was toward the kitchen, Jay turned on his laptop and headed for the fridge. Opening it he saw what he wanted, and he grabbed the orange juice. He took a long drink, and left just a swallow; so he wouldn't have to toss it or throw it away. He put the coffee on for Jack, because Jack was a total pain in the ass without his morning coffee. While the coffee was brewing Jay went back to his laptop and signed onto yahoo messenger to see if DJ was on. ‘Damn no DJ.’ Jay quickly typed out, "Hey Brat When you get this--either call me on my cell or IM me. I need to ask you a favor; it’ll probably get us into some deep trouble, but it sounds like a blast. Okay, thanks. Love ya, Jay." He read it over a few times to make sure things were worded and spelled correctly. Deciding it was all right, he clicked send, and waited to see if DJ was playing hide and seek. When he didn’t get a response, Jay closed his email account just as Jack awoke with a growl.

"Do I smell coffee?" Jack asked. "You're a life saver," he staggered out of bed and kissed Jay soundly. Then made his way to the bathroom to empty his bladder and brush his teeth. He came out and poured a black coffee, adding plenty of sugar. "I got bacon, cheese and mushrooms," he said, to Jay, "Fancy an omelet for breakfast?"

Jay lowered his laptop screen and got up. "Sure why not," Jay told him with a shrug of his shoulder. "I'll make the toast. So what kind of chores, does my Lord and Master have in mind for his humble servant to do while he is at the office?" Jay asked giving Jack a bow with folded hand. ‘God please tell me you’re going to the shop for a few hours.' Jay thought.

Jack raised an eyebrow. "The windows need washing," he said, casually. "Inside," he added quickly, "The outside was done yesterday while you were at work." Jack was busy cutting up the bacon and cheese, "Slice the mushrooms--will you, Baby," Jack asked. "I have to go pick up the truck from Mason's, then I need to do some shopping," he said, throwing the egg carton into a box, he kept for the local kindergarten.

Jay’s face twisted a bit. "Umm, can I go with you when you go get the truck?" Jay asked while slicing the mushrooms. "It won't take long to wash the windows, I can do them when we get back," he said popping a mushroom into his mouth. Jay gave him a grin, "Or not"

"Oh, they'll be done," Jack replied easily, deftly pouring the eggs into the pan. "Why would you want to come get the truck with me? Maybe the fact that Billy is there?" Jack teased gently, adding the bacon, cheese and mushrooms to the pan. He flipped the omelet out, and divided it between the two plates. "Tuck in while it's hot," he urged, tossing a soft cushion onto Jay's seat.

"No, just wanted to spend the day with you but," shrugging his shoulders as he took a bite," but if you don't want me around, I'll do as you say." Jay sat down on the soft cushion. "Oh and we need OJ, get the stuff with the pulp in it this time can you." Jay's ears perked when he heard a dog bark. ‘Damn it DJ's on.' Jay thought as he tried to wolf down his breakfast.

"I always want you around, sweetheart," Jack replied, "but you get really bored when I shop. That sounded like DJ’s on-line. I'll head off while you chat with her and then when I get back we can spend some time together, washing windows." Jack's eyes sparkled with laughter.

"Sounds like a ton of fun," Jay said getting up to put his plate in the sink. He tossed the cushion back onto the sofa, gave Jack a kiss good bye, and sat down at the computer.

SkaterJboi: Hey how’s my little girl doing this morning,

Skaterchick: Get fucked, If I can get in trouble I am all for it, what do you want me to do?

Jay sat and typed out what Billy wanted. DJ, sent a few LOLs, while Jay explained things to her. After a brief pause, Jay asked, "Oh yeah can you video it for him?"

Skaterchick: Sounds like a laugh, ok When (date) Where (address) Who (what's moms name) yeah I can do it, cost you a case of the best and a dollar for the movie.

SkaterJboi: I'll find out and send you the info.

After that was taken care of. DJ and Jay caught up on things that had happened since the last time they talked.

After signing off, Jay sighed; this was going to be funny as hell. Jay pouted as he realized that he had left the Twilight DVD in his backpack in the truck. He went to get the pale to wash the windows. "This fucking sucks," Jay yelled. He put on his ICP CD, cranked the music up, and started to mix the vinegar and water to do the windows.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy looked out the window and saw Jack at the truck. "Hey Jack, hold on a minute," he yelled out as he walked outside. He was moving a bit stiffly, he was going to be feeling Mason's paddling for the next couple of days. "I've been trying to ring Jay and he's not answering. Can you get him to ring me sometime today?" Billy's blue eyes were wide, innocent and Jack despite being a Top, fell for it.

"Sure," Jack answered, assuming it had something to do with Jay's work schedule.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Jay was just finishing the last of the windows when he saw Jack's truck pull up to the curb. Tossing the rag into the pail, Jay headed over to the stereo and turned it off, then grabbed his shoes, he slipped them on to go down and help Jack unload the truck.

"Hi sweetheart," Jack said, "The windows look great. You must have had the music up high, Billy has been trying to phone you most of the morning." Jack laughed as he saw Jay turn around to head for the loft and the phone. "Hey grab a bag," Jack protested, "You'll save me two trips if you do."

"Oh yeah," Jay blushed, "That's what I came down for." He said, by habit Jay nosed around it as he went up the stairs, "Did you happen to pick up some MD?" Jay knew a, ‘NO’ was coming but he had to ask. "What did Billy want? Did he say?"

"You know better than that Brat," Jack growled. "I never buy Mountain Dew, even if you want to build that MD Christmas tree. No, Billy didn't say what he wanted. I guess it must be something to do with that job offer. I’ve got to go down to the shop; I have a lot to do before Christmas, and so I may be late tonight."

"Ass," Jay sneered at the door after it closed. Jay took the phone out onto the fire escape, for the last week it had been they only fresh air he got once he was home from work. Jay dialed Billy’s number. "Hi, can I please speak to Billy,"

"It's Billy; is that you Jay? Are you safe to talk? Mason has gone to help his Mom in the deli. Just wondered how the snake plan is coming."

"Yeah its safe Jack's in the shop, DJ said yes, all I need is when, where and who. DJ can only get a garden snake this time of year. She also said she’d record it for you. Maybe you can let your friend know what’s going on, so DJ will be able to make an escape fast--if anything were to go wrong."

