Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Green Eyed Monkey

Title: The Green Eyed Monkey
Authors: Tarabeth, Jo, Carol
Characters: Mason & Billy, plus a bit of Jay and Quinn
Implements: hand, paddle

Craig had finally returned from paternity leave, and Mason was glad to have a few days off. Although Billy was still working, Mason planned to spoil his husband during their lunch hours. Yesterday, he had fun sexually teasing his Brat, when Billy came home for lunch; Mason fed him a warm bowl of soup with freshly baked bread. After lunch he instructed Billy to go upstairs, get naked and lie on their bed with his butt in the air.

Billy blushed and danced off to the bedroom to follow his Top’s instructions.

Mason arrived in the bedroom and retrieved lube and the butt plug from the bedside table. He spent time slowly opening and preparing his Brat to take the plug. Mason then slowly inserted the plug, and instructed Billy to get dressed and get back to work. Mason expected the plug to stay firmly in place until Billy got home from work, promptly at five, at which point Mason would remove it and fuck Billy silly.

It had been a fun day. Mason spent the afternoon, getting hard anytime he thought of his Brat working on cars, firmly plugged, and their night had been everything he’d expected.

Today, Mason had packed a gourmet picnic. He was meeting Billy in the park at noon.

As Mason drove to the park, he heard the call go out over his radio, and waved as Craig and one of the volunteer EMTs drove past, on their way to the Crown Land Meadow on an emergency medical call.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy was dancing impatiently. Mason had not seen fit to explain to him what was gong on at lunchtime today. He guessed as they were going to be in public, so another session with the butt plug was unlikely. He hardened at the thought. He didn't know who'd been more frantic the night before him or Mason.

He saw Mason in the distance and waved at him to get his attention.

Mason smiled with delight when he saw Billy. He loved that his heart still pitter-pattered at the sight of his husband. Mason gave Billy a big hug and kiss when he arrived.

"Hi there, my love. I have a surprise for you." Mason decided to spoil his husband by serving desert first, knowing it would make his Brat drool with pleasure. Mason poured Billy a cup of coffee, with milk and sugar, and then handed his love a big slice of black forest cake, whip cream, cherries and all.

Billy drooled. His man was such a romantic. He took a big bite out of the cake, ending up with a big dollop of cream on the end of his nose. He laughed and reached over to kiss Mason, cream and all. "I love you," he said, eyes sparkling, as they disengaged.

Mason had selected a secluded part of the park. He and Billy had a lovely view of everything going on, but they were nicely hidden under a tree--a perfect spot for kissing and cuddling.

Mason filled his fork with a large bite of chocolate cake, and fed it to his beloved. Just as he was removing the fork from Billy's mouth he saw Jay fly over the trashcan and then the bench. "God damn it," Mason uttered. "That damn kid is going to kill himself; I need to have a more serious conversation with Jackson."

"Hey you," Billy teased, although there was a slight edge to his voice "You're supposed to be spoiling me, not eyeing up other Brats." Billy had early on picked up the tell tale signs of another discipline relationship between Jack and Jason.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Jay headed out towards the library park. He quickly glanced around to make sure the pain in the ass, fire captain, was not around, or the cute cop that patrolled the area.

Jay did a few practice runs up and down the sidewalk, jumping over a trashcan, and a bench. The board handled like a dream. Jay headed over to the steps with the handrails; he bent his knees and grabbed the edge of the in board in one swift move. He was up, and then sliding down the handrails, but just as he went to jump the opening between rails, the board shifted under his feet. Jay flew through the air, landing first on his shoulder, and then sliding ten or twelve feet on his side, before his head stopped the slide, by hitting the cement flower box. Jay shouted in pain as he felt and heard a pop in his arm, and then again when he heard and felt the thunk of hitting his head. His world went black.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason gave Billy a smile and was leaning in to kiss his darling jealous Brat, when he saw Jason flying through the air. Mason grabbed the keys from his pocket and placed them in Billy’s hand. “Go to my truck now and grab both my first aid kits,” he instructed Billy.

Billy gave Mason a confused look.

“Jay’s had a bad fall, go now,” Mason ordered, pointing towards the truck.

Billy took off in the direction Mason had pointed. "Where did he park the fucking truck?" Billy looked around spying it and headed for it at a dead run.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason unhooked his radio from his hip and started speaking as he ran towards the limp body. He alerted dispatch that he was responding to an injured skateboarder and was patched through to the medical centre.

Mason arrived by Jay’s side, as Jay was coming to. “Jay, Jason, this is Mason. Do you know where you are?”

