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My Vacation

Title: My Vacation
By: Thomas the Kitten
Characters: Me (Thomas the Kitten) My daddies and Sir and boy.
Spankings: Boy gets a bare bottom spanking

We had a really nice wedding, my daddies and me. We got married so I would be the most popular kitty ever. I already was, but I didn’t want to hurt my daddies’ feelings, they seemed kind of excited by the whole thing.

After lots of dancing and yummy treats, I sat on my big daddy’s lap and he fed me yummy little curly pink things. Mmmmm, we have to get those at home. When it was all over my daddies gave me lots of kisses and cuddles; they told me we were each going on a vacation. I was going to stay at this cool place with the black haired men, and they were going…well I don’t remember what they said…monkey daddy was packing and he put that bottle of goo, I don’t like, in their bag so I stopped listening. Anyway, monkey daddy gave one of the black haired men all my stuff, you know my potty, my toys, my bed, my food and other stuff and they went and set them all up for me. I made sure to try everything out and make sure it was okay. Then my daddies left and I cried, and cried, and cried. The black haired man with curly hair made me a bottle and we all sat down together on their sofa. I felt better while I drank my bottle and they petted me. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up and they were kissing all over each other. That was when I finally learned their names, Sir and boy.

The next morning, boy got upset when I was eating breakfast. He wanted to know what kind of idiot cat stands in their food. It hurt my feelings. I’m a little guy, and my food dish is BIG. It is much easier to get to my food if I don’t have to try and lift my head over that big wall on the dish. Sheesh, don’t humans understand anything.

So, after breakfast I had to use my potty. I did just like monkey daddy taught me, and I used my box. I was so proud of myself. Sometimes my daddies clap when I go pee and poo-poo in my potty. But, did boy clap? No, he got all upset about the smell, and ran around opening all the doors and windows. My daddies don’t get all upset when I have a poo. In fact, big daddy says I’m amazing, being so little and producing such a big smell.

I don’t know what boy’s problem is. He’s just a big grouch. I should have a talk with Sir, when monkey daddy gets cranky like this big daddy can fix it. So deciding I didn’t want to hang out with the grouchy face anymore, I decided I should go find Sir. I pushed the screen door open with my nose and paw, and trotted off towards the big house.

Oooo, Sir and boy have a much bigger yard than we have at home. There are lots of good places to hide. I like to play hide and seek. I find the littlest places to hide, and my daddies pretend to get mad, and call my name. Sometimes they yell at each other about who was supposed to be watching me. That’s funny. Sometimes big daddy pretends to give monkey daddy a spanking by just putting a couple of swats over his clothed bottom. When monkey daddy gets a real spanking, it’s lots of smacks on his bare bottom. Monkey daddy gets sad when he gets a spanking. But I can cheer him up by letting him rub my belly and scratch my butt. That seems to make him happy. So when I heard boy start calling my name, I knew it was time to start playing hide and seek. It’s about time he came around and learned my rules.

I hid under some petunias, but he saw me. Boy plays the game perfect. He pretended to be angry when he reached for me. I jumped out and ran under his legs and then I lost him when I ran through the hedge. He kept looking for me until Sir came outside and asked him what he was yelling about. Boy told a fib and went back in the house and closed the door. Boy shouldn’t tell fibs. Monkey daddy gets spankings when he fibs to big daddy. I wonder if boy gets spankings.

Well if we weren’t going to play hide and seek anymore, I was gonna ‘splore the garden. There are lots of bugs in the garden. I like bugs. They are fun to play with. But sometimes they stop playing and just lay there not moving. I don’t like that. Then I saw a butterfly. They are my favorite. So I jumped and jumped to try and catch him. But he can fly higher than I can jump. Boy came outside when I was playing with the butterfly; he was pretending to be angry again. Woo hoo, game on. I ran back under the hedge and then up the big apple tree. I had a great view of him hunting for me from up in the tree. He was doing a really good job playing, he seemed extra angry.

Sir came back outside again to see what was going on, and boy fibbed again. This time Sir didn’t seem very happy about it and told boy to mow the lawns. Boy complained, and Sir told him to stop or he could mow the lawn with a sore butt. Monkey daddy has had to mow the lawn with a sore butt before. He didn’t like it.

I don’t like the lawn mower. I’m afraid it’s gonna run me over. I noticed from up in the tree that it was an easy jump into an open window of the big house. So I jumped in. Cool, there was a big cushy bed. So I climbed in and took it nap.

I woke up to a lady vacuuming the room. I don’t like the vacuum. It’s like an indoor lawn mower. So, I ran out of the room. I had to go potty, but I couldn’t find my box anywhere. I did find a big plant with lots of dirt. Monkey daddy wouldn’t be happy, but I had to go and it seemed like the best place.

I was sad, and knew my daddies wouldn’t be happy I had pottied in the plant. I don’t like to be naughty, unless I have planned it with the intent of fun. I didn’t potty in the big house plant on purpose. I couldn’t find my box, and I felt kind of lost. I wanted to go back to the little cottage, where my food, toys, potty and bed were. I was getting a little scared and I started to cry. I was so grateful when a nice lady found me and took me to Sir. She gave good cuddles. I was so excited to see Sir, that when he took me in his arms. I gave him lots of cuddles, and lots of purrs. I also made sure to tell him all about my morning that I wanted to go back to his house, and that I thought boy needed some attention—because he seemed a little grouchy.

Sir and I arrived back at the cottage. Sir took me to the potty. I was very excited to see my potty. I purred and made sure to tell my potty how happy I was to see it. I was a little worried about boy though. I wanted him to stop being a grouchy puss, but Sir was using the voice that big daddy uses when monkey daddy is in trouble. I hoped that Sir was telling boy the right way to play hide and seek, because boy doesn’t play properly. He has to actually find me! My daddies always find me.

Well it was probably best if I left Sir and boy to have their discussion, so I decided to do a little ‘sploring. I started in the bedroom. They had a big fancy closet, with lots of shoes. I would need to remember this would be a good place at naptime. Then I checked out their dresser. Nothing super exciting, some smelly things, a plate with some of that stuff big daddy calls money. I don’t know what money is, but big daddy makes it sound like it’s important. The bed looked like it might be comfy, so I checked it out. It smelled like Sir and boy, and I thought it needed to smell a little more like me, so I rubbed myself all over the pillows, and the blankies. Ah, much better. Since I wasn’t very tired--there wasn’t much reason to stay on the bed. I decided to check out how good of a hiding place under the bed was.

Hmm, this under the bed is excellent!!! Way better than at home. There are boxes to hide behind, and not as many dust bunnies. I don’t like dust bunnies; they make me sneeze. I like to hide in boxes, so I decided to see if I could get inside any of them. I decided to start with the big box, because the lid looked like it might be a little open. Uhhh! OOOO! Ohhhhh! Rrrrrrrr! Hsssssss! Finally after much work and a serious conversation with the lid, I got it open. Hey, this is way cool!!! This is where they keep all their cat toys. I didn’t see another cat, maybe these are all for me!!!! Hey, look they have some big cat collars in here!!! I like my collar; it was a present from my daddies. It has a little bell. I’m gonna try this one on. Ugg, help! Help! Help! Help! Oh hey, this is kind of cool, it is pink and squishy. What a cool toy! I must have it. Wait, I’m still stuck! Help! Help! Help! Yep, I’m definitely keeping this toy. Prrrrrr! Prrrrr! I want out of this collar! Help! Help! Help!

Sir and boy came running to save me. Sir lifted me out of the box. He and boy were laughing! Laughing at me! Sir took the collar off of me and set me on the bed. He patted my bottom and told me to stay out of trouble. Hmff. I turned around, so I wasn’t looking at either Sir or boy, and began to clean my paws they seemed a little dirty. I finished giving myself a bath, and then I took a nap.

I woke up from my nap, and the house was quiet. I wondered out into the big room and saw boy reading something. I wanted to see what it was…I like to read too. So, I jumped onto his lap and stood on his book, so I could see the letters. Boy got all mad, and said bad words, and then he put me back out in the garden and shut the front door. I was not happy. I cried, and cried, and cried, but the mean boy wouldn’t answer the door. So I decided to go back to the big house and find Sir. There was a door open so I wondered in. There was a big kitchen, and it smelled good. Like when big daddy makes cake. I hopped up on a chair and then on the counter, and there were pans with the greasy powdery stuff that tastes really good…so I started to lick at the pan. And then this scary old lady yelled at me and started chasing me with a broom! I cried and ran really fast out of the kitchen and down the hall and right into Sir. He saved me from the scary lady. He said he was going to take me back to see boy. I wasn’t happy and I scratched Sir. I wanted to stay with him. He was much nicer than boy. We got back to the little house, and Sir was not happy with boy. He asked boy how I had gotten out again…and boy didn’t answer Sir. Sir said maybe they should go discuss it in the study. Boy seemed sad and said they might as well he was going to end up there anyway. I decided to go have a snack while they went to talk. Then I heard the smacking sound, like when big daddy spanks monkey daddy. I ran to the study, and peeked my head around the door…oh my goodness, boy was over Sir’s lap, getting his bare bottom spanked. Poor boy, he had been kind of mean, but I know that monkey daddy doesn’t like to have his bottom spanked. Then boy started to cry. I hate it when my monkey daddy cries…and when boy cried it made me sad, so I went and hid in the bathroom cupboard.

I hid in the cupboard for a long time, until I heard someone in the bathroom, so I poked my head out of the cupboard, and saw Sir having a potty. I said hello, and he jumped up and got some pee on the floor. Then he was mad…so I decided I should go see boy. Monkey daddy likes to cuddle after a spanking.

I went into the study and boy was lying on the couch with a soft blanky draped over him. I hopped up onto the couch and rubbed my face against his cheek. He sniffed and told me to go away. Monkey daddy used to say that too, until he figured that he would feel better if he rubbed my belly and scratched my butt. I rubbed my head against boy again and started to purr. He started to rub my ears, and I could tell he was starting to feel better, so I flopped on my back so he could rub my belly. That would make him feel really good!!!! Eventually boy fell asleep, and I stayed on the couch to protect his bottom in case Sir decided to spank it again. Sir poked his head in the room, and I growled at him. He laughed and told me to take good care of boy and to behave myself. Sheesh! I always behave myself.

After that boy and I were good friends, mostly because he learned how to do stuff the right way. He fed me on time, didn’t complain about my potties, played hide and go seek the right way and gave me lots of cuddles. Then one night when boy and I were cuddling the doorbell rang. Sir got up to answer it, and in walked my daddies!!!! I was so happy to see them. I jumped off of boy’s lap and ran to my daddies…okay I ran up monkey daddy’s body. It was faster than waiting for him to pick me up. Monkey daddy laughed and gave me lots of kisses. I purred, and purred, and purred.

Monkey daddy handed me to big daddy and I purred, and purred, and gave him lots of cuddles. Then monkey daddy had all my things gathered up and me and my daddies went home, and lived happily ever after.

The End

Copyright Thomas and Tarabeth 2008


Title: Family
Authors: Tarabeth and Jo
Characters: Mason and Billy…plus a little bit of James and a little bit of Jack
Implements: Hand, Paddle, wooden spoon

Mason looked down at the caller ID; he didn't recognize the number but the caller ID said, 'Fleming.'

"Hello," Mason answered.

"Hello," the caller said, "I'm looking for William Fleming."

"Can I take a message, Billy isn't home at the moment," Mason replied.

"Can you please give me the number where I may reach William?" the caller asked.

"He's at the garage; I’d be happy to have him call you later. Who's calling please?" Mason asked.

"This is Ambassador Fleming's personal secretary. Can I please have the number of William's place of employment?" The man on the phone asked.

Mason was growing impatient and a bit worried. "Is everything okay? I'm Billy's partner."

"The Ambassador and Mr. Fleming have returned to Vancouver and wanted to inform William that they are back in the country. Please tell him to call his parents at their estate," with that the caller hung up.

Mason took a deep breath. From what he knew Billy hadn't spoken to his parents since they sent him to live with his uncle over thirteen years ago. His partner didn't have fond memories of his parents, and Mason doubted Billy would have any desire to speak to his parents now. But, Mason was pleased that Billy's parents were reaching out, and thought it was an opportune time, given he and Billy's recent engagement.

Deciding it would be best to support and encourage his partner to respond to his parents' phone call, but Mason thought it would take a lot of gentle persuasion. He worried it could also involve a temper tantrum of extreme proportions. Mason decided a calm and quiet evening might help to ease the conversation, well that and chocolate cake.

Billy opened the door and almost danced in, he was so happy. "Mace, I'm home," he yelled and slammed the door shut. He smelt the air, "Yummy, chocolate cake," he said, walking into the kitchen, and stopped a minute to admire Mason. As usual, he wondered how he'd ever managed to find such an incredibly handsome man. He automatically looked down to make sure he wouldn't trip over Thomas and walked over to Mason. He leant in for a kiss, "I had a Hummer in today," he bubbled over, "It is such a beast."

"A Hummer, huh, I wish I'd had a hummer today," Mason said before he welcomed his Brat home with a kiss. "I'm glad you had a good day, Baby. Why don't you go get washed up, and I'll put dinner on the table."

Mason finished with dinner and set the table on the patio, it was a beautiful evening and he thought the calmness of the garden might make things go a little smoother.

Billy exited the house, freshly showered. Mason could smell the spice of the soap mixed with the smell of his partner, and found it intoxicating. Billy was looking wonderfully relaxed and healthy; he was wearing cargo shorts, a cotton tank top and flip-flops. He flashed Mason his warm lovely smile, and was pleased at how his partner was radiating love and happiness.

Mason planted a kiss on Billy's lips and handed him an ice-cold bottle of beer. "You got an interesting call this afternoon, Monkey. Your mother's personal secretary called to say that she and your father are back in the country and would like to hear from you."

Billy choked on his beer. "Why the hell would I want to go and see that bitch?" he spluttered. "And my father is a bastard." He looked at Mason, "This is one discussion I don't want to have." He looked down. "Suddenly I don't feel hungry," he said, standing up.

"Hey, hey," Mason said gently pulling Billy into a hug. Mason began to slowly rub his hand over Billy's back. "I know they haven't been very good parents to you, but they have reached out. They’re your family. I’d like you to give some thought to calling them back."

"Fuck off, Mason," Billy replied, "They abandoned me when I was fourteen. Actually they shipped me off to school when I was five. They don't give a fuck, and I don't either." He pulled out of Mason's embrace and stomped off. "And don't you dare ring them back," he yelled over his shoulder.

Mason took three long strides, and had Billy in his grasp. He applied several firm swats to Billy's butt, and then led his partner to the corner.

"William Stephen Fleming, you do not ever tell me to fuck off!" Mason took both of Billy's hands and placed them on top of his Brat's head. Mason continued to stand directly behind Billy, not allowing him to move.

"I love you. I’m the man who’s committed to spending the rest of my life with you. You may not take your anger at your parents out on me. It’s mean, disrespectful, and hurtful to our relationship. Got it?"

"Got it," Billy muttered, his butt stinging. He hated his full name and Mason knew it. "Junior," he said, "William Stephen Fleming, Junior." He laughed bitterly. "They couldn't even give me a unique name." Billy kicked at the corner. "I hate them," his voice was low and bitter. "You can't make me call them," he spat at Mason.

Mason wrapped his arms around Billy and pulled him tight. "I love you, Monkey," Mason whispered into Billy's ear. Mason felt Thomas winding his way through he and Billy's legs. "Thomas loves you, too. I know you’re frustrated and angry, please be careful and don't kick, Thomas is down by your feet."

Mason rubbed his whiskered face against Billy's cheek. "You, me, and that little furry thing are a wonderful family. We love each other, and are kind to one another. I won't make you call them, but I would like for you to take some deep breaths, feel my arms around you, and my cheek against yours. Can you feel my heart beating next to yours? Can you feel Thomas purring at your feet? Center your mind on here in our home, and concentrate your breaths so that you’re breathing in and out with me. Come back here with me, where you’re safe and loved. When you feel more calm, I want us to talk--like the loving adult partners that we are."

Billy didn't feel like an adult, his parents always had that effect on him. He stopped kicking; he didn't want to hurt Thomas. Unconsciously he began to breath in time with Mason and felt himself calm down. "I'm okay now," he said to Mason, "Will you let me out now? Please? I'll try and play nice."

Mason turned Billy around and continued to embrace him. "I know you're upset, and that's okay. You can be angry--but remember whom you are angry at--and that it isn't me. Come sit with me in the swing, Monkey." Mason led his Brat over to the garden swing and sat, bringing Billy down to cuddle next to him. "I know they were shitty parents, but they've reached out to you, don't you think it'd be a good idea to see what they want. You don't have to see them, you don't have to do what they ask, but maybe just find out why they're calling?"

Billy chewed his bottom lip, thinking hard. He still felt the anger simmering down deep and managed to put a lid on it. "I guess if they're reaching out, the least I can do is reach back," Billy said. He looked up, his eyes shadowed. "Which of them rang, Mother or Father?"

Mason took a breath, and continued his embrace of Billy. "It was your mother's secretary," he said.

"Fucking typical," the lid came off Billy's temper. "It was probably Johnno, he's been Mother's PA for ages. He's the one who called me, Billy, first." He relaxed and smiled at the memories. "He taught me how to box, so I could beat up the bullies at school as well. I wouldn't mind talking to him again," he said wistfully. "He is, or was, a good friend. He sometimes managed to run interference for me, protecting me from Father."

