Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thomas has two Daddies

Title: Thomas has two Daddies
Authors: Tarabeth & Jo
Characters: Mason and Billy
Implements: Hand, paddle

Mason felt his phone vibrating in his back pocket. The vibrations were different than the normal pattern, the buzzes seemed a bit longer, and the whole vibrating process went on for a long time. Long buzz, long buzz, pause, long buzz, long buzz, long buzz, pause, long buzz, short buzz, pause, long buzz, short buzz, long buzz, pause, short buzz, pause, long buzz, short buzz, long buzz, long buzz, pause and then it started over. This time Mason recognized the code. Long buzz, long buzz, pause (M), long buzz, long buzz, long buzz, pause (O), long buzz, short buzz, pause (N), long buzz, short buzz, long buzz, pause (K), short buzz, pause (E), long buzz, short buzz, long buzz, long buzz, pause (Y) and then it started over.

Billy had been playing with Mason’s cell phone. Mason had already experienced the ring tone Billy had programmed for when he called Mason--The theme from The Monkees.

Mason smiled to himself as he felt the phone buzz through M-O-N-K-E-Y one more time.

The buzzes sent a jolt of Billy’s humour and sweetness straight to Mason’s heart and he was saddened, that he was currently stuck in this meeting with the Mayor and Chief of Police, and unable to answer his Brat’s call.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Come on, Mace answer the damn phone," Billy was pacing, glancing out the window. He let the phone ring twice more, than slammed it down. "God damn it," he swore. Then he picked up the phone again and dialed 911. A woman answered, before she could say anything, Billy blurted out, "Could you get hold of Captain Monroe in Jade Heights, and tell him there's an emergency at home?" he asked. "An emergency that needs a fire engine," he added, and hung up the phone. He raced outside to check on the problem. He called out, "Don't worry, Mason's on his way."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason heard the call come over his radio, "10-33--Code 6 --at the home of Captain Mason Monroe--256 N. Main, Jade Heights. Repeat 10-33 -- Code 6 --256 N. Main, Jade Heights."

"10-4, Jade Heights Engine 1 responding to 10-33 at 256 N. Main," Mason spoke into his radio as he ran downstairs, out of City Hall and across the street to the firehouse.

Craig was already dressed in his turnout gear and was pulling on his boots. "I'll pull the engine out, Cap, while you gear up. I'm sure he’s fine," Craig added the reassurance to his friend.

Mason nodded and quickly pulled on his gear and boots. He said a small prayer for his Brat as he jumped into the engine, secured his helmet and buckled his jacket. "Turn the sirens on Lieutenant."

The fire engine traveled the short distance to 256 N. Main Street with sirens and lights blaring. Mason released a whispered, "Thank God," when he saw Billy standing outside in front of the house. The fire captain jumped from the cab of the engine and ran to his Brat, pulling him into firm embrace. He continued to whisper, "Thank God. Thank God. Thank God." He released Billy and stepped back to examine his Brat. He couldn't find any visible injuries. "Are you breathing okay?" Mason asked.

Mason then stopped and stepped back into Fire Captain mode, and began to assess the situation, and as he looked around the yard Mason's blood pressure began to rise. "Monkey," he growled, "Where’s the fire?"

Billy's face blushed.

"Is there a fire?" Mason asked.

Billy shook his head.

"Where’s the emergency?" Mason asked Billy.

"Cap, I found the problem," Craig called out.

"I didn't say there was a fire," Billy protested, "I said there was an emergency, and there is." They reached Craig who was looking up at the tree. "Who knows how long the kitten's been up there?" Up at the top of the tree was, an obviously stuck ginger kitten. Billy turned eager eyes on Mason. "Mace, once you get it down, can we keep it?"

Craig held back a laugh, as he caught the look on his Captain and friend's face, looking like someone had hit him on the back of the head with a board.

Mason was not pleased! “You called 911, because there’s a kitten stuck in our tree?” Mason growled. “I was in a meeting with the Mayor and the Chief of Police! I was worried sick about you!”

Mason heard Craig clear his throat and saw the embarrassment on Billy’s face for being chastised in public.

“Come on Cap,” Craig said, “Rescuing kittens is one of the joys of being a small town fireman. It’s not like this is the first kitten we’ve rescued from a tree before.” Craig noticed the blush on Billy’s face disappear and the mechanic took on an err of confidence at being defended by Mason’s good friend. “But,” Craig continued, “I do think this is the first time 911 was called, for us to bring the big ladder out, to a kitten rescue.”

Mason took out his radio, “10-23 on Jade Heights Engine 1--Hey Carol, we’re fine, it’s just a kitten up a tree.” Mason’s voice had sounded exasperated as he relayed the information to the dispatcher.

“Craig will you get the ladder ready, I’ll go up and get the little guy,” Mason said as he pulled Billy into another hug, this one a bit rougher, and he spoke quietly into his Brat’s ear, “We’ll need to find out if the kitten belongs to anyone else first, if his mama is around, and it’ll need to be checked out by a Vet. Hopefully he’ll behave a little better at the doctor’s office than you.” Mason kissed his husband’s pouty lips. “Then if he’s healthy, doesn’t have a home, or we can’t find his mama, we can keep him. And Monkey, there will be a very long discussion tonight about misusing the 911 system.”

Billy blushed again. "It was an emergency," he protested, weakly.

watched as Mason went up the ladder, getting slightly distracted by the fire captain’s tight butt. This did not escape Craig's eagle eye, who nudged him and grinned.

Billy grinned back, "I'm allowed to," he said. "We're 
together." He liked Craig and found it easy to joke around with him.

Mason came back down the tree, holding the kitten by the scruff of 
the neck. "He's so cute," Billy said, holding his hand out for the 
kitten to sniff. He withdrew his hand quickly, "The little bastard scratched me," he complained. "Look, it drew blood." He showed Mason, 
his bleeding hand. "I've changed my mind," he said. "I don't want a 
vicious animal in our house."

Mason smiled and shook his head at his Brat. He then set the kitten down on his forearm, which was resting against his chest. The kitten walked a little circle, and then lay down on Mason’s arm and began to purr. “He’s awfully cute, Monkey,” Mason said. “I think it might be really nice for us to have a pet.”

Craig started to laugh. “You better watch out kid, I think the Captain’s in love. He got that same goofy look when he met you.”

Billy punched Craig, in the arm. "Yeah chuckle it up, wise ass," he said. "I know Mace's goofy looks better than you do. I recognize the look as well as you do." He looked at Mason, "I guess I can put up with it," he said. "I've never had a pet before." He eyed the kitten suspiciously "It's just if he has a go at me again, I'll serve up kitten burgers for tea." He smiled innocently at Mason when he heard his partner growl. "Kidding," he protested.

Billy looked at the clock, then looked out the window. Where was Mason?
He was never late home, he thought. He saw the truck pull up. "Finally," he muttered. He saw Mason open the passenger door and take out a box. "The damn kitten," Billy growled. He hurled himself at Mason, as soon as he walked through the door. "Missed you," was all he said.

“Missed you too, Baby,” Mason said as he used his free hand to pull Billy into what he planned to be a long and thorough kiss. Mason had just pushed his tongue into Billy’s mouth when he was interrupted by tiny little kitten cries. Mason pulled out of the kiss and scooped the kitten out of the box and held it in his hands. He raised the kitten up near his face and began to coo at it, as the little ginger tabby purred and rubbed its face against Mason’s.

“Monkey, there are a bunch of supplies for the cat out in the truck. Do you want to go get them, or hold the baby, while I go?”

"Un-fucking-believable," Billy growled, in mid-melt. "I'll hold the damn kitten," he said, "You do the heavy lifting." He grabbed the kitten, which promptly hissed at him, and struck out. "Bloody hell," Billy said, and promptly dropped the kitten, which then attempted to climb his legs. As he was only in shorts, Billy yelped in pain, as the claws dug in. Mason came to the rescue, scooping up the kitten, which promptly rubbed his face again and started purring.

"Bloody hell," Billy said, looking at Mason's face. "Craig's right, you're in love with a ginger moggy. You keep on with the love fest, and I'll get the fucking supplies." He slammed the door as he went out, not seeing Mason's puzzled expression at the unfamiliar word, ‘moggy’.

Mason was in the kitchen, holding the kitten in his arms. The baby cat was suckling Mason’s finger. Mason saw Billy enter and retrieved a bottle of formula from the bag and began to feed the kitten. “I’m sorry the kitten scratched you Monkey, it’s a baby and it was just scared. That temper tantrum was uncalled for. And just a little bit of advice, Monkey, when you are already going to bed with a sore bottom, door slamming isn’t such a good idea.”