Jay’s eyes opened then closed, he tried to shake his to get his bearings straight. He opened his eyes again and saw Mason staring at him, "On the ground dude." Jay told him as he tried to get up.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason placed his hands on either side of Jay's head, to hold it still. "Jay, I need you to lay still 
so I can check you out." Mason looked down into Jay's eyes, checking his pupils. He did a 
quick assessment noting that Jay's arm was fractured and bleeding. 

Billy had brought both first aid kits, the normal car one and the paramedic one. "Here you go," he said.

"Thanks baby,” Mason said as he took hold of his gear.

"Why don't I go get Craig and we can 
carry on with our picnic?"

"Craig's out on a call, Baby, It's just me for a while. Hold my radio. Remember when I showed you 
how to use it?" Mason asked. "We're patched through to the hospital. I want you to relay 
what I say to them. Okay?"

"Yeah," Billy replied. "I remember." He noted absently that Jason was very handsome. He shook his head "Get a grip," he said to himself "You know this guy is partnered to Jack."

Mason opened his first aid kit and pulled on a pair of latex gloves, and grabbed his scissors. 
"Jay, I need to get a better look at your arm and shoulder, I'm going to cut open your shirt."

"No, it’s brand new dude, just pull it off." Jay told the big man, and he tried to pull the shirt off himself. "FUCK!" Jay yelled.

"Jason!" Mason's voice grew very stern. "I need you to lie still now, so you don’t injure yourself anymore. Do you understand me?"

Billy bit back a smile. "Better listen to him dude," he said, "He ain't kidding around." Billy knew Mason's Top voice when he heard it.

"Just let me up so I can go home,” Jay demanded. Jay tried to fight Mason off, but stopped when he felt a wave of nausea. He closed his eyes tight and tried to roll onto his side. "Sick!" Jay said.

Mason helped Jay onto his side. “Take slow breaths,” Mason instructed. Jay’s breathing returned to normal, and Mason ran soft circles on his back, until he was sure Jason wasn’t going vomit, and then he rolled Jay onto his back. “Better?” Mason asked. He brought his voice down to a more calming tone. “Okay, sweetheart, I know you’re scared. I can’t let you go home, you’re going to have to go to the hospital. I’ll take good care of you until you get there. Now, why don’t I have Billy call Jack, and you be good and lay still for me while I finish checking you out?”

"What am I, a fucking telephone exchange?" Billy asked. "And he's not your fucking sweetheart I am." Billy crossed his arms but wilted at the look Mason shot him. "Ok, grab his cell phone and I'll call Jack."

"He's out of town, and I don't know when he'll be home." Jay told Mason. Jay licked his dry lips. "And you can't take me if I don't want to go."

Billy was still cowed by the look Mason had given him, but he did roll 
his eyes. ‘Stupid bastard,’ he thought to himself. ‘Mason doesn't take no for an answer.’

"You are correct, I can't take you if you don't want to go. But, if you aren't going to let me take you to the hospital for your own health, than I think you need to think of your partner. Jack loves you very much and he would be devastated if you had a bad head injury that you let go untreated. And whether he is out of town or not, he would want to know, and needs to know that you are hurt." Mason looked over at Billy, giving him a very stern look about his recent behavior. "Billy, please call Jack and tell him that Jay has had a skateboarding accident and needs to go to the hospital."

Billy picked up the phone and dialed Jack. He explained the situation to Jack and then reported back. "Hey prat," Billy said, somewhat shaken with Jack's use of his Top's protective voice. "Jack says to calm down and listen to Mace. He'll be 
back as soon as he can." He shivered at the LOOK Mason gave him, and he 
thought Jack had been scary. His blood ran cold.

"Fine, my medical, information’s in my wallet." Jay told him. "He's going to kill me," Jay mumbled out loud.

"He's not going to kill you, he loves you," Mason said. As Jay settled, Mason placed a bandage on his arm and secured it in a brace. "Thank you," Mason said to Jay.

"William, I don't know what has gotten into you, but I expect it to stop right now. I need your help, not your attitude." Mason took an IV out of his bag. "Jason, I need to start an IV. Don't worry you won't feel a thing. I promise." Mason quickly and expertly started Jay's IV, and handed the bag to Billy. "Please hold that up for me, Monkey, while I finish examining Jay."

Billy chanted a litany in his head ‘I'm dead, I'm dead.’ Mason's use of his proper name, sent him right back to the bed and breakfast during their honeymoon.

Mason ran his hands down Jay's body, examining his abdomen, hips and legs. "Okay Jay, I need to check out your back, I'm going to roll you over, this may hurt a bit."

Mason rolled Jay over, and discovered that Jay had ripped out the back of his jeans. His butt and upper thighs were pretty badly scratched. "Jay, honey," Mason tried to sooth Jay knowing he was on the verge of a major outburst. "I'm going to cut your pants off. I need to get the material away from your abrasions."