Mason began to run his fingers through Billy's hair. His heart ached for his sweet partner. Billy was a gentle and kind man, and Mason was grateful for the adults in his life who had helped to make him into the man he loved. He wasn't sure that Billy contacting his parents would be a good thing, but he also knew that if this issue was left unresolved Billy would wind himself so tight he wouldn't be able to function well.

"He sounds like a nice man. I'm glad he was there for you. Maybe it would be easier to call Johnno first?"

Billy shrugged. "He usually answers all the phone calls that come through," he said, "So she isn't bothered by the common folk like her son." He bounced up. "We might as well get this over and done with," he declared. "Did he give you a phone number, or do I need to dig it up?"

"He didn't give me the number; he said they were at the estate. Do you want to be alone while you call them, or can I be there to hold you and support you?" Mason asked. He planted a kiss on the top of Billy's head.

"I want you with me," Billy said, immediately.

"I think you made the right decision, Baby...and just remember no matter what happens that you have a safe and happy place here with me forever."

Mason moved slightly, so that he and Billy could get up. "Let's eat dinner before you call, and maybe we can brainstorm and practice some things they might say, so you'll have a good response. It might help you feel a little more confident when you talk to them."

"I'm not sure brain storming would do any good," he continued. "I have no idea why they want to talk to me. It could be anything, after all we haven't talked to each other since I was fourteen, and the last letter I sent was my coming out letter at eighteen." He walked over to the patio and started to serve out dinner, looking at the chocolate cake with longing. He sighed; he knew he had to eat the main course, before he could move on to dessert.

Dinner finished all too soon for Billy. He hunted out his old telephone directory, and his fingers trembled as he dialed the number. He leant back against Mason, seeking reassurance. "Hello Mr. Silverstone," he said when the phone was answered by the private secretary, "It's William, returning your call from earlier." He listened and a smile broke over his face. "Ok Johnno," he said, laughing, "I'm still Billy. I just wasn't sure if anyone else was listening in. What does my darling Mother want?" he asked, his voice dry. Billy's smile vanished, as he listened to his old friend. "She's done what?" he exploded, "Does she know I've got a partner and a business in Jade Heights. I'm 27 for God's sake, she can't summon me back to be by her side, just because she wants to portray herself as a wife and mother for political reasons." He listened again. "Johnno," he said, "I have to ring off and discuss things with my partner, Mason, and then I’ll ring back and talk to her, okay?"

Billy put down the phone. He turned to Mason. "She's running for the city council and wants me back to play the perfect, straight son. She's even chosen a wife for me," he said, his voice devoid of any feeling.

Mason sat quietly holding Billy in his arms. He was enraged at the nerve of these people.

"You're right. They are evil," Mason said. "Well, I suggest we speed up our wedding plans. What do you say about a little ceremony in the garden of the Trillium Inn this weekend?”

“I'd love to get married this weekend," Billy said smiling.

“Then your mother can either accept us as we are or she can stuff it. But," and Mason made sure his next point was very clear, "there will be no wife." He kissed Billy sweetly on the lips. "And, besides I would look horrible in a dress."

Billy giggled at the image of Mason in a dress. "What about the rings?" he asked. "Will Jack be able to make them in time?" They had chosen their wedding rings to be made by Jackson McCallum, a jeweler who Mason had once babysat for. Billy, sometimes wondered, if there was anyone in town who hadn't at one time been babysat by Mason.

"We can use temporary rings if we need to, we don't want to rush Jack, and honeymooning in Vancouver could be very fun."

His smile was evil "We can take our honeymoon in Vancouver, and I'll introduce you to my darling family." He kissed Mason, hard. "Now prove to me I'm yours, and yours alone," he growled.

Pulling out of the kiss, Mason had a somewhat sad, yet stern, look on his face. Mason stood he and Billy up, and began to undo his brat's shorts. "Monkey, I will prove to you that you are mine, and mine alone, but I don't think you’re going to like it. Because you and I are going to have a long discussion regarding your telling me to 'Fuck off'."

With that Mason pulled down Billy's shorts and underwear and pulled his Brat across his lap.

"Maaassssooon," Billy wailed, more than a little shocked to find himself over his Top's lap. He jumped as the first spank landed. "Ow, that hurt," he said. It was then his mind caught up, ‘Oh shit,’ he thought to himself, while he still had his thought processes intact, ‘this is going to be painful.’ He was crying within a minute and sobbing not long after, as Mason set his butt on fire.

This was a lesson Mason intended Billy to learn the first time. He continued to spank through Billy's sobs. When his Brat's bottom was a bright shade of red, Mason reached into the side table drawer and withdrew the paddle.

"Mace, not the paddle, pleaaassseee," Billy hoped his begging would succeed, and when it didn't he just cried out at each swat, still sobbing in between.

Mason had applied twenty very firm swats to Billy's bottom, before he set the paddle aside, and lifted his crying Brat into his arms.

"Not fair," Billy hiccupped into Mason's shoulder, as he slowly stopped sobbing. "That paddle hurts," he complained.

"So does being told to 'Fuck off' by the love of your life," Mason replied.

Billy was too far gone to blush. "I'm sorry," was all he said, snuggling into Mason's embrace. "Forgiven?" he asked hopefully, knowing that spankings usually cleared the slate.

"Of course you’re forgiven, my love," Mason said as he planted a kiss on the top of Billy's head. "Shall we have some cake and make some decisions about our wedding?"

Billy gave a faint grin. "As long as I don't have to sit down, anything's okay for me." He went over and cut huge chunks of chocolate cake and started to eat.

"Can Thomas be the ring bearer?" he asked, looking down at the kitten that was winding around his legs. "I need to ring Micky to make sure he can look after the garage.” Micky was Billy’s mentor. “We need to check with Jack and see if the rings will be ready, and if not what he can offer as stand ins." Billy's mind was working at top speed, and his voice couldn't quite keep up. "How do we send out invitations with enough time for people to respond?" He looked wide-eyed at Mason, on the edge of panic.

Mason gave a smile to Billy and pulled a bar stool over to the kitchen counter so he could sit next to his standing Brat.

Billy began to flip through several wedding magazines.

Pulling out a pen and paper, Mason started to make some lists. "I think we need to make quite a few phone calls first thing in the morning. You need to call Micky. I need to call Craig to get work covered for this week and next, while we plan and honeymoon. I'm going to need to see if Craig can get a couple of guys from Kelowana to cover so he can be my best man. Do you have someone you want to stand up for you?" Mason wrote the list with one hand, while his other ran soothingly over Billy's butt. "Then I think we need to call Jackson and James, so we can plan some time to meet with them and see how they can help us out.

“Hmm, Invitations--well there are a lot of options. We can make our own on the computer and hand deliver them to people here in town and express them to anyone out of town. We could do e-vites, or just make phone calls.

“I think we need to stay small and simple.

“As for Thomas." Mason began to laugh peering over at the kitten, that was currently running in circles trying to catch his tail. "Do you really think he's going to walk down the isle on demand?"

Billy looked down at Thomas and laughed "Maybe not," he replied, "But we'll have to figure a way for him to participate. He is family after all." He looked at Mason, his eyes twinkling, "Maybe Craig can carry him. After all, he helped to save him." He laughed harder. Then he sobered, "Maybe Micky can stand up for me," he mused, "After all he was my mentor. I've just never seen him in a suit, so I'm not sure if he has one. I'd like to invite Johnno but I'm not sure he'll be able to escape her clutches."

Mason laughed at the thought of Craig carrying Thomas in the ceremony. "I’ll leave it for you to tell Craig of his kitten sitting job during the ceremony. I think we’ll have a great laugh over it." Mason reached down and picked up the kitten, placing him on the counter where he could be petted, played with and feel a full part of the wedding plans.

"It’d be great if Micky stood up for you, and if he doesn't want to wear a suit that would be fine too. We want everyone to be comfortable? Do you want to wear a suit? Will you be comfortable? Neither of us tend to spend a lot of time in fancy attire?"

Mason returned his hand to soothing his Brat's bottom. "Why don't you give Johnno a call, and see what his availability is? Also, at some point we do need to make your parents aware of our marriage. Do you want to do it before or after the wedding?"

"After," Billy replied firmly. "I'd like to visit them, walk in, kiss you and show them our rings."

"I have no problem visiting your parents after the wedding; in fact I think it would be a good idea. But I'm not going to put on a show for them, Monkey. I don't like the way they have treated you, but that doesn't mean we will compromise our values and be disrespectful. You are welcome to hold my hand, but I don't see where kissing in front of them to make them purposely uncomfortable is acceptable." Mason patted Billy's butt. "I'm serious about this Billy. It's okay to introduce me to them, but I will not be your tool to hurt them."

"Ouch," Mason's gentle pats had reawakened some of the burn in Billy's bottom. "OK," Billy pouted, "I get it."

He picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Hi Johnno," Billy said, his voice devoid of feeling. "Can you talk?" the answer was in the affirmative. "Great. Hey I'm getting married this weekend and you're invited. Can you get away?" Billy's face creased into a smile, as he heard the answer. "That's great," he said. "It'll be pretty informal, slacks and shirts will be fine. Can you keep it on the QT from the paternal units?" he asked. "We want to surprise them after it's over." He listened to the answer and laughed. "Yes, a medical team may need to be on stand by. See you Saturday."

Billy looked at Mason. "Johnno can come," he said, stating the obvious. "I think we'd look good in suits. I'd like to dress up for our wedding." He tickled Thomas under the chin, "Maybe we could surprise Craig," he said, mischief in his eyes.

"Lt. Pike doesn't do very well with surprises," Mason laughed, "So, I think that would be an excellent idea."

He looked at the list Mason had written. "We've got heaps to do," he groaned. "You'll talk to James and Jackson?" Billy was quite shy in public, and although he knew both men, he'd rather Mason talked with them. "I can design the invites, it'd be nice to have real invites for the Jade Heights people at least."

"Sounds good," Mason said. "We can spend the day in Jade Heights tomorrow sorting out the basics, I think Wednesday we should drive to Vancouver to get new suits and any other things we need or want that we can't get here or in Kelowana." Mason closed the notebook, picked up Thomas, and took Billy by the hand. "I think we should turn in, so we can get an early start in the morning."

"I'll contact Micky in the morning and see if he can take over the garage from Wednesday," Billy said, heading towards the bedroom "And ask him if he wants to stand up for me." He was stripping casually. "Last time I talked to him he said he was going spare with boredom, so it shouldn't be a problem." He slipped under the sheets, turning carefully onto his side.

"Come here love," Mason said after joining Billy in bed.

Billy slid over and rested his head on Mason's chest.

Mason ran his hand over Billy's back. "I love you," he said, kissing the top of Billy's head. "I'm very happy you're going to be husband."

Mason and Billy rested quietly, both awake, but just enjoying the silence and their gentle cuddles.

Thomas was lying on Billy's side of the bead stalking his prey. He watched the sheet and duvet move as Mason's hand moved up and down Billy's back. And then he pounced.

Billy let out a howl as he felt Thomas's claws dig into his back. Mason also drew his hand quickly away with an oath, as Thomas's claws hit him. Billy sat up with a bang, half a second later, he let out another howl, and flipped on his side. "You little bastard," Billy turned to tell Thomas off, just in time to see the kitten disappear through the door. "He's a Brat, I tell you," Billy said to Mason in disgust.

"He's a cat," Mason said trying hard not to laugh at his outraged Brat. "He may also be a Brat, but that pounce and attack was all cat." Mason lay back down and pulled his lover with him. He ran his hand softly over Billy's butt and once again kissed the top of his head. "How are you doing there, Monkey? You've been awfully quiet, are you okay?"

"Yeah," Billy replied, "I'm fine. It's just been an emotional evening. I feel a bit overwhelmed. It all feels right, I just need time to process everything." He yawned, "And I'm pretty sleepy," he said, shamefaced.

Mason swatted Billy, which elicited a yelp. "That was the fakest yawn I’ve ever seen," Mason said. "I want to know what's going on, Monkey, and I want to know now. If you just wanted some more quiet time that would’ve been fine, if you really were tired that would’ve been fine, trying to cover-up something you’re festering about is not fine. So, here's your chance to tell me what's bothering you, before you end up back over my knee for lying."

"That hurt," Billy pouted at Mason. "Sometimes I just wonder why my parents bothered to have me. Why, when they did have me, they ignored me--unless they wanted to show me off. All I ever wanted was their approval, and in the end, their attention." He shrugged. "It's old news," he said. "I should be over it, by now." A tear trickled down his cheek.

Mason pulled Billy back on top of him, and held him close. "Why, Baby, why should you be over it? They were horrible parents; they continue to be horrible parents. William and Meredith Fleming don't deserve you. You’re too wonderful for them.

“I'm sorry they hurt you again. I'm sorry that I encouraged you to call them. But, I think you would have wound yourself up not knowing what they wanted. So, I'm glad you know what they wanted. Now we can deal with it--deal with them--and then get back to our life without them. I’m so sorry they hurt you." Mason rubbed Billy's back, as his Brat cried into his chest.

"I love you, Monkey. I'm so very thankful for you, and so happy we're getting married, and are committing to spend the rest of our lives together.

“What do you want to do about Will and Merry?" Mason felt Billy release a hiccupped laugh at Mason's new names for his parents "Do you really want to go see them after the wedding, or would you prefer we write and tell them to leave you alone?"

"Hell, no," Billy replied, firmly. "I want to rub their noses in the fact I am happily married." Billy held up his hand to forestall Mason's reply. "No demonstrations, just holding hands. Although, I still think kissing each other would make them have heart attacks." His eyes glinted, "Then I don't care if I never see them again." Billy grinned at Mason, "Now can we go to sleep?" he asked.

"Okay, okay, you win. We can go to sleep," Mason said with a laugh, "but good luck getting your side of the bed back." Mason signaled towards Billy's side of the bed with his head. Stretched to his full length of about ten inches was Thomas, laying sideways across Billy's half of the bed

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

For the rest of the night, Billy clung close to Mason. So close that he came close to pushing Mason out of bed during the night.

The alarm went off at 6.30 am as normal, and as normal Billy bounced out. He got dressed, made coffee and brought a cup up to Mason. "Wake up, sleepy head," he said cheerfully. "I'm off to work, and I'll ring Micky, first thing."

Mason set the cup down on the bedside table, and sat up to kiss his Brat good morning. "Have a good day baby," Mason told him. "Remember you’re on your own for lunch, Craig and I have to go to Kelowana for our Fitness Assessments.

“Oh, and I'm going to be late tonight. I've got that workshop with the cub scouts.

“Make sure you eat your lunch, and I want a call from you when you get home.

“I'll call Jackson and James before I leave and see if I can meet with them late this afternoon before I head over to the scout meeting.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy got to the garage early and opened up. Before he got down to work he set his alarm clock, and looked up Micky's number in Kelowana. It took him less than fifteen minutes to arrange everything with his mentor. Micky assured him he had a suit which was new, as he'd been involved in his daughter's wedding, less than a year before.

Then he set to work. The alarm went off, and he groaned but Mason's training held true. He was still tender from the paddling from the night before, and he didn’t want to incur Mason's wrath. He went over to the Maple Grille and had steak and chips. Then with 30 minutes left to kill, he went to the local pool hall. "Hey handsome," the male bartender said, coming over to the pool table, "I'm Cameron, and you look thirsty."

"No, thank you," Billy replied somewhat taken aback, he wasn’t used to being flirted at. "I've got to go back to work." He then hurried out, and escaped back into the garage. He was so flustered he forgot all about resetting the alarm clock.

When Billy heard his cell phone ring. He fumbled it out of his pocket. "Hi, Mason, I thought you had plans this evening." He listened a moment and paled "No," he whispered, "I don't know what time it is." He spun around, and looked at the workshop clock and groaned aloud, "It's six," he said. "But it's not my fault, Mason. I had such a strange thing happen to me at lunchtime." Billy wondered if this one time, he might get off with a warning. "I'll lock up now, and go right home."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason called his mother first, and informed her of the new wedding plans. She cried tears of delight, and teased that his uncle couldn't wait to walk him down aisle.

He then called Jackson, and was pleased with the outcome of his conversation. Although the beautiful gold and platinum rings that Jack was making for he and Billy couldn't be ready until after their honeymoon, Jack said he could make them two very simple matching silver bands to use in the ceremony and wear until their permanent wedding bands were ready.

When he called James, they arranged to meet at 4:00 pm to go over all of the wedding services available at The Inn.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason was very pleased with the outcome of his fitness assessment. Craig had put on a little sympathy weight since his wife got pregnant five months earlier, and Mason was able to beat the younger man in each of the fitness tests.

Before he and Craig got into the truck for the drive home, Mason patted Craig's belly and said, "Ah Baby, Uncle Mason can't wait to meet you, and you might want to tell your daddy that he doesn't need to eat for two for you to be happy and healthy."

Craig punched Mason in the belly in response. "Good luck, old man, I expect you to be an old fat married guy in no time."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Back in Jade Heights, Mason called the minister at the Episcopal Church and asked him if he would marry he and Billy. The reverend was more than pleased, and said yes.

Having finished all of his wedding assignments for the day. Mason just had to head over to The Inn to meet James. He arrived at The Trillium to find that James had set high tea up at a lovely table in the garden.