As the kitten settled, Mason handed him off to Billy. “I’m going to make some room for him in the spare bedroom. He needs to adjust to the house slowly so we’ll just keep him in there for a couple of weeks, while he adjusts to indoor life.” Mason smiled at his Brat feeding the kitten. The cat seemed to be much better behaved now that he was eating. “The vet says he’s still pretty young, only about four or five weeks. He really should still be with his mother, but we looked all over and couldn’t find a litter. By the way he’s about as well behaved as you at the doctor. The vet came at him with the thermometer and the little guy arched his back and went into full hissing mode. He’s going to need a name. Can you think of anything?”

"Don't care," Billy growled, although he suddenly felt sorry for the kitten. During his recent bout with the flu, Mason had insisted on taking his temperature rectally, so he wasn't surprised the kitten had protested. 
He gently stroked the kitten, and was happy when it purred. He looked at Mason as his temper cooled, "Sore bottom?" he said, in a confused voice, "Why?"

Mason looked over at Billy, he was glad to see his partner seemed a bit more comfortable with the new member of the family. “Why,” Mason repeated, “You seriously need to ask me, ‘Why?’ I ‘ll be paddling your bare bottom this evening? Why don’t you and the kitten both go stand in the corner and think about it together.”

Billy just looked at Mason. "Why are you punishing Thomas as well," he asked, outrage in his voice. "A few minutes ago he was your baby," he growled, gently holding the now sleeping kitten. "The paddle," his voice, raised in outrage. "What did I do?" Billy felt something niggle in the back of his head. "Oh you can't be serious. It was an emergency, I never said it was a fire." Billy stamped his foot.

“Thomas, huh,” Mason smiled at his Brat and Thomas. He was amazed and thankful that Thomas seemed to be just as sound of a sleeper as his partner, and continued to sleep through Billy’s outburst. “Now as for Thomas being my baby, of course he is. Has your being punished ever stopped you from being my baby?” Mason asked.

He watched as Billy shook his head, and his cheeks pinkened.

Mason used his index finger and turned it in a circle with it ending in a point to the kitchen corner. “As for what you did, first off, calling 911 for a non-emergency is a citable offence, Monkey. Breaking the law will always earn you paddling. And yes it was NOT an emergency. I realize that both you and Thomas were frightened. But, he is a cat. He would have been safe up in the tree until I could come help get him down, and on the off chance he did fall, he would have been fine, even as little as he is.

Second, you pulled me out of meeting with the Mayor and Chief of Police to rescue a kitten--a very darling and wonderful kitten. But you knew I had that meeting today, and you didn’t take that into consideration when you panicked. It’s going to be very embarrassing for me professionally to have to explain to the Mayor and Chief what the emergency turned out to be.

Third, your use of 911 tied up the emergency lines. Someone else could have needed to get through or could have needed Craig and I for a life or death situation. Risking yourself or other’s lives will also always earn you a paddling.

You will only be paddled once, Monkey, but I can assure you that when I am finished spanking and paddling your bottom, you will thoroughly understand that non of these things had better happen again.”

Billy carefully placed the newly christened Thomas, into his box, and 
then trailed to the corner, Mason had indicated. "You're such a hard ass," he complained, determined to get the last word in. He had blushed through Mason's explanation, but his mouth sometimes 
disconnected with his brain. "He could have been really hurt, he's so little." Billy kicked the wall.

Mason picked up Thomas and his box. “He is very little, and because he’s so little, he was pretty safe up on that branch. And yes Monkey, I am a hard ass, and you love me for it,” Mason said as he applied two firm swats to Billy’s bottom on his way to the spare bedroom with Thomas. He set the box down on the floor of the guest room, and went into the kitchen to fetch the rest of the kitten supplies. Once in the room, Mason set up the litter box, the small cat bed, set out a little matching bowls of dry food and water, and scattered lots of little kitty toys around. He then picked Thomas up and placed the sleeping kitten in the center of his new bed, and left the bedroom closing the door behind him.

Mason stopped off in he and Billy’s bedroom and retrieved the wooden paddle from the bedside table. He then went and took a seat on the couch. “Okay, Baby, your corner time is up. Come here.”

Billy turned around; saw the paddle, turned slightly white and said, "I'm happy over here." The look Mason gave him made his knees tremble and he slowly walked across the kitchen, to the family room. 
He knew there was no begging his way out of this, when Mason made up 
his mind to punish his Brat, nothing would stop him. "I'm sorry," he 
said, fumbling with his shorts, he pulled them down, as he was 
wearing no underpants, he laid himself over Mason's knees, his upper body was supported by the sofa. He grabbed a cushion.

This was the first time that Billy had taken down his pants without being asked. Mason was proud that his temperamental partner was getting better at accepting his punishments. Mason ran his hand gently over the soft white globes lying across his lap; they were so beautiful. Mason would have to admit to the accusation his Brat often made, that he was slightly obsessed with his Brat’s butt. How could he not be, it was round, firm, and covered in lovely soft skin. He gained so much pleasure from that sweet bottom, kissing it, biting it, licking it, squeezing it, fucking it.

But alas this sweet bottom also played a crucial role in the discipline and power exchange aspects of he and Billy’s relationship. He inflicted pain to this tender bottom, in an effort to provide his Brat boundaries and consequences--boundaries and consequences that enabled Billy to maintain an even keel.

He administered medical attention to that sweet bottom when Billy was sick. His Brat was often loath to admit he was sick, and was often unwilling to submit to the basic medical attention he needed, such as having a temperature taken or taking medication orally. It was these factors that had led Mason to take control of Billy’s body when he was sick, as a reminder of the power dynamic in their relationship; and as an expression of commitment to his Brat, that it was he, Mason, who had the ultimate responsibility for ensuring his Brat’s health.

Not only was Mason responsible to his partner, for providing pleasure and love to those sweet mounds, or to apply a firm hand or paddle to the soft cheeks, but he was also responsible for taking care of that small, firm, round, bottom when it was used as the port of entry for the majority of his Brat’s medical needs. So he decided it was with good intent and deep love that Captain Mason Monroe obsessed over Billy Fleming’s butt.

Mason raised his hand and landed the first firm swat to Billy’s bared bottom. “So, what happened today was not acceptable in our relationship, Monkey. How was it dangerous to us?”

Billy grunted slightly at the first swat. No matter how many times he was in this position, the first swat always surprised him. "Because I broke the law by 
calling 911." He squeaked as the second swat landed. "‘Cause I 
panicked, and didn't remember the meeting you were having, and that embarrassed you professionally. " 

He struggled to remember the third reason Mason had mentioned, as the pain of the spanking began to hit home. "And I could have put other people in danger," he gasped out, as tears began to fall. "Mason," he whimpered, "it hurts."

“I know, Babe,” Mason said as he applied another several swats. “But, we still have a long way to go here.” Mason continued to apply his firm hand to Billy’s bottom. He turned the firm little soft white mounds a light pink, and then picked up the severity and the pace. He then moved his focus to Billy’s upper thighs and the underside of his cheeks.

Billy’s sobbing made Mason want to end the punishment and pick up his sweet Brat and sooth his guilt. But Mason had promised a paddling. He needed to be true to his word. Billy needed to know that his behavior had been unacceptable, and Mason could also tell his Brat was feeling a lot of guilt and needed the added punishment of the paddle to feel truly remorseful, and return to his normal energetic and sweet self. So Mason picked up the paddle and applied five firm swats for each of the misdeeds. When Mason set the paddle down, Billy was shaking with sobs. “We’re all done, Monkey,” Mason said in a soft and soothing voice. Mason parted his legs slightly so that when Billy cuddled into him, he could rest is hurting bottom between Mason’s thighs. “Come here Baby. Come have a cuddle.”

Billy was too far-gone to calm down immediately. This was probably the worst paddling Mason had ever given him. But he did find he could relax into Mason's chest, his guilty feelings gone. He'd paid the price, and Mason had forgiven him.

When he woke up the next morning, he rolled onto his back, hissed in pain, and rolled onto his front. Then he rolled onto his side as he realized even the weight of the sheet hurt. ‘Wow,’ he thought, ‘Mason was pissed.’ He did admit to himself that Mason had every right to punish him; he acted thoughtlessly. He felt pretty stupid and vowed to avoid Craig for the next week if he could, that man sure could tease. Not that he knew anything about his and Mason's discipline arrangement.

Billy decided to check on Thomas before he went downstairs. He entered the spare room to absolute chaos. His mouth dropped. How could one small kitten make such a mess? He'd obviously stepped in his food and it was spread all over the room. He'd ignored all the provided toys and had got into the closet. Billy saw one of his favourite shirts, shredded. "You little horror," he said to Thomas, who was in the middle of the bed. He lunged for him forgetting about the pain from the paddling.