"Cut my pants off. Dude, nothing’s on under them," Jay whispered to Mason.

Billy couldn't hold back a laugh when Jay's whisper reached him.

Mason gave Jay a sad smile. "Sorry kiddo, but I think you’d rather be embarrassed than have to deal with the ED staff trying to get your pants off if that blood clots. I'll just cut off what I need to, and I'll keep you covered in the front, okay?"

Jay let out a sigh. "Yeah alright, go ahead." Jay told him. He turned his head toward Billy. "What’re you laughing at?" Jay asked.

"You, man. You're lying there with a busted arm and you're worried you don't have underpants on. Didn't you listen to your mother about wearing clean underpants in case you had to be taken to hospital?" Billy laughed, "Jeez it's not like you've got anything special."

"Fuck you asshole." Jay tried to give Billy the finger but it was difficult with one arm tied down to his chest, and the other one with an IV hanging out of it. "And my mom could hardly care less if I was alive or dead, say nothing about clean underpants." Jay snapped back.

Mason looked at Jay, and gave him a wink. "I'll bet you ten bucks, my husband's going commando."

"Lucky guess," Billy accused Mason.

Jay let out a laugh, but stopped because it made his arm hurt. "Why couldn't you find Winnie the Pooh Underoos for him?” Jay asked with a smiled.

"Fuck you man," Billy replied. "You interrupted a great picnic with your fucking accident. Bloody show-off."

Mason reached over and applied a firm swat to Billy's butt. "I don't want to hear one more word from you, unless I give you permission to speak."

Mason reached into his bag and withdrew a vial and syringe from his bag. As Jay began to laugh at Billy, Mason swabbed Jay's hip and injected the painkiller. "That goes for you too, Jason. I don't think Jack would be very thrilled with your behaviour today. So, from now on you are both are going to do EXACTLY as I say. There will be no arguments!"

"Sorry." Jay told him.

Billy jumped. ‘Shit,’ he thought to himself, that swat really 
stung. "Yes sir," he muttered, glaring at Jay.

"Owww! You're not..." Jay stop short at the look Mason gave him. "Fine," Jay snapped.

Mason relayed Jay's vitals for Billy to relay to the hospital. The hospital informed the group that Craig had just arrived with his patient, and as long as Jay was stable, they would have Craig leave to pick up Jay as soon as he reported on his patient.

Mason cleaned and bandaged the scrapes and cuts on Jay's hip and buttocks. He than placed a blanket on the ground underneath Jay, and covered him up with another. Mason did another assessment of Jason's wounds, and checked his pupils and mental status. "Okay, Jay it shouldn't be too much longer before we can get you to the hospital. How's your stomach feeling? Are you still feeling nauseous?"

"Yeah it's fine for now," Jay told him. When Mason went to stand up Jay grabbed his hand and pulled him down. "Umm, Mason can you go with me, please? And stay until Jack gets back, ‘cause I don't like hospitals?" Jay asked giving Mason a scared look and a weak smile.

Mason brushed Jay's hair out of his eyes. "Of course I will, honey. I've got the day off, so I can stay with you as long as you need. Jack’s a good friend, and I wouldn't want him to worry that you were all alone." Mason continued to softly brush Jay's hair, as it seemed to be calming him. He looked up towards Billy, who had also calmed, and was quietly holding Jay's IV. He gave his Brat a wink and a smile. "Jay, did Jack ever tell you about the time I was baby-sitting him, and he put a snake in the mail box to scare our mail lady?"

Billy was quietly fuming. ‘Why the hell did Jason want Mason? Craig would stay with him if he was that scared.’ He kept quiet; he knew he'd pushed Mason about as far as he could.

"No, he hasn't told me about that." Jay told him feeling much calmer now than he had been a few minutes ago. Jay was so relaxed without meaning to he pushed his head into Mason’s hand and let out a soft purring sound.

Mason smiled at Jay's purring. "I'm glad that shot is doing some good, kiddo. Hmmm, let's see…” Mason continued with the story, but also noticed that his Brat was still brooding. He placed a hand on Billy's knee, blew him a kiss, and mouthed, 'thank you,’ before he continued with the story.

The hand on the knee and the mouthed, ‘thank you,’ didn’t mollify Billy. He had to reign in his temper, when he saw Jason move his head into Mason's hands, and start purring. If Jason hadn't been hurt already, he'd have punched him in the mouth. It didn't occur to him that if Jason hadn't been hurt, the situation wouldn't have occurred.

Jay gave Mason a sweet smile, and without thinking he gave the back of Mason hand a gentle rub. Jay let out a yawn, "No, don't stop that feels nice." Jay said through half closed eyes, when Mason stopped rubbing his head.

