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Super Billy to the Rescue

Title: Super Billy to the Rescue
Authors: Tarabeth and Jo
Characters: Mason and Billy
Implements: Hand
For the Loving Swats My Hero Challenge

Mason was having great fun. He had received the link to the Hero Factory from his cousin. He had started right away creating Super Billy, faster than a high volt impact screw driver, more powerful than a Mack diesel tow truck, and able to rescue small kittens in a single bound. "Dunn, dunn, dun, da, SUPER BILLY!" Mason sang. "Most vulnerable when presented with the hard wood from his native planet, especially when in comes in the shape of a spoon."

Mason was quite pleased with his handsome super hero. He clicked the print button, and out from the printer came a well-muscled cartoon version of Billy. His blonde hair hung down just below his eyebrows. His bulky strong arms were bare, except for the teal gloves. His chest was covered in a teal shirt that emphasized the muscles of his upper body. His emblem shone in a bright blue tone, the cat paw and scratch looked almost as if it had been torn out of his uniform top. Billy wore tight teal pants, which left nothing to the imagination, and very sturdy leather boots, which matched the bright blue of his emblem and eyes. "Perfect," Mason said, releasing a deep pleasurable sigh, at his husband’s likeness.

"What's perfect?" Billy asked, padding into the room. "I thought I was the one who had trouble sleeping." His eyebrows rose as he looked at the screen. "Is that supposed to be me?"

Mason's lack of sleep had made him a little loopy, and he giggled at the site of Billy, and once again broke into song. "Dunn, dunn, dun, da, It's SUPER BILLY!" Mason paused, and adjusted his voice to that of a deep throated and serious voice over guy. "Faster than a high volt impact screw driver, more powerful than a Mack diesel tow truck, and able to rescue small kittens in a single bound." Having found himself quite amusing, he again erupted into a fit of giggles.

Billy looked sourly at his husband. "I seem to remember the only time I rescued a kitten, you actually got it down from the tree and I got paddled," he said. "Some bloody super hero." Billy ran his fingers through his hair, "Did I tell you someone was looking for a home for a kitten?" he asked, casually.

Mason leaned forward and took hold of Billy's hand. He pulled Billy towards him, and deposited his Brat onto his lap. He wrapped his arms tightly around Billy’s waist. "You're MY Super Hero," Mason said in a sexy growl. He planted soft kisses and little nips on Billy's neck and ears as he spoke. "I shouldn't have had all those cups of coffee with my cake, because now I'm wide awake."
Mason tickled Billy a bit, causing his husband to squirm and emit a playful laugh. After Billy made a mercy plea for Mason to stop the tickle torture, Mason wrapped his arms back around Billy's chest and turned them both towards the computer. "Look what I got in my e-mail...It's a Super Hero factory. So I made my ideal Super Hero--Super Billy. He can fly, so that he can rescue kittens stuck in high trees. He has super speed, so he can fix a day’s worth of cars in no time, and still go out and save all of Canada's silly tree climbing kittens. Whadda you think? Personally, I think he's pretty hot!"

Billy cocked his head to one side. He squirmed on Mason's lap a little bit more. "You're hot. He’s just a grease monkey with bulging biceps," Billy said, pointing at the picture with a sigh. "All brawn, no brains."

“Hey there Monkey, I married a very hot and intelligent man. Being a mechanic is like being a surgeon for cars. You have to know all the parts, how they work, how to diagnose a vehicle’s problems and how to fix them. And you do that for all different types and ages of cars and trucks. I know that you hated school--but you use engineering, physics, and chemistry to do your job. Not everyone has the abilities that you do, you should be very proud of what an excellent mechanic you are, because I sure am."

Billy blushed; he was never that comfortable when people praised him. He kissed Mason, "Sweet talker," he said, when he came up for a breath.

"For kisses like that, I'll sweet talk you all day long." Mason started to stand, causing Billy to stand with him. "I think we could both use a little tiring out." Mason was still holding his arms around Billy, and the palm of his hand resting on Billy's stomach. Mason growled at how good his growing erection felt pressed up against Billy's ass and lower back. "I suggest we take this back to the bedroom."

"You're getting old," Billy accused, "What's wrong with right here?" His hand dropped to Mason's growing erection and he dropped to his knees, wincing inside as his knees protested the abuse. He took Mason's erection into his mouth, licking and teasing.