"Ouch," he yelled, followed by, "Oh shit," as he felt the dampness on the bed. He saw Thomas disappear out the still open door, "Come back here, Thomas," he yelled, almost falling down the stairs, as he pursued the five week old kitten. "Mace," he yelled, "Thomas is heading your way."

Mason stood in the hallway, his body braced for attack. His legs were slightly spread; he had a crouch to his stance, and held his arms low. There was no way Thomas would get past him. As the kitten ran towards him, Mason lunged. Thomas ran under his legs and Mason slid across the hall on his belly. “That little Bastard!” he yelled.

Mason stood and brushed himself off, as a laughing Billy dashed passed him after the kitten.

Billy slid to a stop, laughing so hard; he had to hold onto a counter to stay upright. Thomas, who at the end of the well-polished kitchen, had failed to make the corner, meowed. In between giggles Billy went to pick up kitten. Thomas purrred, and rubbed his head against Billy's. "OK, I forgive you," he told the kitten, "but you'd better say sorry to Mace. He's the boss around here."

Mason stood in the doorway to the guest room. "William Stephen Fleming have you seen what your cat did to this room!"

Billy jumped when he heard his full name. "Yes Captain Mason Henry
Monroe, I did," he said, still with a slight hitch in his voice, from his giggles. "And since when has he been my cat? If I remember from last night, he was your baby and our cat." He wandered into the spare room "Shit, he's made a bit of a mess, hasn't he? Maybe I better strip the bed and put my ex-favourite shirt in the rag bag." Billy tried to placate Mason.

Mason pulled Billy and Thomas into a hug. "Fuck, I forgot what having a kitten is like," Mason said dropping a kiss on the top Billy's head and then on Thomas'.

"Good Morning Monkey. How are you doing?" He asked lightly running his hand over Billy's butt. When his Brat hissed, Mason said, "Turn around, I want to check out the damage." Mason turned Billy around and gently slid his boxers down to his knees. Mason kneeled, and let out a whistle, "No bruises, but you're going to hurt for while, Monkey." Mason planted a kiss on each of Billy's butt cheeks. "But, you'll live.”

"You, Mason, have a butt fetish," Billy said, as Mason checked out his butt. "Thank you I know I'm going to be feeling it for a while."

“Grab the baby's box, a bottle of formula, and why don't you feed Thomas, and then the two of you can keep me company, while I make us some breakfast.”

Billy grabbed the formula and bottle and read the instructions. He put Thomas on the floor making sure the door to the outside was securely closed. He went and grabbed the kitty litter box, and deposited Thomas in it. "If you want to go, go in there," he told his kitten sternly.

Thomas did what was expected of him, and sprayed the litter all over the floor. Billy started giggling again, "Mace, I reckon our kitten's a Brat too," he said, shaking the bottle vigourously. He quickly warmed up the bottle and began to feed Thomas.

“You think so?” Mason said, pulling Billy into a hug, as he and Thomas entered the kitchen. “Was it his beautiful blue eyes, the little wiggle in his butt as he walks, or his amazing cuddling abilities that tipped you off? Because those were the things that tipped me off to you,” Mason said planting a kiss on Billy’s forehead. “Oh, wait those weren’t the things that tipped me off you were a Brat. It must have been, his ability to get himself into dangerous situations, his nasty temper, dislike of doctors, or maybe the way he cuddles up to a big handsome top when he’s in trouble.”

"Funny man," Billy said, wrinkling his nose at Mason.

“I am aren’t I?” Mason said, giving Billy a cheeky grin. “I thought I might switch careers. I think I’d make a killing on the comedy circuit. Tops and Brats would travel from far off places to hear my jokes. We’ll be rich! We’ll be famous!”

“We’d be hungry,” Billy growled. "I thought you were making breakfast." He looked at Mason, "Are you still putting your foot down about me not going back to work until after the weekend? I'm fully over the 'flu now you know."

Mason laughed. “How about bacon and eggs; maybe a little bit of grapefruit.”

"Well, as long as, it's something I can eat standing up," Billy 

Mason began to extract the breakfast items from the fridge. “And yes, my foot is still down. It’s Saturday; you can handle staying at home with me and Thomas this weekend. Your customer’s are all sorted and fine. I think a weekend of family cuddling is in order.”

"Is your meeting rescheduled? " he asked, tentatively, knowing although he'd paid the price the night before, Mason was very serious about his Fire Captain duties. Billy’s mind wandered as he thought that even now, if Mason was inspecting the garage, Billy called him Captain Monroe, with a cheeky smile, gracing 
his face. Mason would retaliate with Chief Mechanic Fleming. Which would often be followed with mind-blowing sex, as they played the game that ensued.

“No Babe, they finished up the meeting and sent me the minutes.” Mason noticed Billy’s frown. “Monkey, it’s fine. You and I are settled, and the Mayor and the Chief are good men--although I may be a bit embarrassed, I’m sure they will have a good laugh. And besides, I used to babysit the Mayor, so I have some good stuff on him.”

Mason placed a bowl with a half grapefruit in front of Billy. “I thought we should rent some movies and spend the day in the spare bedroom getting to know Thomas. Whadda ya think?”

"You baby sat the Mayor?" Billy goggled, he started to eat the grapefruit, after sprinkling it with sugar. "Won't Thomas sleep?" Billy asked, he had no idea of kitten behaviours. "We'd better strip the spare bed. He peed on it last night. Luckily it's got a mattress protector on it." Billy smiled; he was getting positively domesticated.

“He’ll sleep, he’ll eat, he’ll play, he’ll cuddle, he’ll poop, and he’ll wreak general kitten mayhem. It’ll be good for us to learn his patterns and behaviour, and him to learn ours.” Mason cracked the eggs into the skillet and began to scramble them, next to the already cooking bacon.

"What movies? I love the Princess Bride," Billy said.

“After breakfast, I’ll go pick up the movies, while you strip the bed. I never realized how similar you are to Wesley--the accent, the striking good looks--I hope that doesn’t make me Buttercup,” Mason said giving his partner a wink.

"Well you are my true 
love," Billy's eyes sparkled, "So I guess that does make you 
Buttercup." He danced out of range of Mason's swat, almost tripping over Thomas as he did so. "Geez Thomas, if you get under our feet, 
you're going to get stepped on," he chided the kitten.

“I should probably stop by the market also. Do you want anything special for lunch or dinner?”

"Chocolate cake," Billy replied, laughing.

Once breakfast was over, it took Billy just minutes to strip the bed, and 
carry the bedclothes downstairs. It took him a bit longer to clean up the room. He'd put on his softest, sweat pants, but it was still painful to bend over. "Stay out, of Mason's bad books," he advised the kitten.

Mason found a DVD copy of The Princess Bride for sale at the little record and video store and purchased it for Billy. He figured they could have fun at home with other old favorites he had in his library, possibly Beautiful Thing, Backdraft, An American in Paris, and Cinema Paradiso. He wondered if he’d be able to convince his Brat to watch a movie with subtitles.

He then went over to the market and picked up a roast to barbeque, it would make wonderful left over sandwiches. He also decided to pick up some gourmet cocoa powder, and a lot of butter, so he could bake his Brat a chocolate cake. He made the weekly purchase of fruit and vegetables, and picked up a pizza on the way home.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"You want me to read a movie?" Billy looked, sideways at Mason. Thomas was sprawled in his cat bed, in the corner of the living room, having made many escape attempts from the spare room. The two men had eventually decided to give into the kitten's demand to be in the centre of their house.

"I've seen Backdraft, too many firemen die in that," Billy said, he laid his head in Mason's lap. "Let's make the chocolate cake together." He didn't see Mason turn white, Billy and the kitchen were not a good mix.

Billy was not the best of cooks, it was no wonder his partner was underweight. But, Mason decided, today was all about them being together. If the cake didn’t turn out, he could always run back to the market and pick up a pre-baked one.

“Okay, Babe, that sounds nice,” Mason said. He and Billy got up off the couch and Billy called out to the kitten to follow. Mason was amazed that Thomas trotted out of his bed and after them. He smiled not sure if it had anything to do with the kitten following commands or just the baby’s need to be with them. He couldn’t contain his laugh at the way Thomas pranced. He seemed to be quite proud of his new collar and tag, he bounced with each step, and maybe it was because his paws just seemed to be so much bigger than the rest of him, that it made his butt have an adorable little wiggle to it. “I think he likes his collar,” Mason said, “Whadda ya think, Monkey?”

"This Monkey doesn't want a collar," Billy growled. "I went to a gay 
bar once and the leather crowd was in. Yuck." He shook his head, to clear his mind of the images, he'd seen that night. Leather chaps should always be worn with jeans underneath, Billy had decided that night.

“Don’t worry babe, I don’t plan to collar you. Although I do think you would be very sexy in jeanless chaps.” Mason licked his lips at the thought.

