Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Title: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Authors: Tarabeth, Jo and Carol
Characters: Mason, Billy, Jack and Jay
Implements: Hands and Paddles

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Mason was having a great time preparing the steaks in the outdoor kitchen. He had also made a nice fruit salad, raviolis, a Caesar salad, and Billy's favorite chocolate cake. He was out at the BBQ drinking a beer, when Billy came home and greeted Mason with a kiss that made Mason grow hard. "Mmmm, Monkey, that was nice. I'd like to take the time to make love to you properly, but we have guests arriving for dinner shortly."

"We do?" Billy was glad to see Mason looked well. "Should you be drinking a beer?" he asked. "You're still taking pain killers aren't you?" Billy unconsciously sounded like Mason's mother, who had been dropping around regularly; she was not above scolding Mason if she thought he needed it.

"I haven't had any pain killers for a couple of days, Monkey. I wouldn't mix them with alcohol. Thank you for checking on me." Mason pulled Billy close. "I love your protectiveness of me. It's sweet. It warms my heart, and makes me hot." Mason returned Billy's kiss.

“Do you want a beer?” he asked. “I ran into Jackson in town, and we thought it would be nice if you and I, and he and Jay got together for dinner. I know you and Jay got off to the wrong start, but did you know that he rides and repairs motorcycles? He also left home at a young age; you two actually have a lot in common. Jack and I thought if we could get you two together for a nice social occasion we might all have a good time.”

"Yeah I'd love a beer," Billy said his ears perking up when he heard the word motorcycle. "You know I've been looking for someone to look at motorcycles for me. I know their motors, of course, but I find them hard to diagnose. If Jason can do that I'd be interesting in hiring him on, strictly part-time. I know he's also a skateboarder and rides a bicycle. I wonder if he knows how to maintain those as well. It'd be a good avenue of extra money. Probably pay Jason's salary." Billy took a pull on his beer and grinned at Mason. "Cool," he said, "I promise not to start anything."

Mason's heart warmed at Billy's interest in Jay working at the garage. Billy was in jeans and a white t-shirt. He was covered in grease and grime from a hard day's work, and Mason wanted him badly. He looked down at his watch. "Mmmm, you know what? You need a shower, and I think that dinner's in good shape. We actually have a half hour until our guests arrive. So, maybe I should come and help you, scrub your…um…back."

Billy grinned; he could read his husband's mind. "And if they arrive early?" he asked arching and grabbing Mason by the hand leading him into the house. Billy kissed Mason at the bottom of the stairs before they went up and then again at the top of the stairs, and had kissed him on every step in between.

Mason and Billy were both stripping off their clothes as they entered the bathroom. They kissed and pressed their bodies together as Mason turned on the water. When the water was nice and warm Mason led his Brat into the shower; he turned Billy around, pushed him up against the wall, and slipped his foot in between Billy's legs as a signal to spread them wide.

Mason pumped lube into his hand and rapidly slid two fingers into Billy's ass; he went straight for Billy's prostate and teased, tormented and stretched his husband.

Billy gasped and began to push back against the fingers. "We haven't got too much time. It was after all, you who invited the guests." He moaned, as Mason replaced his fingers with his cock. "Good," was all he said, as stars exploded in his head.

It was a fast and hard fuck. Mason held on to Billy's hips as Billy stroked himself. Mason gave one last forceful thrust and grunted loudly as he came inside of Billy; he then sighed and gently fell against Billy's body, pressing them both towards the wall. "Mmmm, thank you," Mason said kissing Billy on the neck.

The two men quickly washed and exited the shower. They heard the doorbell as they stood on the bath mat drying off.

"The pleasure is mine," Billy replied. When he heard the bell ring he turned to Mason. "Your clothes are clean I need to grab some clean jeans and a top, so you get to answer the door." Billy dashed into the bedroom, and put on a pair of soft jeans, his ‘Property of a firefighter’ top and sauntered downstairs.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Will you stop wriggling," Jack muttered to Jay, as he pressed the doorbell. "This is just a dinner. No worries."

"Yeah with an asshole." Jay said taking a step back out of arms reach.

Jack glared at his Brat. "You will behave yourself," he said. "Mason is one of my closest friends, and I know you and Billy didn't get off on the best of terms, but I think you two could get on quite well."

Jack's keen ears heard footsteps on the stairs, and smiled as Mason opened the door.

Mason pulled Jack into a hug, and kissed his cheek. "Welcome, welcome," he said. He released Jack and held his hand out to Jay, as Jay took Mason's hand; Mason pulled him into a hug. "I'm glad you came. How about a beer?"

"I'd love one." Jay said

"Why don't you come with me out back," Billy said, from halfway down the stairs, smiling easily. "I've got a proposition for you."

When Jay saw Billy coming down the stairs he stepped closer to Jack lacing his fingers into Jacks belt loops. "Who me?" Jay asked when Billy spoke. He was not going to leave Jack’s line of sight.

Jack cocked an eyebrow at Mason and smiled. "Jay," he said softly, "Billy just offered to take you to get a beer. Mason and I will follow you, you're perfectly safe."

Jay let go of Jack. "Yeah as safe as a mouse with Amie," Jay muttered as he followed Billy out back. He glanced over his shoulder at Jack to see if he was actually coming.

"Chill out, man," Billy said, "The last thing I'm going to do is start a fight." In an undertone he said, "I don't want my butt toasted anymore than it was last time." Billy saw no harm in confiding he was in a discipline relationship, he'd easily guessed Jay was as well. Jack was one of the toppish Tops he'd met in a long time. "Mason was pretty pissed off."

"Yeah Jack wasn’t too happy either," Jay told him as he followed Billy into the back. Jay let out a low whistle as he looked around the yard. "Wow, big yard." Jay said sitting gingerly on one of the chairs.

Billy didn't say anything about the way Jay sat down. He just tossed him a cushion. "Here's a beer," he said, handing Jay a cold bottle. "Look, I've got a proposition for you that could earn you a bit of cash. You want to hear me out?"

Jay blushed when he took the cushion, "Thanks." he said as he stood and put the cushion under him. "I'm all ears" he told Billy as he took a long pull of the beer. Jay was puzzled on what was going on.

"Jack told Mace, you know a bit about motorcycles," Billy began. "Neither Mickey nor I know much about motorcycles, and we obviously want to be able to service them. What we'd like is for someone who knows about them to test-drive ‘em for us, and maybe do some minor work on them. Obviously if there's something wrong that needs a mechanic, we can strip them down, and fix them, but we do need someone who can tell us what's up."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason handed Jack a beer. "It's good to see you. I'm hoping dinner will go well. I believe my darling Brat has had a change of heart and has peace offering for Jay."

"I hope Jay listens to him," Jack said wryly taking a long pull on the beer. "He's been a real brat since he heard about this dinner." He grinned at Mason, "Then again, he is my Brat, and he’s nervous about seeing Billy again."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy took a pull on his beer. "You have the choice of when you want to work, and we close every day at 5.30pm." Billy grimaced, and turned laughing eyes on his Top. "Strictly 5.30," he said. "If you want to sideline into bicycles and skateboards you can," Billy continued. "It's up to you, of course," he said catching Jay's eyes. "But it would be cool if you'd say yes."

