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Title: Pushing
Authors: Tarabeth, Jo, and Carol
Characters: Billy, Mason, Jack and Jay
Implements: Paddle

Jay's eyes flew open, his heart was racing, and his body was soaked with sweat. `Oh God, they've got to stop,' Jay thought. He realized he was safe in the loft, and his body relaxed. He could feel Jack still sleeping next to him, and he let out a breath, closed his eyes, and tried to go back to sleep. It didn't work. He tossed back the sheet and climbed out of bed.

Jay padded to the bathroom. He pulled on a pair of boxers after he finished, and headed to the kitchen. Opening up the fridge, he scanned the contents until he found what he wanted. He grabbed the small bowl of chicken salad, and glanced up over the fridge door to make sure Jack was still asleep. He grabbed a beer and slid it into the sling, which was supporting his broken arm. He grabbed the small package of crackers and was on his way.

Jay knew that as long as he didn't touch the outside door, or the back door going to the garage, the alarm system wouldn't go off. He unlocked and opened the door with out any squeaks or clicks, and grabbed his laundry bag. He went to the storage area, and started his load of laundry. Jay settled on a folding chair with Studs in Leather Magazine and popped the top off of his beer. `Yap this should help me sleep,' Jay thought. He propped his feet up on a bucket, and took a long slow tug of his beer.

Jack woke up and sighed when he noticed his Brat missing. He thought, `What the hell.?' when he heard the washing machine start. He padded downstairs and stiffened when he saw the beer. "Is that going to help anything?" he asked, grouchily. "I know you've been having dreams. Do you want to talk about anything?"

Jay jumped, when Jack spoke, causing him to spill the beer all over his crotch. "Damn it Jack, you scared the shit out of me," Jay yelled, throwing his magazine to the floor. He tried to stand, but found it was more difficult to do with only one arm to supporting him. "And no, I don't want to talk about it! Are you going to help me up or just stand there?" Jay snapped.

Jack walked over. "You're sitting better," he said mildly and helped Jay to rise. He then placed a firm swat on his Brat's backside. "You do not talk to me like that," he reminded.

"Oww," Jay yelped. The swat startled him. "Yeah well you're not suppose to scare me like that either," Jay snapped. He pushed past Jack and headed back up stairs. Jay entered the bathroom and slammed and locked the door behind him. He plopped down on to the toilet, and jumped to his feet when the pain shot threw him. His whole body shook either from being wet or from the fear his nightmare had left behind. He gripped the counter tight until his knuckles turned white. "Damn you! I fucking hate you for this!" Jay told the mirror.

Jack was worried. Jay was acting weird, and he didn't think it was an after effect from his accident. He was worried that the pain his Brat was still in was bringing out a lot of underlying problems. He wasn't sure how to move forward. He was a big believer in talking things out, but he wondered how to help his Brat talk about his past.

Jay striped his beer soaked boxer and turned on the water in the sink. He grabbed a face cloth, and quickly cleaned himself the best he could. He then opened the bathroom door to see Jack. His Top was standing with his arms open. Jay was just a little scared at first. He thought maybe Jack was going to tare him a new one, but the look wasn't right. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to be rude, nasty, or disrespectful to you." Jay went to Jack and placed his arm around the big man. This was where he felt safe--at least for the time being. "I just can't handle it anymore."

"Couldn't handle what baby?" Jack asked, gently hugging his Brat. He picked Jay up and carried him to bed. Jack climbed into bed, and started to cuddle Jay close. "I'm here to help you if I can."

The combination of the beer and the pain pill seemed to loosen Jay's tongue; normally he just change the subject, but tonight Jay took a deep breath, and lying as close to Jack as he could, he let it all out. "I hated having parents who don't give a fuck about me. I wasn't able to stand up on my own two feet and fight my own battles." Jay took deep breath. "I don't understand why I was put on earth. Why did my dad's best friend rape me? Why didn't people believe me when I tried to tell them what was wrong." Jay snuggled even closer to Jack. "The only good things I've done in my life were to move here and to find you'" Jay looked up and kissed Jack's stubbly chin. "You need a shave," Jay said. He let out a long yawn. "See beer does help, it puts me to sleep."

"Sweetheart I can't change what happened to you," Jack said holding Jay close. "All you need to know is I love you. I will always be here for you. Nobody is going to hurt you again. Now, you fall off to sleep, and I'll be right here when you wake up." Jack kissed Jay gently, and smiled as his Brat fell to sleep.

Jack couldn't get back to sleep, so he went down to work on his design for Jay's pinky ring. He was seething that someone had raped his love. Eventually he was able to channel the rage of the event into his loving protection and his creative juices took over. His pencil flew over the paper.

Jay awoke to find himself in a half empty bed and an empty loft. His bladder was telling him to get up, but the pain in his arm was telling him to stay in bed. He finally listened to his bladder and got up. After his morning routine, Jay headed for the kitchen and a caffeine fix. He found Jack's note stuck the door of the fridge. "I've gone down stairs to help Mrs. Carlson. She would only allow me to help her."