"Hey ... mmmmmmm... we were..... uhhhhhhhh ... going ... ahhhhh ... ups ..." Mason gave up all hope of getting his husband back upstairs to the bedroom.

Billy grinned around his husband's erection. He loved it when Mason vocalized his pleasure.
Mason placed his hands on Billy's head and continued to emit uncomprehendable words of pleasure until his orgasm caused him to almost loose his footing.

Billy gave a little squeak; a couple of minutes later, when Mason picked him up and carried him upstairs in a fireman's lift. He grew hard; he loved it when Mason went all he-man. "Super Mason," he mumbled, as his husband began to undress him.

Mason turned his husband around, and gently pushed him forward to bend over the bed. “Spread ‘em,” Mason said.

Billy not only spread his legs, but also reached behind himself and separated his butt cheeks.
Mason pumped lube into his hand and rubbed his fingers together to thoroughly coat his index and middle finger. He swirled his fingers around Billy’s tight hole, and then pushed two fingers inside his husband.

Billy grunted at the penetration.

Mason took a moment to rub Billy’s prostate; he then continued with his intended task of stretching and lubing his lover.

Billy began to groan in pleasure.

Mason removed his fingers, and applied a firm swat to his husband’s ass. “You better hold on until I give you permission to cum.” He lubed his hard cock, and teasingly rubbed its head around Billy’s beautiful sphincter. “Are you ready for a super fucking?”

Billy grunted his agreement, and Mason quickly entered him. Mason established the hard and fast rhythm that Billy liked best. Billy came quickly after Mason entered him, but Mason who had already come once that night was enjoying what would be a nice long ride.

When Mason finally exploded inside of his lover, both men were exhausted. It took the last of their energy to clean themselves off before they climbed into bed. Mason pulled Billy close. “I love you Super Billy.”

~* ~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy woke at his normal time and pulled on his costume. It fit snuggly in all the right places. He and Mason had spent a long time developing the correct formula for the pants, they were claw, bullet, tool and stain resistant--all very important characteristics for a Superhero who specialized in rescuing kittens and travelers with broken down vehicles. He looked down at his feet still in socks. "Bugger it," he muttered, "Mason, have you seen my boots," he shook his sidekick awake.

Mason awoke just as Billy lifted the whole bed up, so he could have a better look for his footwear. Mason quickly grabbed hold of the headboard. "Billy," he said in a stern yet sleepy voice. "What did I tell you would happen the next time you lifted furniture with me in it?" Society may see Mason as Super Billy's sidekick, but at home Mason was boss, and Billy Monroe-Flemming was Mason's husband and Brat.

"But I can't find my boots," Billy grumbled, "I can't go out in just my snoopy socks, I'd never live it down." He grinned down at his sidekick and husband, "At least I woke you up this time," he said. "Anyway they're not there. Maybe, I’ll have to wear my 'oh fuck me now' boots.” Billy set the bed down and removed the thigh high boots from the inside of the armoire. “They’ll the just have to do."

Mason quickly got off the bed and grabbed his Brat. He pulled down the tight pants. The tights were half way down Billy's thighs as Mason rang a strong series of spanks to Billy's sit spots. Billy had many special powers, but Mason was his weakness in so many ways. This morning, Billy's very human butt was showing it’s vulnerability to the power of Mason's hand. "You know quite well you are not allowed to wear your fuck me boots outside of this house. Your work boots are in the hall closet where they belong."

Billy began to struggle trying to move his bottom away from the smarting smacks.

Mason paused for just a moment. "Now instead of avoiding my question, please tell me what I told you the last time you lifted a piece of furniture with me in it?"

Tears were falling down Super Billy's face. “You said you'd spank me,” he sobbed. “I'm sorry please stop. There's a kitten up a tree, and it needs me to save it.”

"The kitten will be fine for a few more minutes." Mason continued to spank hard. "And when you are lifting furniture all willy nilly you could likely step on or put the furniture down on top of our own little kitten." Mason stopped momentarily and retrieved the paddle from the bedside table. "I spanked you last time you lifted me on the couch looking for your mask and you nearly dropped me when stepped on one of Thomas' toys. After that spanking I believe I told you that if it happened again you would receive a long hard paddling." Mason lifted the paddled and landed the first stroke. He paddled down Billy's thighs and back up to his round bottom, continuing to follow this pattern until the butt in front of him was fire engine red and emitting a large amount of heat.

