Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monkey Business

Title: Monkey Business
Authors: Tarabeth and Jo
Characters: Mason and Billy
Implements: Hand and Paddle

Billy looked around the garage and sighed. It had seemed so easy, take Auntie Edith's legacy and buy a garage. He'd been in situ now for three weeks, and he was drowning, in paper work. He had been avoiding the mounting paperwork by just working on any car that came in and pumping gas in between times. Any spare time he had, he worked on his pride and joy, an old Ford truck, he was restoring.

He'd received a phone call from the Insurance Company, which was why he had entered, what he was mentally calling the "Black Hole." He saw the familiar logo on one of the letters and opened it. He swore. Before he could re-insure the garage he needed to get the okay from the local fire chief that all the fire protection was up to date.

Okay priority one. He reached for the phone and rang the local fire station.

The summer fire season was keeping Mason and his volunteer firefighters busy helping out the provincial fire service. Mason was putting in quite a bit of overtime to keep on top of all of his duties as fire captain.

The fourth Tuesday of every month was reserved for inspections of local businesses. The new mechanic was lucky he had called when he did, because Mason would easily be able to fit his shop into this month's schedule, allowing the man to meet his insurance company's time line.

Billy sighed in relief, when he heard there'd be no hold up. He then put it out of his mind, and became immersed sorting the mail that had been building up. He opened his bank statement and his jaw dropped in shock. “That can't be right,” he muttered to himself. “That's way too low.” He dug through the rest of the mail. “Thank God,” he sighed in relief, when he found the latest statement and saw the money he'd deposited showing. The garage was breaking even, but the improvements Billy wanted to make were beyond his means at the moment. He looked at the rest of the mail, “Bugger it,” he muttered, “I'll deal with those later." I hear an engine calling my name.” He wandered through to the workshop and started to work on a car, which was in for an oil change.

Before he knew it, it was the fourth Tuesday of the month and he found a man standing at his front counter. “Hi,” Billy said, suddenly feeling shy, “You must be Mason, the fire captain?”

‘God,’ Billy thought to himself ‘He's really handsome.’

Mason smiled. "Yes, I'm Captain Monroe," Mason answered the younger man. Although it was a small town, he wasn't used to strangers addressing him by his first name, when he was in uniform. It was something that usually bothered him, and he found himself correcting the mechanic before he could stop himself. He had loved the sound of this man's voice saying his name, and he realized that his voice had sounded firmer than he would have liked. "Captain Mason Monroe," he repeated his name and held out his hand to the attractive man standing before him. "It's nice to meet you Billy."

Billy blushed, “Sorry, Captain Monroe,” he said. “I'm Billy Fleming. Well, my name is actually William, but only my parents called me that.” Billy flushed darker, why on earth was he telling this stranger so much? He shook Mason's hand. “I need you to have a look around to see if I meet the fire standards for my insurance policy.”

He trailed the fire captain around the garage. He bit his lip when the door behind the counter was opened, and revealed a camp bed, small microwave and television. “I live in,” he admitted. “The bed and breakfast was great, but sometimes I have to pull all niters, and I didn't want to disturb the other guests.”

"There are a few things that need to be fixed before I can sign off for you. You need two more fire extinguishers, I need to see your protocols for disposing of your used oil and other hazardous materials, and you need to move the desk in the front so that there is clear exit path out of the office. But, the major concern is that your building is zoned as a business only, you can't legally be living here." Mason replied.

“Okay,” Billy said, “I can get the fire extinguishers and move the desk. The protocols are in the office, somewhere.” It was then the final comment hit home, he blinked. “I'm not sure where I could move to that would put up with my god-awful hours,” he admitted. “And I can't afford the B and B or a place on my own.” He chewed his bottom lip and looked at the handsome fire captain. “Can you turn a blind eye?” he asked, flirting slightly, he figured it was worth a try.