Jay sat at the table thinking about all that happen at the park, and what he told Jack earlier that morning. His mind went back to the park, and he couldn't believe Billy was jealous over him. He found funny and smiled to himself. He got up and to get Jack's phone book. He found Mason's cell number, grabbed his cell and tapped it in. "Mr. Fireman you forgot to sign my cast when you came calling the other day, stop by anytime." Jay reread the text, to make sure it sounded fine. He thought about deleting it, and leaving things alone, but as a sly grin crossed his face, his finger hit send. `That will get the little shit,' Jay thought. He deleted the text message and Mason's phone number from his phone.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy picked up Mason's cell phone. His lover was half way through making him a chocolate cake, and Billy was relaxing in front of the television. He casually looked at the text message in case it was something Mason needed to answer urgently. He saw red and hissed under his breath, "The little shit. I'm going to fucking kill him." Billy ran out of the house and headed towards the jewelry shop.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Jay was just pulling on a tank top when he heard a banging on the door. He shook his head. "Hold your horses!" he yelled out, as he pulled up his shorts. He was about ready to ask what the person's problem was when the door flung open. Jay stepped back when he saw a rather angry Billy standing in before him. "Hey, dude didn't expect to see you," Jay said, standing at his full height.

"You are a fucking troublemaker, " Billy hissed. "Mason's mine, I'm his, and you'd better stop flirting with him."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason was surprised when he heard the front door slam shut. He opened the front door and looked for Billy, but saw nothing. When he came back into the house he saw Thomas sitting in the entry hall watching him. "What's up with our Monkey?" Mason said to the cat.

To which the cat responded with a meow.

"Yeah, me either," Mason replied. Mason was on his way back into the kitchen to finish the cake, figuring Billy would be back shortly, when he heard his cell phone beeping that it had a message. He retrieved the phone from the living room and saw Jay's text message. Mason quickly dialed his phone, "Jack, I think we have some trouble."

"Trouble?" Jack queried. "What's Jay done now?" he sighed. Mason told Jack about the text message, the subsequent loss of his Brat, and asked if Jack could handle the two warring Brats until he could arrive. He then hopped in his truck and headed for Jack and Jay's.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Hey dude don't came to MY house and start your shit." Jay said. "I've got Jack. Why would I want something like Mason." Jay told Billy as he went shut the door.

That did it. Billy totally lost his temper. He threw a straight punch, Johnno would have noted it was the first boxing move he taught his young pupil. Billy smiled as he felt it land right on Jay's left eye. Just in case there was a comeback, he automatically went into a defensive pose.

Jay stumbled back and blinked. "Thats the best you got man?" Jay said as he came back with a right cross and got Billy on the lower part of his chin. Jay could feel the jaw move, underneith his fist. "Boxing's for sissys," Jay told Billy as he stumbled back a bit.

Billy swore, it was a while since he'd been in a fight and his defense was sloppy. Jay had no defense to speak of, and was still able to land the uppercut to his chin just as Jack burst in.

"Stop," he yelled using his best Toppy voice. Jason froze and Billy followed suit without dropping his arms.

Billy turned and snarled at Jack, "This has got nothing to do with you."

Jay was seeing red, but not Jack, and he let his fist fly again. This time it landed on the tip of Billy's nose. Jay noticed Jack as he shook out his stance.

Jack's eyes narrowed, as he saw Billy sway out of the way of the punch to the nose. There was something different about his fighting stance. Jack realised what it was when Billy swept Jay's feet out from under him in a classic karate move.

Jay landed hard.

"Billy," Jack's voice snarled. "You stay right where you are boy or you'll be facing me, and I don't have a broken arm."

It took Jay only a few seconds to get back to his feet. Not only did his ass hurt, but now so were his eye, chin and arm. "Dude, you are so in trouble, and not only with Mason, but the law. Dude, you just assulted a goverment worker," Jay told him as he went to get his phone.

"Oh for fuck's sake," Billy replied keeping a very close eye on Jack. "You're a fucking postal worker, get a grip." Billy was not impressed "Anyway you try and charge me for assault, and I'll charge you right back," Billy said.

Jay let out a laugh. "For a crazy person you're funny." Jay told him. "You attacked me in my own home. That's assult. I fought back to protect myself, and I'm already injured. So Billy boy, your fireman husband can't save your scranny ass now, and what is your fucking problem anyway?" Jay asked.

"William!" Mason said, with a raised voice that demanded no argument. Mason held out his hand for his husband. With the other hand, he held up his cell phone, "Jason, would you mind explaining this text message?"

Billy might have been able to ignore Jack's Top voice but there was no way in the world he would ignore Mason's, especially when the full name was being used. Billy's belly suddenly filled with ice, and his anger drained away along with his colour. He was in sooooo much trouble.

"Yes Jason I can't wait to hear your explanation, " Jack said dryly. `Oh shit,' Jay thought. 'Think fast stupid.' "I was just being cute, I wanted you to sign my cast, thats all." Jay said. 'Come on, believe it, please,' Jay thought as he made his way over to Jack.

"I would've been perfectly willing to sign your cast Jay, but as you witnessed a bit of my husband's jealousy the other day, I find it a bit rude, and disrespectful that you would send this particular message," Mason said, giving Jay a very serious look.