"Yeah that would be cool, ‘cept I could only work in the afternoon, because of my postal job." Jay told him. "But we'll have to find out from Jack my start date ‘cause he’s kind of got me on lock down right now." He said giving Billy a sly smile as he drained the last of his beer. Jay hated the word grounded--to him it sounded juvenile.

"That's cool," Billy replied. "Groundings suck, been there. Mason likes to hand out lines," Billy's expression, showed how little, he liked that. "I just finished 1000 of the things." Billy had lowered his voice, and Mason was giving him suspicious looks. He smiled innocently.

"Jack likes essays; I haven't had to do lines, thank God." Jay whispered. "So what kind of bike are you having a problem with?" He asked; he glanced over at the two tops now watching them. He gave them a smile and a little wave. "Man, I don't think they trust us."

"Most of them," Billy said with a grimace. "There are quite a few people around with bikes, quite a few Harleys and some Japanese cycles. Neither Mickey nor I have any experience with diagnosing problems with bikes, and neither of us have a bike license. We desperately need someone who can ride a bike, and do general maintenance. We can deal with major engine problems, but with you there we can offer a full service--advertise you're available say Tuesdays and Thursday 2 - 5.30pm or whenever. At least that’s the idea."

Billy stopped to take a breath. "Heck, I've been rabbiting on. I'm sorry; I'm a lousy host. As for those two Tops not trusting us," Billy's grin was pure mischief, "I don't know about you, but I like keeping Mason on his toes. Want another beer?" he asked.

Jay accepted the beer Billy handed him. "Yeah I like to keep Jack on his toes too; life’s more fun that way. It’ll be four more weeks before I can ride again, diagnosing can be done as long as I can hear the engine. " He said giving a grin back. ‘Maybe working for Billy wont be so bad,' Jay thought as took a drink. Both he and Billy looked over at their tops giving them a smile, and then they busted up laughing.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason turned towards Jack with a smile, as their Brats broke into laughter.  "Well I think that's a good sign, but I don't think we should leave them alone or too long or they may starting plotting against us."

Jack and Mason joined their two handsome Brats in the yard, and Mason went to the barbeque to check on dinner. He raised his voice so all could hear, "The steaks are ready. How about we grab some grub?"

"Cool," Billy jumped up, "I'm starving." Billy grabbed a plate, snagged a steak and the homemade raviolis Mason had made. His Top gestured to the salad, and Billy pouting slightly, but still put some on his plate. "Food Nazi," he muttered under his breath. He looked up and caught Jack's eye. "Well he is," Billy protested.

Jack laughed. "Goes with the territory," he said. "He hasn't changed much. I learned the hard way he believes in breakfast, and doesn't appreciate flying porridge bowls." Billy winced as Jack winked at him. Jack then caught Jay's eye and inclining his head, indicated his Brat should have some salad on his plate, as well.

"Cool I'm starved," Jay said following Billy to the food. "Can you cut up my steak?" Jay asked, totally ignoring the salad.

Jack cut Jay's steak up for him, and without batting an eyelid piled some salad on the plate, before handing it back.

Billy just laughed at Jay's face. "I'm sorry man," he said. "The look on your face is priceless. I reckon all Tops have an unhealthy interest in our stomachs, and I know Mason has a butt fetish." He flashed a teasing look at his Top.

Jay raised an eyebrow at the salad, but gave Jack a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks," Jay said taking the plate and sitting across from Jack. Jay laughed at what Billy had said. He took one of the smaller plates and put his salad on it. "Dude that’s way to much information." He told Billy as he took a bite of the steak. "Mason this is totally awesome almost as good as Jacks." Jay said, giving Mason a thumb-up between chews.

"Thank you, Jay. I'm glad you like it, and I'm glad that Jack benefited from my barbequing classes. And as for you my sweet my husband, I think you quite enjoy my butt fetish. I just wish you’d give in to my desires to see your lovely ass in a pair of leather chaps."

Jay could only smile as he remembered the time he went to bed in nothing but his leather chaps, leaning over so to whisper in Billy ear. "You can borrow mine if you want, they're in the truck," Jay whispered wiggling his eyebrows at Billy and giving him a sly grin. He turned his grin to Jack. Jay let out a sigh; he didn’t miss Mac, but he did miss the leather bars.

Billy blushed beet red. "Thanks, but no thanks," he said firmly. "When I was 20, I went to Vancouver for a break and decided to visit a leather bar. I was really naïve, and what I saw..." Billy shuddered as the memories came flooding back. “There were the Doms and subs at the back table, the subs were sitting on the floor with collars on, attached to their Doms by leads and eating out of fancy dog food bowls. They each had their own, but that freaked me out….and the guys I saw in chaps..." Billy shuddered. "Well let's just say I was not looking for a Daddy. I stayed long enough to finish my beer and after being propositioned for the fifth time in ten minutes I almost ran out." Billy looked at Mason. "So not my scene. I'll stick to chocolate body paint," he said smiling, sweetly.

Jack firmly told his cock to behave, as he remembered Jay in chaps. "I’m sorry you had such a bad experience Billy," he said. "I traveled around the world and spent quite a bit of my time in leather bars. I guess it was different for me; I wasn't in any way submissive. I still have the leather trousers and black silk shirt, in case we want to play." Jack's eyes fixed on Jay, promising interesting things to come.

Jay laughed. "It's different in your own room with the one you love," Jay said stabbing another piece of meat. "So tell us Jack where you ever a Leather Daddy, before?" Jay raised an eyebrow at Jack.

Just the thought of Jack being in leather pants made Jay hard, glancing around to make sure it was all clear, Jay slipped his sneaker off, and then gently rubbed his foot in between Jack legs. His toes caressed Jack’s crotch--finding a hard cock made him smile--Jay gently teased it with is toes. Every now and then he moved his foot back down toward Jack’s ankle and then moved it back to tease his favorite toy.

Jack jumped; he couldn't quite believe what his Brat was doing. He blushed slightly under Mason's knowing look, and Billy's stifled giggles. "Jason," he growled hoping the warning in his tone would be enough.

Jay jumped at hearing his full name, and put his foot back into his shoe giving Jack a sly smile.

"Hey Jay," Billy said, falling naturally into Jason's shortened name, "I bet Mace has made chocolate cake, want to come with me and get away from the food police."

"William, you may have chocolate cake once everyone has finished their dinner, and that includes you finishing your salad," Mason pointed to Billy's chair for his Brat to sit back down.

"Maaassssooonnn," Billy whined, not happy at the use of his full name, in front of Jack and Jay. "I hate salad; it won't hurt me to skip it this one time. I'll just bring the cake out, so it's ready for later." Billy was ignoring all the warning signs his Top was giving.

Mason stood up and whispered into Billy's ear. "Would you like to go in the house and discuss this privately?" Mason asked his Brat.