"Great," Billy said, "How about I come over? I can ring Johnno and find out when they're going to be home and give him a heads up. He won't spoil the surprise."

"Yeah come on over, see you in a few, Bye." Jay went out to the truck to get his backpack. On his way back in, he went to his shop area and grabbed two Dews out of his stash, just in case Billy may want one.

Billy turned up about fifteen minutes later, a six-pack of mountain dew in his hands. "Great minds think alike," he laughed when he saw the two cans sitting on the table. "I guess Mountain Dew better be on the shopping list for the garage, from now on."

Billy frowned slightly. He'd wanted to go down to the garage today, but Mason had firmly vetoed the idea. It still rankled somewhat, but with his sore butt, he hadn't pushed the issue. The couple of swats Mason had given him to reinforce the decision had stung--and made him even more determined to follow the snake plan.

"You sure your friend's okay with this?" he asked Jay. "Hey, I'm not doubting you or her, but my parents don't tend to play fair, and my mother is terrified of snakes." Billy's smile was pure evil.

"Yeah, DJ’s all for it." Jay set down a bowl of chicken salad and some crackers, "She's already texted me twice, since I talked to you, to find out if it was still a go, she may be able to get a King snake instead, I think a Gopher Snake is better, ‘cause they look somewhat like a rattle snake." He told Billy as he popped open a can with his teeth.

Billy grinned. "How about both, one for my darling mother, and one for my bully of a father." Billy took out his cell phone and sent a text message. "Now to wait for Johnno to get back to us. He's going to have to get DJ out safely and then collect the snakes so they don't get hurt." Billy's phone beeped and he scanned the text message. "Fucking hell," he exploded "They've fucking fired him, he's working out his notice, so we’ll have to do it a week or so before Christmas. He says he’ll be more than happy to help with the plan." Billy looked at Jay, "Can we arrange it for next Saturday?" he asked. "Johnno will help take photos, and make damn sure DJ gets away safe." He took a mouthful of chicken salad, "Hey, this is really good."

"Hold on," Jay took out his phone and typed in a message. "She will get back to us in a minute," Jay got a silly grin across his face. "Too bad we can't go and watch the fun ourselves." Jay told him. Jay picked up his phone and looked at the text, "Yeah, Saturday’s a go. Jack makes it for me, so I won’t eat junk food." Jay said with a smile. "Speaking of, I got some Ding Dongs and Ho Hos," Jay got up and went to the closet.

"Maybe he can pass the recipe onto Mason," Billy replied, "That way I might get out of eating that god awful salad." He looked at Jay. "You do know if our Tops find out about this stunt, our butts are toast don't you? Just giving you a chance to pull out if you want to. I'm personally going to be hiding all the wooden spoons we own."

"Yeah, I'll probably hide that damn paddle of his, and the thing he has in the closet." Jay shivered at the thought of getting another strapping. "But oh well, we'll live."

Jay flipped open his laptop, and opened IM.

SkaterChick: I will get back to you either by IM or text. No later then Wednesday at fifteen hundred hours. That's 3:00 p.m. Jaybird.

SkaterJboi: Ok that's fine Jack won't be home.

After a brief conversation DJ signed off, and Jay went into his files to delete the conversation.

"Ok, if all goes well, she should mail out the DVD on Sunday, it should be here sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh, I guess I should tell you that DJ and her family are all private investigators, so she knows what she’s doing." Jay told Billy to give him a little peace of mind.

"I’ve got to work on Wednesday," Billy said "And if I skip out to be with you, Mason will be asking questions. Nasty suspicious mind my Top has," he grinned at Jay. "Any problems text me. You're coming to the garage Thursday right? I need to write up some advertising, and if anyone asks that's why I came to see you. Mate, I really appreciate this." Billy looked around and his eyes fell on Amie's aquarium. "Can I check out your snake? Unlike my parents, I love them. I'm just not sure Thomas would be too impressed, if I got one."

"Yeah sure, she’s friendly, I'm thinking of letting her breed. A guy at the pet shop in Kelowna has an albino male and he wants to see what we get,” Jay told him taking Amie out of her aquarium. “Some guy was going to let her loose, so I took her. Yeah, that's a good plan to keep this business like, don't want them to get any wiser."

"If we get really lucky, they won't get to hear about it," Billy replied, letting Amie slide up his arm and across his shoulders. "She's cute," he said carefully handing her back to Jay. "I'm just hoping my parents don't over-react. When I got into a fight at school, I got expelled and stuck in juvie for about a month on assault charges before I got shipped off to my uncle."

Jay took Amie back, and put her back in her home, making sure the lid was closed tight. He turned to Billy. "I've been in Juvie once, Shane put me in it for the weekend, when he caught me high, and I would not tell him were I got my stuff from. When I got home, he beat my ass black and blue; I was about fifteen I think. How come you got sent off?" Jay asked being nosy.

"Like I said: assault. I was at a boarding school and some of the town kids started picking on one of the eleven year olds. I stepped in, I was fourteen, the kid couldn't fight for toffee, and I put him in the hospital. The kid's parents pressed charges, so I ended up in lock up. I think my parents, in the end paid them off, and suddenly juvie was too crowded, so I got shipped to my uncle who took a strap to me, until I couldn't walk for a week." Billy shrugged. "Old news, I got out and found Mace."

Jay let out a low whistle, "Wow, So what kind of stuff do you do for fun, I mean working on cars and stuff can be a blast but boring. Do you skate, ride, bike, play games?" Jay asked he was running out of things to say. "I'd show you the yard up on the roof, but I’m not allowed out of the loft, on the weekends and after 12:30 p.m. on week days. Thankfully, that will only be for a few more days. Well at least Jack didn't make it a month like the last time; God was I bored out of my tree." Jay went over to the fridge for a Dew, "You want one, or would you like a beer instead."

"Beer would be great," Billy replied; glad to get off the subject of his background. "I bought the Dew for you. I don't really like the stuff. I guess I'm lucky my job is my hobby. When I'm not at work, I tinker with other things. I want to super power Mason's stand mixer, but he says if I even touch it with a tool he'll paddle me. Despite what we're planning at the moment, I don't go around asking for it." Billy grinned. "I play some pool, but Mason usually has me on a pretty short leash."