Billy wailed, and wondered why his super powers protect his butt. He continued to sob until he realised Mason had stopped paddling. “Is my butt on fire?” he asked through the tears, “because it sure feels like it.”

Mason blew a soft burst of cool air across Billy's butt. "Just a little fire, baby, but I've put it out now. Although I expect you will feel the warmth from it for a good part of the day." Mason lay down on the bed, and pulled Billy on top of him. He played with wisps of his husband’s sweaty hair. "I don't mind if you use your superpowers around the house, but if you do I want you to think before you do it. I want you to make sure that you aren't going hurt or damage anything or anyone." Mason planted a kiss on Billy's forehead. He helped Billy up off the bed, and pulled his husband's super tights up and over a very sore and red bottom.

“Ouch,” Billy pouted at his Top, husband and sidekick. He looked up through his long tear dampened eyelashes at Mason. “Now can I go save that kitten? It's been stuck in a tree for at least a couple of hours. It got frightened up there by a dog. I was hoping it would be able to get down by itself, but now a rescue is necessary. It's so cute. She could almost be Thomas's twin.”

Mason gave Billy a soft kiss. "Yes, you may go save the kitten. I'm sure she will make some family very happy. Have you found a home for her yet?" He wiped the last of Billy's tears off of his cheek. Billy was quickly out of bed, and pulling his boots on, so he could make a quick exit. "Monkey," Mason called after his superhero, "I realize it is kitten season, but you've been pushing your luck with the times you've been coming home this week. You do have a cell phone, and the human society also has the ability to rescue kittens. I want you home by 5:00 pm this evening, or I will re-warm your bottom. Got it?”

“Got it, bossy,” Billy replied, rolling his eyes. “God, who is the superhero around here anyway?” He made a quick getaway without waiting for the answer.

After saving the small ginger kitten from the tree, and getting badly scratched as he did so, Billy found plenty of other abandoned kittens needing his attention. “Bloody owners,” he muttered to himself, “All they need to do is get their damn cats neutered.” He landed lightly on the deck of he and Mason’s yard with three kittens in the carry box. He opened the sliding door and looked around to see all the rescues from his previous missions. Eight kittens in all not including the three he was about to add. “Mason is not going to be happy,” he thought to himself, remembering the discussion they'd had last season about finding homes for his rescues.

He looked at the clock on the mantel and blanched slightly. It was five thirty and he still had to feed the kittens. His butt twinged and he groaned slightly, he was so dead.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason and Craig were called out to the Mine. A couple of teenagers had gone spelunking in the old caves and gotten stuck. The rescue had taken longer than they had thought it would. Mason sent Billy a text the first chance he had. “Hi Baby, so sorry I’m late. Go ahead and eat if you’re hungry. I should be home around six. Love you. XOXO”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy felt his phone buzz, and pulled it out of his utility belt. He looked at Mason’s message and breathed a long sigh of relief. He fed the kittens and the then flew around the house gathering them into the office. He was just closing the door as he heard Mason’s truck pull into the driveway.

Mason hadn’t changed before he left the station, and was still in his bright yellow over-pants with suspenders, his navy blue JHFD t-shirt, and his rubber boots. “Monkey, I’m home,” he called out. Billy flew into Mason’s arms just as he was finishing his sentence. The blue of Billy’s costume complimented the yellow of Mason’s uniform--just as they complimented each other.

Mason firmly kissed his husband, pushing his tongue into Billy’s mouth. “Mmmm, I missed you today. What a day I had pulling two kids out of the caves. I doubt their parents will be very happy when the boys are escorted home by the Jade Heights’ Police Department. I’m looking forward to a nice calm evening--maybe a nice soak in the tub and then curling up on the sofa with the paper. How does that sound to you?”

Mason wondered to the bedroom, and began to strip out of his shirt. He missed Billy swooping up three kittens as his t-shirt was over his head, but he did nearly trip on another, causing the kitten to yelp and run under the bed.

"Thomas," Mason called out, "be careful little one. I don't want to step on you." Mason got his shirt off and tossed it into the laundry. There was a little ginger kitten rolling on the bed begging for his belly to rubbed. Mason laughed. "Thomas you are such whore for having your belly rubbed," Mason teased as he rubbed the cat’s tummy.