"Ha, bloody ha," Billy replied moving the hot pan from the stove, onto the wooden chopping block. "Leather chaps not on your life, no matter how sexy you think it would be."

“Well I guess I’ll just have to handle you jeanless without the chaps,” Mason said again, licking his lips at the thought. “Maybe after we’re done with the cake?”

Once in the kitchen, Mason took out the large kitchen Aide mixer, his favorite Baking with Julia cookbook, and retrieved the ingredients from the fridge and cupboard: Scharffen Berger bittersweet chocolate, vanilla sugar, Crown Royal, butter, eggs, flour, heavy cream, white chocolate.

“Babe, will you turn the oven on to 350 degrees?” Mason asked. “And then butter the cake pan while I start the chocolate mixture.”

"You know I could power up that mixer for you?" Billy commented as he set the oven and began to butter the pan. To be on the safe side, his layer of butter was about half an inch thick.

Thomas had climbed up a chair and made his way onto the counter. "Hey look, Thomas wants to help," Billy said, to deflect the glare Mason 
was giving him, about the suggestion he could power up the mixer. He tucked the idea away for future consideration, how difficult could it be?

“We’re not ready for the mixer yet, Babe, and it doesn’t need to be ‘powered up’ it has an on/off button.”

“Thomas!” Mason shouted, and the poor little kitten shot up about two feet into the air. Thomas had discovered and taken a liking to the buttered cake pan. Mason had looked over to see the little pink kitten tongue dashing in and out over the butter. Realizing he had terrified the poor baby, Mason went over and pulled him into a cuddle. “It’s okay, Thomas, I shouldn’t have yelled.” Mason could feel the poor kitten’s heart beating rapidly. “Shhh,” Mason cooed holding the kitten tight and close to his chest, so the kitten could feel and hear his heart. Mason prepared a bottle, and began to feed the baby.

Mason was receiving a very disgusted look from Billy. “I’m sorry Monkey, I didn’t mean to scare him. He’s calmed down now.” Mason looked over at his chocolate mixture on the stove. “Crap, Billy will you take the chocolate off the heat and stir it for me?”

He stirred the chocolate with a wooden spoon, which had been used to mix the dry ingredients. "And I could power up the motor on your mixer, no problems. Less mixing time," he announced, licking the spoon.

“Put that spoon in the sink when you are done licking it, it isn’t going back in the pan. And, Monkey, if you ever try and power up the motor on my $500 Kitchen Aid Professional, I will tan your hide.”

Mason handed Thomas, who was still firmly attached to his bottle, over to Billy, so he could resume the cake making. The dry ingredients were in the mixing bowl, and Mason brought the melted chocolate over and began to slowly pour it into the slowly moving mixer holding the dry ingredients, it was forming a lovely batter. Mason switched off the mixer when the phone rang. He picked the cordless phone up looking at the caller ID. “Hi Mom. How are you? Yes, Billy is feeling much better...Oh you heard about that, huh...I forgot you and Dr. Chan played Mah Jong together...yes a little orange tabby or moggy as Billy likes to call him...Thomas, we named him Thomas...yes he is very feisty and darling...” As Mason continued his conversation with his mother he leaned against the counter with his back to the mixer, Billy, and Thomas.

Thomas finished his bottle and Billy put him in the kitty litter so he got the idea that was the only place it was okay for him to pee or defecate in. Billy was pleased by how quickly Thomas was learning.

Billy looked at the mixer. ‘What’s the next step?’ he wondered, 
racking his brains. Billy began to fiddle with the mixer, ‘How the hell did this thing come off? Right, remove the lid first. Hell, do I need a degree to operate the stupid thing?’ He finally got the mixing bowl off, and headed towards the cake tin. It was then, Thomas 
decided to try and climb up Billy's legs. He howled as the claws dug in, and the cake batter went flying. As he wiped the batter out of 
his eyes, he saw that Mason had received his fair share of cake batter and Thomas was covered in it. He groaned.

Billy’s face and hair were covered in batter, and Mason, well how one little bowl of cake batter could seem to entirely cover a man as large as Mason was a mystery. Mason stopped talking to his mother and assessed the situation, the only noises in the room were Thomas’ scared cries and Mason’s mother’s voice, “Mason? Mason? What was that noise? Is everything okay? Son? Mason?”

“Oh, sorry mom, yes we’re okay, just a bit of a cake batter disaster, I need to go get the little family debattered. I’ll call you back this evening. I love you.” Mason put down the phone and erupted into laughter. “Well Fleming-Monroe’s we are quite the picture. Billy I think we need to get Thomas cleaned up first. He’s scared by all this gook on him, and I’m afraid he’ll get sick if he licks too much of the batter off himself. Mason began to fill the kitchen sink with warm water. “Monkey, can you go grab the hypoallergenic shampoo from under the sink in the guest bathroom, and bring down several towels?”

Mason picked up Thomas and gently placed the howling kitten into the warm water. Poor little Thomas’ cries became louder and higher pitched. The kitten wiggled and tried with all of his might to get out of Mason’s hands and the water. “Shhhh, Baby, Daddy’s got you. I’ll make you feel better. Shhhh. Billy and I’ll take good care of you little Thomas,” Mason cooed as he poured mugs of warm water over the kitten to loosen the thick cake batter covering his fur.

Billy returned with the shampoo and towels. “Babe, can you pour a few drops of the shampoo onto Thomas?” Mason began to softly massage the shampoo into Thomas’ fur; it helped to break up the batter and was quickly cleaning the little kitten. Mason looked over at Billy as he was shampooing Thomas, and Billy looked worried and nervous. Mason leaned into his lover and ran his tongue up Billy’s cheek. “Mmmm, that would have been a great cake, but it tastes pretty fabulous this way too. Don’t worry, Honey, it was an accident. I’m not mad, and Thomas is going to be fine. He might be a little angry for awhile about the bath.”

"It might cure him of wanting to climb me," Billy replied. Mason's use of Fleming-Monroe's had warmed his soul, and the Mason’s tongue had made a totally different area warm. He couldn't stop giggling, as Mason washed Thomas, who looked like a drowned rat. He accepted the wet kitten and began to dry him, ignoring the wails. "Poor baby," he crooned. "You'll be all better soon." He felt Mason's tongue running over him and he shivered in delight. "Need to keep Thomas warm," was all he could say, as he became hard.

Mason turned towards Billy. He placed a hand on Billy’s ass and began to massage the firm cheek and ran his other hand over the growing bulge in his partner’s pants. He continued to take small licks of batter off of Billy’s face. Mason stopped for a moment as he realized that Thomas’ cries had stopped and that the kitten was purring. “Seems like your not the only one feeling good right now Monkey,” Mason said. He looked over at Thomas and saw the little guy letting out a very large yawn. “I think he’s warming up, and is a bit exhausted from the experience. I’m going to go put the heating pad in his bed, why don’t you put him in a dry towel, and hopefully between the two, he’ll go down for nap while we clean up.”

With Thomas settled into bed and sleeping, Mason and Billy went to shower. They undressed each other, and as they did so, Mason continued to lick bits of cake batter off of Billy. “It’s good Monkey, you should taste some,” Mason said, taking a dollop of batter off of his face and placing on the tip of his penis.

Billy smiled wickedly. He started to lick Mason, concentrating on his lover's ears, one of Mason's erogenous zones. He 
slowly worked his way down Mason's body, hitting every pleasure point he'd learned during his time with Mason. He finally reached the penis and licked the batter off the tip. "You know," he said "I see more," and he swallowed as much of Mason's cock as he could.

Mason groaned with pleasure as Billy’s tongue did wonderful things to his cock. When Mason felt himself getting close to orgasm, he panted to his partner, “I think that’s clean enough, it has other places to be.”

Billy disengaged long enough to say, "Where?" and then went back to work. He was confident, he could take everything Mason had to give.

Mason placed a hand on either side of Billy's head, and slowly pulled his cock out of his partner's mouth. "Bend over and I'll show you," he said.

Billy bent over, touching his knees. Wondering what on earth Mason was talking about.

Mason walked around so he was standing behind his partner. He placed one hand on Billy's hip and with the other he pumped several squirts of lube into his palm. He smeared the lube around and once adequately slippery, he began to swirl his middle and index finger around Billy's tight opening.

Billy went weak at the knees, as Mason opened him. He moaned. "Feels good," he managed to utter. Mason slowly entered him, and Billy sighed at the sweet intrusion. The younger man opened his legs wider, moved his hands to the shower's wall, and began to move back onto Mason, taking him deeper, controlling the pace.

Mason stopped moving and enjoyed the rush of Billy riding him. He thought they must be a sight, these two naked men, fucking in a dry shower stall dripping in cake batter and sweat, wondering if life could get much sweeter, when he felt something furry rubbing against his leg. "Meow," Thomas spoke.