Jay open his mouth to say something and then shut it shaking his head he laughed, "My sister-in-law used a 18volt cordless drill to mix cookie dough once, God was Shane ever pissed." Jay told him. "Jack lets me do pretty much as I want on my free time, as long as he knows where I am, who I’m with, stay out of trouble, and I’m home by dinner time." Jay grabbed himself a beer as well; he wasn’t sure how Jack would react to him drinking this early in the afternoon, but one never knows until he does it. "Hey you want to watch a movie? I’ve got most of the new one that are playing now,”

"Cool," Billy replied, "I love the movies; it’s the one thing I miss by being in Jade Heights. Mason's really strange; he once got a movie that you had to read to understand."

"Yeah I don't like those either, If I wanted to read the movie--I’d buy the book," Jay told him.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Jack stomped upstairs in a bad mood. One of the pieces he was working on was just not looking right, and he wanted to check his sketch. He was upset when he found out he'd left it upstairs on his work desk. It took him a minute to identify Billy reclining on the sofa, with Jay next to him. He casually looked at the screen and his temper let loose. "Jason, what the hell are you watching?"

Billy jumped almost ten feet in the air and landed right on his butt. "Ouch," he said, bouncing up. He looked at Jack and gulped.

Jay jumped, dropped his beer, spun around, and about wet his pants all in a spit second after Jack’s voice boomed across the room. Jay swallowed the lump in his throat. "Humm, Twilight."

“The bootlegged copy," Jack said in a dangerous voice. "Did I not make my opinion about that clear yesterday?" Jack throttled down his anger. "Billy, I suggest you leave. I want to have a discussion with Jason."

Billy shuddered under Jack's gaze and glanced at his fellow Brat sympathetically. He knew the full name was never good. "Yes sir," he said and almost crawled out.

"Clean up the spilled drink," Jack ordered. "I’m not happy at the moment, so I suggest you stay quiet and do what you're told."

Jay had seen that look once before, he knew Jack would never actually strike him, however he was not taking the chance. Jack was pissed off over something. Jay didn't think the movie had anything to do with it, but it just didn't help matters.

Jay grabbed his backpack off the sofa. Before Jack could grab him, Jay was out the door, he almost dragged Billy down the steps. Jay quickly went into the storage area and locked the door. "Come on I'll show you out the back way." Jay told Billy, as he headed toward the garage. "I'm going to stay up there until he cools off," Jay pointed to an area in the rafters. Once Billy was gone Jay climbed up into a small closed in area; it was not an easy task with one arm.

Jay sat on one of the old wooden boxes and stuffed his backpack behind him. HE closed his eyes tight to fight back the tears.

"What the fuck..." Jack was dumbfounded as his Brat ran out of the loft. "Oh shit," Jack sat down heavily and put his head in his hands, what had he done? He'd taken his temper out on his beloved Brat. No wonder Jay had run out with his past history. Jack had a sudden idea, and rang Jay's cell phone, praying his Brat had it on him.

Jay felt his backpack buzzing; he pulled out the phone and glanced at it. ‘Jackson,’ danced across the screen. Jay thought about letting it go to voice mail, but figured he was already up to his neck in trouble, He cleared his throat as he flipped the phone open, "Yes, sir".

"Oh thank God," Jack was relieved. "Jay, sweetheart all I can say is I’m sorry. Please come home, I promise I'm not angry with you. I was pissed about something and took it out on you. I can't say I’m sorry enough. Please come home."

Jay looked over the side of his little hide a way and gulped. "Be up in a few," Jay told him. Jay crawled to the edge of the platform, and then turned himself around so his legs were dangling off. If he had two good arms, he could do this, but one arm wasn’t going to cut it. He pulled himself back up, grabbed his cell phone, and pushed Jack's number. "I'm in the garage," Jay told his lover in a very small voice. "I'm hidden and can't get down."

Jack took the steps two at a time. He looked up at the rafters, and couldn't help to smile. “Lower yourself down, sweetheart," he said, "I'll catch you, I promise. I won't let you fall."

"Catch," Jay said tossing the backpack down toward Jack. Jay let his leg slip over the side again wiggling his way over the side. He felt Jack grab his legs and let out a worried breath. It only took a few minutes for Jay to be down where he belonged--in Jack's strong arms. "I didn't mean to run, I just panicked, I guess."

"I'm sorry for scaring you." Jack replied, kissing Jay. "I should never ever take my bad mood out on you." He carried Jay back up to the loft and laid him on the bed. "The DVD goes back to its owner tomorrow right?" he questioned, as he started nipping and sucking on Jay's body.

"Yes," Jay said slowly undoing Jack's shirt. ‘Even with one hand, I still got it,’ Jay thought as he got the last button undone. He started to work Jack's left nipple with his fingertips, and slid down Jack's body to his belt. "Thought you had work, to do?" Jay asked. Once Jack's pants were loosened, it didn't take long for Jay's hand to find what he was looking for. "Oh wow," Jay gasped as he gently stroked Jack's hard, hot, dripping cock. "Umm Jack, umm, Oh, yeah, mmmm. Yeah that's the spot." Jay murmured as Jack found hot spots on Jay's body.

"Work can wait," Jack mumbled, "Part of the joy of being the boss." He leaned over and ran his tongue down Jay's neck and then bit down hard on the junction between the neck and the shoulder. Then as Jay gasped in pain, he licked the spot. His other hand slipped down Jay's pants and he released his lover's cock. He was about ready to cum, just from the foreplay.

Jay had to tell himself, ‘no not yet,' a few times, He wiggled under Jack, "shorts, off, now." Jay’s grunts matched Jack's strokes. Jay’s mouth soon replaced his fingers on Jack’s nipple. He sucked it hard, and then flicked his tongue across it. Jack gasped, and Jay bit lightly just enough to hurt but not to leave marks. He felt Jack's body jerk, and he started to suck again.