He slipped his suspenders over his shoulder, slid out of his over-pants, then his uniform trousers, and eventually his boxers. Mason walked into the master bath and started the tub. He heard little meows as he adjusted the water and saw Thomas sitting on the sink counter. "Goodness you are demanding this evening," Mason said. He flicked a little bath water at the kitten, causing it to hiss and run out of the room.

Billy was frantic, even his super speed couldn't keep up with all the kittens. ‘Damn,’ he thought, ‘I wish I had made sure the office door was closed.’ He was just thankful that at the moment, most of the kittens were ginger, and Mason thought that Thomas was being extra affectionate. Thomas, was at the moment, sitting on top of the largest bookcase in the house very upset with the influx of kittens in HIS house.

Billy had a near heart attack, when Mason almost stepped on a little grey kitten, which dashed under the bed. He had been seriously distracted when Mason peeled off his t-shirt, and launched the three kittens he was holding, trusting them to land on their feet. Finally he managed to coral all the kittens. He shut the door with a weary sigh and headed upstairs. He peeled off his uniform and walked into the master bath. "Wanna share the bath?" he asked Mason seductively. Just then a ginger kitten walked into the room.

Mason held out his hand for Billy to join him in the bath. Billy began to climb in the tub.

"Meooow." the little kitten yowled.

"Thomas," Mason said, "what happened to your collar? I could swear you had it on just a minute ago."

"Meooow," the kitten responded.

A little grey kitten trotted into the bathroom joining the ginger kitten. He sat down beside the cat Mason assumed was Thomas. "Rrrooowl,” said the little grey kitten.

Mason raised his eyebrows at his partner.




The remaining nine kittens were chased and corralled into the bathroom by a hissing Thomas."

Mason applied a very firm and wet swat to Billy's naked and vulnerable ass.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Mason," there seemed to be a double echo, "Mason wake up. I got a cup of coffee here for you. Mason will you please wake the hell up." Billy was standing next to the bed in a loose t-shirt with "Billy's garage" emblazoned across the front, his dog tags, and nothing else.

Mason slowly came to; he smiled and took in the site of his sexy husband standing before him in just a t-shirt. “Mmmm, how can you be so sexy in the morning?” he questioned. Mason took hold of Billy’s free hand and pulled him down onto the bed. He pulled his husband close, and reached for the coffee mug.

Thomas, who had been curled up and sleeping at Mason’s feet, stood, stretched and gave a large yawn. He then crawled his way up the bed and onto Billy’s lap. The kitten walked a few circles, kneading his front paws, before he lay down and curled himself up.

Mason began to rub Thomas’ ears. “I had the weirdest dream,” he said. “It must have been because I was playing around on that create a superhero site. I dreamt that you were a superhero, and you were famous for rescuing kittens out of trees.”

"Ummm," Billy blushed slightly, "I've got something to admit." He got up and left the bedroom. He returned about five minutes later holding a cat carrying case. He sat on the bed and lifted out a tiny ginger kitten. "I rescued this little girl yesterday. I think she must be Thomas's little sister because she was stuck up a tree as well. I named her Biscuit, short for Ginger-nut Biscuit." Billy looked at Mason, his blue eyes pleading. "Can we keep her?"

Thomas walked up to the little kitten and whopped her with his paw.

"Thomas!" Mason said firmly as he picked up his bratty kitten. Thomas' attitude was quickly lost as he curled into Mason, happy that he too was receiving attention.

"She is lovely, Hun. But, do you think that having her around might put Thomas out of sorts?"

"I reckon Thomas will get used to Biscuit being around," Billy replied, "I didn't go through everything I did to abandon her now. Brothers and sisters always fight."

Thomas got up off of Mason's lap and walked towards Biscuit.

"Thomas," Mason warned.

Thomas stopped, turned to look at Mason, and then continued toward the smaller kitten. He curled up next to her and began to gently lick her face.

"Well, I guess Thomas has spoken." Mason laughed. "She does seem to be about the same age as Thomas, although she seems a little malnourished. I think she’ll be a lovely addition to the family." He then turned serious eyes on his husband. "Now how about you tell me 'everything you did' for her and when exactly you were planning on telling me that you had moved a new cat into the house?"