"I was out of my mind with pain and drugs, do you really expect me to remember what happen the to the other day?" Jay asked looking at all three men in the room. Not liking the looks he was getting from Jack or Mason, or the fact that Billy's hands were turning into fists again, Jay took a deep breath and sat on the back of the sofa.

"Alright, shit, I was out of line sending it that way, but hell I thought it was neat that someone was jealouse of a white-trash numbskull from Vancouver, like me. Damn dude, I'm really sorry about all this. I didn't mean any harm by it; I just did it for the shit and giggle. I am sorry, really I am." Jay said feeling awful about the whole thing. God he was so dead.

"You're fucking unbelieveable, " Mason's hand on Billy's shoulder made him unclench his fists. "You sent that for a giggle, a fucking laugh. You're an idiot."

Jay jumped to his feet. "I'm an idiot, well I'll tell you something Billy Monroe, it takes an idiot to be jealous over an injured person."

"With respect Mason," Jack replied, "Although my partner was a bit rash in sending the text...." He shot Jason a look that made the younger man blanch slightly. "I don't think that's any reason for Billy to mount an assault on an injured man. Not that we will be pressing charges," he added.

"You are correct Jack, there is no excuse for Billy's attack. But, I do feel that Jay's text was innapriate. Billy didn't treat Jay very nicely the other day, but both Billy and I ensured that Jay was well taken care of. I did that as much because it's my job, as because you are a good friend, and it was important to me to ensure that I kept Jay comfortable and safe."

Mason took a deep breath, and lovingly took Billy by the hand. His husband was in a lot of trouble, but Mason also wanted him to know that he loved him and would defend him. "Thank you for telling the truth Jay. Right now, I would like to take my husband home, and look after his injuries. I appreciate you not pressing charges." Mason spoke softly into Billy's ear. "I love you baby. I want to take you home, and make sure you're okay. Sweetheart can you please give your apologies to both Jack and Jason, so we can go home."

"I'm supposed to apologise to that?" Billy said to Mason. He quailed slightly under the look. "OK, OK. I'm sorry Jack, I'm sorry Jason," Billy mumbled.

Jay changed his tone of voice. "And I thank you, Mason and Billy, for taking care of me in my time of need, and I am truly sorry I screwed up your picnic," Jay told them both.

Billy suddenly felt ashamed. He looked at his actions in the cold light of day and blushed. "Jay," he said, "I'm really sorry for my actions. I totally overreacted and had no right or reason to attack you. Will you forgive me?"

Jay wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but he looked over at Jack for some kind of clue, the only thing he got was a pair of raised eyebrows, a look that said it all. "Yeah sure, why not it's only a black eye no harm done," Jay told him as he extended his hand to Billy.

Mason gave Billy's hand a gentle squeeze. "Thank you, love." He gave a nod of his head to Jay. "I'm really sorry for all our trouble Jackson. I'll talk to you soon." Mason stroked his thumb over Billy's hand, feeling the need to keep a connection with his Brat. "Ready to go?" "Yes," Billy replied. He was not brave enough to look in his Top's eyes. "Bye Jack. Bye Jay." He followed Mason out of the apartment, his hand being firmly held.

Mason guided Billy to the truck, and before they got in he gave a Billy a strong hug and soft kiss. "I love you, Monkey. Let's go home and get you cleaned up and settled."

Billy loved the hug and kiss, but he was in turmoil. He knew he was in serious trouble, and he just wanted to get it over and done with. "Mace," he almost whined "I'm not hurt. He landed a punch but I've had worse during sparing practise." Billy swallowed convulsively and gathered his courage, "You said...a punch equalled a paddle," he looked at his lover through his fringe of blond hair, his blue eyes wide.

"I did," Mason replied, "and that's exactly what you can expect, after I've had a chance to check you out. If you don't we me to check you out, we can always make a trip to the emergency room, but they could be required to report your injuries to the police. So, it's your call Monkey."

"No, that's ok," Billy replied hurridly. "No need to involve any police." He bit his lower lip. "Honestly there really is no need to worry. I'm fine." Billy was ignoring the ache in his jaw. He was much more worried about what was going to happen after Mason had checked him out.

Mason pulled up in front of he and Billy's modest two story home. The two men walked separately into the house, and Mason closed the door behind them. "Go upstairs, honey. Take your shirt off and have a seat on the bed."

Mason went to the bathroom and washed his hands. He wet a soft wash clothe with warm water, and gave it a nice lather of soap. He took the first aid kit out from under the sink, and then entered the bedroom to find a nervous and agitated Brat.

Billy was sitting on the bed, to stop his legs from jiggling. He was sitting cross legged in the middle and looked up as Mason entered the room and eyed the washcloth. "What's that for?" he asked confused. "To wash the blood from lip and nose," Mason answered. "Hadn't you not noticed the blood?"

"Nope," Billy replied, realising the copper taste in his mouth wasn't from fear, but from blood. "Damn I thought I swayed away from the fucking prick's nose shot," Billy grumbled. "He must have just caught me. It doesn't hurt at all."

Mason cautiously crawled onto the bed, and sat cross legged next to his husband. "Okay, Monkey, I want to feel your nose and jaw. This is probably going to hurt a bit." As gently as possible, Mason began to touch Billy's face, felling his nose, cheeks, and jaw for any breaks. It hadn't hurt until Mason had began his examination. Billy winced as his husband checked for breaks over the bruises, he wondered idly, if the endorphines had dulled the pain until now.