Billy faltered for a second, then picked up the rhythm again. "Thomas will just have to learn his Daddies' fuck," he said, "when ever and where ever we want. It's better he learns it earlier than later." The two men came together with a howl, startling Thomas out of the bathroom. Billy reached up and turned on the shower. "Time to clean up," he smiled up at Mason. "Cold shower anyone?"

Mason laughed, a full belly laugh that caused his whole body to shake. He pulled his Brat close to him, and the two men laughed together. "Poor Thomas, he maybe scarred for life," Mason said, kissing Billy passionately. "A warm shower will be lovely, Babe, I think you worked all the heat out of me."

The two men eventually emerged from the shower and Mason towel dried his Brat before he sent him to bed. He then dried himself, and went downstairs to turn off the oven. On his way out of the kitchen, Thomas peered around the corner of the kitchen island and gave Mason a pitiful look with his big baby blues. Mason smiled, and scooped the kitten up. "Come on baby, I think we could all use a nice nap after our afternoon hijinks."

Billy was sitting up in bed. "If he pees on the bed, it's your 
problem," he informed Mason.

"I think his little animal senses tell him that I rule this jungle, and he had best not pee in 
my lair." Mason lay down and pulled Billy into him so that Billy's head was resting on 
Mason's broad bare chest.

"You were wrong,” Billy said, “you know, earlier. I'm a Fleming, you're a Monroe, the only Fleming-Monroe in this household is Thomas."

Thomas trollopped up from the end of the bed, heading towards Billy and Mason via Mason's legs. He stopped when he got to Mason's groin, walked three little circles and lay down in Mason's lap and went to sleep. 

Mason and Billy watched as Thomas fell asleep, with Billy stroking Thomas' ears and 
Mason running his hands through Billy's hair. "Are you upset we had a baby out of wedlock, Monkey?"

"Funny man," replied Billy, a grin spreading across his face. "I was just pointing something out. I'm guess I'm trying to say, that maybe, we should start thinking about making this relationship formal." He hurried on, "I mean, think about it, we don't have to do it soon." Billy squirmed; he felt he was digging a huge hole. "I guess what I'm trying to say, is I'm madly in love with you, and never want to lose you."

Mason pulled Billy up into a big long kiss.

"Billy Fleming, did you just ask me to marry you?"

"I guess so," Billy replied, "After all we don't want all the other cats picking on Thomas." Billy laughed.

He sobered. "Mason Henry Monroe will you marry me?"

Mason felt tears grow in his eyes. "Yes, my love. Yes, I will marry you," Mason said, and once again he pulled Billy into a kiss.

The End

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Doctor's Appointment

Title: The Doctor’s Appointment
Authors: Tarabeth & Jo
Characters: Mason & Billy
Implement: Hand
Warning: Use of Suppositorie

It was a week after the first paddling, and Billy was busy at work, in his garage. He heard an irritating sound, and lifted his head. He stared with frustration, at the alarm clock Mason had given him earlier that week. A reminder that when the alarm went off, he had to stop work immediately, or suffer the consequences. Mason had somehow managed to disable the 'sleep' function. There was something niggling at him. "What was it Mason had told him as they staggered out of bed this morning?" He smiled, it was no surprise he’d forgotten after the mind blowing sex they'd had in the shower.

He frowned; it was something about the doctor. That was it. "Make an appointment with the doctor." He shrugged; he could do that tomorrow. 'There was no hurry,’ he told himself.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The alarm on Mason’s watch went off signaling it was lunchtime. Mason was unable to get the sex he and Billy had this morning off of his mind, and decided that a lunchtime quickie was called for. He texted his Brat, “Time for lunch Monkey, and I’m a very hungry man. I’ll be home in 10 minutes and I better find you naked and ready for me.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy smiled when he read the text message. He adjusted himself and headed home. He made it in 5 minutes, and stripped as soon as he hit the privacy of the kitchen. He reached into the fridge to pull out the frozen meals Mason had made the previous weekend. He put them into the microwave, and turned as he heard the front door open.

Mason entered the kitchen and pulled his naked lover to him for a kiss. "Mmm, you smell good Monkey. I wonder if you taste good too." Mason dropped to his knees and took Billy's cock into his mouth.

"Awwww," Billy arched in ecstasy, as Mason's extremely talented mouth went to work. "Good so good. God, Mason I'm not going to able to hang on," Billy gasped out.

Mason released Billy's cock from mouth and growled, "You'll hold on. Now, grab the table and bend over."

Mason stayed on his knees and moved up behind Billy. He separated his lover's cheeks and began to tease the handsome mechanic's opening with his tongue.

"Awwww," Billy gasped again, his senses were over loading. His hands scrambled for the edge of the table, it took all his willpower to keep from cuming too soon. He keened in need. "Please Mace. Want you in me," he begged.

"Later," Mason said, "right now, I'm having fun--and no touching your self."

Mason returned his mouth to his Brat's opening. He had only rimmed Billy a couple of times before, but each time he had made his Brat cum quickly. He loved that he could pleasure and excite Billy to that extent.

Mason's tongue ran circles around Billy's anus and dipped lightly in and out until Billy began to thrust from the force of his orgasm.

Mason turned Billy around to face him and gently began to clean him with a soft kitchen towel, but he again teased his Brat as he licked the last few drops of cum from the end of Billy's penis.

Mason then stood and drew Billy into a kiss.

"Hey, baby why don't you go hop in the shower. I'll finish cleaning this up and then come join you. We can eat lunch after we're showered."

"And I can take care of you in the shower," Billy replied, dancing out of range, his eyes sparkling. "You know I could get fond of hour long lunches," his voice floated back, as he headed towards the shower.

Mason's heart melted at the twinkle of sexuality, happiness, and health in Billy's eyes. It had only been a week, but regular sleep, balanced meals, and shorter hours seemed to be working their wonders on his Brat.

He finished cleaning up the kitchen, and made his way to the bathroom, shedding his uniform in their bedroom.

The big fireman than climbed into the shower and wrapped his arms around Billy's back and shoulders, making sure that Billy could feel his raging erection. Mason nibbled on Billy's ear before he whispered, "Still want me inside of you?"

Billy shuffled his feet to give Mason better access. "What do you think?" he asked, handing a bottle of lube to his lover. He moaned a minute later, at the sweet intrusion as Mason's cock slowly entered him. He braced himself against the shower wall and responded to Mason's thrusts, his voice rising to a wail as he got close to erupting. If he came first, it was by a bare millisecond, as he felt Mason shudder to completion.

"Oh God," Billy whispered. "Twice in 10 minutes is a record even for me." He grinned up at his lover, lathering up the soap. "Now we both need a shower," he said, and began to run his soapy hands all over Mason. He paid particular attention to his lover's balls and cock.

Mason enjoyed the attention Billy was giving him. He wished after the shower that they could both crawl into bed and spend the rest of the day making love, but they both had to get back to work. So, Mason ushered them through the rest of their shower, turned off the water, and told Billy they needed to get a move on, so they would still have time to eat before they had to return to their respective jobs. The two men quickly dried off, got dressed and went down to the kitchen.

While they stood around the kitchen counter eating, Mason asked, "Hey, Monkey, when is your doctor's appointment, I want to put it on the calendar?"

Billy suddenly became absorbed in his lunch. "I think I've managed to find that part for my truck," he said, brightly. Misdirection didn't often work with Mason, but Billy was willing to give it a try.

"William," Mason growled, "Do not change the subject. We’ve had a very nice lunch hour, and I don't think you want to go back to the garage with sore bottom. I'm not going to be upset if you haven't made the appointment yet; you can make it this afternoon, or I can make it for you. But. Do. Not. Lie. To. Me. Got it?"

"I'll make it this afternoon," Billy hurriedly said. The full name was not a good sign. "Promise," he smiled at Mason. "I wouldn't lie to you," he said, having had a few lessons that clearly demonstrated Mason's consequences for lies. Billy kissed Mason, hard, "Gotta go," he said, laughing at his lover's slightly glazed over eyes.

He rang the doctor's as soon as he got to the garage, and discovered they didn't have any evening or weekend appointments. "That sucks," he growled down the phone, and hung up. He couldn't take time off work, to go to the doctor's when he wasn't even sick. Surely Mason would understand that. Billy chewed his lower lip, shrugged and started to work on the cars, without resetting the alarm clock.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason’s eyes were still slightly glazed over when he entered the firehouse whistling.

Craig looked up at Mason and asked, “Enjoy your lunch?”

Mason couldn’t help a little blush. “Yes it was nice,” he replied.

All of a sudden a look of understanding came over Craig. “Oh, my God. You went home for a nooner!” Craig announced.

Mason grinned and blushed a little more. “That Lt. Pike is none of your business.”