Mason resumed smoothing the hair off Jay’s forehead until he finished telling the story of the time he paddled Jackson with a wooden spoon.

"Wow my Jack was a total brat as a kid huh?" Jay giggled. "We have a snake her name is Amie." Jay told Mason. Jay licked his dry lips. "Thirsty," Jay told him.

Billy winced and felt some sympathy with Jack. His jealously factor was rising as he saw Jason touch Mason's hand. "Hands off," he growled unable to say silent any longer. "He's my husband not your play toy," he hissed.

"Huh??" Jay said, sounding a bit confused.

Mason was thankful to see Craig pulling up in the ambulance. "Give me just a minute, kiddo," Mason said to Jay. He stood and took the IV from Billy, and pulled his husband into a hug, and whispered into his ear. "I'm sorry this has been so hard for you, baby. I love you, and only you. Part of my job is to calm and reassure my patients, that's what I was doing for Jay. I did nothing for him that I wouldn't for any other patient, because I always think about how would I want someone to take care of you, if I couldn't be there. Now look Craig's here, and I need to help him get Jay into the ambulance, and your lunch hour is over. I'm sorry our picnic didn't go as planned. I owe you one, okay. I'm going to go to the hospital with Jay, while you back to the garage, and you and I can talk more about this tonight. I love you. Now can I have a kiss?"

Billy gave Mason a peck on the cheek, turned around and stomped back to the garage. He carefully made sure to set the alarm clock, and Micky wise in his generation said nothing. He'd seen Billy in a temper tantrum many times before.

The alarm went off at 4.45 and very nearly collected a wrench. "I can't go home like this," Billy thought to himself. A wicked idea came to him. He smiled, as he texted Mason, "Going to Pool Hall. Meet me there?"

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason spent most of the rest of the afternoon in the Emergency Department with Jason and Jack. Once he knew things were settled; he said his good byes.

His heart ached at Billy's anger and jealousy. He wanted to comfort his
Brat, but Billy also needed to understand the demands of Mason's job. Mason felt his phone vibrating M-O-N-K-E-Y. " He looked at the text and frowned. Mason responded to Billy's text. "Not tonight Baby. I'd rather you came home. I'd like to spoil, cuddle and fuck you into forgiving me for this afternoon. I'll be home in 15 minutes in the shower waiting for you. I love you with all my heart, my sweet Monkey."

Billy smiled. A night of cuddling, snuggling and fucking was just what the doctor ordered. Maybe Mason wasn't as interested in Jason as he suspected. He knew Jack and Jay were partners, but he had a sneaking thought that Mason would be interested in a threesome. He'd wondered occasionally, if Mason and Jack had ever been lovers.

When he walked into the house, he heard the shower going. He stripped as he walked up the stairs, and walked into the bathroom. He caught his breath; he always forgot how handsome Mason was, when naked. "Room for a little one?" he asked with a wicked grin.

"Only if he's ready to forgive me for cutting our picnic short," Mason said pulling Billy close, and devouring him with a kiss. "I love you so much. I'm sorry." Mason slowly ran his hands over Billy's hips, and pressed his growing erection against Billy's pelvis. "What can I do to make it up to you?"

"I guess you can fuck me into memory loss," Billy replied, laughing. "And feed me lots of freshly baked chocolate cake for the next week." His eyes danced and he returned the kiss whilst gently stroking his husband's rapidly growing cock.

Mason grunted at the attention Billy was paying him. "Oh, is that all you want. I guess I'll have to sell the ticket's I got to the classic Mustang show in Kelowana this weekend."

"Don't you dare," Billy replied, "Fuck me, feed me, and take me to the car show and I'll forgive you the picnic." The smile was wider, and he went down to his knees, and took Mason into his mouth.

Mason pulled his cock out of Billy's mouth. "I thought this was supposed to be all about you," Mason said. He helped Billy to stand, pushing his Brat up against the wall, and kissing him passionately. Mason pushed his tongue into Billy's mouth, tasting himself along with the luscious flavours of his husband.

Mason pumped lube onto his hand, and slipped his arm under Billy's knee. He raised Billy's leg, and shimmied two fingers inside his wanting lover. As Mason stretched and tantalized Billy with his fingers, Billy began to purr with pleasure. The handsome fireman removed his fingers and slicked his throbbing cock. He pushed Billy's knee up farther, and buried his cock deep inside his sweet little tramp.