Mason tried hard not smile at how much this very cute mechanic had revealed in their last exchange, and thought, 'Hmm, what should I do with this darling Brat?'

His heart told him to take Billy home with him. But, in no way did Mason want to look as if he was doing anything improper, so instead he said, "No, I'm sorry, I can't turn a blind eye. I do know a couple of people who may have an affordable place you can rent. I'll call you later today with their numbers. You have seven days to bring everything else into compliance. I'll plan to come back next week and sign off on the inspection for you, unless you call and say it is taken care of sooner."

“Yes sir, I'll make sure we're compliant within the seven days,” Billy promised. “And I'd really appreciate it if you could help me find more appropriate accommodation.”

With that Mason handed Billy a copy of the findings of the fire inspection and bid the mechanic goodbye.

Mason was as good as his word and within three days Billy had moved into a flat he shared with six other men. He sat back and listened to all the gossip his flat mates told him. He learned there were several gay couples around town and that it was generally known that the fire captain was gay. Billy's ears perked up at that piece of information. Maybe he had some sort of chance with Mason.

Four days later Mason revisited the garage and gave it a clean bill of health. Billy left the garage long enough to pay for the insurance and decided to treat himself to a meal at the Maple Grill. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he thought he saw a familiar figure. He half raised his hand then lowered it blushing, why would the handsome fire captain be interested in a mechanic like him?

Mason noticed Billy’s wave and his heart fluttered. He was happy to notice that the stool next to him at the counter was free, so he signaled for Billy to come and join him.

Mason placed his hand on Billy’s shoulder and shook Billy’s hand while guiding the handsome man into the seat next to him. “Join me for dinner?” Mason asked.

"I'd love to," Billy replied, smiling brightly. "Did I thank you for finding me a place to stay?" he asked. "The other guys have strange hours so they don't really mind if I get in at 1:00 am and leave again at 6:00 am."

“Good Lord,” Mason said with a smile, “When do you sleep?”

Billy became busy studying the menu.

Mason noticed that Billy blushed at his comment, but didn’t look up from his menu. Mason was starting to see that this darling Brat was really in need of a Top, and he thought he just might be up for the job. “I recommend the steak sandwich and garden salad,” Mason informed the blushing man sitting at his side.

"I don't need too much sleep," Billy responded. "Too much to do, not enough hours." He looked up at Mason. "The steak sandwich sounds good, but I wonder if I could get fries instead of the salad. Lettuce is for rabbits."
He was strongly attracted to the man next to him and wondered if the feeling was mutual. He hadn't been in a relationship for at least a year and decided falling in lust was not a bad thing. 'Should he make the first move,' Billy wondered to himself. 'Oh hell why not?'

"Mason, after dinner would you like to come over to my place?" he asked. "The others are all out."

"Whoa, slow down there handsome; don't you think we should go out on a date first?" Mason replied. "What if I packed a picnic and we went to movie in the park tomorrow night. They're showing Stripes."

“Dating. That sounds good,” Billy smiled, shyly. “I don't think I've ever really dated before. A picnic and movie sound great. Why don't you pick me up from the garage tomorrow?”

When Mason arrived the next evening, he found Billy still in his mechanics overalls, peering into the innards of a SUV.

Mason leaned his shoulder against the wall; a backpack full of their picnic dinner slung over his other shoulder.

He was enjoying the way Billy's round butt filled out his overalls as he leaned into the car's engine.

"Hey there grease monkey; I thought we had a date," Mason said.

Billy looked up startled "Oh hell, I'm sorry Mason, it slipped my mind." He looked at his hands covered in grease and grimaced. "I need to clean up," he said. "I have some spare clothes in the back. I'll be about 10 minutes." He rushed off and about 15 minutes later he was ready and the garage secured and closed. "Ready to go," he said, brightly.