Craig let out a belly laugh. “You so got laid.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason was out on a call when he realized it was past 6:00 p.m., and he hadn't received a text from Billy stating he was home and had started on dinner. Mason wasn't that worried; he just figured maybe his Brat had forgotten to send the text. Billy had been doing really well this week getting home on time.

As he was currently in the back of the ambulance monitoring his patient's vital signs, and wasn't able to contact Billy to check-on him; he asked Craig if he had happened to notice whether or not Billy's garage was open when they had passed it.

Mason let out a sad sigh when Craig informed him that, “Yes, the garage was indeed open.”

Billy jumped when he heard the phone ring. As he picked it up, he casually looked at the time, "Oh Fuck," was the first thing he said, into the phone.

As soon as Mason had handed his patient over to the team at the small hospital, he called his Brat. "Hi Monkey," Mason said sadly when Billy answered the phone. "I want you to close up the garage, go home and eat some dinner, and then find a corner and wait for me. I should be home in about 45 minutes."

He listened to Mason's orders over the phone. "Yes, sir," he said, in a quiet voice. "Mace, it was a mistake, honest. I didn't mean to break the rules," his voice broke, suddenly.

He followed Mason's orders to the letter, managed to choke down a ham and salad sandwich for dinner and set up one of the frozen meals for Mason. He then found "his" corner, and had been standing there for about 2 minutes when he heard the door open. He kicked the plaster; he hated standing in corners.

"Come here Baby," Mason said as he looked at his unhappy Brat. Mason held his arms open as Billy quickly fled the corner into his arms.

Mason sat down on the sofa, and pulled Billy onto his lap; he continued to embrace his sad mechanic, and began to rub light circles on his back. "What happened, Babe? How come you were so late?"

"I rang the doctor's, and got mad, and forgot to re-set the alarm," Billy said. "It wasn't until you rang, that I looked up at the clock." He leaned into Mason's chest. "I'm sorry."

"I know, Monkey." Mason continued to rub soothing circles on Billy's back. "Got mad?" he asked. "What made you mad when you called the doctor?"

"They don't have late night or weekend appointments," Billy complained. "Don't they know some people have to work for a living?" He snuggled into Mason, feeling safe.

Mason smiled, as he continued to cuddle his Brat. "Yep, Baby, a lot of doctor's offices don't have evening or weekend appointments. But, timing shouldn't be a problem for you anymore. I figure you worked two hours of overtime. Seeing as I charge time and half for overtime, I figure you owe me three work hours, which should be plenty of time for you to get a physical. I'll call in the morning and get booked in for the first available."

Billy sat straight up, "That's not fair," he pouted. "I don't charge overtime. I can't just take three hours off." He wilted under the look Mason gave him, "Okay, okay you're the boss," he grumbled.

Mason kissed the pouty face. "So, my sweet William, unless your overtime is approved, I am going to take it back at time in half. Now, if forgetting to set the alarm becomes a problem, it will become a spankable offense, and if unapproved overtime becomes a problem, it will also earn you a spanking and will be owed back to me at double time."

"Have I told you I hate it when you call me Sweet William? I'm not a bloody flower," he pouted. He hated it, when Mason felt the need to increase the rules; he always felt he'd let his Top down.

"Okay, Love, no more flower names."

Mason gently placed a hand on Billy's neck and head, ushering his Brat's head to rest on his shoulder. He then began planting light kisses on the top of Billy's head. "I love you, Billy Fleming, more than I have ever loved anything or anyone else. You are smart, handsome, humorous, an amazing mechanic, a fantastic lover, fun, silly, playful, and sexy as fuck! Now all that said, please know that nothing you say or do is going to change how I feel about you." Mason paused and took a deep breath. "How are you feeling about our relationship, and specifically how are you feeling about the discipline aspects of our relationship?"

"Well I don't like getting spanked," Billy replied, laughing. "It hurts." He smiled. "Having said that it makes me feel safe. I know I've got bad habits, and overwork. It's comforting to know you're there to rein me in, and enforce consequences. After you spank me, I feel forgiven." he rubbed his head. "This is hard to put into words," he complained. "It just feels right. Does that make sense?"

"It makes perfect sense, Baby," Mason said, hugging his Brat a little tighter. "Will you promise to tell me if it ever stops feeling right?"

"Yes," Billy replied.

"Come sit with me while I eat dinner," Mason said. "I think there is still some peach cobbler in the fridge if you want something sweet."

The two man sat and chatted about their days, Mason filled Billy in about his paramedic call. Billy told Mason of the classic GTO that came into the shop.

When Mason finished eating, he cleared the table and the two men washed the dishes and put the kitchen back in order. As Mason was putting away the last dishes he turned and asked, "Monkey you didn't tell me which doctor you wanted to see. So Dr. Miller is in his late 60's. I don't think he will ever retire." Mason smiled, "That man will still be seeing patients when he is 102. He is very nice, a good doctor always wears a bow tie, is just a good old-fashioned small town doctor.

Dr. Carter, she's my doctor, is in her late 30's a big Amazonian Dyke. She is very bright, kind and gentle. But, I don't know how you would,feel about seeing a woman. What do you think Monkey? Do you have a preference?"

Billy shrugged "Dr Carter, I guess," he said "If she's okay with you, it'll be fine with me. It's not as though she'll get off, on poking and prodding me," he grumbled.

Mason pulled Billy close for a hug.

Billy started to nibble Mason's neck, and his hands started to unbutton his lover's shirt. "I've eaten," he teased, "Now I need to exercise."

"Well if you NEED to, I really can't say, 'no,' can I?"

Mason unbuttoned Billy's pants, and slid his hand inside. He took hold of Billy's quickly hardening cock and began to gently stroke it.

Billy arched into Mason's hands. His hands trembled as he finished unbuttoning Mason's shirt. He started running his fingernails up and down Mason's back. He leant in and whispered in Mason's ear. “Did you know my most favourite exercise position is 69?" He smiled wickedly as he began to unbutton Mason's trousers.

Mason grunted as his erection was released from the constriction of his pants. Mason stood and let his pants drop to the floor. He swung his partner over his shoulder, stepped out of his pants, and carried Billy into the bedroom and threw him down on the bed.

"So, do you wanna be the six or the nine?" Mason teased.

"Six," Billy said, and suited the action to the word. He gently pulled Mason's cock into his mouth, and went to work on it. He knew Mason's likes and dislikes which, with his own natural inventiveness, were brought into play.

Mason closed his eyes and arched his back, thrusting into the warm, velvety, wet wonder that was Billy's mouth. Mason enjoyed the attention he was getting before his brain reminded him that he too was supposed to be performing.

Mason opened his eyes and locked them onto Billy's cock. He then wrapped one arm under his Brat's legs, raising Billy's knees. He cupped one of Billy's butt cheeks and engulfed his Brat's penis with his mouth. The fire captain than began to swirl his tongue around the head of Billy's cock, stopping occasionally to run his tongue over the opening.

'Lube, I need lube,' Mason's mind screamed. Mason scooted he and Billy closer to the edge of the bed, and reached a hand into the drawer of the bedside table and removed a tube. Flipping the lid open, Mason squeezed a few drops into the palm of his hand and then smoothed it over his fingers. Once he was lubricated, Mason began to trace circles around Billy's anus with his index finger, eventually dipping one and then two fingers past the entrance.

Billy moaned around Mason's cock as he felt Mason's fingers penetrate him. He knew he was very close to the edge, so he began to slowly swirl his tongue around the head of Mason's cock, alternating with taking as much as he could of Mason’s cock without gagging. He opened his throat and took everything that Mason gave him.

Mason smiled around Billy's cock as he heard his Brat moan at the intrusion. He then began to massage Billy's sweet spot as he continued to stimulate the Brat's cock with his mouth and tongue. It didn't take long for Billy to cum; Mason swallowed as he did, and then found himself ejaculating shortly there after.

"Oh wow," Billy said, as soon as he recovered his breath. "Do you know how much I love you? That was mind-blowing.” He said, snuggling into Mason's chest and before he fell asleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy didn't wake up again until the alarm went off, as usual at 6.30am. He rolled out of bed, and after relieving himself in the bathroom, headed to the kitchen. As usual he retrieved his jeans, white t-shirt and mechanic overalls from the laundry, and put them on. He started the coffee and took out the muesli, Mason insisted he eat, on weekday mornings. He wrinkled his nose although he admitted, if only to himself, that he quite liked it. He smiled as he set up two bowls and two cups of coffee and padded upstairs.

"Wake up, sleepy head," he said, cheerfully. "I've got to get to work. Will you ring me, when you've made the appointment, with the doctor?"

"Of course I will, Baby." Mason said sitting up and pulling Billy onto his lap for a kiss. "I'll meet you in the park at just after noon for lunch. Do you want anything special?"