Billy moaned in pleasure as Mason entered him. "I hope you're 
enjoying as well," he managed to gasp, as Mason began to smoothly 
move inside him. And then just gave himself over to the pleasure of 
his big, handsome fireman moving in and out of him hitting his sweet 
spot with every thrust. He began to emit a high-pitched keen of 

Mason brought Billy over the edge, and then came himself. He had to physically support his husband as he washed and dried him. Mason carried Billy to bed, and then brought a tray of dinner and a bottle for Thomas to the bedroom. Thomas demanded feeding first, so Billy cuddled and fed Thomas, while Mason cuddled and fed Billy strawberries and small bites of roast beef sandwiches.

Billy sighed, he was so happy. He firmly pushed his jealously into a little box and screwed the lid down. Thomas finished his bottle and headed off downstairs to use his box. Billy laughed, deeply in his throat "Now the kid's left, let's fuck again," he said, to Mason, his eyes dancing. "Unless you're feeling old today."

"Old?" Mason said with outrage. "Did you see me out there saving lives today?" Mason turned and flexed his muscles and flashed a grin at his husband.

Billy grinned back. "My hero," he replied laughing. "Leaping fallen skateboarders with a single bound." He fell off the bed, he was laughing so hard.

Mason helped Billy up from the floor and began to tickle his Brat. "Are you laughing at me, Monkey?" he asked as he tortured his naked husband with soft light strokes of his fingers.

"Would I do that," Billy replied, writhing under his husband's assault. He turned the tables and began to tickle Mason back, targeting all his erogenous zones. He saw Mason grow hard again, "Not so old," he said in appreciation.

"Listen here, Brat, I'm not old!" Mason said. He rubbed his hardening cock against Billy's belly. "Older than you, does not mean old." Mason kissed Billy to stop his laughing. He took hold of his husband's butt cheeks and squeezed and massaged them, turning Billy's laughs to moans of content and satisfaction.

"Grumpy Top," Billy accused, his eyes still dancing with amusement. He trailed his finger butterfly light over Mason's back. "I love you," he whispered into Mason's ear. "I don't ever want to lose you."

"I love you, too," Mason said, gently biting Billy's bottom lip. Mason dipped his finger into Billy's cleft, and swirled it around Billy's opening. "Don't worry, love, I won't ever let you get lost."

Billy just moaned, drowning in sensation. "Nice," he whispered and his hand slowly moved down Mason's body, to finally encircle his Top's hard cock. He then claimed Mason's mouth in a long, deep kiss.

Mason's finger inched inside of his lover, and slowly massaged. He withdrew his finger and again massaged Billy's firm cheeks. His thumbs rubbed the inside of the cheeks, and he inserted one of his thick thumbs into his partner, getting Billy ready to take him. "Raise your legs, Baby," Mason instructed.

Billy eagerly complied and soon felt the sweet burn of intrusion as Mason smoothly slid into him. "Feels so good," was all he was able to say as waves of pleasure crashed over him, leaving him only with screams of ecstasy.

Mason came and joined in Billy's euphoria. Billy lowered his legs and cuddled into his husband. Mason tucked Billy's head under his chin and rubbed his lover's back. The two men enjoyed a short period to relish in their afterglow, before there was a furry orange thing standing on top of them demanding to be included in the cuddle. Mason used his free hand to press the kitten to his chest, and provide the petting that Thomas required.

Billy laughed, as he petted Thomas as well. "I guess that's it then," he said, "Time to sleep." He rolled over and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning, he was the first one awake, as usual. "Mace wake up," he said shaking his lover. "I've got to go to work and I want a good morning cuddle."

Mason awoke and pulled Billy down on top of him. "Mmmmm, good morning my love," he said. "I've got to take Thomas to the Vet for his immunizations this morning, but I was hoping we could meet for lunch, the Maple Grill maybe, what do you think?

"Sounds good. I hope they've got their chocolate cake on this time," Billy said, his eyes twinkling with laughter. "Thomas is not going to like you at all," he continued. "I'm going to be his favourite Daddy forever."

Billy walked downstairs and put the coffee onto brew. Something seemed out of place and he looked around confused. His face clouded, when he saw the skateboard sitting in the corner. He got into his jeans, t-shirt and mechanics overalls, poured a couple of cups of coffee and took one up to Mason.
"Why is Jason's skateboard in our kitchen?" he asked, his voice a bit sharp. "You ain't going to visit the little toerag today are you?"

"Oh yeah," Mason said. "I told Jack I'd come by and check on Jason, and drop his skateboard off. Honey, what have you got against Jay?"

"He wants you," Billy spat out "I know he does. I wouldn't be surprised if he came off that skateboard on purpose. He would love to be fucked by you and Jack at the same time and watch you and Jack go at it." Billy's jealously erupted. "You're mine, not his. He's got Jack why does he want you as well? I don't want you to go see him," Billy finally demanded.