"No," Billy replied sulkily and sat down, poking at his salad. "I hate this stuff," he complained dismantling the salad item by item, until he had neat piles of each ingredient spread around, He ate the avocado and the nuts. Deciding he wanted nothing to do with the tomatoes; he picked up a small cherry tomato and tossed it at his fellow Brat.

Jay caught the tomato and tossed it Jack’s way.

Billy smiled at the playful way Jay threw the tomotom at Jack, and gave a wink to Jay. As Billy glanced his way Jay mouth, ‘food fight,’ with his fork full of salad. Jay knew the man was older then him by a few years, but hell he was still a brat--and what better way to get rid of something you don't like then to toss it at some one who does.

Neither Top was fast enough to stop it. An evil smile flittered across Billy's face. A couple of cherry tomatoes suddenly found the power of flight--one aimed at Jay, the other at Mason. It was followed closely by lettuce and cucumber.

Jay grinned from ear to ear maybe Billy was not so bad after all. Jay decided his fork would make a great sling shot, and let his fork full of salad fly towards Jack. Jay grabbed another fork full and slung it at Billy--but missed and got Mason right between the eyes.

"Oh shit," Billy was stuck speechless, as he saw the salad land on Mason; his Top looked less than pleased with their behaviour.

Mason smiled at Jack, and loaded his spoon with fruit salad and flung it back at Jason in retaliation.

Billy couldn't quite believe it when Mason flung the fruit salad. He stood up for his fellow brat, and returned the favour by flinging a grape at Mason.

The Tops let the fight go on for a short while, and then Mason stood up. "Okay, Brats you've had your fun. Jack and I are going into the kitchen to prepare the dessert.” When Mason called a halt to the fight, everyone was covered with fruit salad, cherry tomato stains, mayonnaise and lettuce was all over the place. “Billy, you and Jay clear the table and clean up the mess from the fight. I'll bring you a carrot; I’d like you to eat it before your cake."

"Yuck raw carrots," Jay said, when he saw Billy make a face. "They're nasty." Jay stood and started gathering the plates. Once Jack’s back was turned, Jay scooped up some of the food that was lying on the table, and raising one eyebrow at Billy, Jay let it fly--catching Jack between the shoulders.

Jack spun around and headed straight for his Brat. He then began to tickle him mercilessly. Billy plunged in, and began to tickle Jack in return. Soon the three men were on the ground, both Jack and Billy attacking Jay's feet.

"Not the feet!" Jay yelled, when he felt his shoes being removed.

"After what your feet were doing earlier, this is payback," Jack replied, laughing. He looked up. "Mason, I could do with some help here. Billy seems to change sides regularly." Jack said, as Billy suddenly tackled him.

Billy realised he was two inches smaller than anybody else, as Jack flipped him. "Mason, help," he pleaded.

Jay sat up, as he felt both bodies roll off of him, getting up on his knees and bracing himself with his good arm. He gasped and panted to catch his breath. Once he was able to breathe again, he turned to help his fallen partner of a war. "Dude calling your Top for help will do you no good," Jay said as he made his way over to Jack and Billy. He got his hand under Jack and found the one spot that always made Jack turn to jelly.

Billy saw Jack's eyes glaze over, and he wriggled out from under the Top. "Hey I can't tickle him there," Billy said to Jay. "Mace would kill me. He's a tad possessive."

Jason was laughing so hard he almost fell back down as he pulled Billy away. "You man the hose, and I'll turn on the water," Jay said laughing as he pointed to the garden hose.

"You touch that hose, young man, and you will find it harder to sit, than you already are," Mason said firmly to Jay. "I have ice cream and cake here, and I think the three of you will enjoy it more if I don't have to take each of you over my knee!" Mason had an air of lightness to his threat, that his Brat could easily tell it was time to stop, but that his Top was only teasing.

Jay stopped in midstep. "We were just going to wash him up." Jay said giving Mason the cute little boy act. He didn't like the look Mason gave him, so he slinked back over toward Jack. "You wouldn't let him would you?" Jason asked in a nervous whisper, so no one heard him. He knew Jack would not let Shane smack him, but the truth to be told, he wasn’t sure if Jack would allow a fellow top to discipline him if needed.

"Not Shane, not my Mum, not Mason," Jack said firmly. "I'm the only one, Brat." He kissed Jay. "But if you feel me up in public like that again, you're in a world of trouble," he whispered in Jay's ear.

"Did I hear the magic words cake and ice-cream?" he asked. "I haven't had one of Mason's cakes since I was a kid."

Jack could hear a sigh of relief out of his brat. "Thank you," Jay told him as he kissed the back of Jacks neck.

Billy dropped the end of the hose as though it was hot. He walked over to Mason and wormed himself into an embrace, "Chocolate cake?" he asked, grinning. "And chocolate ice-cream?"

Mason smiled and kissed Billy. "And Chocolate sauce. I have vanilla ice cream for those who like a little less chocolate. Billy why don't you tell our guests about the lovely bed and breakfast we stayed at on our honeymoon."

"Just a small amount for me, please," Jay said as he followed Jack back over to the table.

"Yeah, it was such a cool bed and breakfast," Billy said sitting down at the outdoor table. "Huge queen beds, great breakfasts and they even deliver a paper in the morning." Billy squirmed slightly at the last item. "And late check out," he added, with a cheeky grin. Billy looked down to see his cake and ice cream bowl contained nothing but a carrot stick. "Maaaasssssoooonnn," he suddenly, whined, "Why is that carrot there?"

"Because the food fight seemed to happen at a very opportune time, and you didn't get a chance to finish your salad. You can dip it in the ice cream if you like," Mason teased.

"Now that’s just gross." Jay said as he took a bite of the cake. "Wow this is good. How's the carrot Dude?" He asked with a grin.

"You’re not serious," Billy looked at Mason.

"I'm serious about the carrot. I was teasing about dipping it in the ice cream; I'm sure it would be much better with whip cream and sprinkles." Mason winked at Billy, as his Brat begrudgingly picked up the carrot. "Hmm, maybe I should start making carrot and zucchini cake. That'd be a good way to get you to eat your vegetables."

Billy just stuck his tongue out at his Top. "Funny man," he said, dipping the carrot into the chocolate ice cream and taking a bite. "You know," he said, "Chocolate does make everything taste better." He finished off the carrot and smiled sweetly at his Top. "Happy now?" he asked.

"Yes dear," Mason said, leaning over to kiss Billy. "But, chocolate sauce will not become a regular condiment at dinner.”

Jack laughed out loud. "Carrot and chocolate. I must remember that the next time my family has a weird eating contest. I thought we'd done everything." He smiled at Mason. "You've got someone in your life that can top your weird eating past," he teased. Billy's ears perked up, and he looked at his Top speculatively.

Mason whispered into Billy's ear. "Hey go get our book of positions, and let's test Jack and Jay."

Billy scampered into the house and grabbed the book. There were quite a few creased pages where he and Mason had to check they were in the right positions. Some were very uncomfortable to start with, but so far every single one had led to mind blowing sex.

He handed the book to Mason. "Start them off easy," he suggested, with a grin, as he dug into his chocolate cake, ice cream and chocolate sauce.