Billy smiled, sweetly "Chocolate cake," he said. "You're the one who wants to fatten me up," he laughed. They ate together in comfortable silence and Billy got up and headed to the garage. He set the alarm clock for noon, and started to work.

Nothing went right that morning; he kept getting interrupted while working on a particularly difficult car problem. He just couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, and every time he thought he had it sorted, something else cropped up for him to deal with. By the time the alarm went off at noon, he was beyond frustrated. "Fuck it," he said throwing a wrench at the annoying sound, "I don't have time for fucking lunch." To be on the safe side, he quickly texted Mason, to inform him that lunch was off.

Mason walked through the large garage door at a little after 12:00 with Billy's lunch.

He had struggled to get through to the doctor's office all morning, so finally just walked the few blocks to the office to make Billy's appointment. Dr. Carter's office had just received a cancellation for the following morning and would be able to fit Billy in, but they wanted him to come by this afternoon to have blood drawn and give a urine specimen. They'd also give him all the new patient forms to fill out and bring with him in the morning. Mason was not looking forward to informing his Brat that he would need to leave the garage for an impromptu doctor's visit this afternoon.

After leaving the doctor's office, Mason walked over to the Maple Grill and picked up two tuna sandwiches, two small salads, two fruit cups, two iced teas, and a slice of chocolate cake with a large milk for Billy.

"Hey Babe," Mason called out. "I brought the food to you. I also finally got your doctor's appointment made. They've had a cancellation tomorrow morning at 8:30, you should be able to be back her by 10:00 am."

Mason watched as Billy rose up from the hood of the car he was working on with a look of frustration and anger. Mason knew he wasn't playing fair when he said, "I have chocolate cake."

"Did you not get my message," Billy snarled. "I don't have time for lunch." His eyes had flickered slightly, when Mason said the words, "chocolate cake."

"I may have time for a coffee and the cake," he admitted. "But after that I have a jam packed afternoon ahead of me. In fact, I was going to ask you if I could have an extra hour here to get the work done."

He scowled "I think it's only fair, as you insist I take time off, to go to the fucking doctor." Billy was still not happy about the upcoming doctor's visit.

Mason walked over to Billy, and engulfed him in a warm hug. "I love you, Monkey," Mason said.

Billy squirmed and argued, and Mason continued his embrace. "I love you--only focus on that," Mason whispered into Billy's ear.

"I love you," he continued to repeat until he felt Billy begin to relax and eventually heard his Brat's whisper of, "I love you too."

Mason continued to hold Billy. "Okay, I have the rest of the day off and am here at your disposal. I’ll be the shop slave." Mason felt Billy relax a bit more at this comment.

"Now I have a couple of questions for you," Mason said. "I will only accept a yes, no, a nod or a head shake of your head."

"Will your business fail if you eat lunch today?" Mason asked.

Billy began to argue, and Mason placed his hand on his Brat's bottom as a reminder of who was in charge. "Yes or no," Mason said.

Billy shook his head.

"Good. Will you explode or have any other type of spontaneous combustion or death if you eat lunch today?"

Billy gave Mason an exasperated look, and Mason gave a little squeeze to Billy's butt to instruct his Brat to answer.

Billy shook his head.

"Will the world collapse or implode if you take a break for lunch today?" Mason asked.

Billy shook his head.

"Thank God," Mason said with an err of relief. "Will your dick fall off if you eat lunch today?"

Billy raised his eyebrows at his Top, but also gave a bit of a smile and shook his head.

"Halleluiah!" Mason exclaimed. "Will my dick fall off if you eat lunch?"

Billy tried to hold back a laugh and again shook his head.

"Fabulous. I think we are safe to sit down and eat lunch then," Mason said as he simultaneously applied a kiss to his Brat's lips and a swat to his Brat's bum.

"You're impossible," Billy said, laughing.

“It’s my super power,” Mason said. He raised his hands over his head and struck a body builder’s pose. “I’m Mr. Impossible.”

Continuing to laugh, Billy said, "Okay I'll behave; I'll eat lunch. If you can watch the forecourt, serve anyone who wants petrol and answer the phone, I should be able to get these cars done." He twinkled at Mason. "You did say shop slave? Does that mean I get to have my wicked way with you later?" He bit into his tuna sandwich and realized how hungry he was as he polished it off, quickly.

Mason laughed at Billy’s suggestion. “Hmmm, your sex slave?” Mason pretended to give the question some serious thought, before he replied, “Nope.” He then applied a soft kiss to Billy’s nose. “But, if you behave yourself, I may have my wicked way with you later.”

Mason was happy to see Billy devour his sandwich, and was happy that it only took a small amount of coaxing and one threat of spending the rest of the day with a sore bottom to convince his Brat to eat the salad and fruit.

As they ate, Mason informed his partner that they would need to close the shop at 4:00 to go by the doctor’s office for his pre-physical tests. Mason stopped the argument when he promised Billy he could come back to the shop and finish his last hour of the day after the doctor’s visit.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

That evening Mason and Billy reviewed the patient history forms, and Mason went over with Billy what he could expect during the exam. Billy was okay with most of it; he figured he would be fine with the taking of his vital signs; the height, weight and eye exams; and probably the other non-invasive portions of the exam. But he was not very happy at the mention of the genital exam, anal pap, or the strong possibility of receiving a Tetanus-diphtheria booster—especially when Mason informed him that because of his current state of underweight--the shot would most likely be injected into his hip.

Mason ensured that he spent the evening in close proximity to his Brat. Providing lots of love, reassurances, and cuddles.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

When the alarm went off the next morning, and Billy declared he had changed his mind about attending his doctor’s appointment, Mason quickly swept down his Brat’s boxers and delivered three firm swats to Billy’s bare bottom. “Now my sweet Brat,” Mason said, “you will be
attending your appointment if I have to swing you over my shoulder and carry you there. But let me assure you that if that happens, you will have a very pink bottom for your first visit with Dr. Carter.” Mason than proceeded to explain to Billy exactly what behaviour was expected
of his Brat during his visit.

Just as with the previous evening, Mason kept Billy close to him over the course of the morning. Mason held Billy’s hand during the ride to the Doctor’s office, and he was thankful that Billy was called back to the exam room almost immediately upon their arrival.

Mason then proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes absent-mindedly turning the pages of a Highlights magazine hoping that Billy was coping alright.

Inside the exam room, Billy fidgeted, squirmed and answered the doctor's questions either non-verbally, or with as few syllables, as possible. He was not happy about visiting the doctor, and he didn't really care if she knew all about it. His height and weight were taken, and the doctor advised him, that at 120 pounds, he was under weight, and needed to put on at least 15 pounds. Billy grunted in response to this revelation. His eyesight was tested and Dr. Carter pronounced he had almost 20/20 vision. Billy made no comment to this.

Billy knew he was being difficult, but just at this moment he didn't really care. He'd forgotten that Mason was in the waiting room. It was then Dr. Carter asked Billy to disrobe, so she could do the physical exam. "Fuck, no," Billy yelled. "I ain't going to put up with you feeling me up. I'm sick of all this. I'm bloody leaving." He was not aware that his tantrum could be heard clearly in the waiting room. The exam room door opened and Billy twirled around and gulped. "Hi Mason," he said weakly. "I thought you'd left."

“Nope,” Mason said as he pulled Billy into a hug. He began to whisper so only Billy could hear. “I know this sucks, Monkey. If I could let you skip it I would, but this is very important. I need you to be my strong brave partner for the next twenty to thirty minutes. Then it’ll be all over. I bet you could even get a lollypop after your shot.” Mason had thought his attempt at humour might calm his Brat, but instead he got an angry look and angrier response. “I’m not a fucking baby, Mason!”

Mason’s voice turned firm. “No, Billy you’re not. You are my love, and as my partner it is your responsibility to our relationship to have a yearly physical.”

Mason still didn’t feel like he was getting through to Billy, so he decided to go for a bit of adult humour, turning to Billy, his whisper was gruff and sexual. “If you behave yourself for the rest of your exam, I’ll suck your lollypop later.”

Finally, Mason noticed his Brat smile and relax. “Do you want me to come in with you for the rest of the exam?”

"Yes," Billy whispered, for Mason's ears only. "Stay with me." He looked at Dr. Carter, "Is it okay for Mace to stay with me?" he asked. He blushed "I'd also like to say, I'm sorry for swearing at you. I just think this is a waste of time." He shot a glance at Mason, "But if an annual physical is what my partner wants, then I guess I can take it."

The rest of the examination went smoothly. Billy was given a clean bill of health, and reminded he needed to put some weight on, and to make sure he ate balanced meals. The injection site hurt, and he demanded the lollypop that the doctor usually reserved for kids, shooting Mason a look that clearly said he intended to take up his partner’s other offer, later. They stepped out into the sunshine. "Lover, as much as I'd love to hang out with you, I have to get back
to work," Billy sighed, rubbing his eyes. "I didn't sleep much last night," he said. "Too worried."