Mason was shocked by the extent of Billy's jealousy and vulgarity. He pulled
Billy to him, and embraced him. "Sweetheart, I don't think he has any interest in me at all. In fact I think if anything he really doesn't like me. I've heard quite a few strings of profanities, and several rude things said about my mother when I have reprimanded him for his dangerous skateboarding tricks.

"But the most important thing is, that I only want you. I don't want Jay, I don't want Jack, or anyone else." Mason kissed Billy on the forehead. "Now Jack is a dear friend; the man made our wedding rings, and gifted us with our matching cufflinks. I told him I would come by and check on Jay, and I promised Jason I would drop off his skateboard. I don't go back on my word Monkey. So, I will make it a quick visit after I take Thomas to the vet, and then I will be all yours for lunch."

"Hurray," Billy said, "Don't let me stand in your way," Billy said bitterly. "Come on, didn't you see how he acted in front of you? He was so flirting. He's a slut and I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to fuck him." Billy turned and walked out the bedroom "I'm off to work, see you tonight. I wouldn't want to break into your precious time with Jay and Jack." The last was said with bitter irony.

"William!" Mason called out after Billy; he put his robe on and followed his Brat. "This burst of temper is unacceptable. You do not tell me what to do, nor do you criticize my decisions. Do you need a more serious reminder of the rules of our relationship?"

Billy felt the chill run down his back at the use of his full name. However the temper tantrum he was indulging in quickly warmed him back up again. "No," he spat out. "I have to go. I'll be late for work." He quickly walked out the front door knowing Mason probably wouldn't follow him only in his robe.

Mason followed Billy out into the yard. When he caught up with his Brat, he picked him up and placed him over his shoulder in the classic fireman's carry. He carried Billy into the house not saying a word; stopping at the living room sofa, he set his Brat down and quickly divested Billy of his trousers. Mason than draped his bared Brat over his lap and applied a dozen firm swats to the under curve of Billy's bum. "Obviously you do need a reminder that I am in charge in this relationship, and fits of temper are not acceptable."

“Oww. oww," Billy protested "Maasssoooonnn, I get it. I get it. Please no more. I'm sorry."

Mason landed six more swats before he righted his husband and replaced his clothes. He pulled Billy into a hug and planted a firm and forceful kiss on Billy's lips. "I suggest you behave yourself today, and remember you belong to me. I do not want anyone else, and I will not have you working yourself up over made-up falsehoods involving our friends. Now get to work, and I will meet you at the Grille at noon."

"Yes sir," Billy was contrite and feeling somewhat sorry for himself. "I understand." He made his way to work and realised with trepidation that his stomach was still twisting with jealously. He tried to concentrate on the sting on his bottom but he couldn't. He finally lost it at about 11.30 when he saw Jack and Jason pass the garage. He looked over to Micky, who had come in, despite technically having the day off. "When Mason comes looking for me, tell him I'm at the pool lounge," he said through clenched teeth and stalked off.

He walked into the pool hall and looked around. He saw Cameron at one of the pool tables not wearing the lounge uniform. He slinked over "Hey handsome," Billy said fluttering his eyelashes "You not working today."

Cameron's eyes opened wide when he saw Billy but he was willing to play along. "Hello sweets," he replied eyeing Billy up and down "It's my day off want to hang?" Cameron flashed his most devastating smile. "Do you play," he asked gesturing to the pool table. At Billy's nod he said, "Rack 'em up then." Both Billy and Cameron outrageously flirted with each other, admiring each other's butts as they took shots and occasionally squeezing each other on the aforementioned butt.

Poor little Thomas was not a happy camper. He cried through his visit at the
vet's office. Mason was thankful that the baby seemed more upset with the doctor, and looked to Mason for comfort and cuddles, but his crying tugged at the big man's heart.

When he got the kitten back home, Mason made Thomas a bottle. Thomas was far passed the weaning stage, but Mason and Billy loved feeding the little guy a bottle almost as much Thomas loved getting them. He had a received a bit of a scolding from Dr. Chan on the need to move Thomas off the bottle. Once Mason had the kitten calmed and asleep, he moved the baby to his bed, and made sure that Thomas would find some of his favourite toys when he awoke.

Mason then made a quick visit to Jack and Jay, to say hello, check on Jay, and drop off the skateboard. Poor Jay was hurting, but seemed happy to be at home. Mason thought Jack was quite darling in his care and affection of his injured Brat.

After leaving his friend's loft, Mason went to the Maple Grill to meet Billy for lunch. At 12.10, Mason called Billy's cell and was put through to Billy's voicemail. Mason left a quick message. At 12.20, Mason placed another call to Billy's phone and once again received the voice mail. This time he left a message saying he was on his way to the garage and that his Brat had better have a good reason for standing him up. He was not happy.