“Welcome to The Trillium Inn, Mason. It is great to see you.” James was thrilled to be able to host the wedding at the Inn. Mason and he had become friends since he'd moved to Jade Heights, and he was happy his friend had found someone worthy to spend his life with.

He seated Mason across from him at the garden table, and the two partook of the afternoon tea. James took out a photo album with pictures from previous weddings to show Mason what he had in mind.

"Of course this is all subject to your’s and Billy's approval. I have put together a plan for a ceremony and reception afterwards. We have the beautiful rose arbour in full bloom right now; I thought that would serve as a perfect background for the service itself. We have white folding chairs to set up for your guests, and if you want we can put a runner up the isle. You can see what that looks like in these pictures." James showed several beautiful photos from the album which included some from his and Quinn's own wedding ceremony.

"We had put together a nice method of entrance for the participants in same sex services. You both would come to the garden from opposite sides, accompanied by your attendants; you meet at the bottom of the isle and proceed up it together with your attendants behind you.

“For the reception, we have a big tent, which can hold tables enough to seat up to eighty, and we have a hardwood dance floor that we can put down if you want dancing. Given the rather last minute nature of this, I doubt you could get live music, but I called a D.J. I know and he is available if you want. I'll give you his card."

He pulled out a folder and handed it to Mason. "This is a list of menu choices Mrs. Chelsea and her crew can put together for you, but she must have confirmation of choice and numbers no later than seventy-two hours prior, so that doesn't give you a lot of time."

James went on to talk to Mason about flowers, liquor, linens, lighting, and various other wedding needs, explaining that the short notice limited their choices.

"So that's what we can offer my friend. I hope that you and Billy will be happy with everything."

Mason was thrilled with everything James had put together. After meeting with James, he knew that The Inn was the perfect place for the wedding.

Mason was looking forward to talking to Billy and making the final decisions about their ceremony. He had figured he’d be able to share most of what he had accomplished over the course of the day when Billy called at 5:00 pm to report he was home.

At 6:00 pm, Mason was getting ready to leave the station for the scout meeting. He still hadn’t heard from Billy, and decided he’d best call his Brat. He was worried that he hadn't received the call informing him that Billy had finished work and was home for the evening. Mason figured that his Brat had probably stayed late at the shop to try and tie up some loose ends before taking off for the wedding and ceremony. Mason had no problem with Billy working late this evening, as Billy would be able to rest and recuperate during their honeymoon. Mason would have just appreciated a phone call informing him of Billy's change in plans.

Mason was concerned to find that Billy had lost track of time. This habit was becoming a rarity--and especially disconcerting as Billy had spent the day working with a sore bottom. Mason found that his Brat was usually particularly well behaved for several days following a serious spanking or paddling.

When Mason was finally able to get home, he found Billy was terribly worked up with tension and fear that he would be punished again.

After greeting his partner with a hug and kiss, Mason ushered Billy over to the sofa, and began to massage his Brat's tight muscles. "What got you so worked up that you lost track of time, Baby?"

Billy sighed, as Mason massaged his shoulders, trying to put his thoughts in order. "I went to the Grille for lunch," he started, softly. “They didn't have chocolate cake," he looked at Mason, with a slight smile. "So I had steak and chips. Then I had half an hour to kill, and I decided to check out the pool hall. I've always liked pool," he hurriedly said. He lent into Mason's broad chest. "I was in there for less than three minutes when this guy came up, and propositioned me." Billy thought for a moment. "Well I guess it was more a flirt, but it made me nervous. I don't know why? I could have just said I was taken." Billy knew when he was outside of the garage or home he could be shy, and the incident at the pool hall had upset him. "When I got back to the garage, I forgot to set the alarm clock. 'm sorry Mace. I guess, I was just upset." He looked up his eyes brimming. "Are you going to paddle me?" he asked, holding his breath, "I broke our rule."

"No, Baby, I'm not going to paddle you," Mason said, continuing to hold Billy close. "I wish you would have called me and let me know you were upset. Hopefully we could have talked, and I could have helped to calm you down--and maybe reminded you to set the alarm.

“I also know that this has been a pretty stressful and exciting few days, so I can understand if your mind was preoccupied." Mason stopped for a minute, and took hold of Billy's hands; he lightly began to massage the palms. "You aren't going to be at the garage for a couple of weeks, so I realize you probably had a lot you wanted to do to get everything in order for Micky. It would have been okay with me for you to put in extra time today. I just would’ve liked a call. I'm not a total ogre, you know," Mason said with a smile and kiss to the top of Billy's head.

"I know you're not an ogre," Billy replied, laughing.

"So, how would you like to hear what I found out about our wedding plans today?"

"What did James say? Can we do it this Saturday? Will the rings be ready? What about the license?" he asked eagerly.

"Come on," Mason said leading Billy outside, "It's a beautiful night. Let's lay in the hammock under the stars and make our plans."

Thomas trotted out to the patio behind his daddies, managing to only trip over his large paws three times. On the third time, Mason reached down and picked the kitten up. He climbed into the hammock first, and placed Thomas on the edge of the hammock pillow, and the kitten promptly fell asleep. Billy then climbed in and cuddled up next to Mason.

"I found out all sorts of things. Jack can't have our bands ready until we get back from the honeymoon, but he said he could make us two very simple silver bands to wear during the ceremony and while we vacation.

“We can go to city hall and get the license on Friday.

“James had all sorts of wonderful things to say about holding the wedding at The Inn. Most importantly we have to have a guest count and menu to him first thing tomorrow so Mrs. Chelsea can do the ordering and start the preparations." Mason filled Billy in on the rest of the information he received from James.

"Can I invite some of my clients, Mace?" Billy asked wistfully. "They're my friends."

"Of course you can invite some of your clients. Do you think you could keep it to about 10?" Mason asked.

"Yeah, should be able to keep it to 10."

When they had made the majority of their decisions, they continued to cuddle and Mason pointed out various constellations to Billy. "See, that one there." Mason pointed to the evening star, "That is the king of the monkeys." Mason said. "He was the Sun's little brother before he was transformed. So, my love, whenever I see the evening star, I think of you."

Billy looked up at the star Mason pointed out. "That's cool," he said, smiling. He started to stroke Mason, wondering if sex in a hammock was possible. He looked at Thomas, and smiled, the cat was getting used to his daddies' fucking at every possible occasion and where ever they felt like it. "You know," he said to Mason. "My butt doesn't hurt as much as I thought it did," his smile was wicked and his eyes sparkled.

"Hmm, your butt isn't very sore? Maybe I didn't do a good enough job last night," Mason teased as he unbuttoned Billy's pants. Mason slipped his hand under the waistband of Billy's underwear and began to stroke his Brat's cock.

He gasped out. "And you did a good job, but when I'm horny, it seems to fade." He flashed a wicked grin at Mason. "Right back pocket has lube in it," he said. "I want to ride you." He felt Mason's cock twitch at that.

"You have lube in your back pocket?" Mason laughed as he continued to stroke Billy's growing erection. "Can you hand it to me?"

The hammock rocked and shook as he and Billy moved and maneuvered into position.

Thomas who was quite used to Mason and Billy's love making, was not very appreciative of being awoken.

"I wasn't a boy scout," Billy laughed, "but I do believe in being prepared." He handed the lube to Mason, and Thomas seeing the familiar bottle leapt off the hammock. Billy released Mason's erection from the confines of his pants.

Mason lubed his cock generously and Billy moved carefully so not to upset the hammock, slowly lowered himself down onto the hard cock. He moaned at the sweet intrusion, pausing to adjust then lowered himself all the way. "So good," he said, as his eyes crossed.

"Mmmm," Mason released a combination moan and growl. Using his already lubricated palm he again started to fondle Billy's cock. Mason was thankful that he had a quilted hammock; it allowed him to have slightly more leverage to thrust his hips, and there would be no embarrassing indentations on his backside. He grunted loudly as he came inside his partner, and gave Billy's cock just three more quick strokes before his Brat followed him into ecstasy.

Mason kept his softening cock inside of Billy, and propped a couple of pillows behind him to help him better embrace Billy. "Monkey, I'm so looking forward to spending the rest of my life fucking you."

"Back at you," Billy said, leaning in for a long, deep kiss. He looked around. "Did Thomas manage to land on his feet?" he asked, his eyes twinkling, "He sure doesn't like a bottle of lube coming out."

As usual Billy's mind was racing ahead "Do you think tails would be too much?" he asked Mason.

Mason laughed, "Yes, I think tails might be a bit much for our casual elegance theme. I think we should stick to letting Thomas provide the only tail at the wedding. And yes, I do believe the little trouble maker landed on his feet," Mason said pointing to Thomas. "He's right over there trying to catch that lightning bug. Oh, hey when I was at the Inn, Quinn said he and James would be willing to watch Thomas while we're gone.”

Billy pouted a bit as they headed upstairs; he'd always wanted a set of tails. Maybe he could work on Mason a bit when they hit the suit shop.

“I think we should grab the baby, and head off to bed. If we want to go into Vancouver tomorrow to get suits; we're going to have to get up pretty early. Oh, I also checked with my mother, she said talked to Uncle Doug. He can alter our suits for us. We stop by his house for dinner on the way out of Vancouver. He'll pin the suits up before we leave, and then he'll get them altered and bring them with him when he comes to Jade Heights for the rehearsal dinner on Friday."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy bounced up the next morning when the alarm went off. As was his usual practice he went down the stairs stark naked and started the coffee. Thomas followed him, falling down the stairs, and then hopefully standing by the fridge. Billy pulled on his boxers, jeans and a soft shirt. He took out some kitten food, and dished up a bowl for Thomas. "You'd better be good for Uncle James and Uncle Quinn," he muttered at the kitten, which looked up, meowed and planted his feet into his bowl of food. Billy sighed and cleaned up the young cat.

He dug out the bacon and started to make a batter for pancakes. It was the one recipe he knew. While it rested he carried up a cup of coffee to Mason. "Get up sleepy," he said pulling on his lover, "I'm making pancakes and we're shopping for suits today."

"Good morning," Mason said, pulling his Brat down on top of him. "Mmmmm, breakfast sounds good." Mason ground his morning erection into Billy. "After I've had you."

It was a quick fuck. Mason unbuttoned and unzipped Billy's jeans; he pulled them down to mid thigh and then pushed his Brat off of him. "On your knees, Monkey, head down," Mason commanded as he coated his cock with lube. Once Billy was in the position, the big fireman, swiftly and efficiently inserted one and then two fingers into his partner to stretch and tease him. Kneeling behind his Brat, Mason placed one hand on Billy's hip and the other on his cock. He rubbed himself against Billy's opening, eliciting a whimper from the younger man. "You want this do you?" Mason teased.

Billy was way beyond speaking. He just moaned what he hoped sounded like assent. He felt Mason's cock slide into him, and suddenly discovered religion. "Oh God yes, Mace. Oh Jesus. That feels so good." Mason was stroking him in time with his powerful thrusts and Billy came, and Mason followed shortly after.

"You're insatiable," Billy laughed. "Lucky me." His eyes twinkled; he so loved his man. "Now I need a shower, and I'm starving," he accused.

"I'll finish breakfast while you shower," Mason said, planting a kiss on his Brat's lips.

Mason had Thomas curled in his lap while he listened as Billy listed all the things they needed to do in Vancouver, and although Billy would never admit it, Mason smiled as his Brat continued to try and take their wedding from casual elegance to formal sophistication. It was evident that his little grease monkey did long for some of the finer things in life he had grown up with.

Mason went and showered while Billy cleaned up from breakfast. He put out some additional water and food for Thomas, and hollered up to Mason that he was ready to go.

The two men made their way to Mason's Truck. "Monkey, do you want to drive the first leg of the trip?"

Billy looked at the shining truck. "Hell yes," he said "I love your truck." His eyes were shining, it wasn't often he got to drive the truck. He backed out carefully and soon they were on their way. Billy loved the sound and feel of the truck. Mason put on a CD and Billy sang along with the music, his voice was sweet; he was a well-trained tenor.

Mason rested a hand on Billy's thigh; he couldn't help not touching his partner. They were to be married, and he wanted to remember every moment of their planning and journey to this point. He closed his eyes and listed to the soothing sweet sounds coming from Billy's mouth. "I love this song," Mason said, "Maybe this should be our first dance, what do you think? Would you sing to me while we danced?"

"As long as it's only to you," Billy replied, correcting the swerve the question had elicited. "Dance? We have to dance in public?" Billy squeaked, "I hope you're a strong lead," he said, to Mason "Because I can't dance."

It was not long until they passed the "Welcome to Kelowna" sign. Billy found a carpark outside the suit shop. "Look," he said, excited "Don't those tails look great? Oh come on Mace, we're only getting married once," Billy pouted at the look Mason was giving him.

"Do you really have any doubt that I am a strong lead?" Mason asked, with a wink to his partner.

Mason pulled his pouting Brat into a hug. "I won't deny you tails, Baby. But, I'm not going to wear them. So, why don't we work on finding nice complimentary suits, and see if we can find you something that will meet all your wishes and fantasies for our wedding."

Billy blushed as he flashed back to the morning. Then laughed. "No doubt at all," he replied.

"How about those morning coats?" he said pointing at the display in the window "The coat with tails for me and the boring one for you." He quickly entered the shop keeping his butt well out of reach of Mason's possible swat.

After half an hour Billy was grumbling under his breath "This is all your fault," he accused Mason "You're the one who wanted me to put on weight. I used to know my sizes and didn't need all this trying on. I'd only go through this crap for our wedding."

Mason had quite liked the 'boring' morning coat and matching slacks. It was dark gray, with a four button long jacket. The gray matched the color of the waistcoat Billy had chosen.

Mason never minded trying on clothing, but today he was quite happy he had settled on his attire quickly, because he was enjoying watching his Brat sort through his various options and trying on the different sizes. Although Billy seemed upset that he didn't know his sizes, the extra ten pounds his Brat had put on, filled out his chest and thighs, and added a little more roundness to his beautiful ass.

"I'm enjoying the fashion show, grouchy," Mason said. "I love how the extra weight has filled you out. I don't think you've ever been sexier. I really like you in the navy morning coat with tails. In fact I'm having to use all my self control not to rip it off your body."

Billy smiled; he couldn't help it. He twirled in front of his Top. "What do you think?" he asked. He fiddled with the dress shirt's cuff, "Do you think Jackson has cuffs in silver and jade? I reckon a matching set of those would just be perfect." His eyes sparkled as he leant in and whispered in Mason's ear "On Saturday night you can do whatever you want with the suit."

"I think it's perfect," Mason said, pulling his Brat down onto his lap for a kiss. "And I'll do whatever I want with the man in the suit, too," Mason growled into Billy's ear.

"I'm pretty sure I have seen many sets of lovely cuff links at Jack's. We'll have to go look tomorrow."

Mason began to undress his partner. "So, is this the one? The navy morning coat with tails, the gray waist coat, and the pinstriped trousers?" Mason said as he rehung the suit pieces and handed Billy his jeans and t-shirt.

"We've got our errands done early, how about we go to the aquarium in Stanley Park, before we meet my uncle for dinner and our fittings?"

Billy pulled on his t-shirt and put his soft shirt over the top, leaving the tails hanging out. "I love Vancouver," he said, smiling. "It was a good idea you had moving through Keleowna. There was a bigger selection here." He blushed as he remembered the scene he'd thrown at moving on. He had little patience with trying on clothes, and had seen no point in seeing a bigger selection.

"What's your Uncle Doug like?" Billy asked. He was always nervous around strange people, out of his comfort zone. They walked out of the shop and Billy looked at Mason, "Walk or drive?” he asked.

"Let's walk," Mason said, taking Billy by the hand.

"Uncle Doug? He's great, closest thing to a father I had. He's a big man.  There were a few summer's staying with his family, and a couple of times as a teen he was not happy with my attitude towards my mother that he took my butt to task. Check out the man's hands, Monkey, they are huge." Mason gave a little shiver. "Makes my butt hurt just thinking about them.

"Doug's straight, he and Auntie Kelly have been married for ever, and have twin boys, Doug Jr. and Danny, who are a year older than me, and a daughter, Daisy, who is five years younger. They will all be at the wedding.

Having gone to fashion school in the 80's he had a lot of gay friends and had to deal with people who assumed he was gay. He was the first person I came out to. I knew he was safe. I remember as a kid and teenager when he lost a couple of close friends to AIDS how he cried when he would talk about or remember them. It was evident how much he loved and respected those men, so I knew he would continue to love and respect me, and he did.

I think he'll love you. He loves to tinker with cars. When he went through his midlife crisis about 20 years ago, he bought an old beaten up 1967 Mustang. He still has her. I'm sure he would love to show her off to you."

They arrived at the aquarium and Mason bought their tickets. "Monkey can we go to the frog exhibit first? I've always loved frogs. In fact, Uncle Doug loves to embarrass me by telling how he blistered my cousin's and my butt, because we let 25 frogs loose in Daisy's bedroom."

Billy laughed out loud. "Sounds like a nice guy," he said. "I can't wait to meet the man who spanked my Top. If it's a '67 it must be a fastback. I love those although, I love Mach 1's more." Billy sparkled; he had a huge soft spot for Mustangs.

"Frogs?" Billy said, "OK if that's what you want. As long as I get to see Nemo, I'm easy. I want to see the baby whale as well."