"Ah, something easy, huh. Well then maybe I shouldn't start off asking about bang gliding. How about this?" Mason asked Billy showing him the picture of the Doorway to Heaven.

Billy's grin was evil. "Doorway to Heaven followed by bang gliding," he said, "And finish with the Starting Block." There was a direct challenge in his eyes as he looked at Jack.

Jack just smiled, a small glint he his eyes. "Ask something not in the book I've got a copy at home," he said. "Personally we prefer Keeping up with the Jonses." He laughed when he saw Billy's piqued expression.

"Jack," Jay yelped choking on his cake--he was not sure what to say; he was beat red from roots to neck. All he wanted to do was hide.

"Jay," Jack replied, laughing. "They started it." He continued, "I don't think they want us to actually perform it." He turned to Mason and Billy. "Although I have done scenes before.” Jack raised an eyebrow. He had some sort of idea of what Mason's response would be to this witticism, and prepared to move quickly.

"So you don't go around bragging about them." Jay said finally getting his normal color back. “Well not to non-scenes player at least." He said with a shrug of his shoulders and went back to eating his cake. He licked his lips seductively at Jack.

"Are you accusing us of bragging," Billy's voice held a trace of anger. "We were just having some fun, for fucks sake."

"No, not you, Jack." Jay said quickly…figuring he put his foot in his mouth this time. "Sorry. It just came out wrong." He told Billy as he got up. "I'll be back," he told Jack. Jay headed for the front of the house.

Mason pulled Billy over onto his lap, and whispered in his ear. "It's all right love. He was teasing Jack. We are all just having a bit of fun." Mason filled a spoon with cake and ice cream and fed his Brat.

Billy sighed and leant back into Mason's chest. "My temper again" he mourned.

Mason offered Billy another bite of desert, and again whispered in his Brat's ear. "It's okay Monkey. You're kind of cute when you’re defending my virtue."

Billy swallowed his cake and looked up at Mason. "You know," he said, "You never 'fessed up about your past and leather bars. Did you used to visit them?"

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Jack got up and followed his Brat. "What's up?" he asked.

"Nothing, I just hurt, I put a couple of pain pills in the glove box incase I needed them." Jay slipped his arms around Jacks waist. "I'll be right back," he said. He gave Jack a kiss. "Promise."

Jack returned the kiss, deepening it slightly. "Love you, Brat," he whispered in Jay's ear. "You're not upset with Billy snapping at you?” he asked. “I think it was just a misunderstanding. He has a hotter temper than you."

Jay sighed and rubbed his thumb across Jack's lower lip, "No, I'm cool." He gave Jack a smile. "Yeah, I guess I need to watch what I say around him from now on. Go back in and relax; it won’t take me but a few minutes," Jay said as he slipped out of Jack’s arms.

'Cool he forgot about the beers,’ Jay thought. He unlocked the truck door, found the pills, and headed back to his lover and new friends.

Jack wandered back to where Mason and Billy were. ‘Now why would Jay just slip off like that to take his prescribed pain pills?’ he wondered. The light suddenly dawned. ‘Two beers and pain pills, not good.’ He waited until Jay caught up with him. "How bad is the pain?" he asked quietly.

"It hurts, but not bad enough to go home." Jay answered. He reached for a bottle of water, so he could wash the pills down.

"Give me those pills," Jack said. "I'm sure Mason has some Tylenol which won't send you sky high, but will help kill the pain. From now on you're on nonalcoholic dinks," he added firmly.

Jack turned the corner just in time to hear Billy's demand for more information from Mason.

"Now, that’s not fare." Jay said stomping his foot behind Jack’s back. 'Leather Bar, Mason, maybe,' Jay thought as he heard the tail end of the information. "Oh come on Jack, just one," Jay demanded.

"Not much, Babe," Mason answered. "There aren't an abundance of leather bars in Jade Heights."

"Funny man," Billy said wrinkling his nose at his Top. "Come on, give. You must have visited at least one. Did you see anything you liked?" Billy smiled cheekily at his lover.

"I spent some time in the leather community when I was in college. I enjoyed it, but I didn't miss it terribly when I moved home to Jade Heights. I love small town life, more than leather bars...and yes, I saw lots of handsome studs--but none ever compared to you."

"Sweet talker," Billy said, laughing, angling up for a kiss.

Mason kissed Billy, "That's me," he said.

Mason was glad to see Jack and Jay return. "Do you two have any special plans for the holidays? I'll do my normal couple of days before Christmas helping mom at the deli. Her raviolis are always in such hot demand; we're in the kitchen rolling them out for days. This year’s Billy and my first Christmas married, so I think we’ll spend the morning here together, and drive to my Uncles for Christmas dinner. We’ll spend Boxing Day with the family in Vancouver? What about you two?"

Billy opened his eyes wide. This was the first he'd heard of this plan for Christmas. "Driving on Christmas Day?" he squeaked, "The only day worse than that, is Boxing Day." Billy began to pout. "I don't think giving the presents I plan for my parents, in person is a good idea," Billy muttered.

"Jay and I haven't really talked about it," Jack admitted. "My folks are away for Christmas, so I guess it might be a quiet one for us. I don't know if Jay's brother throws a Christmas party, but we may just drop off presents, and do our own thing." He looked at Jay. "Mace, do you have any Tylenol? I'm not sure Jay should take his prescription meds on top of the beer he's had, but he needs something to help with the pain he's feeling."

Jay just shrugged his shoulder. "Whatever Jack wants to do is fine with me--to my family holidays are just another day." Jay said looking up from what he was eating. "What? I came from the poor side of the tracks," He said when he notice the looks he was getting. Turning his attention back to Jack. "And I have taken pain pills with beer before, and it didn't hurt me." Jay said in tone he knew Jack would not like.

Jack just looked at his Brat. "I could take you home right now," he suggested. "I don't think you'd enjoy yourself much, when we got home however."

Jay felt his cheeks burn, "No that’s ok, Tylenol’s fine." Jay said giving Jack a smile. He leaned over and laid his head on Jacks shoulder, "Sorry, didn't mean to be cheeky," Jay told him. When Jay saw Billy stand he sat up straight.

Billy slid off Mason's knee and padded over to Jay. "Hey mate," he said, "I supposedly came from a rich family, but I used to spend all Christmas hoping that my father, and later on my Uncle, wouldn't get drunk. This year I've got Mason, so I reckon it's got to be better, right? And you've got Jack to start making good memories with." Billy smiled "Let's get together at New Years and compare Christmases," he suggested.

Mason smiled and felt tears well in his eyes at Billy's kindness. His husband was such a sweet and caring man, and he felt so very lucky to have found him.

"That sounds lovely," Mason said, "or since my dear husband is terribly opposed to driving over the holidays--how about we get together on Boxing Day. We could go for a hike in the Crown Lands and then come back here for dinner."

Jay let a grin spread across his face. "Yeah that would be great. Have my first Christmas with some one I actually care about." He gave Jack’s hand a squeeze, "and friends to share it with." Jay could feel his eyes burn when he smiled at Billy. "Thank you, I like that."