Mason arrived at the garage to find Micky, but no Brat. Mason was visibly angry when he was informed that Billy had left for the pool hall. Mason informed Micky that Billy would not be returning to the shop, and asked if he wouldn't mind closing the shop that evening. Micky agreed. Mason thanked he and Billy's friend and left for the pool hall.

Mason was fuming by the time he arrived at the pool hall, and was sure that smoke was coming from his ears when he walked in to find his Brat very actively flirting with Cameron.

Mason was not jealous; he knew what his Brat was up to. He took a deep breath and decided it was time get this situation in hand. Mason walked over to Billy and pulled his husband close. "Hello Cameron," Mason said. "I realise that MY HUSBAND has been inappropriately affectionate with you, but I would appreciate that in future you keep your hands to yourself." Mason growled into Billy's ear. "Young man you are in so much trouble. You belong to me, and me only. I do not appreciate this very public temper tantrum. Please say goodbye to your friend. We are going home now.

It was Cameron who saw Mason first, "Oh fuck," he breathed, Mason was vibrating pissed off Top to the entire lounge. He saw Billy half turn and bleach white.

"Hey man," Cameron replied, to Mason. "We were just playing around. No harm, no foul right?" The look he got in return could not have been bettered by Chad. He backed off, hands in the air. "Hey I've got no beef with you." He looked sympathetically at Billy, "Okay?" he mouthed to him and received a slight nod in return.

Billy had never seen Mason that mad before. He was practically pissing a circle around him, claiming him for everyone to see. He was not at all surprised to see Cameron back off, he thought absently that Cameron had remarkable, instinctive, avoidance tactics down pat. "Bye, Cameron," he said, weakly as Mason practically marched him out of the lounge. The walk home was very silent and Billy was shaking in reaction.

Mason marched Billy into the house, and sat him on the couch. "Start talking," was all Mason had to say.

"What about?" Billy asked, and quailed at the look Mason leveled at him. "OK, I was jealous I thought you and Jack had fucked each other, and you wanted to start up with him again, with Jason added in, as spice. I know it's not logical, I know we're together but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I decided to get some of my own back and used Cameron." He stopped and an appalled look came to his face "Oh God, I used Cameron," he repeated, numbly "I don't believe I did that and I did it to try and hurt you." He looked at Mason "I don't know why I was so jealous I honestly don't."

Mason came and sat down next to Billy, pulling him into a cuddle. "I wouldn't ever do that," Mason said. "I'd never hurt you like that." Mason pulled Billy into a kiss. "Why don't you just keep talking, and see what comes up?"

"I don't know why I'm jealous," Billy repeated "It's not as though I've ever had a long term relationship. The guy who I first had sex with said he loved me, but after fucking me left. The second? I never knew why he broke up with me."

Billy looked at Mason. "I have abandonment issues I guess, but that's no excuse." Billy's laugh was hollow "You'd think I'd be used to it by now. After that performance in the pool lounge, I have no more doubts about you," he said, honestly "You claimed me in a very public place." He leaned into Mason's chest. "I'm in really big trouble huh?" he asked his voice muffled.

Mason kissed Billy, and gave a little laugh. "Our wedding wasn't a public enough claiming for you?" Mason rubbed Billy's back for a few minutes before he continued. "Yes, you are in trouble--Not for being jealous, or for having abandonment issues. It makes me sad that people have hurt you and you feel that way. I want to make sure you understand that you aren't in trouble for those things. You are in trouble, for continuing a temper tantrum that you had been told to stop, and for purposely trying to hurt my feelings. I also think
that there are quite a few people you owe apologies to."

"Hmmm a few?" Billy questioned "Cameron for sure." He looked at Mason "Oh for Christ’s sake you mean Jason don't you?" Billy pouted, "Why should I apologise to him, it was his own fault, he came off the skateboard, and ruined our picnic."

"I wasn't specifically talking about Jay. But, you brought him up, how come? I wonder if you are feeling guilty about the way you treated him? You treated him as if he purposely ruined our picnic."

"That's how it felt," Billy protested. "He's hot isn't he? He's younger than me. And he was flirting with you," he added with a pout.

"Billy, baby, he wasn't flirting with me. He was hurt and scared, and most of the time he was fighting me tooth and nail." Mason said kissing the pouty lips. "Jay is not my type. You are the hottest and most handsome man I know, no one compares." He gave Billy another kiss. "And if anyone in this relationship were going to worry about their partner running off with a younger man, I think it would be me." Mason teased, planting a kiss on his Brat's nose.

"You have got to be kidding," Billy spluttered. "Why the fuck would I run off with someone when I've got you? You're nuts."

Mason laughed and hugged Billy tight. "Well I'm glad we can both agree on that."