It was just a little after nine, so Billy would be able to get in almost a full day at the garage. Mason really just wanted to take his Brat home and put him to bed, and he was pretty sure that if really pressed--it was probably also what Billy wanted. But Mason also knew this was not a good time to press his Brat. Poor Billy had been pressed and poked enough this morning.

Mason pulled Billy in for a hug, and gently ran his hand over Billy’s hip where he had received the tetanus shot. “That’s going to hurt for a couple of days honey, you may want to sit on an ice pack if you’ve got much sitting to do today.” Kissing Billy’s nose and then his lips, he said, “I love you, Baby. I’ll see you at the garage at noon for lunch. I don’t want any text messages today.”

Mason arrived at the garage a little before twelve. Billy looked flushed and exhausted. Before even a kiss or hug, Mason rested his hand on Billy’s forehead, feeling for a fever. He led Billy over to the small table where they normally ate lunch and sat him down, with a light kiss to the top of head. “I brought lasagna and garlic bread, go ahead and get started; I’ll be right back.”

Mason returned a couple of minutes later with the large first aid kit from his truck. He was already shaking down the thermometer. Mason sat down next to Billy. “Open your mouth, Honey,” Mason instructed.

Billy gave Mason a dirty look and shook his head.

Mason smiled and shook his head back at his Brat. “Oh, my little Monkey, I don’t think you want to do that. I have always been a firm believer that Brats should have their temperatures taken rectally, as a firm reminder of who is in charge and of who is committed to getting
them better. So, I’ll just tell you that if you shake me off again, I’m just going to get other thermometer and take you over me knee. I much prefer doing it that way, so if that’s the way you want to go, I’ll have no problem.”

"Kinky," Billy said, shooting Mason a venomous look, as he obediently opened his mouth. He didn't feel well, but he was going to be damned if he let Mason know it. He refused to look Mason in the face and played with the lasagna.

“Did you ever doubt my kinkiness, Monkey?” Mason smiled, but got no response from Billy.

The thermometer beeped and Mason removed it from Billy’s mouth. His smile quickly turned to a frown as he read, “100.6,” to Billy. “Okay Babe, you stay here while I close up the shop.”

When Billy began to protest, Mason’s voice turned very stern, and he placed his index finger against Billy’s lips. “There will be no arguing Billy. You are going home and going to bed. Any argument will be viewed as direct disobedience, and I will take down your pants and spank you right here before I take you home and put you to bed.

I’ll bring home your invoices and call your customers and will also make myself available to come down and open the shop for anyone whose car is ready to be picked up. Keys please,” Mason said holding out his hand.

His heart sank as he noticed a tear rolling down Billy’s cheek. Mason
sat down and scooped his Brat onto his lap.

"I can't close the garage," Billy said, "I'm not sick. I can't be sick. It's all your fault you're the one who wanted me to go to the
doctor." Billy was in a full-blown tantrum, and as usual his mouth ran away with him. "I'm not giving you the keys." The tears were more frustration than anything. He twisted off Mason's lap and stood in front of him, glaring. Their eyes met briefly and Billy dropped his eyes first. ‘Shit,’ he thought to himself, ‘Why did I do and say that?’

Well, Mason thought Billy had been asking for this spanking for the last couple of days. So, they might as well get it over with now.

Mason stood up and walked over to the garage door; he pulled it closed and then walked to the office door, flipped the sign over to closed, and turned the dead bolt lock. Mason then turned to his Brat, and snapped his fingers and pointed to the ground in front of him. “Come here now Billy.”

Billy's head snapped up. He knew that tone of voice, and he knew that snap of the fingers. He moved over reluctantly to where Mason indicated. "Mason, there's no need to over-react," Billy pleaded. "I'm sick, remember."

He knew he'd finally pushed Mason too far, and as usual was regretting every event that had led to this conclusion. He never, ever, second-guessed the DP arrangement he and Mason had. It made him feel safe, secure, loved and above all set boundaries to help him with life. He valued his relationship above all else, but hated getting spanked. He heard Mason's dry voice in his head, ‘that's why it's called punishment, Monkey.’

“Don’t worry, Baby,” Mason said sill using his firm tone of voice, “I’m not over reacting, I believe this is the perfect reaction, and
the one that you jumped right into.” Mason withdrew the shop keys from Billy’s pocket, and began to unzip Billy’s coveralls. He slipped them over Billy’s shoulders, and pulled them down so they pooled around his legs. Mason then sat down and unbuttoned and unzipped Billy’s jeans. The jeans along with his Brat’s boxer shorts were quickly pulled down, joining the coveralls. Mason draped Billy across his lap, and anchored him there by placing his arm around Billy’s waist and holding him close. Mason ran the palm of his other hand over Billy’s bare bottom, and noticed that his left butt cheek was a bit swollen. The fire captain decided that this was going to have to be a one cheek spanking, and raised his hand landing it firmly on the sit spot of Billy’s right cheek. His Brat’s tears and cries started quickly, but Mason kept up his sturdy pace of focusing all of his attention to that one cheek, ensuring it was an unhappy shade of pink before he finished.

After the last swat, Mason gently soothed the chastised bottom with a few gentle rubs; he felt his Brat begin to adjust so he could begin his post spanking comforting. “I’m finished spanking Baby, but I’m not quite finished back here,” Mason said.

Billy turned his head and watched as Mason withdrew a packet of KY and a small box from his first aid kit.

“Mace?” Billy said, as he looked at his partner with wide eyes. Mason had been as thorough as he always was. Half of his butt felt on fire, and the half just ached. He couldn't quite believe that when the spanking was over, Mason had pulled out the KY. Sex was the last thing he was interested in at that moment.

Mason knew his partner would most likely quickly fall asleep in his arms, given his fever, lack of sleep, and the emotional release of the spanking. He also knew that given the fever, lack of sleep, and tattered emotions, he was still likely to get a fight when he tried to get Billy to take some Tylenol. Given all of that, Mason decided it would be much easier, given Billy’s present position to gently slip a couple of acetaminophen suppositories into his Brat’s bottom.

Mason popped the suppositories out of their foil packets, ripped open the lube packet with his teeth, and coated his finger with the slippery substance. “Shhh, Monkey,” Mason soothed. “I’m just going to give you some medicine to help bring down your fever. I’ll be quick and gentle.” Mason was true to his word; he parted Billy’s cheeks and carefully slipped the medicine inside Billy’s rectum.

Billy stiffened in outrage, when Mason inserted the suppositories. Then he felt himself pulled into a hug, and soothing circles on his back as his tears drenched the front of Mason’s shirt.

“It’s okay, love. I’m all finished. I love you. Shhhh. You should start feeling better soon,” Mason cooed to his partner.

Billy relaxed, as he let Mason sooth him. He looked up at his Top, "You are kinky," he said, hiccuping slightly. "You seem obsessed with my butt."

He snuggled deeper, "I guess I did kind of ask for that spanking," he said, and his fever flushed cheeks, pinkened a little more. "I don't feel too good," he admitted. "Take me home, please." Billy closed his eyes, and fell asleep in his lover's arms.

Mason stood Billy up, a difficult task when you have a Brat who when exhausted can become the soundest of sleepers. Holding on to Billy with one arm, Mason first pulled up Billy’s boxers, which elicited a little whimper and hiccuped breath from the young mechanic. Mason then brought up Billy’s jeans and coveralls, he fastened the jeans and zipped the coverall up just to the waist, before he picked up Billy and carried him to his truck. After depositing Billy into the passenger seat, Mason went back and picked up their lunch, the invoices for all the cars in the shop, his first aid kit and then locked up the garage.

When they got home, Mason carried Billy into the house, removed Billy’s shoes, coveralls and jeans and tucked his sleeping partner into bed. Mason went downstairs and called Craig, asking his partner to call in one of the reservist firefighters for the next couple of days while he attended to his sick partner. He then called Billy’s customers, arranging pick-up times for the cars that were ready, and apologizing to those whose service was delayed. Mason than took a container of chicken soup from the freezer so it could begin to defrost, and ate a bit of the lasagna before he joined Billy in bed.

Mason felt Billy stir as he climbed into bed. “Come here my sick little Brat,” Mason instructed. Billy scooted over and rested his head on Mason’s chest. Mason gently stroked the sweaty hair off of Billy’s forehead and planted light kisses on his Billy’s head. “You’ll feel better soon. I promise.”

Mason lay awake listening to Billy’s soft snores for quite awhile before he once again kissed his sleeping Brat. “I love you Billy Fleming, but we need to seriously work on your temper tantrums,” Mason softly whispered before he joined Billy in sleep.

The End.

Copyright Tarabeth and Jo 200