"Sure laugh it up," Mason said. He discreetly placed his hand on Billy's butt. "Making fun of your Top's misery is never good for the health of your bottom." Mason patted Billy's butt. Mason winked and laughed when Billy gave a brief pout.

"Hey look," Mason said, pointing to the Columbia Spotted Frog, "That's the one we left all over Daisy's bedroom. Remind me to stop by the gift shop on our way out and see if they have a souvenir I can get for her."

They had arrived at the frog exhibit shortly before feeding time. Mason was overjoyed at watching the frogs long tongues capture and eat the crickets and worms. He thought it was the coolest thing. He felt like a ten year old again, fascinated by the circle of life, and the coolness and cruelness of the wild kingdom. "Whoa, Monkey, that was excellent," Mason beamed as another cricket bit the dust. "Dougie, Danny, and I so should have released crickets and worms in Daisy's bedroom, too. It would have been so cool to watch them devour all..."

Mason was cut off by a swat to his butt, and a hysterically laughing Brat. "I don't think that your Uncle would like that kind of talk young man."

Mason gave his Brat a pout, which elicited more laughter from Billy.

"What? I was just thinking," he said. "But I think you maybe right. We should leave the frog room before I regress any further. I'll be having to take my pants on and off for Uncle Doug, and I wouldn't want to give him any reason to remind me of an old lesson." With that statement both he and his Brat erupted into laughter. "Let's go find the baby beluga."

The frogs’ exhibit had been better than Billy had expected. It had been fun to watch Mason revert to a 10 year old. The baby beluga kept him entranced for at least half an hour, and the otters had him laughing hysterically for about the same amount of time. He saw "Nemo" and his mates and generally had a great time. They picked up a frog backpack for Mason's cousin.

They then collected the truck and headed towards Uncle Doug's house, Billy grew quieter as they got closer. He got on well with Mason's mother, he prayed that Uncle Doug, who seemed to be Mason's father figure, liked him too.

When they reached the house, Mason rang the doorbell and it was opened by a big man. Billy's mouth opened in shock, add 20 years to Mason's looks and the two could be twins.

Mason's uncle pulled him into a hug and quickly admonished the big firefighter about not having introduced his partner more than a week before their wedding. Mason blushed deeply and shot his Brat a stern look to contain his laughter when Uncle Doug asked Mason if they needed to have a discussion in the study about respecting his elders.

Uncle Doug then quickly pulled Billy into a hug and welcomed him to the family. Explaining that Mason and his mother had the absolute best taste in the quality of people they allowed into their lives. Since Mason's mother had been bragging about Billy for months he couldn't wait to get to know him.

Mason's cousins handed each Mason and Billy a beer, and children seemed to be running and giggling through every room of the house.

Aunt Kelly announced that dinner would be ready shortly, and Uncle Doug quickly ushered Billy outside to check out his fully restored Mustang.

On his way out the door, Billy reminded Mason not to forget to give Cousin Daisy the frog backpack. Dougy and Danny erupted into laughter, and Uncle Doug again seemed to become very stern, but this time before he spoke he gave a wink towards his grandchildren. "Boys, do your butts need a reminder to let the frog incident drop?" Uncle Doug asked.

Mason and his cousins chimed in with a, "No Sir."

And Billy and the rest of the family exploded with laughter.

Mason joined his partner in the driveway and pulled Billy to his side. He kissed the top of Billy's head. "They're good people, Monkey. Are you doing okay?"

Billy had found it hard to contain his laughter through the evening. He fell under Uncle Doug and Aunt Kelly's spell early on, and romped with the grandkids, while Mason caught up with his cousins.

"They're great people, Mace," he replied to Mason's question "Almost as great as your Mom." He grinned at his Top. "I love hearing all the stories. You were a trouble maker in your youth, you know?" He saw Uncle Doug coming down the driveway. "I'm guessing it's time to put the suits on," he said, raising an eyebrow to Uncle Doug, who nodded. Billy grimaced "I hate people fiddling with me," he stated.

Mason about died at his uncle's comment about just pinning and leaving the fiddling to Mason. But the comment sent Billy into a fit of giggles, relaxing him enough to actually enjoy his fitting.

Mason on the other hand fidgeted the who way through his fitting. He twice accused his uncle of purposely sticking him with pins, and actually received a swat to stand still. Mason blushed and was sure his whole Top reputation was thoroughly ruined. He had to admit to himself that he would fully give up that reputation for how safe, comfortable, and loved he felt at his aunt and uncle's house, and it meant all the more to him that it seemed Billy felt the same way.

Once the suits had been chalked, taped and pinned, it was time for Mason and Billy to bid their farewells for the seven hour drive home to Jade Heights. Mason and Billy both received many kisses, hugs and well wishes for the rest of their wedding planning.

Billy began to bounce upon climbing into the truck. "I take from this bubbly mood you had a good time?" Mason asked him.

"Yes, I love your Uncle and Aunt," he couldn't stop bouncing. "They said I could call them Uncle Doug and Aunt Kelly. Is that okay with you?" Billy looked at Mason anxiously. "I can't give you the same sort of present. Both my darling parents are only children." Some of Billy's bounce left him and his voice turned bitter. He turned and stared out the window, lost in his own thoughts.

"Maybe that's a good thing." Mason placed a hand on Billy's thigh. He hated that they were in the truck and had a long drive a head of them.

"I'm glad you loved my aunt and uncle; they definitely loved you. And of course you may call them Uncle Doug and Aunt Kelly."

Mason began to gently kneed Billy's leg. "Monkey, will you share with me what you're thinking?"

"Nothing," Billy's voice was hollow. "Literally nothing." He looked at Mason, who was concentrating on the road. "Why don't you wake me, when you want me to take over?" he said, and continued to look out the window, tears tracking down his face.

"Wuss," he said to himself scrubbing his face "Why did he still feel upset about his parents?" he wondered "They've never cared about you. Why do you give a damn?" He had no answer, he envied Mason and that thought truly chilled him. "Why did Mason want to marry him, when he already had an extended family?

"Fuck," he said, aloud "Mason, why the fuck do you care about me? I'm just a waste of fucking space." Billy was unconsciously echoing his father's opinion, something he heard for the first 14 years of his life.

Mason pulled the truck over to the side of the road, put the hazard lights on, and turned off the ignition. He unbuckled Billy's seat belt and pulled his lover onto his lap. He used his thumb to wipe away the tears tracking down Billy's cheeks, as he spoke. "I love the kind man who gets lost in his work, trying to repair a stranded traveler's car." Mason kissed the top of Billy's head. "I love the sweet man that calls 911 to ensure the safety of a kitten." Mason kissed Billy's nose. "I love the mechanic that wants to super energize my stand mixer." Mason wiped away another tear, and kissed the place on Billy's cheek where it had been. "I love the man with lube in his back pocket, so he can fuck me in our hammock." Mason kissed Billy on the mouth. "Do you want me to keep going?"

"No," Billy said, wriggling. "It's just I'm joining your family, and I can't bring anything to the fucking table." Billy was building up to a full temper tantrum. His language always went sharply downhill at that stage, it was a pure warning system. "Mace, let me go, please." He loved the kisses, but felt totally out of control. He wanted to feel safe. Billy's fist lashed out, and slammed into the driver's window, barely missing Mason. Billy yelled in pain. "I hate my parents, I hate myself," he screamed, trying to free himself from Mason's grip.

Billy quickly found himself over Mason's lap instead of on it. Mason pulled his pants and underwear down and applied a dozen swift and firm swats to his Brat's butt. He then pulled Billy's pants back up, and sat him back on his lap. No words had been spoken.

Billy was quickly jerked out of his temper tantrum, when he found 
himself naked from the waist down, with Mason raining swats down hard 
and fast. He almost sighed in relief when they stopped, although he 
felt the sting, as he sat on Mason's lap.

Mason took hold of Billy's fist and gently began to examine the fist. The window had not shattered, but Mason didn't think he could say the same for his partner's hand.

Billy's hand was swelling and his pinky finger was very sensitive. As Mason closely examined the hand, and had Billy do a few simple grasping tests, Mason was pretty sure he had broken his fifth metacarpal. Mason reached behind the seat and retrieved his first aide kit, and broke open an instant cool pack. He placed the cooling pack over his Brat's hand.

Mason then kissed his frustrated partner's tear stained cheeks. "All you need to bring to the table is yourself. That's all I want and need. And, Monkey just as you have nothing to do with your crappy parents, I didn't have anything to do with my loving family. But, now we are both blessed with them." He pulled Billy into a light embrace and began to rub circles on his back. "Billy, you were responsible for bringing a sweet little kitten into our family, and that had everything to do with you. You’re sweet, tender and caring self was worried about that darling little baby, and you stayed with him, talked and calmed him, and called for help to rescue him."

Mason continued to rub circles on Billy's back. "Now, Baby, I'm pretty sure you broke your hand with that outburst. We're going to need to stop and get it x-rayed. For now I want you keep that cool pack on it. I'm going to give you some ibuprofen to help with the pain and swelling.

"I want you to go back to your seat and rest if you can. If you want to talk to me calmly about how you're feeling I'd love to listen as we drive home. If you'd like to close your eyes and rest, you may do that. But, any further outburst and you will ride the rest of the way home with a very sore bottom. So, Monkey, what's it going to be?"

He submitted patiently to Mason's inspection of his hand letting out a 
hiss of pain when Mason manipulated his little finger. The ice pack 
helped, as Billy listened to his partner. "Can I swallow the pain 
killers?" Billy asked "I don't want them up the ass like before." His 
voice was hitched.

“Oh, Babe, of course. I was going to give them to you orally,” Mason said as he wiped away Billy’s tears.

Billy moved over to his seat. "I'll sit here and rest," he hurriedly said, "No more outbursts. Honest." His smile was somewhat forced and 

They stopped and had Billy's hand x-rayed. He had broken his hand, it was bound, and he was advised it should be okay within 2-3 
weeks. The pain shots he was given, basically sent him to sleep, for 
the entire trip home. He only woke when he felt the truck stop. He 
stretched and looked at Mason, he gasped, "Jeez, Mace you look like death warmed up," he said. "You need to go to bed, now."

Mason gave his Brat a pathetic smile. “I’ll be fine with some sleep. I’m glad you slept. How are you feeling? Let’s leave the stuff in the truck, we can unload tomorrow.”

Mason and Billy entered the house to find a very unhappy kitten. “Billy, sweetheart, go take your medicine and climb into bed, and I’ll bring Thomas up as soon as I get a bottle ready for him.” Mason picked up Thomas and cooed to him while he made a bottle. Thomas hopped out of Mason’s hands and onto his shoulder. The kitten purred and rubbed his head against Mason’s face. “Thank you for the cuddles, baby,” Mason said to the kitten. He let out a big yawn, and Thomas began to lick the big man’s cheek. “Oh, kisses too,” Mason laughed. The microwave beeped and Mason removed the bottle, causing the kitten to jump onto the kitchen counter and immediately latch on to the nipple. Mason laughed again, and scooped up the kitten along with his bottle, closed up the house and went to join his husband in bed. Mason arrived in the bedroom and found his Brat sound asleep. He leaned down and kissed Billy’s head. “I do so love you, Billy Fleming.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy didn't sleep for long, he'd got about six hours in the truck, and it was after all morning. He padded downstairs, followed by Thomas, and immediately found out how important his disabled finger was. He tried to open a can of cat food, the can opener hit the wall. Then he went to make a bottle for Thomas, the bottle hit the floor. Finally tried to use the computer to design some invitations, he was beyond frustrated, and the computer got some truly horrible language thrown at it.

"Bugger this," Billy muttered, "I'm going to Micky at the garage. That'll cheer me up." He left the house and found his old mentor, working on a Ford. The two mechanics immediately started talking, and lost track of time.

Billy looked up at the clock idly. "Jesus, is that the time?" He realized with a shock he'd skipped breakfast and lunch. "I gotta go," he said to Micky and quick walked home, his finger was too sore to run. He was praying Mason was still asleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mason was startled awake by the front door swinging open. He sat up and looked at the clock. It was 1:15 pm. He hadn’t realized he was so tired. “Monkey, is that you,” Mason called out. He stumbled out of bed and grabbed his robe.

He ran into his Brat in the hallway, and met him with a quick kiss. “You shouldn’t have let me sleep so long.”

"You needed the sleep," Billy replied, wondering if he'd remembered to clean up the kitchen. "We can't have you too tired on the wedding night, to perform your husbandly duties." Billy's smile was cheeky.

They walked into the kitchen and Billy groaned; he hadn't cleaned up. Thomas was covered in drying milk formula, and licking the floor. The can opener had left an indent in the wall. "I had a tough morning," Billy explained lamely. "This finger is vital in everything I do, and I got a wee bit frustrated."

“I can see that.” Mason winced at the dent in the wall. He pulled Billy into a hug. “Next time why don’t you ask for help, instead of throwing a fit,” Mason said while applying a swat to Billy’s butt for emphasis.

"You were asleep," Billy pointed out. "And I caused enough trouble last night, that three hour wait in the ER sucked.”

“I’m starving. I know it’s late, but are you up for eating anything with me?” Mason asked.

“I'd love to eat with you," Billy said, trying to hide his hunger pangs. He was no longer used to skipping meals.

Mason whipped up a nice omelet and potatoes. “What’s on our list today? I know we have to get the invitations finished up and delivered. We should also go by The Inn and check in with James. Any other pressing issues?” Mason asked.

"Check Jack's done the rings, and we need to organize the license. That's easy enough we just need to produce birth certificates." Billy replied. "Also make sure all out honeymoon is booked. We'd better get a good room, because apart from visiting your new in-laws, I want to fuck all week." Billy's smile widened as he eyed Mason up and down. "Let's get the invite done, and do the rounds," Billy said, jumping up and leading the way to the computer.

Billy and Mason put their heads together, and came up with a perfect invite. Incorporating both fire engines and mechanics. Then they walked around Jade Heights, hand delivering them. To the people out of town, they e-mailed invites.

The day had gone exceptionally well. Mason and Billy had great fun continuing to sort out their wedding plans.

The men went to the Maple Grille for dinner, and Billy was happy the restaurant still had chocolate cake.

After dinner, Mason kissed his Brat. "I'm going to stop by the station and make sure everything is okay." He pulled Billy close, and growled into his ear. "You go home and get naked. I want you bent over the bed and ready to be ravaged when I get home."

Billy's cock sprang to attention. "Yes sir," he replied. When he returned home he comforted Thomas briefly, who was not happy at being left home alone, yet again. He checked Thomas had enough food and water, and made his way upstairs. He grabbed some lube and put it on the table. Thomas gave him one plaintive meow and walked out, tail held high.

He thanked God the break, was on his right hand. It meant he could undo his buttons on his trousers without much trouble. He was naturally left-handed. He heard the front door open, and got into position, this was a very familiar game, and he shivered in anticipation.

Mason growled at the pleasant sight of his Brat bent over the bed, and grew hard looking at the stretched out gluteuls that were just waiting to be invaded. Mason walked over to the bedside table and poured a generous amount of lube into the palm of his hand. He then worked it over his fingers. "I'm going to ride you long and hard, my love," Mason said as he inserted his index finger inside of Billy. Mason twirled his finger inside of his soon to be husband. He was enjoying the feeling of moist warmth provided by his partner. He found Billy's sweet spot and made small circles over it with the pad of his finger. When Billy started to push back towards Mason, the big man inserted a second and third finger into his Brat. Billy began to beg for Mason's cock, and not wanting to deny his Brat's request, Mason dropped his pants and slicked his cock with lube. "Get ready, Babe," Mason said as he entered his lover.

Billy growled as he felt Mason slide into him. He was already as hard as he could be, after Mason finished preparing him. Mason began to move and Billy moved with him, falling into a rhythm as old as time itself. Billy was never silent during sex and he screamed his delight as Mason rode him, urging his lover on.

Billy was just so glad he'd had the forethought, to slip on his cock ring, before presenting himself for his lover. It had a quick snap release, so Mason could release him anytime he wanted to. If his lover wanted a long, hard fuck Billy was more than happy to comply.

Mason was making long, slow, and forceful thrusts into his Brat. He would almost pull himself out; making sure the head of his cock stretched Billy to his fullest, before he would push pack in. He put extra power behind his hip movement as he banged his balls against his partner’s ass.

The room was filled with both mens’ grunts, groans, and the slapping sounds of their fucking.

Billy was flying. His senses were overloaded and he loved it. "Oh God, Mason," he gasped. "I love you." he reached for his cock intent on releasing the ring.

"Show me how much," Mason cooed. "Come for me, Baby."

Billy unsnapped the cock ring, and came hard. His eyes crossed, and he felt and heard Mason cum with a roar. "Oh wow," he said when he was able to speak. "How are you going to top that on our wedding night?" he laughed.

"Damn, we have to have sex on our wedding night?" Mason said teasing. "I was sure Craig told me that I didn't have to have sex anymore once I got a ring on my finger."

Billy pouted back, his pout somewhat spoiled by a huge grin. "And him about to become a father," he joked. "What did he use, a turkey baster?" Billy laughed, "That does it, he's definitely carrying Thomas down the aisle."

Mason fell down on the bed beside his partner and laughed along with him. “Oh, that gave me a bad visual,” Mason said, and then continued laughing.

The men enjoyed a long and leisurely shower before turning into bed.