"Who's the Top around here?" Jack growled, as he flipped Jay over. He quickly stripped Jay and then kicked off his own pants. He reached over to grab some lube, and slowly began to prepare his lover, first inserting one finger, and then two and finally three, gently stretching him. He heard Jay keen as he removed his fingers. Jack leaned over and whispered in Jay’s ear. "Do you want my big, hard, throbbing cock to fuck you now?"

"Yes." Jay said. He spread his legs, so Jack could fuck him. His ass was still a little tender from the paddling; however, he was not going to let Jack know this. Getting fucked with a sore ass was a turn on for him. Jay wanted to hurry it along, he wanted to push himself back towards Jack, but feared all activity would come to a stop if he did so. He let out a low moan, "Jack, please just fuck me," he whimpered into his pillow.

Jack didn't hesitate, and the two men, fell into a rhythm they'd established that brought the most pleasure to both of them. Jack brushed his Brat's prostate, as he thrust in and then, almost fully out, until thrusting fully in again. He felt his balls tighten, "Cum my love," he ordered Jay, as he came hard.

Jay panted as he collapsed onto the wet sheets pulling Jack down with him, his body quivered from his climax, his breathing was hard, and he could feel Jack's breath on this neck. He let out a sigh as he came down from the high. Stretching like a cat he turned his face to look up at his lover. "Damn, Jack, that was the best, yet."

Jack smiled back at him, leant over, and kissed him. "Pretty damned good," he replied. "Let's get cleaned up, and then I vote we snuggle up and watch a DVD. How about you get dressed, make some popcorn and grab a couple of drinks, and I'll choose the DVD." Jack pulled on some jeans and bare chested made his way over to the DVD machine. He smiled lazily, as he turned on the screen, His eyebrows raised slightly, when he saw Jay had Mountain Dew, but made no comment.

"This DVD gets returned tomorrow," he said, firmly "But while we've got it we might as well watch it." He turned on Twilight.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy was laughing out loud, as he watched the recording of his parents receiving his early Christmas presents--of two snakes. "Oh God, that's so funny, I never knew my mother could move that fast," he said, "I can't believe my father pissed himself." He looked at Jay. "Johnno said DJ got away clean, and he got the snakes out safe. He's gifted them to his nephews, much to his sister's distress. Have I thanked you enough for setting this up for me?"

Jay was laughing just as hard, if not harder, as he watched the clip of the 'Christmas gone wrong'. "Yeah man the case of Monsters Energy Drinks says it all dude,” Jay wiped the tears from his eyes, "I haven't laugh this hard in years. DJ texted me afterwards an told me, but she wouldn't tell me a damn thing, the little prat."

"Johnno sent me some still photos," Billy admitted. "He sent them to my cell." He showed Jay the pictures. "When I first saw them, I almost choked on my muesli. Mason was suspicious, but I explained that I'd subscribed to joke-a-day. I'm not sure he bought it."

"Hey! Your supposed to share all, remember bro," Jay whined, holding out his hand. "I want to see too."

Billy laughed and handed over his cell. Billy had closed the garage early so they could watch the DVD. Jay had found that working a couple of days a week at the garage was proving to be very profitable, for both he and Billy.

Jay flipped through the photos on the phone. "Oh God, bro, these are priceless. You better send them to a safe place, ‘cause if your LaM sees these he’ll shit his leather throne."

Billy just grinned. "Hey, those are safe on there," he replied. "As far as he's concerned, I'm sending my parents lumps of coal for Christmas, which I still may do anyway. He's less than happy with that plan. He reckons, we don't need them in our life. I guess I better reopen, if Mason hears I closed early, he'll want to know why." As he raised the door he saw a car drive past the garage. He went white "Oh fuck," he moaned, "Those are my parents."

"Mason’s not at home, so if no one answers the door they'll leave? Right?" Jay asked Billy. Jay knew there was no way Billy wanted to face angry parents as well as an angry Top.

"No," Billy replied, bitterly, "They know Mason is the local Fire Captain. I guess the only good thing is, that there are no police, with them." Billy turned to Jay; "I promise I'll keep quiet about you and DJ. I'm so dead, but it was worth it." The remains of the devil may care glint, was still evident in his blue eyes.

'Yeah no cops was a good things, as long as they didn't call the local ones,' Jay thought as he popped a Monster open. "Bro, in case you forgot Mason already knows I'm involved with this, remember the BBQ in your back yard. Come on, we've got a few hours left yet, and working on a motor is the best thing to get your mind off this right now." Jay told him as he tried to pull Billy's mind off the trouble he is in. "Besides, I think I figured out what wrong with the rice burner." Jay let out a breath and shook his head 'Man what the hell is Jack going to do when he hears about this.' Jay thought as he started checking the wiring on the bike.

Billy chuckled. "You know me too well," he said to Jay. "Give me a motor and I'm happy. Well at least we can keep DJ's name out of it, we don't want my parents to cause trouble for her. I'm just glad I own this place outright and have a good relationship with the petrol company. They can't threaten me that way, and they can't cut me out of the will, that happened years ago."

Billy turned to one of the cars in for service and popped the hood. "You need me for the rice burner?" Billy asked, his mind turning to business.

"No man, I found the trouble, some how the wire got a bare spot on it. It was grounding out, that's why it would start and die." 'If his parents can cause trouble with petrol companies,’ Jay’s eyes got wide. "Umm, Billy do you think your parents can cause me trouble with the post office?"

"No, bro," Billy replied. "They don't know you exist, and I intend for it to stay that way. Don't worry."

"Cool, thanks. Alright that's all done, what's next?" Jay straddled the motorcycle, and with one good kick-start. It came roaring to life, and Jay laughed when Billy jumped a little. He let the motor idle for a few minutes to make sure it didn't turn off again. "Yeah that should hold the old thing together for a few hundred miles," Jay said as he turned off the motorcycle. ‘Man I miss riding,' Jay thought as he put the key on the pegboard with the slip.

"I don't think there's anything else today," Billy replied. "I know on Thursday, we've got about four bikes booked in, so if you want to push off early, I don't mind. I'm in hiding," he grinned at Jay.

"I don't know, I feel like I'm leaving to go stand alone in front of the firing squad." Jay told him. "Jack's not going to be home until after five anyway, so I’ll just help clean up."