Mason hurt along with Billy, as he watched his husband wince at his touches. "Okay, love no breaks here. But, your beautiful face is already swelling and turning pretty shades of purple." He began to softly clean the blood from the sweet face; and then he dropped light kisses over Billy's injured face. Mason pulled a large ice pack out of the first aid kit, cracked the chemical pack and held it over Billy's nose and jaw.

He almost purred as Mason kissed him, and sighed as the ice went to work.

Mason piled a stack of pillows against the headboard and motioned for Billy to scoot back. "Now I want to check out your ribs and belly." "I went down controlled, Mason," he whined, "My ribs and belly are fine."

"You didn't even realise you were bleeding, Monkey, so I'm doing the exam." Mason took out his stethoscope and sat next to Billy. He took a quick listen to his Brat's lungs, and then ran his hands over his husband's chest and abdomen. He pressed and poked where needed, and finally ruled Billy fit from the neck down. Mason sat next to Billy at the head of the bed, drew his husband into an embrace, and kissed him fully on the lips. "You scared me today. I didn't like it."

"I'm sorry," Billy mumbled. "I saw red and just took off without thinking." He looked up. "I guess I should give thinking ago next time," he admitted sheepishly. "I'm really glad Jack said they wouldn't press charges. I don't like jails." Billy shut his eyes to banish some nasty memories.

Mason rubbed Billy's back. "I know baby, and I prefer to keep you here too. So, I think now we need to make sure you have a strong deterrent to fighting." Mason reached into the bedside table and withdrew the wooden paddle. He unbuttoned Billy's jeans, and pulled his husband across his lap. Once Billy was settled, Mason pulled his little fighter's pants down and picked up the paddle. There would be no hand spanking this was serious, and his Brat needed to feel that.

Billy automatically clenched his butt, then relaxed. He knew this was going to be bad. His head went up, his eyes wide with shock, as the first swat landed. `Fuck, that was loud,' was his first thought, then the pain hit. `God, how I hate that paddle,' was his final thought as he wailed out a protest. "Massssooooonnnn, that hurts."

"I know baby. I wish you'd remembered that, before you got yourself into trouble." Mason noted that his comment had triggered Billy's guilt, and the soft sobs began as Mason continued to paddle the bare bottom in front of him.

It wasn't too long before the soft sobs increased. Billy thought his butt was so hot and sore it would explode into fire. His not-so-coherent thought, was he was glad Mason was a fireman. He sobbed helplessly and way before Mason finished, he was promising he'd never fight again. Then he lost the power of speech, and his cries of pain and remorse rang through the house.

Mason firmly applied the last swats to the under curve of Billy's bottom. He dropped the paddle on the floor, and lifted Billy into his arms. His Brat had long since lost his jeans, so Mason pulled the comforter at the end of the bed up and over his husband, and gave quiet and calm reassurances of love and safety until Billy fell asleep.

Billy didn't sleep for long, it was difficult to find a comfortable position when both his face and butt were hurting. When he woke with quiet whimpers, Mason handed him some pain medication and a glass of lemonade. It also seemed that a certain little fuzzy feline was rubbing up against Billy's hands for some attention.

"Hi Thomas," Billy muttered waiting for the pain killers to hit. Thomas jumped up and pushed at his hand, and Billy automatically began to stroke him. He looked up, and found Mason's eyes, his smile was crooked "I love you," he said. "I love my little family here, but I hate that damn paddle."

"I know sweetheart," Mason said crawling back into bed and cuddling next to Billy. "But, that turn with the paddle, was well earned. You were fairly warned what would happen should you get into a fight with Jason. Jay's text was cruel and unfair. It would have been better if I had forwarded the text to Jack and let him deal with it, and then I could have finished baking your cake, and spent the afternoon showing you how much I adore you."

Billy wrinkled his nose at Mason. "Okay so if it happens again, I'll stop and think it through." He grinned. "I'll waylay him in an alley," he said his eyes twinkling. He saw Mason's eyes darken "Hey kidding here," he protested.

Mason applied a firm swat to Billy's butt. "That's what you told me about the punch. I think maybe we need to emphasize this lesson with some lines. I think one thousand lines of: I will not ever engage in a physical or verbal fight with Jason Copeland again. Should I break this promise, I will find myself sitting on a firm surface, writing a similar line 10,000 times, on a very sore bottom." Mason watched as the twinkle disappeared from Billy's eyes. He was usually saddened to watch the twinkle disappear, but in this case he felt it was justified. "You may write them on your belly, or any other position you find comfortable, and you don't need to do it now. Right now, I would like you stay here with me and Thomas and let the medication work."

"A thousand lines," Billy spluttered "You've got to be kidding." He looked up. "Oh shit, you're not. That's so mean," he pouted. His eyes started to cloud as the medication hit. "I feel no pain," his voice slurred and he cuddled into Mason. "That doesn't mean you aren't still a meanie," he said.

"As long as I'm your meanie, I'm good," Mason said. He gave his Brat a smile and a kiss.

The End

Turn about sucks....