Mason woke first on Friday morning. He leaned over and woke his betrothed with a kiss. “Good morning love; it’s time to get up. We have lots to do before the rehearsal dinner.”

Billy pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, and padded 
downstairs. He started the coffee machine, fumbling a bit with his 
broken finger. Then pulled his muesli down from the cupboard. He heard Thomas' meow and looked down. "You're going to have to wait for 
Mason, Baby," he said, "I can't open any cans at the moment." Billy heard the doorbell ring. Who the hell....?" he muttered. He opened 
the door and there stood a man, lean, good looking and at least 60 
years of age. "Johnno," Billy yelled, throwing himself at the 
man "You're early."

He dragged his best friend during his childhood, into the house, the 
man he thought of as his surrogate father. "Mason, come down and meet Johnno. Did you do what I asked," he added, softly "Did you put the 
wedding announcement in all the papers the parents get?" At Johnno's nod, he smiled grimly, "Let's not let Mason know," he said, "He might not understand." The two men smiled at each other.

Mason came down stairs in a pair of jeans and sweatshirt. He was pleased to meet the man who had given his sweet Brat, love and guidance through his childhood.

Mason held out his hand. “It is very nice to meet you,” Mason said. “Babe, why you don’t you take Mr. Silverstone out to the patio, and catch up, and I’ll make us all some breakfast.”

"Yes sir, Captain Monroe," Billy replied, as Johnno shook hands with Mason. "He's Johnno, not Mr. Silverstone." Johnno's eyes rolled as he looked at Mason.

"The brat's right," Johnno said, in a pleasant baritone. "Please call me Johnno."

"Follow me," Billy said "Just dump the suitcase in the hall, we'll deal with it later. I'll take you to the patio and we've got the spare bedroom all ready for you." His surrogate father laughed, and followed the bouncing Billy.

The two men talked non-stop, catching up on news, and gossip. There was a lot of "Do you remember....?" Mason listened in and quickly caught some of the undercurrents. Some of the old stories shied away from the consequences of the various pranks. Specifically, the two men did not talk about Billy's father's reaction. The talk only stopped as they savoured the breakfast Mason made, and Thomas came in demanding to be admired.

"Come here Tommy," Mason called to the kitten. As Thomas strolled over towards him, Mason scooped him up with one hand, and deposited the little fur ball on his lap. Thomas curled up and purred himself to sleep as Mason gently stroked his ears and neck.

The men continued to chat until slightly before lunch time, when Mason politely excused he and Billy to run errands and check-in with the wedding venders before they were meet up with their other relatives and friends at The Inn at 6:00 pm.

"You saw the Inn as you came into town?" Billy asked Johnno, and got a 
nod in return. "Your room is up the stairs to the left, why don't you 
settle in and we'll see you at the Inn at six, okay?” Mason and Billy walked out together, hand in hand. "Can we stop by the 
garage first?" Billy asked, "I just want to make sure Micky's okay and 
remembers the dinner tonight. He sometimes loses track of time."

Mason laughed his deep belly laugh and pulled Billy into a big hug. "Ah Monkey, now I understand. I think the protégé picked up some of his mentor's bad habits."

Billy just grinned wryly "I think our record stands at 72 hours straight, on one particular occasion," he said. "I have to admit I 
was pretty tired after that. Let's get going." The two men walked to 
the garage, deciding they were going to be in the truck long enough 
the following day after the wedding and reception. Billy shivered in delight; tomorrow he would be Billy Fleming-Monroe. He couldn't wait.

"Hey Micky," he called out as they reached the garage. His mentor's 
head was buried in the depths of a Ford Mustang. Billy cocked his 
that Mustang looked familiar and he looked at Mason. "I thought Uncle 
Doug wasn't due until later," he said. "What's up with the Mustang?" he asked Micky. 

"Nothing," his mentor said, dryly, "I just wanted to have a look and 
the owner said to go ahead. He's done a great restoration job." He 
looked at Billy "And what are you doing here? You should be arranging 
your wedding." 

Billy kicked the ground, "Just wanted to make sure you remember the practice at six," he muttered. He then was treated to a dressing down 
that Mason couldn't have bettered. "Okay, okay," he laughed, "You're 
not senile. See you there." He retreated dragging Mason with him. "By 
now, I should know better," he muttered to Mason. "So what do we have to do now? Go see James or Jack?"

Mason and Billy walked hand-in-hand back towards their house. "Well, I guess if Uncle Doug is in town, we should go find him and try on our suits."

Mason took out his cell phone and called his uncle. "There over at Mom's house. Why don't we swing by Jack's and pick up the rings. Then to my mom's, to meet Uncle Doug, and then we can go to The Inn to meet with James for a while before the rehearsal dinner."

Mason pulled Billy close. "I really like Micky. I'm so glad you had men like Johnno and Micky in your life." Mason ran his hand over Billy's cheek, and gently kissed his partner's lips.

"Yeah," Billy replied, "Makes up for my father and uncle." A smile flittered across his face, as he contemplated the revenge he and Johnno had perpetrated. He just wished he could be a fly on the wall, when his parents read the wedding announcement in the social pages. Billy conceded it may be a bit petty, but he'd jumped at it when Johnno had suggested it.

They reached the jewelers and Billy planted his nose on the window display. "There," he crowed, "Perfect cufflinks--jade and silver."

Jack looked up when he heard the bell proclaim he had new customers. He smiled when he saw Mason and Billy. He was glad his former babysitter had found the love of his life. "I guess you two have come for your rings," he said pleasantly, grabbing the two ring boxes. "I'll have your choice ready when you get back from your honeymoon."

He saw Billy whisper something into Mason's ear. Jack knew Billy could be shy and wondered why he was always shy around him. He wondered briefly, if he shouted Top to other men. He hid a smile, he was very well aware Mason would never see him like that, he'd spent enough time over the older man's lap, earlier in his life. He'd been very resentful that his parents thought he'd needed a babysitter and he'd been a hell-raiser in his youth. He looked at Mason, "Anything else I can help with?" he asked.

"Yes," Mason said, taking hold of Billy's hand. "We love the silver and jade cufflinks in the window, and were wondering if maybe you had another set of them around."

Mason continued to speak as Jack looked through his inventory. "How is Jason?" he asked. "I hope he's been behaving himself, I had to shoo him out of the square the other day; he was sliding down the handrail of the stairs."

Jack grinned, "Jay's good," he replied, "And I seem to remember doing the same thing myself. And if your Mother is to believed you landed in hot water, doing it yourself." Jack and Mason's mom got on well together.

Billy laughed at Jack's comment about he and Mason skateboarding.

"I don't know how many I've told you darling," Mason said, squeezing Billy's hand, "You can't believe a word my mother says."

"I'll just take the cufflinks from the front," Jack said. "I've been thinking of a new design for a while, so I'll be happy to gift you the cufflinks as an early wedding present." He held up a hand to forestall any protests. "I insist," he said, wrapping up the cufflinks and handing them over. "Free publicity," he grinned.

"That’s a very kind gift Jack. It means a lot to both of us," Mason said. "Doesn't it, Monkey?"

Billy managed to contain his laughter long enough to nod, "Thank you," he said to Jack. He turned to Mason. "I think your Mom said, that you were trying to be Marty McFly from that movie. She said after you got caught by the local cops, car surfing, you lost all enthusiasm." Billy bent over double, he was laughing so hard.

Jack grimaced, "Yeah thanks to ol' Mason here all of us got a lecture about safety, in both elementary and high school."

"Oh, hush, both of you," Mason said, laughing. "I was not trying to be Marty McFly. I was trying to be Tony Hawk.

"Thanks again Jackson. These are a very lovely gift, and thank you so much for being so accommodating with the simple silver bands. I can't wait to see what amazing work you do on our real wedding bands.

"Well, Monkey, we should bid our farewell to Jack, and get to my mom's house for the fittings. Jack, we'll see you and Jay at the ceremony tomorrow."

Billy was still giggling when they reached Mason's Mom's house. Mason’s Mom, who had insisted early on, that Billy call her ‘Mom’, warmly greeted them.

Uncle Doug had them both get into their suits, and Billy, as usual squirmed, as the tailor made some minor changes. "All done now?" he asked "You must have stuck me with pins at least half a dozen times," he grumbled.

"He only stuck you half a dozen," Mason complained. "I'm sure he got me a couple of dozen times." Mason turned his attention to his uncle, "How am I supposed to be sexy for my husband on our wedding night, when you’ve used me for a pin cushion?"

When Uncle Doug inferred that if Mason didn't stop his whining, Billy would see him with a very rosy butt, Mason continued with the fitting with no more comments. Once the final alterations had been made. Mason hugged and kissed his uncle and gave his sincere and heartfelt thanks for the beautiful tailoring work his uncle had done on he and Billy's wedding attire.

Mason and Billy took their suits, and left for The Inn to meet with James and go over the final arrangements for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy was nervous. The rehearsal had gone perfectly and the day was finally here. His fingers were shaking so much, Micky had to take charge, and put the cufflinks in. "Are you sure you've got the ring," Billy said, for the hundredth time. Micky for the hundredth time took the ring out of his pocket, to reassure the handsome groom.

"I still am not happy with my vows," Billy fretted. "Something's going to go wrong. I just know it." The sound of a swat filled the room. "Owww, Micky, that hurt," Billy complained.

"It was meant too," Micky replied. "You're worse than my daughter.  Just calm down everything will be alright."

Billy's butterflies only eased, when he meet Mason at the start of the aisle, and they walked down side by side, followed by their best men, Micky and Craig.

Mason and Billy now stood hand-in-hand in front of the priest.

They stared dreamily into each other's eyes as the priest gave a brief greeting, and while Mason's mother read first Corinthian's chapter thirteen. Mason shed a tear as he thought of his mother and father's short marriage and of what Billy described as his parent's unhappy marriage. He was sure that he and Billy were going to overcome their parents' unfortunate experiences.

Mason was reawaken from his thoughts as he heard the priest say, "Who supports these men their marriage?" Mason's uncle and mother came and stood by Craig, and Johnno came and stood by Micky. The priest continued, "The uniting of two individuals from two separate families and backgrounds to establish a new family is an important and memorable event. The uniting of this couple is an occasion of great significance, which we can all celebrate. Marriage is not a casual event nor is it simply a private affair between two individuals. Marriage is to be entered into responsibly. This marriage brings together Mason and Billy, their friends, family and this community. It deserves and needs the support of a wider community, by offering Mason and Billy your continued support, love, and best wishes in their lives together, in their love together, which they publicly express in this ceremony." The priest turned first to Mason's family and then to Billy's, "Can you support these men in their marriage and commitment to each other," he asked.

Uncle Doug, Micky, Mason's mother, Johnno, and Craig all answered in unison, "We can."

The priest then turned to all the guests in attendance, and asked, "Can you support Mason and Billy in their marriage and commitment to each other?"

The guests answered in a loud and cheerful, "We can."

The priest then asked for the rings and Craig and Micky handed them to him. He held them up and said, "The marriage ring seals the vows of marriage and represents a promise for eternal and everlasting love. It is a physical manifestation of the promises joining both Mason and Billy together. The wedding ring is placed on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was traditionally believed that this finger was a direct connection to the heart - the perfect place for a symbol representing eternal love and commitment."

The priest then handed Billy's wedding ring to Mason.

Mason took Billy's left hand in his own, and slid the ring part way down Billy's finger. "In the presence of our friends and family, I claim you, Billy Fleming, as my husband and lifemate. I belong to you, and you to me. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul and my body. I take you into my keeping. Your life, happiness and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care."

It was then Thomas decided he'd been ignored long enough and meowed loudly. Billy giggled, and the guests laughed.

Billy pulled himself together and slid the ring on Mason's hand. "I, Billy Fleming, take you Mason Monroe, as my lifemate, to love and hold for the rest of my life." Billy had written more, but he was so happy, he felt he would burst into tears if he said any more. He didn't hear the rest of the ceremony but didn't hesitate when the priest said, "You may kiss each other."

The kiss was in no way chaste.

Billy somewhat glassy eyed, headed for the photos. "I love you," he whispered to Mason. "I'll write out my full vow for you later." He smiled wickedly. "After our wedding night, at that little B and B on our way to Vancouver." He had planned this little surprise, there was no way he wanted Mason to have access to a newspaper.

Mason was quite happy that his cousins had driven his truck out to the bed and breakfast for him. He and Billy would take a limousine, which allowed them each to have a bit of extra champagne.

The Dinner was lovely. Thomas had sat on Mason’s lap, and Mason had slipped the little cat small pieces of shrimp from his salad.

After dinner, Mason and Billy made the rounds, stopping at each table to accept well wishes, and thank their friends and family for their love and support.

When the music changed, and Mason realized it was their song, he pulled Billy onto the dance floor. Mason moved them both very little, just enough to be moving with the music, but the close contact with his husband was all Mason need and wanted. Mason felt his heart grow larger as Billy lightly sang into his ear.

Billy felt confident in Mason's arms. His husband was a strong lead. 
As he'd promised he sang along with their song, and as their guests 
joined them on the dance floor, he just melted into Mason's arms and 
let himself be carried along. They partied late into the night. They had tried to sneak away, but Johnno, Craig, Micky, Uncle Doug and all Mason’s cousins foiled that plan. Billy and Mason had to run the gauntlet of rice, as they escaped into the limo.

Billy poured Mason a glass of bubbles; looked into his eyes and 
said "Here's to us, my husband," he savoured the word, husband. "Forever together."

“Together forever,” Mason said, as he clinked his champagne glass with Billy’s.

Mason had a difficult time getting Billy to keep his clothes on, and if he were to be honest with himself, not ripping Billy’s clothes off of him. Finally Mason let out a growl into Billy’s ear. “Monkey, I will make love to you once we get to the bed and breakfast. I’ll fuck you, suck you, and pretty much any other thing I feel like or you beg for, but we are not having sex in the back of this limousine. I don’t want to make the driver uncomfortable, and I’m not really up for putting on a show.”

Mason smiled, when Billy gave a little pout. Mason decided to distract his Brat with talk of all the fun they would have relaxing, fucking, eating, and occasionally leaving their hotel suite for a bit of entertainment in Vancouver.

When the limousine finally pulled into the drive of the bed and breakfast, both men had found their pants were fitting much tighter. Mason generously tipped the driver for carrying he and Billy’s bags to their room.

As Mason closed the door he noticed his husband was starting to quickly remove is clothes. “Stop that,” Mason ordered. “I want to undress you.”

Billy had already removed his beautiful blue tailed jacked. So, Mason slowly undid Billy’s tie, removed his cuff links, and unbuttoned his shirt. Mason smiled as Billy squirmed at the slowness with which Mason undressed him. Eventually Billy stood before him completely undressed. Mason took a moment to run his eyes over his husband’s body. He smiled as Billy’s hardened cock bounced a bit at him.

Finally deciding it was time to put Billy out of his misery and send him into complete ecstasy, Mason fell to his knees and took Billy into his mouth.

"Oh God," Billy arched, "Mace, I'm not going to last." Billy had been rock hard for most of the trip in the limo. He came with a shudder.

"My turn," he said, once he managed to lock his wobbly legs into place. He pushed Mason back onto the bed and undressed him, licking and biting as he went. Then in a quick movement, he swallowed Mason's cock, deep throating him.

Mason moaned in pleasure as Billy sucked him, making his erection feel that much more engorged, and he, like his Brat before him, came quickly.

“Mmmm, so good,” Mason said, as he pulled Billy on top of him. “What next baby. I’d love a bath or shower. How do you feel about trying out that big shower stall or jacuzzi tub?

"Jacuzzi," Billy replied, grinning. "Ever done it when the jets are 
going." By the time the two got out of the jacuzzi they'd both cum again. They cuddled into bed and Billy before long nudged Mason, "You ready to go again, husband?" he asked plaintively.

Mason was amazed that he was ready to go again, but he thought if Billy wanted much more than this tonight, he was going to have to hunt down a prescription of Viagra. “Yeah Baby, I can go again.”

Mason got out of bed and retrieved the lube from his luggage. He squirted a liberal amount into his hand. “Butt up, Monkey.”

Billy happily got into position, and felt Mason's finger slowly enter him, stretching him carefully. He pushed back moaning, wanting more. He 
felt a second finger enter him, and sighed as Mason stroked his 
prostate. He whimpered slightly when the fingers withdrew, but when he felt Mason's cock slide in smoothly, he howled in pleasure. He began to move; he wanted a hard, rough fuck. He wanted Mason to claim him, mark him, make him his.

Mason was looking forward to slowly making love to his husband, and then pulling Billy close, so they could fall asleep in each other’s arms. Mason tried to steady Billy, by strongly holding his hips in place. He began to tenderly move in and out of his partner.

When Mason heard a little whimper from Billy, and not a happily being fucked whimper, he stopped moving. He was fully imbedded inside of his Brat, when his mind realized Billy was wanting something else. Mason raised his hand and landed a sharp swat on Billy’s ass. “You Billy Fleming-Monroe belong to me, and I will fuck you how I please. So, you might as well stop the pouting. I will claim you how I see fit, and if that means you have to be patient while I make love to you. You will be.” Mason landed another firm swat to his Brat’s ass. “Understand?”

Billy answered with a soft, “Yes, sir.”