"Thanks I appreciate it. Your help means I can finish this car off, before I have to close up,"

The alarm went off at 5.00 p.m. and Billy, as usual, managed not to throw a spanner at it. "That's five," he said to Jay, "Time to knock off." Billy slowly closed up the garage and turned to walk home. As he approached the front door, he took a deep breath, opened the door and yelled "Mason, I'm home."

Mason exited the kitchen with a very sour expression on his face. He was drinking from a bottle of water, and had a wooden spoon in the back pocket of his jeans. He kissed Billy on the cheek. "Hello Darling," he said. "You'll never guess who came by the firehouse looking for you this afternoon." He put his arm around Billy's waist. "Why don't we have a seat on the sofa and talk about it.”

Billy looked at Mason, his eyes flickered towards the wooden spoon. The expression on Mason's face did not bode well for his butt.

"Well, I did see my parents come into town," he said. "So I'd guess it might have been them." Billy squirmed out of Mason's hold and headed towards the stairs, rather than the sofa, "I really need to get cleaned up," he stuttered and found his way up the stairs blocked by a ginger ball of fur. "Damn it, Thomas," Billy swore at the kitten.

Mason took Billy by the hand, and led him to sofa. He took a seat and undid Billy's jeans. He gave them a good yank, causing them to pool around Billy's ankles, and with the precision and speed of a skilled and trained firefighter and Top, Mason pulled Billy over his lap. He held Billy tightly around the waist, and rested his right hand on his Brat's butt. "All right now, Monkey, would you care to tell me, why you think they came to town looking for you?"

Billy felt very vulnerable suddenly. He shut his eyes and whimpered slightly, "To wish me Merry Christmas and say all is forgiven," he said, and then wished he could keep his smart mouth shut.

Mason tapped his fingers on the round white cheeks laid out before him. "Well darling, they told a slightly different story. My recommendation to you, my sweet Brat, is that when you find yourself in this position, telling the truth is the best strategy. Sarcasm and lies will add to your time with the spoon. And a nice one it is. I stopped at the store on my way home and picked up the most lovely cherry wood spoon. It's got some nice weight behind it. Now, would you like to try answering that question again? Why do you think your parents came to our sweet little town, a mere seven hour drive for them, looking for you?"

"I guess they didn't appreciate my early Christmas present to them," Billy mumbled. "Come on Mason, it was just a bloody joke."

"And why do you think they didn't appreciate it?" Mason was prepared to keep Billy draped over his knee for as long as his Brat to understand the dangers of his prank.

"Neither of them like snakes," Billy replied. "They were perfectly harmless," he protested.

"Anything else they might not have liked?" Mason asked.

"Can't think of anything else, especially when I'm in this position," Billy moaned.

"Well, Monkey, you're going to be in this position for a while. Your not getting up without a well paddled butt, and I'm not paddling until we've fully talked this out. So, you might want to think a little harder and start talking."

"That's not fair," Billy protested. "It was a joke, a prank, I sent a couple of totally harmless snakes to my parents. I arranged for a couple of still photos and a recording and that's it. I swear that's all.”

Mason's body grew rigid, and his voice raised several decibels. "You did what?"

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck,’ Billy chanted to himself in his head. He only realised, as the words came out of his mouth, that his parents, and therefore Mason, knew nothing about the recording or photos. He wondered if he could possibly dig himself any deeper.

"And you told me not to do it," he hurried on. "Not to invite my parents back into our life. You said my butt would pay for it."

"You are correct, I made it very clear to you that you were to not do this. Willfully disobeying me is disrespectful to our relationship and me. I realize that your parents do not deserve any respect...but that doesn't mean you get to show them this level of disrespect either. Do you realize you could have been arrested for this little stunt? Did you involve Jay in it?"

"You know I can't answer that," Billy almost wailed. "I don't see what I could be arrested for. The snakes weren't dangerous, and they could have kept them as pets if they wanted. I didn't mean to be disrespectful," he finished with a slight catch, in his voice.

"I'll take that as a yes Jay was involved," Mason said. He was angry about Billy’s stunt, but his husband’s whimpers and hiccupped breaths were breaking his heart. He turned Billy over on his lap, and held his hands--gently massaging the palms with his thumbs. Mason looked into Billy's eyes. His look was firm; yet still loving and ensuring safety. "Billy you worked with someone to trespass on your parents’ property and terrorize them with snakes. Do you really not see how that is illegal?"

"It was a courier," Billy replied, "And she was let onto the property after showing her credentials to Johnno. Did my parents happen to mention they'd terminated his employment with them by any chance?" Billy’s voice was bitter. "The snakes are happy with his nephews. Honestly, I don't think the police would be able to charge me with anything, and even if they did," Billy put on his best little boy voice and batted his eyelashes, "Please Judge, I really thought my parents would like their early Christmas present."

"Monkey," Mason said. He put his hand under Billy's chin to ensure his Brat was paying full attention. "I don't think the police would have any problem arresting the person who contracted with the courier. Not to mention that you, your butt and me have already had discussions about you involving others in your naughtiness. Johnno especially, because I worried that he could loose his job for this sort of thing."

Billy's puppy dog eyes were turning sad.

"I count that as you involving Jay, Johnno, and a courier. Was there anyone else?"

"Not that I can think of," Billy replied softly. "I'm not unhappy about what I did, you know?" he looked at Mason. "I’m upset that you're angry with me." Billy bit his lower lip, "Do you wanna see the pictures?" he asked, hopefully.

Mason gave Billy a very stern look. "No Brat, I do not want to see the pictures. You will be destroying them, before you send your parents an apology."

Mason stopped and pulled Billy close, hugging him and rubbing his back. "I know your parents were horrible, and sadly, I imagine there are quite a few thing about them that you haven't told me. But, Monkey it it’s not good for you to keep seeking revenge on them. Eventually it’s going to get you in trouble with someone other than me, and I couldn't bare that. Please Baby, can you talk to me about why you wanted to hurt them, and can you tell me what I can do to help you get them out of your life."

"They hurt me. The abandonment I can handle, but I still have nightmares about Juvie. They had me locked in that place for a month. I found out only the tough survive, and I wasn't that tough. Then even after I was released, I got sent to my Uncle," Billy looked at Mason with haunted eyes, "I've blocked out a lot of what he did to me, but I do know I couldn't walk for a week. You know I phoned my parents and begged them to come and pick me up. I'd learnt my lesson. They fucking laughed at me. What's a couple of snakes after that? The nightmares aren't as bad now, with you, but I still hear them laughing at me."

