Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Little Black Thong

Title: Little Black Thong
Authors: Tarabeth and Jo
Characters: Mason and Billy – with and appearance by Jay
Written for the July 2012 Tea Room Pool Party Challenge


"Okay, Mace I'm ready to go to the pool party," Billy announced as he bounced into the kitchen in nothing but a very skimpy black thong bathing suit.

Mason turned away from the refrigerator where he was loading the ice chest with beer, condiments, steaks, and the ingredients for a green salad.  His mouth fell open. "You are not wearing that out in public!" Mason exclaimed with his hand pointing back up the stairs to he and Billy's bedroom. 

“What’s wrong with it?” Billy pouted. “It covers everything important.”

Mason walked over to Billy and pulled him close; he cupped both his hands onto Billy's bare butt. "These are important and are only for my eyes," Mason growled possessively.   "Now get that cute ass upstairs and get it covered, before I strip that thong off of you, and ravage that sweet ass." He turned Billy around and propelled him towards the stairs with a swat to each naked cheek.

“Is that supposed to be a threat?” Billy replied archly, rubbing his butt, those swats had stung. “Don’t be such a stick in the mud, Mace. Jay’s wearing these as well. And before you say it I would not jump off a bridge if Jay did. I’d swan dive.”

"No, Monkey, it has long passed a threat." Mason picked Billy up and threw him over his shoulder.  Billy's beautiful round cheeks were just to the right of Mason's face.  Mason planted a kiss on the sweet mound, and then began to apply firm swats as he carried his husband up the stairs to their bedroom. 

“Ouch,” Billy complained, “That is so not sexy.” He landed butt first on the bed and winced. It was mostly acting but not totally. Those swats had not been playing around.

"Meanie," he accused the broadly grinning Mason.

"Turn over," Mason growled.  "On your hands and knees."  Mason opened the bedside drawer and withdrew a pair of scissors and a bottle of lube.  He pulled the thong from Billy's butt cheeks, slid the scissors underneath and cut the suit away from his brat. "Sorry, brat, your suit is no longer wearable.  When I'm done fucking your brains out, You'll pick out one that covers you from hips to knees."

“Hey that cost some serious money,” Billy gripped, his eyes crossed suddenly as Mason started to use the lube to loosen him up. He braced himself this was going to be a rough ride. He bit back his whimper of need, but his cock was clearly showing his pleasure at the mere thought of it.

Mason pushed his fingers in and out of his brat, widening them a bit with each pull out.  When he felt Billy was properly stretched, he pushed down his own swim trunks, took hold of his cock and prepared to enter.  

Billy let out a howl as Mason entered him. Mason often teased him about how vocal he was during sex, but Billy pointed out that his Top was not silent either.  The two men's grunts and growls echoed through the bedroom.  "Touch yourself--make yourself cum--cum with me!" Mason ordered.  He shuddered and howled his release as he came deep inside his brat. Mason fell forward as he felt Billy cumming.  He panted deeply for a few moments before he stood and carefully pulled out of Billy.  

Mason didn't give his husband a chance to stand; instead he placed one hand in the small of Billy's back holding the man in place.  He began to pepper Billy's backside with spanks.  

“Owe, Owe. Ouch. Maaaassssoooonnnnn,” Billy howled, “OK. OK. I promise no more little black thongs. I’ll be good I promise.”

"I thought I'd give you a little motivation to keep what's mine," Mason leaned down and bit Billy's left butt cheek, "covered."

Billy bucked in pleasure. “No fair, I’m gonna want to show those bite marks off to everyone,” he whined.

"Would you like me to darken that pink with a paddle?" Mason questioned, all amusement leaving his voice. 

“No, no and no,” Billy wriggled out from under Mason and went digging in the underwear draw. He hid what he took and went into the bathroom. He eventually emerged in a pair of board shorts that covered him from just above the knees to his waist. “Happy now?” he asked.

"With the choice of attire, yes, with the attitude, no."  Mason held out his arms. "Come here, Monkey, and give me some sugar."  Mason pulled Billy into a tight embrace and kissed him passionately.  "We should get going.  We told Jack and Jayson that we'd meet them at the pool by one."

“Hurry up then,” Billy said, “It’s you making us so slow.”

At the pool Jay was under the eyes of a very disgruntled Jack. Jay was attired in the same sort of coverage Billy was.

Billy just rolled his eyes at his friend and said “Tops.”