Mason patted his husband on the hip. "So my love, I think we have a spanking to take care of?"

"I'm in no hurry," Billy replied, never the less his hands headed for the buttons on his jeans. He stood up and wriggled out of the jeans, as usual he was going commando. "I hate this," he complained.

"Well Monkey, you know how to avoid getting a spanking; you just need to follow our rules." Mason pulled Billy down across his lap, and ran his hand soothingly over Billy's butt cheeks. "So, sweetheart, do you think this spanking is deserved?"

Billy whimpered. "Yes sir," he replied. "I kept throwing a temper tantrum after you told me to stop and I disrespected our partnership by flirting with Cameron." He somehow felt safe over Mason's lap, despite the fire Mason was about to ignite on his backside.

"Good man," Mason said. "I love you, honey. We'll be done and past this soon."
Mason lifted his hand and began the spanking. It was a quick and firm spanking, and when it was over Mason lifted Billy into his arms with reassuring words of love and forgiveness.

It hurt. His backside was on fire by the time Mason had finished, and he was sobbing, but it hadn't been even close to his worst spanking. He was even more surprised Mason hadn't used the paddle. Not that he was going to say anything. He leaned into Mason's chest and gradually calmed down.

"Shh, my sweet love. I'm done." Mason held Billy close and rocked him. "No, more turning those beautiful blue eyes green. Okay? I married a blue-eyed monkey, not a green-eyed monster. I'm never going to leave you, or give into anyone's advances but yours." Mason pulled Billy into a kiss. "Any more jealous tantrums like this, and not only will you be my blue-eyed Monkey, but you will be my teary eyed, red bottomed Brat, got it?"

"Got it," Billy sniffed. He looked up at Mason with a teary grin "Wanna play some pool?" he asked, "I might as well start my apologies now."

"Is that what you want? They can wait until tomorrow. I thought it might be good for just the two of us to be together for the rest of the day. I want to make sure that you're feeling okay, well loved, no more jealousy."

"Tomorrow sounds good," Billy replied leaning into Mason. "You got Micky to look after the garage right?" At Mason's nod he relaxed completely. "No more jealously," he repeated, "Even if people do flirt with you. If Jason tries it on again, I may punch just punch him on his nose," Billy said, vindictively.

Mason wagged his finger at his Brat. "Ah, ah, ah, my little green-eyed Monkey. A punch equals a paddle," Mason said, as he kissed Billy's pouty lip.

"Nasty Top," Billy accused, "Everything will be okay as long as he doesn't flirt with you. I trust you. I don't trust him." "You know I could get green contact lenses," he said smiling brightly up at Mason.

“Very nasty,” Mason said. He pulled Billy in for another kiss. This time he gently bit his Brat's lip. “No contact lenses. I like your baby blues.” The kiss grew more passionate, and Mason grew erect.

Billy wasn't too far behind his Top. They'd been playing quite a bit recently and Billy had grown quite fond of erotic spankings. There was no way the spanking he'd just received had been erotic, it had been pure punishment, but Billy now had no problem having sex with a burning bottom.

He leaned in again to kiss Mason and his hands began to roam.

Mason laid his husband down and took advantage of the fact that Billy was still without pants by devouring his cock.

Billy arched into the warm mouth. "Argh," was the only thing that came out of his mouth. A combination of the burn in his bottom and Mason working on his cock over stimulated him, and he came in a rush.

"Enjoyed that did you?" Mason teased. He dropped light kisses on Billy's body. Working his way up his husband's body, until he and Billy were kissing passionately. Mason took hold of Billy's ass cheeks and squeezed. "Can I have some of this?" he asked.

"Just want you in me," Billy said, catching his breath, after returning the kiss eagerly. "Please," he begged.

Mason continued to devour his husband's mouth with kisses, as he swept Billy off of his feet and carried him to their bedroom. He sat Billy on the bed and removed his shirt. "Don't move until I tell you," Mason instructed.

Mason seductively stripped for his partner, and when he was done he pushed Billy down on the bed and climbed on top of him. Mason put one of Billy's legs over his shoulder, applied some lube to his fingers, and began to tease he Brat's opening. As Billy moaned and wiggled trying to push himself onto Mason's finger, Mason drew his finger up from Billy's anus across his perineum, over his testicles to Billy's cock. Mason gave the beautiful phallice a few strokes, and then his finger followed the trail back to Billy's entrance. Mason didn't make Billy wait long before he pressed inward, exciting and preparing his partner.

Billy just watched as Mason stripped staying as still as he could. His cock started to harden. It became rock hard as Mason played with him. As Mason slid in he sighed in pleasure. "Oh God," he moaned, "Feels so good." Billy was wondering how he could have ever doubted his husband.

The End.