Title: Turn about Sucks
Authors: Tarabeth and Jo
Characters: Mason and Billy

Mason and Craig were leaving the building. They had assessed that there was no one in the building, and that the building was lost. They needed to retreat and fight the flames from the outside. Craig had just exited the door, when a ceiling beam fell and hit Mason hard on his helmet, and dislodged his oxygen mask. He fell to his knees, and struggled for a moment to gain his composure. His lungs inhaled the thick smoke, and jogged Mason back to his senses. He pushed his mask back into place and exited the building just as Craig had turned back around to get him.

Mason swayed towards the large fire engine, to get the blitz line. Craig grabbed Mason, sat him on the ground, and motioned to one of the other firefighters to bring over the stretcher and EMS gear. Mason tried to shrug Craig away, but when Craig removed Mason’s helmet and oxygen mask, Mason did a little sway of wooziness, and began to cough. Lt. Pike quickly had a grouchy and protesting Mason strapped to the gurney, wearing an oxygen mask, and on his way to the Jade Heights Emergency Department, with lights blaring.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy was humming under his breath. He was very happy; with Micky on 
board they were able to get more cars in, so the business was 
prospering. He was very happy with Mason and he'd finally cut his 
family out of his life. "Could things get any better?" he wondered.

The phone rang. "Hi Craig," Billy said cheerfully, down the phone. 
The animation left his face as he listened. He hung the phone up and 
turned to Micky, his face absolutely ashen "Mason's been taken to 
hospital," he said, dully, "Smoke inhalation." Micky moved quickly, 
before Billy knew it the two of them were in Micky's truck, and 
breaking every speed limit posted, to get to the hospital. 

Billy sprinted for the door and almost went face first, into the 
automatic doors. He slid to a halt in front of the admissions desk. "Is Mason Monroe here?" he asked breathless.

Mason was still on oxygen, but was much happier with the nose tube, than he had been with the mask. He could hear Billy, and asked his mother to go and fetch him. Billy came springing into the small ED room, and firmly attached himself to his husband. “I’m okay Monkey. I’ve got a nasty bump on my head, and inhaled a bit too much smoke. My oxygen stats are looking good, and it’s just a mild concussion, so hopefully they’ll let me go home in a few hours.”

Billy knew Mason would do anything and say anything to reassure him. 
He looked at Mason's mother, "Is he telling the truth?" Billy asked 
bluntly, never letting go of his lover.

Mrs. Monroe was holding Mason’s hand; she let go of his hand, and smoothed his hair off of his forehead. “He’s been very lucky,” she said to Billy, “but he maybe being a bit optimistic. His doctor would prefer to keep him overnight. But, our dear Mason is a bit stubborn, and would like to go home. The doctor did say, if his blood oxygen levels stayed good, continued to rise, and if he kept his dinner down, she would think about sending him home tonight.”

Billy looked hard at his husband. "If I argue and don't listen to a doctor you get mad, but when you don't listen it's okay. I think if a doctor says you should stay overnight you should." Billy had struck a pose that was unconsciously, like Mason's when he was issuing orders.

Mason gave Billy a weak smile, his head was furiously pounding, and that wasn't helping his nausea one bit. "Okay, Monkey, when Dr. Carter comes back around, I'll do whatever she says. I promise."

Billy just cuddled up to his lover, he hadn't seen Mason sick before, and wasn't sure how to deal with it. He was glad Mason's mom was there as well, and the doctor projected an aura of calm, which reassured Billy.

He made sure he told the doctor that Mason would do whatever she told him, and she immediately admitted him for observation overnight, Billy managed to calmly meet Mason's glare which was slightly spoiled by his Top throwing up in mid glare.

Mason looked for some vessel to throw up in, as the need to vomit quickly over took him. He was not happy that he didn't have a basin to use and ended up vomiting into his hands.

Mason's mother stepped into the hall as soon as she noticed the warning signal that her son was about to blow, and signaled a nurse. The nurse entered moments later carrying a large rectangular basin. Mrs. Monroe took the receptacle and held it while Mason continued to vomit. When the convulsive retching finally stopped, Mason was a sweaty, teary mess. The nurse pressed the call button, and asked a nursing assistant to come and help get Mason clean, and she also asked to have Dr. Carter paged.

The nursing assistant and Dr. Carter both arrived about the same time, and asked that Billy and Mrs. Monroe step out of the room so they could get Mason cleaned up and medicated.

"I'm not going anywhere," Billy replied "He's my husband and I'm staying with him. He gently rubbed Mason's back and swept his lover's hair out of his eyes. "I'm here baby. I love you."

“It’s okay, he can stay,” Mason said. “Ma, do you mind?” he asked.

“Of course not sweetheart. I’ll go grab a coffee, and be back in a little while,” his mother answered.

The nursing assistant closed the door, and pulled the privacy curtain. She helped Mason to remove his gown, keeping him covered by the sheet and blanket. She brought in a basin of warm soapy water and washed Mason’s hands. She pulled back and removed the dirty sheet and blanket, and handed Mason a new gown. Billy helped his husband get into the new gown, while the nursing assistant quickly placed a new sheet and blanket on the bed. Mason leaned back on the bed and closed his eyes trying to rest from his ordeal.