And in response to Billy’s answer, Mason pulled out of his partner and then quickly thrust back in, and began a fast and rough pace, banging his hips against Billy’s ass with each thrust. Mason was sweating from the robust enthusiasm of his fucking, and Billy was sweating from the intense pleasure and pain of being claimed. Mason finally gave one extra hard thrust and came inside his new husband. He then bent down over Billy’s back, and spoke into his Brat’s ear. “Is that what you needed, Baby.”

Billy gave an exhausted nod, and Mason kissed his cheek. “See, I promised I’d always take care of you, and I never go back on a promise.”

Mason slowly pulled out of Billy, and drew his husband close. Billy nuzzled his head against Mason’s neck and shoulder, and quickly fell asleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

When Billy woke the next morning, it took him a moment to realize where he was. He lifted his left hand and looked at the wedding ring and smiled. It had been real, not a dream, "Mason, Mason wake up." He roughly shook his husband, "We're married; we're really married."

He bounced out of bed, naked as the day he was born, "I'm hungry, let's go down for breakfast, so we can keep our strength up. I arranged for a late check out. We should get to Vancouver just in time for our dinner reservations at William Tell." Billy pulled on a tight pair of jeans and a tight black t-shirt that emphasized his muscles. The outfit made his bright blue eyes and blonde hair sparkle and shine. Billy opened the door and tripped over the newspaper; he blanched as he saw it was folded to the engagements page.

Mason came up behind him, nuzzling his neck. He looked down and saw the paper. "Let's go, Mace," Billy said, an edge of panic in his voice. There was absolutely no way he wanted Mason to see the paper.

Mason pressed his still naked body against his sexy and fully dressed husband. Mason always greatly enjoyed when the roles were reversed, but this was pretty good too. He wrapped his arms around Billy's waist and pulled the sexy man back into the room, and shut the bedroom door. "I'm not quite ready to go down to breakfast, Monkey," Mason said, giving his partner a twirl to show off his nakedness.

"Well that's not quite the reaction I was going for," Mason laughed at his Brat's pout. "I guess you are hungry."

Mason pulled on a pair of jeans, his navy JHFD t-shirt, and a pair of flip-flops; he then took his emaciated husband by the hand and pulled him out the door.

Billy pulled the paper inside the room while Mason changed. Billy wasn't immune to a naked Mason, but the paper distracted him, and he really was hungry.

"I'm glad you saved the paper, Baby. I haven't had a chance to read it all week, and I'm really looking forward to reading the whole thing with a nice cup of coffee later."

"Why read a paper when you can spend time with me?" Billy joked. He knew Mason wouldn't appreciate the wedding announcements; he and Johnno had put in every daily newspaper. It had been a perfect way to get to his parents.

Despite his anxiety Billy ate a large breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausages and black coffee. "This is great," he said to the owner as she filled his coffee cup again.

The woman smiled at him and said, "Congratulations on your wedding. I hope you're both very happy together." Billy very carefully didn't look at Mason who was looking at him, suspiciously. He made it a practice never to lie to Mason and he couldn't say that he'd told the owner they were on their honeymoon. He'd admitted on the way out in the limo, that James had suggested the B and B, and made all the arrangements. He began to pray that Mason would think James had told the woman.

When Mason and Billy returned to the room, Mason sat in one of the big comfy chairs overlooking the garden. He pulled Billy down onto his lap. "This is a lovely place, Baby. I’m glad you asked James to refer a place for our wedding night. Mason began to drop light kisses on Billy's shoulders. So, is this the honeymoon suite, is that how the owner knew we were newlyweds?"

"I don't know," Billy wriggled uneasily, "James might have told them when he made the booking." This was getting a little too close to lying for Billy's taste.

"Yeah, he probably did." Mason began to lightly bite Billy's ear. "Hey Babe, you up for a little slow love making before we have to check out?"

"Always," Billy replied, running his fingers lightly over his lover's back. He pulled Mason’s t-shirt off and continued to work on his upper torso, adding little butterfly kisses and nips to his light strokes. "Let's take this to the bed," he suggested, his voice hoarse.

Mason picked Billy up and carried him over to the bed; he gently laid his lover down and slowly climbed down next to him. Mason lightly touched his lips to Billy's, and ran the tips of his fingers over Billy's body in long lines. His fingers just barely touching Billy's body, but the touch was enough to tickle, arouse and excite. Mason let out small laughs as he watched his husband squirm and wiggle with delight.

When Mason's hands eventually reached Billy's jeans he continued his relaxed pace to unfasten and remove the remainder of his Brat's clothing, and then he continued his gentle touches, moving them down from Billy's torso. His fingers started at Billy's nipples, and ran a zigzag down his chest and abdomen. He continued down into the soft patch of hair, and purposely ignored the growing erection as he raised Billy's leg and turned him over. His touches ran up and down the Brat's legs, into the crevice of his ass.

Billy arched up into the touches, and Mason laughed. "I love it when you are all sexy and wanton like this."

Billy was way beyond speech. His cock was standing straight up. He moaned as Mason began to rim him, his hips jerking, his mind a whirling set of images that never stopped, all focused on Mason, his husband.

Mason ran his tongue up Billy's back, and reached for the lube. He planted delicate kisses on Billy's neck as he ran gentle circles around Billy's opening with his fingers. He inched his fingers inside of his husband, and stopped to tenderly tease Billy's prostate. Mason scissored his fingers to ensure his husband would be ready to take him, and then withdrew his fingers and gradually entered his lover.

The big fireman set a slow pace witch allowed for maximum sensation for both he and Billy. "Touch yourself, Baby," Mason whispered into Billy's ear. When he was ready to come he stopped thrusting and pulled Billy close to him. He placed his hand on top of Billy's and helped his Brat over the edge.

Billy screamed as he came.

"I'm coming, Babe," Mason said as he released his essence into Billy. It took them both quite a while to come down. "Love you," Billy whispered, as he rolled over. His eyes opened wide, when he realized Mason wasn't on the bed next to him. "What the fuck...?" he sat up. "Did I pass out again?" he asked. It had happened before when they had made love, the doctor had said there was nothing wrong, smiling as he did so. "Just over-stimulation." Billy had blushed beet red.

Billy looked slightly sick, when he saw Mason with a cup of coffee and newspaper in hand. "Anything interesting?" he asked.

"Mr. William and Ambassador Meredith Fleming have the honour of announcing the marriage of their son William Stephen Jr. to Mr. Mason Henry Monroe. Saturday, the fourth of October, Two Thousand and Eight, The Trillium Inn, Jade Heights, British Columbia," Mason read out loud in a tone that let his Brat know he was not a happy man. "Oh, and I just love the picture of us kissing. It WAS one of my favorite pictures. Anything you want to tell me William Stephen Jr.?"

Billy shuddered. The use of his full name was beyond scary. "Umm it was supposed to have your Mom's name in it, as well," he stuttered, stalling for time. The glare Mason gave him made him want to curl up in a ball. "It was Johnno's idea," he said. "Make it clear to my parents, and all their friends that I’m gay, and have no intention of playing happy family. I gave Johnno the picture because it was a tasteful kiss." He looked up at Mason, with his patented puppy dog eyes, "Only we know what happened after that kiss. Anyway, they fucking deserve it," he said stubbornly.

Mason's voice calmed slightly, he knew Billy was reacting to the pain his parents had caused him, but he still used a firm tone, ensuring Billy understood he was serious. "Do you remember my feelings on being used as a...a tool to hurt your parents?" Mason said, his firm tone fading to one that was more wounded.

Billy's head shot up at Mason's change of tone. It hit his heart harder than the firm tone had. "It wasn't meant to hurt you," Bill protested. "It was a way of coming out to my parents once and for all, and their friends, and that there was no way I was going to play happy fucking family with a girl." Billy’s voice spiraled out of control. He shrugged. "Maybe now that it's out there, they'll accept me and us." His voice displayed his skepticism.

"There's one good thing," Billy said, trying to lighten the atmosphere. "I'm too old to cane." Billy winced at the memory of his father's canes.

"I would never cane you," Mason said, "and I will never allow your father to assault and abuse you again. But that said, you should not assume your butt is safe from the consequences of this little bit of revenge."

Mason held his hand up when Billy began to protest. “I have a few things I need to say, and since I was an unwilling participant in this stunt, I expect you to quietly listen while I speak. Now Monkey,” Mason clicked his fingers and pointed to the wing chair opposite him, “please sit down--while you still can--and carefully listen to how this little maneuver of yours violated the rules of our relationship and general good conduct towards others.”

Mason took a deep breath and wiped tears away from his eyes before he continued. “I love you, so very much. Yesterday was the happiest moment of my life. I thought it meant the same to you, but now I have to question that maybe it didn’t--maybe it was just part of your plan to take revenge on your parents.

“You and I agreed that we would not embarrass or disrespect your parents, and you promised me that you would not disrespect me and our relationship by using me as an instrument to take revenge for the wrongs your parents did to you.

“Not only did you do exactly those things, but you used a man you say you care deeply about to help you accomplish these things. Did you think about the fact that Johnno could, and probably will, lose his job for helping you with this? Did you think about how I would feel? Did you think about how this could damage my trust in you?”

Billy listened and felt sick as Mason listed his offences. His eyes teared up and his heart broke. "Yesterday was the happiest day of my life, as well," he replied, as the tears slid down his face. "I didn't think I was disrespecting you." He cocked his head to one side, thinking. "I didn't think at all," he amended softly. "Will saying I'm sorry, help?" he asked, "Because I am sorry. Johnno won't get into trouble, honest, he won't. They have no idea he's on my side, they never did." Billy eyes tightened as he revealed this. "I just hate them so much," he wailed. "Why didn't they love me?"

"Shit," Billy said, looking at Mason again. "I've done it again, I've put my feelings about my parents ahead of our relationship. I love you, I love you're my husband, and I'm so sorry."

"Come here my love," Mason said, holding his arms open. "Saying you're sorry means a lot to me."

Billy hurtled into Mason's arms and immediately felt safe and loved. "I'm in heaps of trouble aren't I?" Billy said. "Can we get it over and done with, please. I hate waiting."

"Heaps, and heaps, and heaps of trouble, Monkey." Mason continued to hold Billy close. The closeness was helping to repair Mason's hurt feelings. The fact that Billy would curl into his lap, cry on his shoulder, ask for his forgiveness, and submit to his authority and punishment, help to reassure Mason. "I don't want to spank you on our honeymoon. I don't want you to be hurting and sore on our honeymoon."

"Neither do I," Billy replied. "I guess, I can view the waiting as part of the punishment." He screwed up his face in distaste. "You know we should still visit my parents, just in case, they have softened." His voice sounded almost hopeful, although the gossip he'd got from Johnno wasn't promising.

"I don't want you unhappy and stressing throughout out vacation either. I have another option. You know Doug and Kelly are staying at our place in Jade Heights this week to visit with my mom. I have a key to their place. I can call and ask if we can stay there for a couple of days. We can take a break from our honeymoon, get this taken care of and past us, and then come back and celebrate with nothing hanging over us. We'll be in Vancouver so you can visit your parents and apologize then, without it interfering or affecting our special time together."

Billy thought about this offer for a minute. "That sounds like a plan," he finally said. "I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but I do want to get it over and done with, so it doesn't interfere with our honeymoon. I'm including visiting my parents in that," he said, with a faint laugh. "Shall we get going then?" he said, "Or do you want to call Uncle Doug first?"

"Why don't you take the luggage down to the truck and get us checked out. I'll call Uncle Doug and make sure everything is okay." Mason told his Uncle that there was a problem with the bed and breakfast he and Billy had booked for the first couple of days of he and Billy's honeymoon, and his uncle was happy for the two men to stay at his house.

The drive into Vancouver took several hours. During which time Mason and Billy had a long discussion about Billy and his parent's relationship. Mason had Billy develop a plan of action for recovering from his difficult childhood, and moving forward with the life and family he was creating with Mason.

They stopped for dinner on the way to Vancouver and arrived at Mason's aunt and uncle's house in the early evening. After carrying the luggage into the house and unpacking in the guest bedroom, Mason instructed his Brat to change into sweats and t-shirt. "You remember where Uncle Doug's study is Monkey?" Mason asked.

Billy nodded his head.

"Okay Baby, I'll meet you there after you get changed."

Mason went to the kitchen and retrieved a wooden spoon and then went to meet his Brat in the study.

Billy looked young and vulnerable when Mason stepped into the study. He looked at the wooden spoon, gulped, opened and closed his mouth. He visibly braced himself and looked at Mason. "I deserve that," he said, his voice shaking. "All I can say is, I'm sorry, again."

"I know you're sorry, Hon. Let's get this taken care of." Mason untied the string on Billy's sweats and lowered them to his knees. His partner hadn't bothered to put on underwear; Mason wasn't sure if it was his Brat's joy in going commando or if Billy had felt there was no purpose to putting on under-shorts that would all to quickly be rendered useless. Once Mason had bared his partner, he helped Billy to lie across his lap. Mason ran his hand over Billy's butt, to try and do a bit of soothing before the spanking. He wanted to make sure his Brat knew this spanking was given with love. "What brought you over my lap tonight, Monkey?"

"I disrespected our relationship, and made you doubt that your love was returned by me," Billy sobbed. "I didn't think, and let my feelings for my parents cloud our joy. I used you to hurt and embarrass my parents after you specifically told me not too." He thought for a second. "I could have cost Johnno his job by using him. Although in my defense, it was his idea in the first place." Billy didn’t expect that to save him anything, but it was always worth a try.

“Johnno’s not responsible to me, Monkey. You should have been respectful of his relationship with you and with your parents, and your relationship with me--and told him it was not a good idea.” With that Mason began the task of delivery a spanking he expected to never have to be repeated.

Billy jumped as the first spank landed. He tried to relax; he knew this was going to be a long, very painful punishment.

The swats were firm and hard. Mason started at the top of Billy’s butt and placed four swats on the same spot, before he slightly lowered his hand and repeated four more identical swats. This continued until he had made his way from the top of his partner’s bottom to the area just below the sit spot. He then moved to the other side, starting below the pale round cheek and working his way up to the top of the cheek. Mason followed this pattern for several circuits until the once pale bottom was an angry pink.

It didn't take long for Billy to start crying in earnest and not long after that he started sobbing. He was sure Mason was setting his bottom on fire. 
Billy was in serious pain; he'd never been spanked so hard and so long before. He almost sighed in relief with the hand spanking stopped.

He saw Mason pick up the wooden spoon, out of the corner of his 
eye. "Mace," he begged. "Please no more. I'm really sore. I'm 
sooorrrrryyy. " The last word coincided with the first swat of the 
wooden spoon. Billy almost levitated and was only kept in position by Mason's firm hand. Billy had thought the paddle was bad, but that wooden spoon was pure evil.

When Mason thought he may never again have feeling in his hand, he picked up the wooden spoon and rained down a serious paddling his new husband was unlikely to ever forget.

When the paddling was finished Mason began to run soft circles on Billy’s back. "Go ahead and cry, my love," Mason said. Billy was still lying across Mason's lap, his body fully supported by the couch he and Mason were sitting on. "I know it hurts, Baby. We're all done with the spanking now. I love you, and you're forgiven."

When Billy was ready he carefully curled into Mason's lap, where Mason continued to sooth him with cuddles and reassuring words. After Billy's tears had ceased and his breathing returned to normal, Mason decided it was time for them to move to the next step. Mason gently helped Billy up. "Okay Monkey, there's still some work I want you to do before bed."

Mason pulled Billy close when he noticed tears beginning to fall. He rubbed his partner's back and explained what he needed from Billy before they went to bed. "I want to make sure you remember all the things we talked about in the car on the way here," Mason said as he led Billy into the Kitchen. Mason pulled a chair out from the kitchen table, "Have a seat, Baby."

Billy stood still and looked at the chair with much apprehension. Mason felt for his partner, but stayed firm, it was important that he and Billy had a plan for how to heal from this situation. Mason nodded his head towards the chair, and took a pad of paper and a pen from the kitchen counter and placed them on the table in front of Billy. "I want you to write down your plan for dealing with the hurt from your childhood, and what we decided was necessary to keep our family safe and healthy."

Billy let out a small yelp, when he sat.

Mason stood behind his partner and rubbed his shoulders. "I'll be sitting here with you and will help you to work through any things you don't remember or are struggling with. I'm going to put some coffee on, do you want some?"

Billy could not get comfortable, every time he moved to ease the pain; he found an equally painful spot. "Mace," he moaned, "can't I at least sit on a cushion?" He looked at Mason pitifully.

Mason wondered how come his Brat had to be so cute, "For a kiss you can have a cushion."

Billy kissed Mason. It was not chaste. "Can I have two," he laughed, and limped off to the living room to retrieve two cushions.

"Cheeky Brat," Mason said when he saw Billy come in with two pillows. "I should have at least gotten two kisses for two pillows."

Billy put the pillows on the chair and sat down carefully. He yelped slightly but at least it was softer. Maybe he could write quickly enough that it would not get unbearable. He picked up the pen and looked at the blank sheet. He put the pen down "I don't know where to start," he said, taking a mouthful of coffee.

Mason got up and moved his chair closer to Billy's. "Why don't you start by writing down the things you want to change...then how you would like them to be...and you can finish with how you plan to get there."

Billy smiled, and wrote, ‘Change: the feeling of being abandoned, How I'd like it to be: the feeling of being loved, Plan: lots of sex with Mason.’ "Kind of like that?" he asked, his eyes twinkling.