Mason took the wooden spoon out of his back pocket and tucked it into the cushion of the couch. He picked his husband up; Billy's pants were still pooled around his ankles, and fell to the floor. "No Baby, I think you're right; I don't think a couple of snakes compare to that at all." Mason walked them both upstairs to the bedroom. He undressed Billy and tucked him into bed, and then removed his own clothes and climbed into bed, pulling Billy close to him. He gently rubbed his husband’s back. Billy was resting his head on Mason's chest and couldn't see the tears falling down Mason's face. "I've got you, my love. I won't let anybody hurt you again."

Billy had tears running down his face and was shaking with reaction. When he felt Mason holding him in bed, he curled up, but then sat up abruptly when he heard the tears in Mason's voice. “Don't be sad," he begged. "They're not worth it, and I've got you now. Nobody can hurt me like that again.”

Mason ran his fingers through Billy's hair. "I'm sorry Baby. It's hard for me not to be sad about you being hurt so bad." Mason kissed Billy on the top of the head. "I'm glad we have each other now, and you're correct, nobody can hurt you like that again."

They laid quietly in bed for a while, gently cuddling and petting each other, reassuring each other with soft touches. The touches, and both of their needs for comfort and assurances, eventually led to Mason making slow and gentle love to his husband, after which they both fell back into the gentle cuddles. Billy fell asleep in Mason's arms.

When Billy woke up, he looked up into Mason's eyes and asked if he was still in trouble.

Mason ran his fingers through Billy's hair. "Yes, my love. Not as much as you were when you came through the door this evening. But, you did purposely defy me, and I assume you did it knowing you would end up with a sore bottom. So, for that reason, and to maintain the rules of the house, I'm going to give you a spanking before bed tonight."

Billy gave a defeated sigh, and Mason pulled his husband up into his lap and kissed his lips. "You've had two revenge stunts now, I don't want there to be a third."

Billy nodded and let out a long yawn. Mason gave him another tender kiss. "I'm going to go down stairs and make us some dinner. Why don't you try and get a little more sleep. Come down when you wake up, or I'll come get you when it's ready."

Mason had pots boiling on the stove to feed his Brat a nice dinner of sausage and mash, when he saw his sleepy head enter the kitchen and take a seat at the counter.

"Hi Monkey," Mason said. "You still look pretty tired. Dinners going to be another twenty minutes or so, are you sure you want to be up?"

Billy gave a sleepy eyed yawn, and Mason rubbed his back. When the phone rang, Mason continued to rub Billy's back, while he listened to Jackson. "I think maybe you should chat will Billy," Mason said handing the phone over to his husband.

"Hey Jack," Billy said. "All I can say is I'm in trouble for sending snakes to my parents as a prank. I'm not going to tell you anything more than that, so it's no use asking anymore."

Mason resumed rubbing Billy's back. "Thank you honey," he said, "I didn't want to tell on Jason either. I think Jack and I are going to need to figure something out to make sure we all keep our friendships in tack."

The timer on the oven beeped, and Mason pulled out two cake pans filled with Billy's favorite chocolate cake. He smiled, as Billy seemed to quickly wake up. "I was sure it was the smell of chocolate cake that had brought you down stairs."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Jay made his way up to the loft, once inside he stripped--his clothes leaving a trail leading towards the bathroom. Once that was done he headed into the front room when he saw Amie, his mind went back to the video DJ sent. ‘Man all I had to do was tell him she said no then Billy wouldn’t be in trouble.’ Jay thought as he headed over to the bed flopping down. He laid his arm over his eyes and he stayed that way until Jack got home.

"God, I hate Christmas," Jack said as he walked into the apartment. "Suddenly everyone and their dog want custom made jewelry as presents. I can fob off most, but there are some I can't refuse." He looked at Jason, "What's up baby?"

Jay moved his arm just enough to see Jack. "Nothing just tired I guess. I kind of forgot to put that pan in the oven like you asked me too." Jay told him as he played with the sheet.

"That's ok," Jack said easily, "I'm almost sure there's enough chicken salad left for dinner." He knew something was troubling his Brat, but he wasn't going to push the issue. "Have a good day at the garage?" he asked casually.

"Um, Billy and I ate the last of that Saturday." He told Jack as he chewed his thumbnail. "Yeah it was alright, I got to work on a bike that was made before you were born, man were they ever ugly." He watched Jack head into the kitchen, and was not sure if he should just came out and tell Jack about the stunt or just wait to see if he would find out. ‘God I hope Mason doesn't put things together,' he thought as chewed on his nails.

"How about we go out to the Maple Grill?" Jack suggested. "We deserve a night out together."

"Sure, I'll get dressed," Jay told him as he headed for the closet. Jay was not all that hungry, but if he said anything about not being hungry Jack would figure something was wrong and then start pushing for answers. "You know we need a good pizza place that delivers in this town," Jay told him. He pulled on his pants, they were too big and hung off his hips showing off just a hint of his treasure trail. He then slipped on his “Motorcross Guys Do It in the Dirt’ t-shirt. "Ok, Ready." Jay said as he pulled on his shoes.

"No, we do not need a pizza place that delivers." Jack said, opening the door and following Jay out into the cold night. He threw a jacket to Jay as the cold hit. "I prefer to make my own pizza, that way it's slightly more healthy than the take out variety. You don't seem to complain when I make it, anyway."

They found a table at the Maple Grille and ordered. Jack dug in, but did not fail to notice his Brat was playing with his food. Jack had a flash of insight, "What was his Brat feeling guilty about?" he wondered. "Eat, Jay. We'll talk when we get home."

Jay’s face twisted at Jacks mention of the “talk”. Jay stabbed a peace of meat and took a bite; his mind was working over time. He scanned the room, and a sly smile came across his face, just as his foot touched Jack’s inner thigh, "I know something better we can do at home instead of talking." Jay gave a wink.