He wasn’t paying any attention as Dr. Carter pulled a pair of latex gloves from the box on the wall, and slipped them onto her hands. She then removed two antiemetic suppositories, and a tube of lubricant from her coat pocket. “Mason, roll over for me, I want to give you something to help with the vomiting and nausea.”

Mason made a bit of a disgusted face and turned away from Billy and Dr. Carter.

Billy spluttered, "Payback's a bitch," he said, trying unsuccessfully, to keep the smile off his face.

“Thanks for the support, sweetheart,” Mason said. He was about ready to give his Brat a piece of his mind, but was quieted by the feeling of the sheet and blanket being lifted and his gown moved out of the way to bare his butt. He let out a small gasp when he felt the gloved hand separating his cheeks. Dr. Carter slipped in the two medicinal bullets, and recovered him. She told Mason his room on the ward would be ready shortly, and that she would come check on him once he got situated.

Billy’s brow creased when the deep breath Mason took made him cough. He followed the doctor out. "Is there something you're not telling me about?" he asked suspicious.

The doctor told Billy that Mason had inhaled a bit of smoke, but didn't seem to be suffering any major effects from it, she explained the coughing was to be expected. Although it was possible that Mason could take a turn for the worse from either his head injury or the smoke inhalation, he seemed to be recovering well and she expected he would go home tomorrow. She told him that on the off chance that Mason's symptoms got worse, the hospital was the best place for him, and that was why she was keeping him overnight.

Mason began to wonder where his husband had wandered off to. "Billy, honey," he called out.

Billy came into the room. "I was just talking to the doctor," he explained. "You know in the next week or so I could develop a butt fetish," he joked. "Apparently with smoke inhalation, irritating the throat with pills and thermometers is not recommended. I don't trust ear thermometers," Billy grinned at his Top, cheekily.

Mason had not appreciated the insertions of the suppositories, and the thought of submitting his butt for future intrusions was making his already foul mood take a big turn for the worse. He was not a happy camper about having to spend the night in the hospital. His voice was hoarse. His mouth tasted of bile, and he thought his head would feel better if it actually exploded. “Lesson number one of dealing with a sick Top, Monkey, we get cranky, and it’s not nice to tease us,” he informed his terribly cheeky Brat.

"Same as Brats," Billy shot back, "And we have horrible bossy, swat happy Tops to deal with. At least you've got sweet little me." He knew Mason was cranky but he couldn't resist teasing him.

"Come here, sweet little you," Mason said, holding his arms open. "Careful with the wiggling, still a little nauseous here." Mason wrapped his arms around Billy, as if he were a big teddy bear. "I could use a Monkey snuggle?"

"Okay," Billy snuggled in. "I just hope we don't startle the natives," 
he said, giggling. A couple of minutes later he whined, "Mason, stop 
doing that we can't fuck in a hospital bed." He heard a noise and his 
head shot up to see Mason's mum and a nurse. His face turned bright red, although Mason's mum was obviously trying to hide a laugh, the 
nurse was obviously shocked.

Mason heard his mother’s strangled laugh, and looked up at both women. His hand was still down the front of Billy’s pants, grasping his husband’s cock. “Ummm,” the nurse stuttered, “Captain Monroe, hospital policy requires that you be alone in your bed. I’ll give you a moment, and when I come back I’ll take you up to the ward.” Mason blushed, and slowly removed his hand from Billy’s pants.

“Mason, give me a kiss. I’m going to go home for a while. I’ll come back after dinner, and stay for a short visit before you go to bed. Would either of you like me stop by the house and get you anything?”

"You mean like lube," Billy replied and was treated to a twin Monroe glare. He wilted. "Can you feed Thomas please," he said, in a small voice.

Mason's mother agreed to feed Thomas, and said she would also bring Billy back a change of clothes, and some dinner from the Maple Grille. She kissed both Mason and Billy, and said her goodbyes.

When Mason and Billy were again alone in the room, Mason applied a swat to his Brat's butt. "I can't believe you just asked my mother to bring us lube," Mason said teasing.

Billy smiled "Well she did ask," he argued. He shivered "Did you learn the LOOK from your mother?"

“Yes, it’s hereditary. Haven’t you noticed Uncle Doug, has the same look. We should ask for a cot for you, for tonight, because I don't think you and I could get much sleep in this small of a space."

Two orderlies appeared and transferred Mason up to the ward. Once there the nurse's came in to take Mason's vitals and get him settled. Mason informed Billy he was going to try and sleep, but eventually his headache became too intense to sleep, and also seemed to re-trigger the nausea, and Mason soon found himself vomiting in a bucket.

Billy heard Mason's moans and he was on Mason's bed in a flash as his lover threw up. He hit the nurse's button and gently rubbed his husband's back trying to reassure him. "Will you do something," he said, as a nurse arrived, "He's in pain."

The nurse was soon back with another dose of the antiemetics and a syringe full of pain medicine. "These will help you feel better," the nurse said. "I'm going to need you turn over for me so I can administer them."

Mason was beyond miserable. He turned on his side, took hold of Billy's hand, and closed his eyes. He winced as he felt the suppository inserted, and squeezed Billy's hand when the pain medication was injected into his hip. He let out a whispered, "Thank you," to the nurse, as she recovered his bottom.