"Although I strongly like the idea of lots of sex with you, I would like you to come up with some parts of your plan that do not involve me or sex."

Mason took hold of Billy's hand. "I think you have a great start. What about making a list of all the people who love you, and one of all the people you love. Then when you feel abandoned, when you need to feel loved, you can think of those people, call one of those people, or visit one of those people."

Billy thought for a while shifting uneasily--even on his two cushions. He began to write Mason, ‘Mason's Mom, Uncle Doug, Auntie Kelly, Micky, Johnno.’ He bit the pen and smiled as he wrote, ‘Thomas.’ "Done," he said, standing up to help ease the ache. "I reckon lots of sex with you, helps any number of problems," he joked.

Mason patted the cushions of the chair his Brat had just vacated. "That's great for your first one. Only about twelve more to go."

Billy looked at the chair with loathing. "Twelve more what?" he whined, he caught Mason's stern glare. "You have got to be kidding, this is nuts."

"I'm not kidding. You have two options. You can sit back down and continue to work on the plan--that took us over three hours to develop in the car, so I think it should take a little more than five minutes to write out--or you may go back over my knee for a bit of a reminder as to why this plan is important? What's it going to be Monkey?"

"Okay, okay no need to over react I'll sit," Billy very carefully sat down and found out it was still not comfortable. "Okay I have to play nice, and not react to my parent's disregarding my feelings. I have to make sure I don't attempt to score points with rude comments or actions. I have to leave you out of the problems I have with my parents. I have to remember you love me no matter what, and I have a family in Jade Heights. What else?" he asked Mason, having written out all he remembered of the conversation.

"You don't have to leave me out, Baby, in fact I think that is what gets you into trouble. I think you are forgetting some very important things. You need to think before you act. You need to treat everyone with respect, whether you like them or not, even if they disrespected you. You are not to disobey me, and you are not to disrespect, me, you or our relationship." Mason watched as Billy continued his list.

"Now, you can look at each of those things, and write how you would like them be, and then the things you are going to do to get them there. Don't worry if you don't finish tonight. We have two more days here. When you are all finished making your lists, I would like an essay about each item, minimum one page each--typed."

Billy groaned, and would have said something, if his butt at that moment had not reminded him, that arguing with Mason was a bad idea. ‘Count to ten and if that doesn't work count to ten again, he wrote next to most of the items. Talk things out with Mason before they escalate. Remind myself that Mason and others love me, and think about them, call them or visit them.’

He hoped Mason wouldn't think he was taking the piss, but he really couldn't be serious for long. He felt this was all slightly ridiculous. They'd talked, why did he have to write things out? It sucked and his lips formed a pout, without him realizing it.

Mason frowned at Billy's lists. "You do have some good things listed there, babe. But, I know you can do better. The sooner you take this seriously, the sooner you can get up off that sore butt. I'm going to go watch some TV. You have an hour to have one of those written into a well thought out essay."

Billy pouted and began to protest. Mason held up his hand. "I'm starting to think the pillows were a bad idea, shall I take them back into the living room with me?"

"No," Billy said hurriedly, thinking strictly to himself, ‘Bastard.’ He picked out one of the topics, which he'd mentally listed as playing nice to idiots. He quickly roughed out what he was going to write and began. ‘What a fucking waste of time,’ he thought to himself, again.

He got up after an hour; his butt was aching horribly. "Here you are, one essay," he growled at Mason.

Mason pulled Billy down onto his lap, and began to read the essay. It was a slight improvement over the previous work, but Mason could tell his Brat was frustrated and putting up walls of stubbornness to avoid doing any serious thinking and dealing with of his issues.

When he finished reading the essay, he set it on the side table and pulled Billy close. "Baby, I get that this is hard for you, and that you don't want to do it. We're here at this house to deal with the issues revolving around you pulling a mean and disrespectful prank on your parents. I've spanked for the rules you broke in doing that. But the underlying issues of your need to hurt your parents, and using and hurting me in the process are things I can't and won't spank you for. We need to find a way to help you deal with your guilt and make reparations to your parents and me. I have forgiven you. Your parents may never do that. I think that you have to develop a serious plan of action for dealing with these issues, and I think that writing them out is a good way to do that. What do you think?"

"I get where you're coming from, Mace," Billy said, seriously. "But honestly the issues between me and my parents are of such long standing, I'm not sure the announcement would have changed anything. It's been thirteen years since we saw each other. I think my birth was an unpleasant shock to them and they never wanted to deal with it, or me." Billy looked at Mason.

"Since meeting you it doesn't matter so much anymore. I’m so happy to be your husband and Brat. I get emotional, and I'm really sorry I dragged you into it. Honestly this patterns gone on for years, and I usually lost. We've still got the visit to make; I’ll apologize. It might help it might not, but this writing is not fair. I left school for a reason, Mace." Billy looked at his Top. "The only thing I've ever been really good at was fixing cars.”

"Babe, I'm not expecting anything worthy of the Giller Prize. I just want something that shows you've given serious thought to changing your behaviour and trying to make better choices in the future.

"I'm sorry it is so frustrating for you. It isn't supposed to be an easy exercise. But, if this really isn't working--I'll give you another option--but it has to be this or the other.

"I suggest we go to bed, and in the morning, I'll help you put your thoughts into a nice written plan. I want you to have a written a plan, so that if you're struggling, get frustrated, sad or hurt--and I'm not around--you have something to remind you of healthy choices. I'm not just asking you to write this down as a mean or unfair exercise.

"After we have a nice plan, based on what you think works best for you- that's when my meanness and unfairness come in." Mason gave his partner a grin as Billy moaned. "You’ll then make me ten hand written copies."

"Ten," Billy spluttered; he eyed his husband. "Five," he countered with, hopefully.

“Ah, negotiating are we,” Mason said. “That's fine. I can play this game too. Ten and another round with the wooden spoon.”

Billy winced. "Ten and no spoon," he said, firmly. This time he looked at Mason with his big, blue eyes, turning up the cuteness factor. "Remember we have to visit my parents sometime in the next couple of days. I'd like to be able to sit down without vocalizing my discomfort." Billy had already concluded his butt was still going to be causing him discomfort when visiting his parents. ‘So what's new?’ he thought to himself. He visibly shook himself; that was in the past. Wasn't it part of the plan not to dwell on the past? “I'll ring tomorrow morning and see what time would be the best for them and us. Okay?"

“Deal,” Mason said. “Now let's go to shower and go to bed.”

Billy didn't sleep very well, he was sore and keyed up about meeting his parents. In the end he rolled out of bed at about 6:00 am, and slipped into a pair of Mason's sweat pants. He used Mason's pants to lessen the rub against his butt, and wandered downstairs.

He explored Uncle Doug and Aunt Kelly's house. He spent a long time in the hallway looking at the family photos, smiling as he saw a much younger Mason and his cousins. He saw one picture of Mason's mom with a man who looked familiar, but someone he knew he'd never meet. "Jesus," he breathed, "That must be Mace's Dad. He's almost as handsome as Mace."

He looked up and realized it was 8:00 am. He took a deep breath and picked up the phone. The phone rang twice and was picked up. "Ambassador Fleming's residence," a cultured voice on the other end answered. "Mother," Billy replied, "I was wondering if I could visit and introduce my husband to you," Billy said, holding his breath waiting for his mother's voice to cut him to pieces.

About four minutes later he put down the phone, stunned. He wandered upstairs to the bedroom and landed heavily on Mason. As Mason sat up, shocked awake, he said. "We are cordially invited to Ambassador and Mr. Fleming’s residence, this afternoon, for afternoon tea to be served at 3:00 pm."

Mason pulled Billy close to him and kissed him good morning. "That sounds lovely, Babe. You seem good with it; how did your conversation with your parents go?"

"I only spoke with Mother," Billy replied. "She seemed happy to speak to me. She said, I was a bad boy for not telling her and father about the wedding." Billy turned and smiled at Mason, "Maybe she realizes I'm 
grown up now and wants to have some sort of relationship. " Billy was not quite bouncing, but his spirits had definitely lifted.

"I'm glad it felt good. But, let's plan to go in with an anything can happen attitude, okay?" 
Mason suggested. "I want you to think of a couple of signals to let me know if you're 
uncomfortable and need to go. Also, all the rules we talked about still apply. We can hold hands, no big kisses, no sitting on my lap." Mason instructed as he got out of bed and 
went to put on his sweat pants. Unable to find them, he turned to ask Billy and realized his 
husband was wearing them. "I hope you're comfortable in my sweats?" Mason teased. He put on his jeans and a sweatshirt. 

"Come on let's have some breakfast. Is Johnno going to be there today? If so, why don't you give him a call and find out how things have been at your parents the last couple of 

"Johnno was taking a week off," Billy replied. "He thought that would 
throw my parents off his track. He wanted to visit his brother in San 
Francisco." He followed Mason to the kitchen. "The sweats are cool," 
he said grinning. "They don't fit as tight as mine." He gave Mason a 
mock pout and heartbreaking look.

"That look would work better if you had sad music playing in the background. Have a seat at the table and start working while I make breakfast. No pillows today, and no arguing. I'd like to have your plan finished or close to finished before we go to your parents. That way you can work on your copies tonight and tomorrow, and then we can be done and head out on our honeymoon."

Mason made breakfast, and then sat with Billy. Together they finished Billy's plan shortly after lunch. Mason was proud of Billy for the thought he put into their work.

When they finished, Mason picked Billy up and planted soft kisses on his lips while he carried him to the shower. He turned on the warm water, and then slowly undressed himself and then his Brat. During their shower, Mason gently washed his partner and soothed Billy with tales of how handsome he looked at their wedding.

Billy purred under Mason's attention. He was relaxed as he dressed for the visit to his parents. He put on a smart suit, and sighed as he closed the top button of the shirt and put on a tie. "How about if I loosen the tie and undo the top button as a signal?" he asked Mason. "That would indicate I feel strangled."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

As the truck approached the gates of the estate, Billy got wound up. "I keep expecting the other shoe to drop," he muttered to Mason.

Mason and Billy exited the truck, and Mason took hold of Billy's hand. "It may drop; it may not. But either way, we are married, and will be happy with or without your parent's involvement in our lives."

Billy and Mason stood in front of the large door. "I love you, Monkey," Mason said, giving his husband's hand a gentle squeeze, while Billy pressed the door bell with his other hand.

A butler opened the door. "Good afternoon Judkins," Billy said, recognizing an old family retainer. "I believe my parents are expecting me."

"Yes, Master William," the butler replied formally. "Tea is about to be served in the main room."

"No need to escort us," Billy smiled, easily, "I know the way." Billy 
took a deep breath, felt Mason next to him, squared his shoulders, and walked through an archway into the main living room of the house. 

Sitting in two separate wingback chairs were an elderly couple. It 
was obvious Billy had got his looks from his mother's side of the 
family, she was still a beautiful woman. There was another man in his mid thirties standing to one-side of the room, holding a camera and wearing a rainbow button. 

"Mother. Father," Billy said, formally to the elderly couple. "I would 
like to introduce you to Mason Monroe, my husband." He looked curiously at the younger man; he'd never seen him before.

Billy's father rose from his chair and walked over to Mason and Billy. He extended his hand first to Billy. "Junior," he said shaking Billy's hand. 

Billy nodded and replied, "Father."

"I'm William Fleming, Sr.," the older gentleman said as he shook Mason's hand. 

"It’s nice to meet you sir," Mason replied. Mason flinched a bit when the flash on the camera went off. 

Mason and Billy then walked over to Billy's mother. "Ambassador Fleming," Mason said, as he nodded his head and gently shook the beautiful older woman's hand. 

"Mother," Billy said, kissing his mother's hand. 

Another flash went off in Mason's face. Mason walked over the photographer and held out his hand. "Mason Monroe, and you are?"

"Matthew Trueman. I take photos for the local paper. Mr. Fleming invited me, as the Ambassador is very interested in reaching out to the gay community. They are a large voting block."

Billy grimaced, and looked at Mason. At that moment the tea came in. "Any chance of coffee?" Billy asked. "I'm afraid I've lost my 
taste for tea over the last thirteen years." He shot a look at his mother and was pleased to see her redden.

Mason took hold of Billy’s hand and they sat down together on the sofa opposite Billy’s parents. “Baby, I think you’ll be fine with tea,” Mason said quietly to his partner.

“Oh, cream, two sugars,” Mason said responding to the young woman preparing the tea.

Billy looked at his husband. "I'll have mine the same way," he said, shooting the young woman a charming smile. "Mother, how is your campaign going?" he asked, after everyone had been served. "I was a bit afraid our marriage might have affected it." He smiled sweetly at his mother.

His mother's eyes tightened slightly, her beauty fading, as she sent her son a very nasty look. She recovered quickly, "As Mr. Trueman has said I have had to change my campaign stance slightly, some of my right wing supporters have expressed their outrage at your unnatural lifestyle, but I am reaching out to the homosexual community. I just need you and your paramour to star, in a few campaign pictures."

"Mason is my husband," Billy said, his voice shaking with emotion. His action plan flashed through his mind, and he took a deep breath and counted to ten.

Mason gently squeezed Billy's hand. "Ambassador," Mason said, "I'm glad that our wedding has allowed you to have a change of opinion, but Billy and I will not be posing for any campaign pictures."

Mason turned to the photographer, "Please stop taking pictures. I believe you are required by law to have a signed photo release in order to publish any of those pictures. You won't be getting one."

Mason then focused his attention on both of Billy's parents. "Billy and I are willing to be a part of your family, but I can not legally attach myself to any political campaigns while in my current post at Fire Captain, and neither Billy nor I are willing to be used for your political gain. If you would like to spend some time with us, getting to know us, we would love to stay. If the main purpose of today's tea was for campaign pictures than I think we will be excusing ourselves now."

Billy felt so proud he thought he'd burst. That was his husband, standing up to his parents. It was then Billy's father stood up and Billy flinched violently, when he saw he'd come up with a cane in his hand. "I told you," William Fleming Senior said to his wife. "The only thing this boy understands is this cane. Isn't that right boy?" he turned on Billy. 

"I'm not a boy anymore," Billy said, shaking. "I'm fucking 27 years of 
age." Fourteen years of domination by this man and his brand of discipline was engraved in Billy's soul. He turned, and his pleading eyes meet Mason's. He steadied.

Mason pushed Billy behind him, and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. He flipped it open. "I'm prepared to call 911, Mr. Fleming. We will press charges of assault, and I don't 
think that would look very good for your wife's campaign."

Mason turned and gave a gentle push to Billy to signal him to leave. As Mason exited the 
room he heard the distinct sound of several camera flashes. He smiled as he thought that the Ambassador and Mr. Fleming had most likely already signed a photo release.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

Mason opened the passenger door of the truck for Billy. 

As he and Billy drove out of the main gates of the Fleming estate, Mason placed a hand on 
Billy's knee. "I'm sorry Baby. I'm sorry they did that to you."

Billy just shrugged. "Nothing changes," he said, sadly. "Oh well, we 
gave them the chance, and they blew it." He looked at Mason. "The plan 
worked," he said happily. "I counted to ten and didn't blow up. Does that mean I don't have to write out the ten copies?" Billy smiled, hopeful.

Mason smiled, Billy had worked very hard to contain his anger. "I was impressed right up 
until the, 'I'm fucking 27.'" Mason patted Billy's knee. "You handled yourself pretty well, in a difficult situation. I could tell you were trying hard. But, I thought we stopped negotiating 
over your punishment last night, are we starting again?"

"Maybe," Billy said cautiously. "As long as you don't bring up the evil spoon."

"Then I don't think you want to negotiate," Mason said. He patted Billy's thigh. "How about 
we go to Vera's for a burger before we go back to Uncle Doug's?"

Billy smiled. He loved Vera's. "I bet you eat the Doug special," he said laughing, "I prefer 4 Cheeses myself."

"Good Lord, we've been married two days and you're already trying to kill me. I ordered it once, and I'm surprised I didn't have a coronary." Mason continued to mutter as he shook his head, "Double meat, double cheese, double fried onion, double chili, double bypass. 
Mmmm, I am kind of hungry," Mason laughed. 

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

They felt a little over dressed for Vera's Burger Shack, but the greasy burgers, fries and milkshakes were perfect comfort food for both Mason and Billy. After dinner Mason dragged Billy on a walk around the shore, figuring he needed to keep the grease flowing 
through his arteries so it couldn't stop and clog them. It was a beautiful evening, and Mason couldn't wait until tomorrow afternoon, when he and Billy officially restarted their honeymoon.

When they returned to Mason's uncle's house it was still early, only about 6:30. "Monkey,
why don't you start on your copies," Mason said pulling out the kitchen chair. "How about 
you just work until 8:30? I could use a nice cuddle tonight, what about you?"

Billy looked mournfully at the hard wooden seat. He knew better than to ask for cushions. He sat down and let out a sigh. The burn in his bottom started, he shifted and found out quite quickly, that one place was no better than the other. His only thought was it's not as bad as last night or this morning.

He started writing, and before long he realized he was not in writing trim. His hand started to cramp, "Mason," he moaned, looking down at the two copies he'd done, "My hand is killing me. It's bad enough I only have one fully functional hand at the moment, but to have both out of action is inhumane."

Mason smiled at his pitiful looking Brat, and held his arms open. "Come here, Monkey."