"Is it too late to invite Uncle Doug and everyone to our place for Christmas dinner?" Billy asked Mason. "I'd love to spend Boxing Day with Jack and Jay, if they want to. I love hiking and it'll be a great way to walk off Christmas dinner. I’ll probably even eat my vegetables Christmas Day," he shared a grin with Jay. "We could make Boxing Day, a picnic lunch."

"I think that's a great idea," Jack replied, hugging his Brat. "I haven't been on a hike for a while, and it'll be great to go out again. Especially with another native Jade Heighter." Jack grinned. "Now can we go get that Tylenol, if you have it," he said to Mason, having seen his Brat turn an unhealthy shade of grey.

"If Billy doesn't mind can he get it for me, and show me where the bathroom is? I’ve really got to go," Jay said getting to his feet.

"No problem," Billy got up and showed Jay to the bathroom. He told Jay the Tylenol was in the cabinet above the sink. When Jay exited the bathroom, Billy looked around to make sure the coast was clear. "You feeling up to coming to the garage?" he asked. "I can show you where you can set things up, and I happen to have a few beers in the fridge," Billy grinned, his eyes sparkling. "I heard you telling Jack it wasn't fair to go onto soft drinks."

"Yeah that would be great." Jay said. "I mean, hell, I'm twenty-three I should be able to drink more then two beers." Jay said as he and Billy headed out the front door.

"I hear you," Billy replied. He tucked his cell phone into his pocket, after making sure it was set on vibrate. "Tops can be so bossy about little things, like that."

The two men took the short walk to the garage, and Billy unlocked it. He looked around. "I was thinking that corner," he said, pointing. "It needs some clearing out, but it would be private enough you could work on what you wanted to, and not be bothered by me or Mickey." Billy went over to the fridge in the corner and pulled out a couple of beers, opened them both and handed one to Jay.

"Thanks," Jay said taking the beer. "The corners fine," he said looking around. "You’re going to have to get a bike, unless we haul mine down here." Jay took a swallow of beer. "Wow you got a ‘67 vet. Man, I wish I knew how to work on cars. Hell the only thing I know about them is how to blow up the exhaust system with a potato," Jay said laughing.

"The 'vette is a customer's car that's running a bit rough. The pick up over there is the thing I'm working on. Slowly, because Mason really restricts my time, down here." Billy grimaced. "Like I said Tops can be really bossy."

"I'm used to bossy men in my life. Shane, my brother, use to boss me all the time, and then Mac, but he was a little strange and got stranger by the day." Jay raised his bottle up and took a swallow giving Billy a smile. "Is Mason your first Top?" Jay asked, he'd been wondering this for a while now, but he’d been scared to ask.

"Yeah," Billy replied. "Not quite my first lover, but most definitely my first and only Top." He smiled softly. "I can't imagine life without him," Billy admitted. "And I can't imagine anyone else ever spanking or paddling me. Even if I needed it."

"Yeah I know what you mean. I was kind of surprised that Jack was into discipline. I didn't think I’d ever find another man that understood what I needed. Sometimes I think Jack understands my needs more then I do." Jay glanced around. "To tell you the truth I wished I had found him a few years ago. But then again there are times I wish he'd lighten up on things. But then he wouldn't be my Jack." Jay admitted. He gave Billy a sly grin and downed the last of his beer.

"You know it's great being able to talk to someone who's in the same type of relationship I am," Billy said. "Most of my friends are older than me, quite a bit older." Billy paused thinking of Johnno and Mickey. "They'd never understand." He swallowed the last of his beer. "Want another?"

"Hell yeah, ball and chains are not around, might as well enjoy ourselves." Jay could feel the pain starting to leave, which put him in a better mood. "When I was with Mac, I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone outside the clubs, and when we were there I wasn’t allowed to speak unless I had permission." Jay said. "So, I didn’t get to talk to other people in the lifestyle. It is cool to be able to compare notes with another person." Jay accepted another beer. "You know I think you really need to do the leather thing for Mason, at least once, give him a special treat, maybe an early Christmas present.

Billy thought about it, for a moment. "I suppose so," he said. "I guess I should be able to trust him. After all, as you said, what happens in your own house is different, from letting it all hang out in a club." Billy gave a wicked grin and his eyes sparkled. "Not that anything hangs down when I'm with Mason. Okay, okay I know TMI," he laughed. "Man are you ok, you don't look so good?" Billy was wondering if it had been such a good idea for Jay to drink beer, with Tylenol in his system.

"Yeah, maybe Jack knew what he was talking about," Jay tightened his lips together, "Bathroom?”

"Outside," Billy said, shortly. "But it's locked up. Jesus, don't throw up in here," he said. Billy grabbed Jay and yanked him out of the garage.

Jay went the way Billy dragged. The cool air felt good, and he thought the nausea would pass, but then it hit hard, and he barfed on an oil drum. "Sorry, grab the hose and I’ll wash it down. And for God sakes don't tell Jack about this." Jay stated when his hands stopped shaking. "I forgot what that combo does to me."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

"I wonder where our Brats are? They seem to have been gone for a while."

"And it has gotten awfully quiet," Mason said. "Billy!" Mason called out and received no answer. "Jay?" He called, and still received no answer.

"William?!" When that didn't receive an answer, Mason knew his Brat was no longer in the vicinity. "I swear to God, sometimes I think I need to get that man micro-chipped."

"Boy do I know that feeling," Jack said in heartfelt tones. "Do you have any idea where they might have gone?"

"No, we might as well try their cells," Mason said as he picked up the telephone. "Wanna place a bet on whether or not they'll answer?"

"Mine better answer, if he knows what's good for him," Jack growled hitting the speed dial on his cell.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Oh God," Jay mumbled as he reached for his cell. "Hi, Sweat Thing what's up?" Jay answered with a smile trying not to sound nervous.

"Where are you Jason?" Jack was not in the mood to be placating. He was well aware his Brat was nervous. "Why did you feel the need to leave Mason's house secretly, especially since you are still technically grounded?"

Jay looked over at Billy and pointed toward the house and mouthed, 'Let’s moved it.' "We just took a walk, that’s all, to get our food moving," Jay said. 'Well it wasn’t really a lie,' he thought as he followed Billy out the door. "Umm I kind of forgot the grounding part."

Billy felt his cell begin to vibrate. He could only think of one person it could be. He'd snagged the cell phone out of habit, and was beginning to wish, that this one instinct hadn't kicked in.

He wasn't surprised when the caller ID informed him it was Mason. He flipped it open, "Hi," he said, brightly.

"Hi yourself. I suggest you get your cute little Brat butt home right now. Are you within walking distance, or do Jack and I need to come pick you and Jay up?"

"We can walk home," Billy said, looking at Jay. "Shouldn't be more than 20 minutes."

With the garage locked up, he turned to Jay. "Let's get our stories straight," he suggested. "No garage, no drinking okay? We just went for a walk, talked and lost track of time."

They walked back, not talking much and crept into the back yard where their two Tops were waiting.