Jack ignored the jolt in his cock. “Talk," he said firmly, he knew when Jay was trying to use sex as a way to postpone unpleasant things. It made him even more determined to get to the bottom of things.

Once Jay’s stomach told his mind to stop fretting and eat, Jay polished off his dinner in no time. Drinking the last of his beer, he gave Jack a grin. "Can we play a few games of pool, before we go home?" he asked. "Please"

Jack thought for a moment. "Okay," he replied, "Best of three?" Jack led the way out of the Maple Grille and walked with his lover over to the lounge.

"Two beers," Jack ordered at the bar. Cameron smiled at him and said "Sure sweetheart." Jack ignored the flirting and fixed Cameron with a cold eye. "Taken," he stated, blandly, and took the two beers over to one of the pool tables. He kissed Jay.

Jay returned the kiss deeply making sure Cameron saw, so he would know who Jack was with. "I'll kick his fucking ass back to were ever he's from if he tries anything with you." Jay said in his dominant voice. He gave a murderous eye to Cameron. "Who the hell does he think he is anyway?" Jay asked as he racked up the game. "You want to go first or do you want me to show you how it's done?"

Jack was amused by Jay's response to Cameron's flirting. "You don't have anything to worry about," Jack reassured his lover. "I'll break," he said and promptly cleared the table. "Your break," he smiled sweetly at Jay.

"Show off," Jay snapped with a smile. Jay racked up the balls and took the first shot. He cleared the table, and then flipped a coin to decide who would start the next round. Jay won the flip. He knew all the ways to get Jack hot and bothered, so he positioned himself at the end of the table, and shifted his legs a bit, causing his pants to slide a little more off his hips. He moved his ass this way and then that, and could feel Jack’s, and probably a few other guys’ eyes, on him. Jay thrust his hips toward the table as he broke and cleared all the striped balls with four shots.

When he scratched, he gave Jay a sly grin. "Oops, your turn," he said as he walked behind Jack and pinched his left cheek.

Cameron adjusted himself slightly and grumbled to himself, "Where's Chad when I need him?" He saw Kipper raise an eyebrow at him and smiled, he really liked Chad's best friend.

"Slut," Jack said, affectionately knowing exactly what Jay was trying to do. Jack turned his attention back to the pool game, and finished it with a flourish. "I guess all that time hanging out in pool halls were worth it," he drawled. "Let's go home, before I have to fight for your honour. You got a whole lot of people in here hot and bothered."

You said three of the best and the last one was a tie." Jay grabbed the triangle. Jay turn back towards Jack, he had the triangle framing his lower half--he was so hard, he probably could bust rocks. "Besides, you like it when I play slut."

"Let's go," Jack growled, letting a little bit of his Top show. "We'll play the decider some other time. Your little display is making me want to take you here, and now, and somehow I don't think the owners would approve." He grabbed Jay and they walked out. "This is not going to affect that talk we’re going to have," Jack whispered in Jay's ear. "I suspect whatever you're worried about is something that's happened between you and Billy. I suppose I could always call Mason and ask if he knows what's going on."

"Nothing happen between Billy and me, and I’m not worried about anything or anyone." Jay told him, carefully leaving off the, 'but my own ass.' "I was just having some fun to show that jerkass that you belong to me. So there's no reason to be calling Mason; he can't help, nothings on fire." Jay zipped up his jacket. ‘At least not yet," he thought as he and Jack headed for home.

They entered the loft, and Jack glanced up and saw it was only 8.30 p.m. He picked up the phone and rang Mason. He wasn't going to push Jay, but he could see if Mason knew anything about what his Brat might be feeling guilty about.

"Hey are you going to help take a shower or not?" Jay yelled out from the bathroom, when he didn’t get an answer, he stepped out into the main room. "Who are you calling?" Jay asked.

"Hi Mason," Jack said, "How are you today?" He listened to the reply. "Tough evening. Do you happen to know if my Brat and your Brat have done anything we should concern ourselves with?" A couple of minutes later Jack heard a sleepy voice, "Hello Billy, Mason says you have something to tell me."

Jay had a funny feeling Jack would call Mason to find out what was going on, but he never expected Mason to have Billy rat him out like that. Jay let out a sigh; he leaned against the doorframe and watched Jack for any signs. 'Damn I should of hid that damn paddle.’ Jay thought as he pulled his T-shirt back on.

"Thanks Mason, I appreciate that," Jack said, and then hung up the phone. He turned to Jay, "You have a loyal friend there," he said blandly. "He just told me why he was in trouble, and I seem to remember you offered to help him with the plan. I also seem to remember I advised you, that I wouldn't be pleased if you did. Do you have anything to say in your defense, or have I jumped to a conclusion and you can truthfully say you had nothing to do with it?"

Jay wanted to step back into the bathroom and lock the door but instead his good arm dropped down behind him automatically his fingers grabbed a hold of the waistband of his pants. "No sir," Jay whispered. Jay felt his stomach tighten, like it did when he was in trouble, and his heart started to beat a little faster.

"I'm guessing you're feeling guilty because you felt if you'd said no at any stage, Billy wouldn't have gone through with it? Therefore he wouldn't be in so much trouble with Mason at the moment. Come and sit with me sweetheart," he ordered, softly.

Jay walked over and sat where Jack patted. He kept his eyes down and his mouth shut; he could feel Jack’s eyes on him. He turned sideways and curled his legs up under himself, and then folded his arm under his head. He laid it onto the back of the sofa. Letting out the breath he was holding, he looked over at Jack. "Sorry, I should of told Billy that DJ said no, and that probably would of been the end of it, but I couldn't. I felt like I had to help him--to get back at his parents for the shit they've done to him." Jay gave Jack a smirk. "And it was funny."

"You do realise the kind of trouble you could have been in?" Jack asked, his face serious. "I know DJ is beyond competent, but things could have gone wrong, and then she would have been right in the frame, for some serious consequences, as could you and Billy." Jack looked at his Brat, "And I know I asked you not to get yourself involved. I do understand why you did it, so I think the paddle stays where it is, but I am going to spank you."

"Man the shit I go through for friends." Jay said letting out a sigh. "You know this will be the first time I get my ass roasted and she doesn't."