"You're welcome, those should help you to sleep for a while," she replied.

Mason kept his eyes closed, and continued to hold Billy's hand, until he dozed off.

Billy was relieved to see Mason drop off. He stayed on the bed with Mason, alert to his lover's slightest movement.

Mason was still asleep when Daisy Monroe returned to the small hospital. She signaled for Billy to join her in the hall. "Hi sweetheart," she said, giving Billy a hug and kiss. "I brought you a change of clothes. I thought you might be more comfortable sleeping in these." She handed Billy a pair of soft sweat pants, his long sleeve 'Warning: Property of a Firefighter' t-shirt, and his monkey socks. "I also picked you up some dinner at the Grille." She noticed Billy start to protest. "Hush, you. Mason would not be happy if you didn't eat dinner. I got you a steak sandwich, with salad instead of French fries; I expect you to eat your salad. If you do, I'll let you have the piece of Mason's chocolate cake that I brought from your house. Now why don't you go change and eat your dinner. I'll sit with Mason for a while, and then leave you two alone for the night."

While she was talking he'd slipped off his t-shirt and wriggled into the long sleeve top. He loved the top, and had laughed so hard when he got it, he'd fallen off the couch he was sitting on. He looked at Daisy turning on his charm.

"Yes ma'am," Billy replied, his eyes twinkling. "You are bossier than Mason you know," he said, "He gets me french fries." He looked at Mason's Mama and gave her his best winsome smile, "If I promise to eat the salad, can I have the chocolate cake first?"

Daisy kissed Billy on the nose. "No, you will eat your dinner first young man. I think you should eat it in the visitor's lounge, honey. The smell of the food, maybe to much for Mason." Billy frowned at the suggestion. "I promise you can have him back when you’re finished," Daisy teased. "I expect you to actually eat that dinner, not push it around on the plate or hide it in the trash. I'm a mother and I'll know if you do," she told him.

Mrs. Monroe kissed her son goodbye, when Billy returned from eating dinner. "I'll be back tomorrow to pick you both up, and to help you get Mason settled at home." She kissed Billy and left for the night.

The cot they set up for Billy was not the most comfortable thing he'd ever tried to sleep on, and without Mason to cuddle around he just couldn't get to sleep. It wouldn't be the first time he'd stayed awake overnight. He knew from experience that morphine could cause nausea and he didn't really trust doctor's much.

Mason was surprised by the sleep that he got, but the nurses kept him well medicated in between their regular checks on him. By noon the next morning he was more than ready to leave. He changed into the clothes his mother brought him, listened carefully to Dr. Carter's instructions, argued with the auxiliary member about being wheeled out of the hospital, and was a general grouch the whole ride home.

He smiled at the yeowling little kitten when he entered the house. "Hi kitten, I missed you," Mason said, as he bent down to pick up Thomas. The small gesture brought about a coughing fit that sent Thomas scurrying under the couch.

"Billy help Mason get settled in bed, I'm going to swing by the pharmacy and pick up his prescriptions," Daisy instructed.

Billy helped Mason up to bed, and the big fireman was asleep as his head hit the pillow.

Mrs. Monroe arrived back at the house; Billy was holding Thomas, and quietly watching television on the bed next to Mason. “Hi honey,” Daisy said, handing the bag of medications to Billy. “Here are Mason’s medications. Dr. Carter prescribed the pain meds in both pills and suppositories in case Mason is still feeling some nausea. The anti-nausea meds are also in suppository form. Don’t let the big grouch talk you out of giving them to him if he needs them, and if he gives you a bad time, you call me. There are a couple of inhalers; he needs to use those several times a day. Don’t forget that Dr. Carter wants you to monitor his temperature for the next few days. His temperature should remain normal. I’ll leave you two to get settled, and I’ll bring dinner by in a few hours. I love you, honey. Give Mason a kiss for me when he wakes up.”

"OK," Billy replied quietly. He was not used to Mason the grouch and wasn't sure he could cope. He mentally shook himself and smiled at Daisy. "We'll be fine," he said, confidently. He kissed Daisy. "See you later," he said, hoping devoutly that Daisy wouldn't feed him salad again. He was smart enough not to mention it.

When Daisy had left, Billy settled back down next to Mason, and watched TV holding onto Thomas, as a safety blanket. When his programme had finished he stirred and looked at Mason who was still sleeping, but there was a furrow in his forehead and he was restless. ‘One of those headaches,’ Billy thought and got up and padded through to the bathroom, where he picked up the rectal thermometer and lube then padded back into the bedroom, just as Mason woke up.

It took Mason a moment to get his bearings when he woke. His head had a ferocious ache. He looked at Billy, and noticed what his Brat was carrying. "What the hell do you think you're going to do with that?" Mason growled with his husky smoke damaged lungs.

"I'm going to take your temp," Billy said, steadily. "Then I'm going to put some pain pills where the thermometer went and anti-nausea pills, if you need them." Billy didn't wilt under the look Mason gave him, although his knees did shake a bit. "Come on Mace," Billy almost pleaded. "I don't want to force the issue but your throat is in no condition to cope with any of these procedures."