Mason walked over to Billy and pulled him into hug; he could smell alcohol on his Brat's breath. Mason applied a firm swat to Billy's butt. "Where were you that you were drinking?"

Billy yelped--that swat had stung. "Ummmm," he shot Jay a look of apology, "at the garage," he admitted, somewhat sullenly.

Jack was eyeing his Brat. He noticed the vomit stains and asked, "I'm assuming you were drinking as well and ended up paying the price?" He raised his eyebrow sardonically.

"Ya, you know chocolate cake and beer just don't go together." Jay said letting his hand slid down to cover his backside. Jay gave Jack a timid smile; he did not like the look he was getting from his lover.

Jack smiled grimly, "Neither do Tylenol and beer," he replied. He turned, "Mason, I'm sorry to cut our visit short, but I think I should take this Brat home and deal with him there."

"Awe come on Jack, I only had one extra beer, that's all. Billy was showing me my work area. I'm actually having fun for the first time in a month." Jay whined. "I don't wanna go home right now." Jay stuck out his lower lip and pouted.

Jack looked at Mason, "Have you got somewhere private I can deal with Jay?" he asked in a lowered voice. "If the two Brats are getting on, I don't really want to cut this short if at all possible, but I don't want Jason to think he's gotten away with something."

Jay strained to hear what Jack was asking Mason, but was unable to hear anything. `Oh hell no, he would not do that here? Would he?’ Jay asked himself. `Jack never even scolded me before in public, nevertheless spanking me, unless you count the swat I got at his moms house.’ Jay was in deep thought and didn't notice Jack had turned his attention back to him.

"Of course you can. Why don't you go upstairs and use the spare bedroom," Mason told Jack.

Jack led Jay upstairs to the spare room. He sat down on the bed. "Jay what did I say about alcohol after taking the Tylenol?" he asked. "Do you think I said it just to hear myself talk?"

Jay shook his head. "You said I could not take my pain medication because I’ve been drinking" Jay said. "I thought I’d be okay; I've taken Tylenol before with stronger stuff then beer and not got sick." Jay let out a frustrated breath causing his bangs to fly up. "You told me not to, and you said no more beer." Jay said hanging his head. "I'm sorry, I didn't think one more beer would make muchof difference." He said, trying to look sorry.

"It's dangerous love," Jack said, gently. "But that's not really the point. I said no more alcohol, and you disobeyed me. You know that is against the rules. You deliberately left the house without telling me, and then did the exact opposite of what I'd told you to do. Do you have anything to say before I spank you?"

Jay crossed his arms as he thought for a minute. If he would have asked, Jack probably would of let him head down to the shop to see it. And yes he had decided to drink the extra beers just to rebel, because he was told no more. "Yes, I have something to say." Jay stood his full height, but he stayed out of arms reach. "You can't spank me here." Jay said. "It’s one thing to get a smack at your mom's but a spanking at someone's house I don't know. For one thing they well hear, and anther I won't allow it."

Jack smiled at Jay. "Okay, I see your point," he said, calmly. "We’ll handle your paddling before bed."

Jay’s mouth fell open and closed a couple of times. How the hell had a spanking turned into a paddling, ‘Well,’ he thought, ‘at least it wasn’t going to be here were Mason and Billy could hear. "I wonder what going out side," Jay asked Jack as he moved towards him. Jay slipped his arm around Jack’s waist and hugged him. "I'm sorry, I'm a pain," Jay whispered as he rubbed his face into Jack shoulder.

'That's ok, baby," Jack replied, holding his lover close. "I love you, and I'll do anything to look after you. I don't suppose much is happening downstairs. I imagine they will want to keep any discipline as private as you do. Let's go on down."

"Yeah I suppose so." Jay said as he followed Jack out on to the landing. "Hey, they’ve got a cat." Jay said as he saw a orange ball of fluff run into the other room. "I don't like cats." He told Jack as they went down stairs.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

When Jack took Jay by the hand and led him into the house, Mason took Billy by the hand and led him over to the swing. He sat down and helped Billy to sit down next to him. "Monkey, you're in a lot of trouble right now. I'm happy that you and Jay are becoming friends, and I'm really glad he wants to work at the garage. I think that it will be great for you to have a friend closer to your own age, and to a have a friend who is in a relationship similar to ours. It would have been fine with me if you wanted to walk over to the garage to show it to Jay...and it would have been fine with me for you to have another beer. But, I think you snuck out so that Jay could have more beer. Not only did you know his top had said no, but drinking alcohol with Tylenol is very dangerous; that is why Jack said no more alcohol. So, unless have you have pertinent information that can save your butt, you can expect a paddling before bed."

Billy's mouth dropped open and he spluttered "The paddle. Why do I get paddled? I was helping a friend." Billy pouted. "Jack was being really mean,” he said with his lip firmly out.

"The paddle comes out when you put yourself or someone else in danger. Tylenol when mixed with alcohol can cause major liver damage and even death. Jack was protecting Jay."

Billy looked up at Mason and sighed. He knew this was an argument he would never win. "Meanie," he said. "I wonder what's happening upstairs?"

"What's going on upstairs is none of our business," Mason told Billy.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Jack and Jay returned to the patio, and Thomas traipsed behind them, batting at a rolling Christmas ornament. "Thomas," Mason growled, "you know better than to play with the ornaments."

Thomas stopped playing and sat on the ground giving Mason a questioning look, as if this was the first time he was being reprimanded for turning ornaments into toys.

Mason shook his head at the little cat, and Thomas made a very dramatic turn away from Mason to ensure that Mason knew the cat was displeased with him.

"See Thomas agrees with me, you are a meanie," Billy said.

Thomas then spotted the guests, and was sure they would love to cuddle him. He trotted over to Jay, and began to rub against Jay's leg lovingly, while he emitted a very loud purr.

Jay swallowed he didn't want to show he disliked the thing, but he also would prefer it stayed away from him. "Jack, please get it away from me." Jay whispered as he shook his foot at the kitten trying to shoo it away, but claws and bare legs just don't go good together.

Jack hid a grin, and wondered why cats always headed for the person who disliked them the most.

"Hey Thomas leave Jay alone and come and get a cuddle from me." Thomas turned, decided his monkey daddy was his favourite person at the moment; he hopped onto Billy’s lap. "You a dog person?" Billy asked Jay.

"No, snakes,” Jay told him. "For the simple reason, easy to get care for, like to hang around with you, an most mothers or scared shitless of them." Jay said with an evil grin.

Billy's eyes glinted and his evil smile almost matched Jay's. "And I was going to send my mother coal, for Christmas," he said, absently. "I wonder if Johnno could source a snake for me."

"If he can't, I've got a buddy who can get it, wrap it, deliver it, Hell DJ would probably video tape it for you. I bet it probably only cost a six pack." Jay said low enough, hoping Jack didn't hear.

Billy walked down to the bottom of the garden and beckoned to Jay. "You can?" He looked back at the two Tops, and wasn't very happy at the look, he was getting from Mason. "Give me a shovel," he muttered to Jay, "I think I'm a dead man. It might even be worth it, if your friend can tape it for me." He smiled, radiating innocence at his Top.