"Soon," Billy replied nervously. "Honest, I was working up to it. I only rescued her yesterday. I was hanging out with a cup of coffee, you know just taking a break. I heard Biscuit, and looked up and saw her in the tree. I decided that calling out the fire brigade again, was not a goer." He grined innocently up at his husband. "I remembered there was an old ladder down the side of the garage. So I called Jason to help, and he held the ladder as I climbed up it. I took the carry case up with me. Do you know how difficult it is to climb a ladder one handed? Almost more difficult than climbing down a ladder one handed with a scared kitten inside a cat carry case." He looked at Thomas and Biscuit, "Aren't they cute?"

Mason pictured Billy up on that old dilapidated ladder with a cat carrier, and the vision quickly turned to one of his husband lying bloodied on the ground.

"You climbed up that old wooden ladder?" Mason asked. "The one that is missing rungs? The one you told me you were going to chop into firewood? With a cat carrier? And why did you just happen to have a cat carrier at the garage?” Mason stopped to take a deep breath. “And you bloody well could have called me, and you know that; I believe the instruction was not to call 911 when you found a kitten stuck in a tree. Now, have you got anything else you would like to admit, before you go over my lap?"

Billy opened his eyes wide. "I thought you'd be pleased I didn't call you," he pouted. He always got nervous when Mason swore; he knew he was in serious trouble. Mason had zero tolerance for risk taking behaviour. "And the ladder was safe enough. I made sure Jason was holding it. The cat carrier was at the garage, because I forgot to bring it home for Thomas."

Mason tapped Billy on the leg. "So tell me, did you not call me or tell me about the kitten because you were concerned about what I might have to say about the danger involved in rescuing her?"

"No," Billy replied, looking steadily at his Top. "I remembered the ladder and just went up to rescue Biscuit. I didn't think it was that dangerous. Honest I didn't."

"And you felt it was safe to use that old ladder even though you were planning on chopping it into firewood, because it was unfit for use?" Mason said raising his eyebrows at Billy.

"I didn't think about it," Billy admitted, "I was focused on Biscuit; she wouldn't have been able to get down by herself. It was the only ladder nearby that was long enough, and can I point out, nothing happened to me. I got the job done; I’m fine."

“Ah," Mason said, "So you seem to think that you shouldn't be punished for doing dangerous things when you are lucky as hell to not kill yourself. How's that worked for you in the past?"

"I'm still alive," Billy joked, and as a joke it fell flat. Billy was losing hope; he wasn’t going to escape this discussion without being spanked. Thomas picked up the vibes, jumped off the bed, and stalked out. He meowed, and Biscuit, less gracefully, exited the bedroom. "Traitors," Billy muttered.

"So shall we get on with this then?" Mason placed his hand on Billy's back pushing him over his lap. Mason lifted the t-shirt to fully bare Billy's butt, and rested his large hand in the middle of the bare bottom right at the crease between cheek and thigh. "So, how about you tell me why not thinking about dangerous acts before you engage in them is not an appropriate excuse?"

Billy sighed; he hated this part of being punished. "‘Cause I should think before I do things and not just act impulsively. 'Cause not thinking is dangerous; I could get hurt," he answered hoping he'd got the right answer. He instinctively knew this spanking was going to be bad, and he didn't want to add to it--no way did he want to give Mason an excuse to grab the paddle.

"That would be the reason," Mason answered. He raised his hand and firmly brought it down, leaving a large red handprint on the under curve of Billy's bottom.

"Owe, that hurt," Billy complained, wriggling uneasily. While he still had a voice, he had a tendency to complain bitterly. The tears came once the real pain started, and were usually interspersed with promises never to do the crime again. He didn’t asd Mason to stop, he trusted his Top to give him exactly what he needed for absolution.

Mason gave a good spanking; it wasn't an easy punishment, but Mason also didn't want Billy to loose his sweet caring need to rescue small critters.

After landing the final swats to Billy's sit spot, Mason helped his Brat to curl into a post-spanking cuddle. They both laid down on the bed; Billy rested his on Mason's bare chest, letting his tears wet Mason's chest hair. Mason rubbed soothing circles on Billy's butt. "I love you. I think you are such a kind and gentle man for rescuing our kittens. You just need to think a little more before you embark on your rescue missions."

"I'm sorry," Billy said, curling closer to Mason. "I don't mean to put myself in danger, honest." Billy's head was working at a hundred miles an hour, "Thomas seems to like Biscuit."

"Yes, I think it will nice for him to have another kitten around, and I know you don't mean to put yourself in danger; if I did you would have felt the paddle." Mason smiled as Billy gave him a pout. "Please my love, I don't want anything to happen to you, please take a couple of minutes to think before you act."