Billy quickly moved into Mason's arms. Mason rubbed Billy's back for a moment and then took hold of his Brat's left hand and gently massaged it. Billy leaned into Mason's chest, and made his sweet little purr at the attention paid to his hand. "Better?" Mason asked.

Billy nodded into his husband's chest.

"Good,” Mason turned his partner around and applied a swat to his butt. “You've got another hour left. Now hop to it. At 8:30, I'm all yours."

Billy yelped. "Not fair," he pouted. He quailed slightly at the look Mason gave him; it looked like he was contemplating bringing the wooden spoon out again. Billy was well aware he was pushing, and decided he'd better start cooperating, Mason didn't have unlimited patience, and after all the copies were part of his punishment. He sat down and started writing again.

An hour later, Billy padded out to join Mason. "It's 8:30," he declared as he flopped down onto Mason’s lap. Mason began to gently rub his hand, causing Billy to purr and lean into his lover's embrace. "Four done," he said, lifting his face up for a kiss.

Mason leaned down and gave Billy a very tender kiss. "Four is great, Baby. You may be finished before noon; then we could start our honeymoon with a nice lunch." Mason slid his hand down the back of Billy's pants and softy ran his hand over the still warm cheeks of Billy's butt. "How you doing, are you going to be ready for lots of honeymoon sex, tomorrow?"

Billy squirmed slightly as he felt Mason's hand glide over his 
butt. "Fuck yes," he said to the question. I may be a bit tender but that can add some spice." He flashed a wicked grin at his Top. "That 
doesn’t mean I’ll ever ask you to spank me during sex," he teased. "That is too weird, even for me." He leaned in for another kiss and cuddle. "And you Mr. Mason Fleming-Monroe have a butt fetish."

"Yes, dear I think my fetish for your butt has been well established," Mason leaned down and kissed Billy. "And my love, we have really got to start exploring some of your kink prejudices, because I think if you let me...some of those things would rock your world."

Billy cuddled into Mason. "You rock my world," he said. "What kind of things?" He was interested; he knew Mason was a lot more experienced than he was, and so far everything they'd done had rocked his world. He hadn't known there'd be more than the one position at the beginning. "What do you want to do?"

“I’m very happy with what we do babe, but I’m sure there are still some things I could teach you. Maybe we should make a trip to a toy store later this week.”

Mason swung his feet up on the couch, and wiggled so that Billy was lying on top of him. “Mmm, I love the feeling of you on top of me.” He ran his hands underneath Billy’s shirt and began to softly stroke his husband’s back. It had been a long and difficult day, and Mason wanted to ensure that his partner fell asleep feeling safe and loved.

Billy relaxed, almost purring as Mason stroked him. "Fucking, shopping for toys and more fucking," he said sleepily. "Sounds like a perfect plan." He closed his eyes, and fell asleep being stroked by his husband.

Mason gently got up and carried Billy to bed. He placed his husband on the bed and carefully undressed him. Mason then removed his own clothes and climbed into bed, pulling Billy close. He fell asleep feeling Billy's chest rise and fall against his own.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Billy woke first and stretched. He looked down at a sleeping Mason and smiled wickedly. He ducked under the bed and began to suck his lover's cock. It became hard under his expert touch and before long it exploded. Billy took everything Mason could give and then slid back up to look into Mason's dazed eyes, his evil grin firmly in place.

"Good morning to you too, my love," Mason said as he gave a goofy post orgasm grin to his mischievous partner. Mason looked over at the clock. "Good God. It's only 6:15 am, Monkey." He pulled Billy close. "Come back to sleep with me," Mason said with a big yawn.

Mason laughed as Billy squirmed in his arms. "Baby, I'm tired," Mason said. "Come back to sleep, and I'll give you all the loving you want in a couple of hours."

Mason never understood where all of Billy's energy came from, and as the thought hit him that he would spend the rest of his life with a 'morning person' he let out a sigh. "Billy, it you're so wide awake, why don't you go work on copying your plan, then we'll for sure be out of here by lunch.”

Mason was amazed that Billy seemed to accept his idea, and trotted out of the bedroom for the kitchen.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

When Mason finally crawled out of bed and into the kitchen at 9:30. He was met with the smell of fresh coffee, and found ten neat copies of Billy's plan awaiting him on the kitchen table. His very handsome Brat was at the kitchen counter making pancakes.

Mason walked up behind Billy and began to kiss his husbands neck. "Mmmm, and here I was worried about having married a morning person. You are amazing my love."

"I've always been a morning person," Billy said cheerfully. "And a night owl," he added after a moments thought. "Although since I've been with you I've been getting more sleep than ever before. Well, I've spent more time in bed anyway." He grinned at Mason. "So now I've finished the writing. How about we re-start our honeymoon?"

"Let's eat your yummy pancakes first. Then we can go 'honeymoon' all you like."

Billy grinned and bounced. "The pancakes are ready," he said. "And so is the coffee." He served up the breakfast. "What do you want to do first?" Billy asked. "Is it too early to check into our hotel and start fucking? Or shall we go toy shopping?"

Mason took the one large plate of pancakes over to the kitchen table. He sat down and pulled Billy down onto his lap. He then proceeded to take a bite of pancake. "Mmmm, you have mastered the fine art of the pancake. You add milk and eggs to that box of Bisquick like no one I've ever known." Mason fed his husband a piece of pancake full of butter and maple syrup, a bit of syrup spilled down Billy's chin and Mason licked it off, and then kissed his partner. "Well, Baby, it is too early to check-in to the hotel. Check-in isn't until 3:00."

"I'm going to tell Uncle Doug on you," he threatened. "I made those pancakes from scratch, as if he'd have something like Bisquick in his house." Billy teased, and Mason fed him another bite of pancake.

"So, I suggest we stay here and fool around a little after breakfast. We have a shower, and fool around a little more, and then we can pack and go grab some lunch. After lunch we can go to the toy shop, and after all that we can check-in to the hotel and fuck all you like."

Billy began to tickle Mason. He giggled as Mason started to tickle him back. The tickle fight escalated and five minutes later Billy found himself pinned to the floor. "Now you've got me. Do you know what to do with me?" he challenged Mason breathlessly.

"Hmmm," Mason said. "I think I read about this in a book somewhere. Step 1 - get erection," Mason placed his hand over his crotch, "check. Step two - get naked," Mason stripped his partner and then removed his own clothes, "check. Step 3 - excite partner," Mason grinned at Billy's hard erection, "check. Step 4 - devour partner," Mason took Billy's cock into his mouth. He ran his tongue over the head of Billy's penis, and then tightened his cheek muscles and took Billy deep into his mouth.

Billy arched in pleasure. As usual as soon as he got hard, his butt magically improved. Although there was still a slight burn he ignored it. He tried to hold on as long as he could. He felt himself cum, long and hard into Mason's mouth. He screamed his completion. His eyes unfocused as Mason looked at him. "Boy, do you ever know what to do with me," he gasped. "What about you?"

“Need lube,” Mason said.

"It's still in the suitcase," Billy moaned. He twisted around and began to suck Mason's cock. He withdrew before Mason came, "Wet enough now?" he grinned.

"No," Mason said, "I don't want to hurt you." Mason stood and lifted Billy up. Billy wrapped his legs around Mason's waist, and Mason carried him to the bedroom. Mason stopped at the 
suitcase and withdrew the bottle of lube. He set Billy down on the bed, and squeezed some lube into his hand. He tossed the bottle to Billy. "I wanna watch you stretch yourself for me." Mason began to stroke his cock and instructed his Brat.

Billy smiled wickedly. Again he blessed the fact he broken his right hand not his left. It wasn't long before he found himself moaning with need as he slowly inserted a third finger stretching himself. "God Mason will you please come on already and fuck me," he said, his cock standing to attention.

Mason laughed as he crawled onto the bed. He quickly put Billy's legs over his shoulders, and leaned down to kiss his husband. As he separated from their kiss, he took hold of his cock and positioned it at Billy's opening. He pressed just the head in, and asked, "Hard and fast, or slow and romantic?"

"Both," Billy said, moaning at the sweet intrusion. "God, I love you."

"That's my greedy Brat," Mason said with a laugh. He started slow, making long thrusts at a snails pace. He relished in feeling every bit of Billy embracing his cock. He and Billy were breathing in unison and releasing small soft moans of pleasure. Gradually Mason began to quicken his pace until he was swiftly banging himself inside of Billy. His partner's moaning got louder as the fucking quickened.

"Oh God. Oh Jesus. Oh fuck," Billy was exploding. If pushed he couldn't have said which was better the long, slow lovemaking or the quick, hard fuck. Both had the advantage of each stroke hitting his prostate. which made him moan in pleasure each time.

Billy waited until Mason whispered, "Come for me, Baby," and he came hard.

Mason exploded inside of Billy with a loud grunt. He then carefully lowered Billy's legs off of his shoulders and rolled over pulling his husband on top of him. "I love you," Mason said.

Mason and Billy lay quietly in their afterglow, and eventually moved themselves to the shower where they touched and fondled each other until the water ran cold.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Lunch was fabulous Baby. Seafood was a great suggestion," Mason said as he and Billy drove towards Adam and Steve's Adult Novelty Store.

Billy entered the shop and his eyes went wide. He shrunk behind Mason. "God," he said, "Some of this stuff looks downright scary." His eyes fixed on a crate and looked at the sign. He grinned. "Body frosting," he said, "Chocolate flavoured Mason, might replace chocolate cake as my favourite dessert. Can you see the Maple Grille, if I laid you on a table for dessert?" Billy laughed.

Mason laughed. "Why am I not surprised that I bring you to a sex toy store, and you are all excited about chocolate frosting."

Mason picked up a shopping basket and dropped the lover's chocolate paint box into it. Mason pulled Billy to the anal toys section. Mason began to place items in the basket, large anal beads, a beautiful glass butt plug, a prostate stimulator, a jar of butt wax, and a butt plug with a wireless remote control. Mason gave a mischievous look as Billy's eye's bulged and his mouth fell open. "Close your mouth Monkey, around here it's not safe to have it open that wide."

Billy snapped his mouth shut. He trusted Mason but some of the things he'd picked up were just scary. "Rocking my world," he said to Mason quietly, "Right?" He couldn't quite keep he quaver out of his voice.

Mason took Billy by the hand and walked him over to the BDSM section of the store. He pulled Billy close and began to whisper in his ear. He took a pair of leather wrist cuffs with a soft fur lining. "I'm going to cuff your wrists over your head and attach them to the bed. You won't be able to touch yourself, you'll just have to hope that I decide to give your cock some attention when I'm fucking you." Mason then picked up a set of matching leather ankle cuffs. "These are to spread you wide open, all for my pleasure."

As Mason whispered what he planned to do with the cuffs, Billy got painfully hard. His eyes glazed over. "Yes," he breathed. He ran a hand over a light suede flogger, and looked at Mason, "What about this? Have you ever used one?"

Mason smiled at his Brat, "See, Baby, I knew you had kink in ya. Yes, I have. It can be very nice, almost like a massage. Do you want that?"

Mason and Billy then wandered into the erotic book section, and Mason laughed when his husband tossed a book titled "1001 Positions for Gay Sex" into their basket. The two men made their way back to the front of the store and the sensual products. Mason picked up a large feather tickler. "We'll have to keep this away from Thomas, because I'm going to have fun driving you crazy with this." He also picked up a bottle of massage oil, a bottle of warming lubricant, another bottle of their favorite lube (industrial size), and a few candles to place around their hotel room over the next couple of days.

As they walked towards the register, Mason was thankful they had received quite a bit of cash at their wedding, because this was not going to be a cheap outing.

Billy was bouncing. This promised to be really exciting. "Do we need to stop for a Viagra prescription old man?" he said, smiling. He looked at the basket. "Do we need cash?" he asked "I've transferred a lot of money from the business into my personal account for our honeymoon."

"Old man? I just hope you can keep up, Monkey," Mason teased. "We're good for money babe." Mason paid the cashier, and took the unlabeled plastic bag. He and Billy then drove to the Bed and Breakfast they had booked for this part of their honeymoon. It was gay owned and operated and had come highly recommended from James.

He and Billy checked in and were led up to the third floor suite. They had the whole floor, it consisted of a beautiful large wrought iron bed, a brick fireplace, a lovely sitting area with a very large flat screen television, and a large designer bathroom.

Mason set the luggage down and turned to his Brat. "Strip."

Billy eagerly complied. He was still partly hard from the shopping trip. He made his way over to Mason and claimed a kiss. It was so hot, his knees buckled.

"Hmmm, how should I torture, oops, I mean pleasure you?" Mason laughed.

He retrieved the wrist cuffs from the bag. He was careful of Billy’s injury, ensuring that Billy was comfortable and not straining, Mason attached the cuffs to one of the posts of the large bed. He then grabbed the bottle of warming lube and poured a generous amount into his hand, and then slowly slid a slick finger into his brat. Mason smiled as Billy began to squirm in front of him.

Billy was very surprised that the cuffs didn't freak him. He felt safe, in some strange way, he couldn't quite explain. He fully trusted Mason and if his lover told him he'd enjoy it, he believed him.

He relaxed as the finger penetrated him, gasping slightly at the feeling. He looked up at his Top, his eyes dilating slightly.

"How's that tingle, Baby?" Mason asked.

Billy moaned, and Mason added a second finger with more warming lubricant. While his handsome young husband closed his eyes and rocked himself on Mason's fingers, Mason withdrew the remote control, vibrating prostate stimulating butt plug from the bag of goodies. He withdrew his fingers from Billy and inserted a warming lubricated plug into his husband's ass.

Mason then moved off the bed and sat in the big comfy chair opposite the bed, which gave him the best possible view of his adorable grease monkey. Mason pressed the lowest vibrating sensation for the plug, and watched Billy startle in delight.

Billy had never felt anything like it. He loved it. He'd had an inkling that once Mason's fingers had been removed, his cock wouldn't be replacing them. He had felt Mason move off the bed, and then the vibrating had started. "That better not be the pink one," he managed to gasp before the sensations overcame him.

It was an extra incentive to express his delight, when he knew his lover was watching. He played to it, moaning and whimpering, pulling on the cuffs, arching his back. Then the vibrating increased and that drew a scream of pleasure from him. "Oh God Mason. I'm not going to last. Please, please want to come." Billy was trying to hold on and give his lover a good show.

Mason turned up the speed and intensity on the vibrator. "Does it really matter what colour it is?" He laughed. "I'm not going to tell you to come, Babe. I want you to hold out until you can't anymore. I want to watch you erupt with pleasure."

Billy tried desperately to hold on. He felt the vibration increase, and wondered with part of his brain, if Mason could fuck him with the vibrator still in him. That was it; he lost any control he might have had. He screamed and came hard, very hard. He panted and realized the vibrator was still going, he moaned as his cock tried to respond yet again. "Pink is such a girly colour."

Mason laughed, "You didn't seem so girly when you were spraying yourself with cum. But, don't worry it's blue. All nice and boylie for you."

Mason turned down the intensity of the vibration on Billy's plug, but didn't turn it off. He got out of his chair and began to remove his clothing. He went into the bathroom and got a warm and wet washcloth, and climbed onto the bed and began to clean his still writhing and wiggling partner. Once Billy had been cleaned, Mason straddled his husband and removed the wrist cuffs from the bed. Mason unhooked the cuffs and gently massaged Billy's wrists. He then dismounted his partner and flipped Billy over his lap and slowly played with Billy's plug until he felt Billy's cock began to once again rise to life. Mason removed the plug and patted Billy's butt, as he steered his husband into a knee to chest position. Mason poured lube into his hand and slicked his cock. His husband was well stretched, so Mason entered Billy quickly and forcefully--eliciting a low strong grunt of pleasure from the mechanic. He fucked Billy hard and fast until he came with a blast inside of his partner. Mason removed his cock from Billy, leaving Billy empty for the first time in a long while. He dropped to the side of husband and pulled Billy in close, so that they were spooning, and planted kisses and tiny love bites along Billy's neck and ears.

"Monkey, lets go have a soak in the tub, and then get a move on. I've asked the kitchen to pack us a picnic for dinner. I thought we'd go have dinner in the quarry gardens at Queen Elizabeth Park, and then watch the sunset at the fountains. I thought we could do a little stargazing on our way back here to resume our very important honeymoon festivities."

Billy sighed in pleasure, he couldn't think of a better way to finish the day. He turned in Mason's arms and kissed him. "How did I manage to snag the perfect husband?" he asked, after disengaging. Without waiting for an answer, he jumped up and started the tub filling.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"No chocolate cake," Billy said, pouting slightly as he looked in the picnic basket. "Oh well I'll just have to use the chocolate frosting tonight." He looked at Mason, his eyes dancing with mirth. After they'd finished the picnic, Billy lay down and rested his head on Mason’s lap, and asked softly "Would you like to hear my full vow now?" At Mason's nod he began, "I, Billy Fleming, take you, Mason Monroe, as my lifemate, to love and hold for the rest of my life. As my best friend, protector and lover until the end of time. I will love, honour and sometimes obey." Billy looked up, his eyes dancing. "As long as we both live. I commit myself and my life to Mason Monroe with a glad heart, for I love him with my whole heart." Billy finished reciting holding Mason's eyes. "Soppy or what?" he laughed.

Mason pulled Billy into a kiss. "No, not soppy or smoopy. Just perfect, my love, my Brat, my husband, my family."

The End

Copyright Tarabeth and Jo 2008