Mason leaned over and whispered into Billy's ear. "I'm not sure your bottom can handle anymore practical jokes at your parents’ expense."

Mason lifted Thomas out of Billy's arms and held the kitten close, giving him lots of cuddles. Thomas feigned disinterest for all of thirty seconds, before he was rubbing himself against Mason and purring. "Let's move into the lounge and watch a movie. Popcorn and soda, or cake and coffee?" Mason asked.

"Traitor," Billy said to Thomas who flicked his tail at him. "Talk to you later," he muttered at Jay. "Who's joking," he said, louder at Mason. "Cake and soda sounds great."

"Ah, we're not joking--well then I guess I don't need to take back the set of extra large wooden spoons I bought for you stocking. And actually I think you've had enough sugar for the evening. You can have popcorn and a diet caffeine free soda."

Jay ears perked up when he heard the word soda, 'God a top that believes in soda, an at night yet.' Jay thought. "Got any Mountain Dew" Jay asked. Jay reached over and grabbed the shovel that was sticking out of what looked to have been a summer vegetable garden, and handed it to Billy. "All I need is the address and when you want it delivered, DJ and I go a long way back and we’ve been in more trouble then I care to remember, Hell we're lucky we've never got arrested for the shit we pulled." Jay said with a smile. "You do want a non-poisonous one," Jay asked.

"You are kidding about the wooden spoon, right?" Billy said weakly, his mind flashing back to Uncle Doug's house during their honeymoon. His eyes then flashed. "I might as well drink fucking flavoured water," he protested. "Ask Mason," he snapped at Jay, "He's the fucking food police."

Wow, Jay thought, "Ooookay then," Jay said as he slinked over next to Jack. "Man his mood changes faster then mom's ever did" Jay said in a low whisper. "Mason do you have any Mountain Dew? " Jay asked not sure what to do next.

"Yes Jason, I believe we do." Mason pulled Billy close. "Monkey, come help me in the kitchen." Mason led Billy into the kitchen and held him close rubbing his back. "Hey, I'm sorry I teased you, but I really do want you to think about the ramifications of sending a snake to your parents. Promise me, okay? I worry that your parents may start making life difficult for you if you do something like that, and I don't want those horrible people in our life anymore." Mason gave Billy a long and gentle kiss. "How about cake and milk?"

Billy deepened the kiss. "Cake and milk sounds good," he replied. "Can we watch The Princess Bride?" Billy asked, quietly. "It's my favourite."

"Hey man I'm sorry. I have a rotten temper, and I tend to take it out on handy targets. I don't really mean it, honest." As they walked through to the main room, Billy said in an undertone "I still want to do the snake stunt, but make it a harmless snake. I don't want to kill them. I'll probably pay for it, but it'll be worth it. It's a much better idea than the coal."

"No, problem man. I’m used to hot tempers, my mom's can start a fire." Jay told him giving him a knowing smile. "Hey, Marty let me borrow a copy of the new Twilight movie. It's supposed to be about Vampires, It's in the truck, you want me to get it." Jay asked pulling himself out of Jack’s arms.

"That's interesting, Brat," Jack said softly "How did Marty get hold of that? Does the word piracy ring a bell?"

"Oh come on, I do music all the time, it's no big deal. Is it Billy? It’s a good copy to, so do we watch it or not?" Jay asked. He could tell by the way Jack looked at him he already knew the answer.

"It can stay in the truck," Jack said. "As a jeweler, I value copyright rules. I've had people copy my designs, and I've let the police handle them. I'm less than happy my Brat is flouting copyright laws." Jack just looked at his Brat. "Besides I think Mason and Billy have already chosen a movie."

"That's so unfair." Jay said with a pout.

Jack just laughed, dragged Jay over onto his lap and hugged him.

Jay hugged back, then he snuggled closer and rested his head on Jack’s shoulders. "So what movie do we get to watch instead?" Jay asked.

"Princess Bride," Billy said, "It's one of my favourites."

Jay rolled his eyes. "Chick Flick"

"Is not," Billy retorted. "It's really funny. The book is pretty cool as well."

"Whatever." Jay told him "Um, Jack can you open this?" Jay asked holding up the Mountain Dew can with a smile.

Jack opened the can and leant over. "Be polite, Brat," he said softly. "I for one, love The Princess Bride, and just in case you hadn't noticed, I'm no chick."

"Great, what’s next Pretty Woman?" Jay said with a laugh, "Next time I get to pick the movie." Jay said with a bat of his eyelashes. "And Jack you kind of do wiggle like one, in bed." Jay said with a smirk.

Mason spit his coffee across the room at Jay's comment, and then roared with laughter. He cuddled Billy close, and gave him a little tickle. He whispered into Billy's ear, "Not one comment about me and Buttercup."

"Nope," Billy said, grinning. "Ladyhawk, gotta love Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick together. Isn't that right, my one true love?"

"TMI, Brat," Jack growled, although his eyes were twinkling. "You get to choose the DVD when we extend an invitation. Come here and stop moaning. You might actually enjoy the movie." Jack pulled Jay onto his lap, with due care for the open Mountain Dew.

"I am not moaning," Jay said settling back onto Jacks lap.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Jack and Mason looked at each other as the credits rolled. They each had a sleeping Brat cuddled against them.

Jay had seemed to enjoy the film, despite his earlier protests...and eventually was having fun saying, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

"I hate to wake them," Mason said to Jack; his husband was looking so sweet and peaceful. Mason would have preferred to carry Billy up to bed and cuddle up next to him, then to deliver the promised paddling.

When Jack tried to wake Jay, all Jack he got was his hand being pushed away and a, "five more," from Jay while he rubbed his face into Jack’s arm.

"I know," Jack replied, to Mason, "But we have to walk home and I definitely can't carry him that far." He shook Jay, a little harder. "Wake up sleepy head, we have to get home before you can get to bed."

Billy snuggled deeper into Mason's embrace. "My one true love," he muttered sleepily.

Mason leaned down and kissed Billy. "Time to wake up my one true love. You need to say goodbye to Jack and Jay."

"Goodbye, Jack and Jay," Billy mumbled. "Ring me when you're ready to start work Jay," he continued, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

Jay sat up and rubbed his eyes with the ball of his fist, "Dude we got the truck why walk home?" Jay asked. Wondering what the hell Jack was thinking.

"I've had a few beers," Jack said to Jay, "I don't want to risk it. I'll pick the truck up tomorrow, if it's okay with Mason." He turned to Mason and Billy. "Jay will be available from Wednesday on," he said, calmly. "Come on Brat, we've got a 15 minute walk ahead of us."

"That's fine Jack. Thank you both for coming. Come on Baby," Mason said helping Billy to get up. "Let's walk them out."

"Yeah, I should be good to go this Thursday, If I can talk my warden into letting me slide a day," Jay said giving Jack a sly grin. "Bye Mason, it's been a blast." Jay said giving Mason a brief hug.