"Deal," Billy replied. "Now your coffee is cold and I have to get to work, red butt and all."

They kissed, and Mason patted the sexy little red butt. "I hope you are planning on putting some pants on before you go to work."

"Overalls at least," Billy replied. "Just in case a sexy fireman comes over for a quickie at lunch time." Billy shot Mason a seductive look.

"I'll see if I can arrange that. You need to keep your fingers crossed that it is a slow day in Jade Heights, and get rid of Jay and Mikey, because I'm putting on any floor shows.” Mason got a wicked grin on his face. “I have always wanted to bend you over your tool chest, so you may want to make sure everything is put away. I don't think laying on top of your impact wrench would be very comfortable."

Billy grew hard at the thought of Mason bending him over the chest. "Mikey's not in today, neither is Jay, and we always close between 12 and 1 anyway, because a mean ol' Top insists on me eating lunch." Billy wrinkled his nose at Mason. He put on his overalls, being careful as he pulled them over his sore butt.

He whistled as he walked to work, thinking of a sex filled lunch hour. He found enough to keep him busy that morning and made sure the top of his tool chest was clear of all tools. Most of the time he was able to keep Mason's husky voice out of his mind, but his cock had other ideas, By noon he was almost whimpering with need.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason spent the morning in a particularly good mood, to the point of whistling his way through a weeks worth of paperwork.

"I take it you’re planning on meeting Billy for lunch." Craig teased his Captain.

Mason blushed. "Yes, and just because I enjoy spending my lunch hour with my husband gives you no reason to have your mind in the gutter about it."

Craig broke out laughing. "I just asked if you two were having lunch together, but your defensiveness makes me think I had good reason to have my mind in the gutter."

"Jerk!” Mason accused as he threw a pen at Craig. It would have hit Craig in the forehead, if the young lieutenant hadn't ducked.

"Just make sure it really is a quickie, because you have a meeting with the Mayor this afternoon." Craig said laughing as he turned to leave Mason's office.

Mason threw another pen, this time it bounced off the back of Craig's head.

"Oh, and make sure you zip your fly and put your clothes on right side out," Craig called from the engine house.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason arrived at the Billy's garage at just a couple minutes before 12:00. He had stopped by his mother's deli and packed a couple of servings of Chinese chicken salad and two brownies.

"Monkey." He called out as he entered the garage.

Billy was quickly in Mason's arms, passionately kissing him. Mason could feel Billy's erection, and his own cock came alive. "Let's make sure all the doors are locked, and that you have flipped the sign to closed. They scurried in opposite directions to close the garage, and met back at Billy's tool chest. "Where's the lube?" Mason asked.

Billy opened a drawer of the chest and removed a large bottle of lube.

Mason laughed. "Drop the overalls and bend over." He unbuttoned his own trousers, and pumped a generous amount of lube into his hand.

Billy stepped out of his overalls eagerly, and bent over the toolbox. He felt
Mason fingers enter and slowly begin to finger fuck him. He keened and began to move back against the fingers.

Mason smiled and gave a contented grunt as he watched Billy moving back and forth on his fingers. He bent the tip of his fingers so that they gently scraped across Billy’s prostate, causing Billy to arch his back and groan in pleasure. Mason could no longer contain his cock; it was forcing its way out of his briefs--its homing instinct directing it towards Billy’s tight opening. He used the remainder of the lube on his hand to slick himself, and then positioned himself closely behind his lover. Placing one hand on Billy’s hip, he used the other to direct his cock through the rings of muscle that opened to Billy’s tight hot passage. He moaned at the intense pleasure, and Billy howled in bliss as Mason took him--Mason’s cock was hitting his prostate with every stroke.

Mason gave a soft laugh of pleasure as Billy raised himself onto his toes to force Mason's cock even farther inside of him. He placed his hands on Billy's hips.

Billy rocked himself forward as Mason pulled out, and then they would both powerfully push their bodies back together. The sound of Mason's balls banging on Billy's ass echoed through the garage. As the two men picked up the pace of their fucking, they both continued to loudly grunt and groan their pleasure, until there was one final slamming of their bodies. Mason held Billy tightly as he exploded into the core of his husband.

"Oh God so good," Billy breathed. "Super Billy loves his Super Mason, husband of steel."

The End

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