It wasn't long before Jay was over Jack's lap. Jack began to spank his Brat, making sure that the lesson would be learnt. He landed three spanks on one spot, then moved up slightly and repeated the action, and continued until every spot was covered.

"Owe, Dude move around." Jay yelped when all three swats landed in the same spot. It wasn't long Jay was in tears. He could tell by the force of the swats and how they landed that this lesson was to be learned and learned well. "OWW," Jay yelled as let go of the pillow he was biting into "I get it, I'll listen." Jay babbled as he tired to keep his breathing normal, he couldn't. Jay finally stopped fighting it and went limp.

Jack stopped only when Jay's bottom was a fiery red. "All over now Baby," he said, his hand gently, stroking Jay's back.

Jay only heard the word "over," and then he felt Jacks hand gently rubbing his back. Jay pushed himself up, and fell into Jacks waiting arms making sure his backside did not touch anything. "M'sorry," Jay mumbled into Jacks neck when he was able to speak again. "You think Billy is in trouble?" Jay asked once he got his hiccups under control.

"Yes," Jack said, simply.

"Oh," Jay said as he laid his head back down on Jack's shoulder. Jay took a deep breath, breathing in Jack's manly smell. Jack gently rubbed his lower back. Jay smelled a faint hint of Ben-Gay of Jack’s shirt. "Umm Jack I think you need to take a shower, you smell like old people."

"Cheeky Brat," Jack stood up, lifting Jay with him. They headed towards the bathroom. "You're slightly fragrant yourself. Share a shower?" he asked.

Once they both got into the shower, Jay tried to adjust the water so it would be a little hotter, but got his hand slapped away.

Jack liked the water hot, but nowhere as hot as Jay, so he took control of the temperature.

Jay gave Jack a frustrated look, and grabbed the soap to started to washing Jack’s chest. "So care to finish what I started at the bar?" Jay asked as his hand slid down Jacks body.


~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“You are in so much trouble little girl!”

DJ shivered at the cold air on her bare bottom, and let out a yelp as her father’s big had landed hard right on her sit spot.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"What? Cake before dinner," Mason feigned outrage. He began to cut into the warm cake; it crumbled into the bowl loosing its shape. "Ice cream and chocolate sauce?" Mason asked.

Billy closed his mouth, after it had opened in shock. Mason never allowed chocolate cake before dinner. "Both, please," he replied.

He had the cake safely in his hand when he looked up at Mason, a slow smile spread across his face. "You're getting soft in your old age," he teased.

"Bite your tongue," Mason said. He stood behind Billy, and pulled his husband against him, taking a nip at Billy's ear. "I'll never go soft with you around."

"I do still expect you to eat some dinner, Monkey, and then it's an early bedtime."

Billy leant back against Mason's broad chest and sighed. "Safe," was all he said. "Are we having onion gravy with the sausages?" Sausage and mash were a real comfort food for Billy.

After dinner Mason cleared the dishes from the table. "Baby, go take a shower and get ready for bed, while I clean up from dinner."

Billy took his time in the shower. He wasn't looking forward to the bedtime spanking, but finally he got out and dried off. He stepped into his pajama pants, which were the only concession he made to the increasingly colder weather, and padded through to the bedroom.

Mason retrieved the new wooden spoon and went upstairs to the bedroom. He sat down on he and Billy’s bed and waited for his Brat to get out of the shower. He held his arms open to Billy when he entered from the bathroom. Billy quickly cuddled into his husband. "So my love, I think we've got a spanking to take care of," Mason said as he ran his fingers through Billy's soft blonde hair. "I think we already talked a lot about this, but I want to make sure that you understand why you're being punished, and what my expectations are for any future dealings you have with your parents. So please, do tell."

"I'm getting spanked for pulling that prank on my parents, when you told me not too. I disrespected our relationship," Billy's voice trembled; he'd hoped he'd never see that wooden spoon again. "If I have any future dealings with my parents, and that's a huge if, I have to be respectful. No more revenge for my shitty upbringing." Billy stopped and thought, “And for getting Jay into trouble with Jack. I hate this," he said, cuddling into Mason's chest.

"I know sweetheart." Mason kissed the top of Billy's head. "We'll be done in a few minutes." Mason helped Billy to turn over, so he was now ass up over his lap. He lowered the sleep pants, and applied a firm swat to the curve of his Brat's butt cheek. Billy's cheek bounced from the impact. Billy clenched his cheeks tightly in response to the first strike, and Mason looked down at the pink impression of his hand covering the soft white bottom. He raised his hand and applied the second swat to the opposite cheek, and then picked up a steady rhythm.

Billy was emotionally spent, and started crying early in the spanking. Mason ended the hand spanking and picked up the wooden spoon. He applied it once to each cheek. The spanking was tame in terms of a Mason Monroe punishment. "Okay my Monkey, that was your taste of the cherry wood. I'm throwing it away now, because I don't expect to ever have to spank you again for playing a prank on your parents. Okay?

Billy answered affirmatively through his tears.

"I love you Billy Fleming-Monroe."

"I love you Mason," Billy’s said, through his tears. He knew the spanking had been tame, but it had still hurt, and he knew he'd feel the burn, tomorrow at work. "Why throw that thing away?" Billy asked eyeing the spoon, with malice. "Burning it is a much better idea."

"If you promise me there will be no more pranks on your parents, you may burn the spoon," Mason said.

Billy's eye's lit up with glee.

"Only under my supervision," Mason quickly added.

"I see a big bonfire," Billy said, a wicked twinkle in his eyes. "And a full ritual burning of the spoon." He looked at Mason. "Maybe I could start the bonfire with the paddle."

"Not the paddle. It still has an important roll to play in our relationship,"
Mason said. He planted a kiss on the sour face Billy was giving him. "I'm envisioning a nice ritual burning of the spoon in the fire pit in the garden, possibly followed by a refresher lesson on the use of fire extinguishers."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“Hey Jack, it's Billy, is Jay there,” Billy had waited until 1:00 p.m. to phone his co-conspirator knowing that as it was Wednesday, Jay would be working from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the post office. “Hey Jay,” Billy said, “I hope you didn't get it too hot last night. I can tell you, Mace wasn't happy and I spent most of the night over his lap. Do you want to come to a ritual burning of a wooden spoon?”

The End.