Mason was not in the mood to be nice, but he sensed Billy's nervousness. He let out a sigh. "All right, Monkey." He turned over onto his stomach. "Do you know what you're doing, or do you need me to talk you through it?" he asked, praying he wouldn't have to give Billy the play by play.

"I'm used to being on the other side," Billy joked nervously. "I reckon I can do it but if it's painful make me stop. Not if it's uncomfortable it always is," Billy continued, flipping open the bottle of lube.

Thomas as always fled at the appearance of the lube. "Stupid cat," Billy groused, "He doesn't know the difference between fucking and medical procedures." Billy generously coated the thermometer with lube and holding his breath slightly began to insert it into Mason's butt. He felt some resistance but he was gentle and gently stroked Mason's butt, "Open up for me honey," he said softly, remembering his first encounter with the anal thermometer.

Mason hadn’t realized he was clenching, until he heard Billy. He took a deep breath, which caused the coughing to start. He curled into a ball until it stopped, and then resumed his position, and concentrated hard on relaxing. It wasn’t easy, when he knew what would happen when he did.

Billy waited until Mason's coughing fit was over, and his Top was back in position. He saw Mason relax and quickly and smoothly inserted the thermometer as if he'd done it a million times before. He let out a 
sigh and began to breath again. He suddenly realised something, "How long does it have to be in there?" he asked anxiously.

Mason let out sigh. Having the glass thermometer in his rectum wasn’t as bad as he remembered from his childhood, but he still wouldn’t describe it as a pleasant experience.

Billy’s hand rested across the cleavage of Mason’s ass and the thermometer was held firmly in place between Billy’s fingers.

Mason felt as if he could feel every millimeter of the probe, and he couldn’t stand the feeing of lube in and around his anus. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to talk with the thermometer in his butt. He closed his eyes a little tighter, focused on Billy’s question, and finding the answer somewhere in his brain. He took a gentle breath, careful not to cause himself to start coughing. “Four to five minutes,” he answered. “I then usually take it out, check the reading, and then shake it down and reinsert it to verify the reading. But, since you're just making sure it’s still normal; I don’t think you need to take a second reading.”

"I'll only take it twice if the first one is elevated," Billy replied, he was very well aware of how his lover felt. This was nowhere near Mason's kink, and Billy didn't like it much either. After about four minutes Billy removed the thermometer and checked it. "All clear?" he said, "How'd you feel, headache, nausea?"

"It depends what kind of medicine the doctor prescribed," Mason answered.

Billy silently showed him the suppositories. He kept the oral pain pills hidden, he knew Mason's throat was in no condition to take a pill; he'd never be able to swallow it at this stage.

Mason was ready to tell Billy he didn't need any medicine, because he was tired of being poked and prodded. He remembered back to his promise that he would follow the doctor's orders, and he told Billy that he needed both of the medications, and again presented his butt to his Brat. Billy ever so gently gave Mason the suppositories. "Thank you, Monkey. I could use a bit of a cuddle."

Billy went to the bathroom and washed his hands and the thermometer, and then came back to the bedroom and climbed into bed next to Mason.

Mason pulled Billy close to him and kissed him on the top of his head. "I'm sorry you had to do that, if you don't want to do it again, I can give myself any future doses."

Billy giggled, as he pictured Mason the contortionist. "Nope, I'm fine to give them to you until your throat improves," he said. "Then you can take the oral pain pills."

Mason held Billy close. His husband's giggle was great medicine. He kissed Billy's neck and then nipped at his ear. "What oral pain pills?" Mason asked.

Billy continued to giggle.

"Monkey?" Mason said with a somewhat playful growl.

Billy wriggled "The ones the doctor prescribed," he said, innocently. "They're in the medicine cupboard until you can take them safely."

Mason smiled to himself, and swept the fringe off of Billy's forehead. "Baby, my throat is sore, but okay to take pills. She prescribed the pain pills as suppositories in case I was having trouble keeping them down." He kissed Billy's neck again. "I think if I need more of the pain meds we should try them orally. It's good to know how my stomach will handle them." Mason laughed at the firm look Billy gave him. "I'm not trying to get out of anything. I promised you I would follow the doctor's orders, and I will."

Billy relaxed into Mason. "Ah, drugs are a wonderful thing," Mason said, as he could feel the nausea and headache finally relenting. He slid his hand into Billy's sweat pants, wrapped his hand around Billy's cock and began to stroke and tease it. "Thank you for taking such good care of me," Mason said.

"You're coughing if you move suddenly," Billy pointed out, "I'm not sure you're fit to take medicine orally." He gasped as he felt Mason's hand sneak under his sweat pants. "You're sick not dead right?" Billy asked "And I like taking care of you, if I get this sort of payment." Billy sighed in pleasure.

Mason didn't think he would be able to rise to the occasion, but he knew his Brat had been nervous and anxious over Mason's injuries and giving Billy this release was a good way to help calm and relax him. Mason pulled Billy close so that they were spooning, and slid his other hand into Billy's pants. He used his hands to fully engulf his husband's cock. Mason slowly and expertly brought Billy to orgasm. He then helped Billy to slip out of his sweat pants and used them to clean his husband off. The activity had tired both men out, and Mason drew his tired husband close and they both drifted off to sleep.

The End