"Wednesday is your last day on restriction," Jack replied, firmly. "There's no sliding in that." He hugged Billy and shook Mason's hand. "Great to see you," he said, "We should do this more often."

Jay slipped under Jack’s arms and rested his head on his lover shoulder as they walked home. Jay was in his own thoughts as they walked; his mind was not on what was going to happen, but how he was going to help Billy get back at his mom. "Why does Billy dislike his mom so much, if they have money she can't be all that bad, can she?" Jay asked

"I don't know honey," Jack replied, "I think Billy is living proof money doesn't make you happy. I think if you want to know you'll have to ask him." Jack looked down at his young lover, "I'm not sure I'd be very happy, if you helped Billy play a practical joke, on his mother. You might be placing DJ in trouble if you follow through, have you thought of that?"

Jay rolled his eyes, "God Jack give, me some credit. Of course I thought of that. What am I ten putting a mouse in the teacher's desk? I'll ask DJ first, If DJ says no, then I’ll tell Billy he's got to get his friend to do it."

"I'm sorry, Baby, I should have known better than to ask that." The rest of the walk home was silent. When they reached the loft, Jack ran his hand through his hair, he just wanted to go to bed and hold his Brat. "OK Baby," he said, "Let's get this paddling out of the way."

'Oh shit,' Jay forgot all about that, "You, know you don't have to paddle me, you can just spank me like you were going to do at Masons." Jay said, giving Jack a sweet smile.

Jack smiled sweetly back. "Let's see," he said. "You and Billy sneaked out with the express intention of drinking, after I told you no more alcohol. You put yourself in danger, disobeyed an order, and broke your grounding--again. Have I missed anything? I believe each of those breaches, individually earn you a paddling. The spanking was a one-time offer, to help you keep some dignity, at a stranger's house. Anything else you want to say?" Jack asked, as he made a long arm and took the paddle out of its drawer.

Jay let out a sigh as he undid his pants, "Only I should of taken the spanking at Mason house." Jay said. His shorts hit the floor, and he step out of them. "I am glad I don't have to work tomorrow." Jay said as Jack took his arm.

Jack was proud of his Brat, it was very rare that he took down his own pants. He placed him across his knee, making sure the broken arm was resting comfortably. He looked down and saw that Jay's bottom was mainly healed, and getting back to a healthy white colour. Though it wasn't long before Jack changed the colour from white to red.

He wanted this lesson to stick and he paddled steadily and carefully listening to his Brat's cries of pain. When Jay was sobbing and his butt was bright red, Jack stopped. He gently rubbed his hand over Jay's back, "All done, Baby," he murmured.

Jay was glad to hear those three little words. He quickly curled up on Jack’s lap; he didn't care if his ass hit Jack's lap--all he wanted was Jack to hold him. "God, Jack that really hurt." Jay told him between hiccups and quivers. "I hate that damn paddle."

Jack held his Brat and soothed him. "You're not supposed to like it," Jack said, "That's why I use it." There was a hint of laughter in his voice. He kissed the top of his Brat's head, and wasn't surprised when Jay yawned and snuggled deeper.

Jay looked up at Jack with his swollen, wet, red eyes and started to get off the only place he wanted to be. "I need to wash up, I don’t want to go to sleep smelling like fruit salad and beer barf." Jay told Jack.

Jack joined Jay in the shower, and carefully soaped him all over. Then, equally carefully, dried him off, after removing the plastic bag he'd placed over the plaster on his Brat's arm. Then he steered his sleepy Brat to the bed, and after Jay had settled; he curled around him and fell asleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy shut the door and turned to look at Mason. "Bedtime?" he asked tentatively.

"Soon Monkey. We have a punishment to take care of first. Please go up stairs and wait in the bedroom corner for me, while I close up the house."

"Maaaasssssooooonnnn," Billy whined, "I hate standing in corners. You know that," he pouted.

"Tough," Mason said. He turned Billy towards the stairs with a light swat.
"You've just woken up, and I would like you to have some time to think about why you're being punished tonight."

"This sucks," Billy groused. He stamped up the stairs, found his corner in the bedroom, and began to kick the wall to demonstrate his displeasure. “Bloody Jack.”

Mason stood in the bedroom doorway and smiled at his Brat. 'Well at least he's awake,' Mason thought. "Come here Monkey," Mason said in a soft yet firm tone of voice. He held his arms open, hoping Billy would come to him. He sighed and kissed his husband when his grumpy love cuddled into his arms. Mason moved them both over to the bed, and sat against the headboard with Billy sitting between his legs, leaning against Mason's broad chest. "So, do you really think it is Jack's fault that I'm going to paddle you?"

"Yes," Billy wasn't going to be accommodating, he sat up and looked Mason in the eyes, "He's the one that said Jay couldn't have another beer."

Billy sighed and leant back against Mason's chest, "I guess he was just being a Top, and looking after his Brat. And by taking Jay to the garage, I put him in danger, no only with the beer, but with the fact he was disobeying his Top. I guess I landed him in it, deep." Billy let out a sigh that was half groan. "It's my own fault you're going to paddle me."

"Thank you sweetheart," Mason said. He kissed Billy on the top of the head. "Let's get it over with, shall we?"

"Let's not," Billy grumbled.

Mason kept Billy sitting in front of him; he unbuttoned and unzipped Billy's pants and gently turned Billy over, so he was lying across Mason's lap. He then gave a little tug to the pants, pulling them down to Billy's knees. He caressed Billy's butt. "I love you Monkey. I'm sure it will be fun for you to have another Brat as a friend." Mason rolled his eyes thinking of all the trouble Billy and Jay were likely to get in. "But, helping him to defy his Top is just like defying me and is not acceptable." Mason raised his hand and began to spank the soft white globes in front of him. He applied several swats first to the underside of each cheek, one directly on top of the other. He then raised his hand just slightly and repeated his pattern. He worked his way up Billy's butt, and then down his thighs.

"Hurts," Billy moaned, and not long after the tears began to flow. He was sobbing before the first stroke of the paddle landed, he cried out as each additional stroke blazed into his undercheeks. His bottom was burning and he just wanted it to be over.

Mason set the paddle down and lay down on the bed next to Billy. He began to rub Billy's back. "We're all done Monkey. All is forgiven."

Billy twisted up and almost strangled Mason, as he grabbed him for reassurance. He turned on his hip so his butt didn't connect with anything hard, and almost landed full force on Mason's groin.

Mason gave a bit of a grunt as Billy thrust himself at him. He pulled back the covers and guided he and Billy under the blankets. He lifted Billy's shirt off, and cradled his Brat, running soft circles over Billy's back. He sung quietly into his ear. "Lullaby and good night, with roses bedight, with lilies o'er spread is Billy's wee bed. Lay thee down now and rest, may thy slumber be blessed. Lay thee down now and rest, may thy slumber be blessed. Lullaby and good night, thy Top's delight. Bright angels beside my darling abide. They will guard thee at rest, thou shalt wake on my breast."

"Nice," Billy voice was sleepy. "Clever Top."

Mason smiled and kissed Billy on the top of his head. He continued to sing until Billy fell asleep resting against him.

The End

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