Mason was amazed at how quickly the man had transitioned from sexy rugged mechanic to the handsome fun-loving man standing before him. He took a moment to look over the dashing blonde man as Billy locked the garage. Mason found him to be stunningly handsome, with a strong jaw, and twinkling blue eyes. He took another opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Billy's firm round butt. It had made his heart skip a beat when he saw it outlined by Billy's coveralls, but the cut of Billy's jeans seemed to highlight the undercurve of his cheeks, and Mason thought how he would really like to plant kisses on those curves, leave bite marks on the round globes, and feel their tight firm muscles against his hips, as he buried himself between them. He let out a soft sigh and took Billy by the hand.

They walked to the park hand-in-hand, and when they arrived Mason put down a blanket and then laid out their dinner of crab cake sandwiches, chilled beer, potato salad, fresh berries, and rich chocolate brownies with a thermos of coffee for dessert.

"Wow," Billy said impressed "When you said picnic, I expected ham and egg sandwiches and maybe a bought cake. This is way beyond expectations." He began to tuck in, he was hungry, he'd skipped lunch as he'd promised a customer their car would be ready at 1pm.

Mason blushed slightly at Billy's compliment, although his intention had been to make a great impression on their first date. "Thank you," Mason said. "I love to cook. Every year on Canada Day, Craig Pike--the other paid firefighter in town--our volunteer fire fighters and I hold a pancake breakfast at the Union Hall and then after the parade I'm in charge of the BBQ at the town picnic."

"So I was born and raised in Jade Heights. What made you decide to settle down here?" Mason smiled, and continued before Billy could answer, "Well other than the tales you had heard about the terribly handsome fire captain."

Billy laughed "Well," he said, "I was an apprentice in Keleowna. My Aunt Edith passed away, and to the shock and horror of my parent's, left me a lot of money. I'd seen the garage here up for sale and decided to go for it." His smile slipped a bit "My parent's are career diplomats, I think me coming along was a horrible shock to them. They hired nannies to look after me and when I was 5 sent me to boarding school, in England, of all places." He grimaced "I got expelled at 14 and shipped to my Uncle. I came out at 18 and he kicked me out. At that stage my apprenticeship was underway so it worked out ok." His grin returned "And of course I heard about the terribly, handsome fire captain here in Jade Heights."

Mason leaned across the blanket and planted a simple, soft, and gentle kiss on Billy's lips. It saddened him to hear that Billy had never really had a home. "I'm glad you were able to find a career that you love. Do you have any other hobbies? Do you play any sports?" Mason asked

"Not really," Billy replied. "I played cricket and rugby at school because we were forced to. I wasn't any good at either of them and then when I went to school back here, I had a go at baseball and football but wasn't much better at them." He looked at Mason, and was amazed he was with such a handsome man. "My hobby is my job," he said finally. "I love tinkering around with engines, taking them apart and putting them back together again, better than before. Hey the movie is starting." Billy lent back his head resting on Mason's chest, as though they'd been together for years.

About half way through the movie Mason asked, "Do you think you might be ready for coffee and a brownie?"

"Always ready for food and coffee," Billy said "Caffeine addict here."

Mason poured Billy a cup of coffee and handed it to him. He then removed a brownie from the Tupperware container, and instead of handing to Billy, he held it up to Billy's mouth offering a bite.

Billy closed his eyes in bliss as the chocolate hit his taste buds. He opened his eyes finally and found Mason looking at him. "Chocolate and a sexy man can it get any better."

Mason smiled and planted a light kiss on Billy’s cheek. “I was thinking the same thing.”

After desert they settled back into the movie.

Mason and Billy had a difficult time containing their laughter when the entire park sang the cadence along with the movie, "“Just like last night only better…Why did the Chicken cross the road?

“To get to from the left to the right.

“He stepped out of rank, got hit by a tank.

“He ain’t no chicken no more.”

When the evening ended, Mason walked Billy back to his house and gave his charming date a long kiss goodnight. When he pulled out of the kiss Mason patted Billy on the butt. "I will expect you to be dressed and ready when I pick you up for dinner tomorrow at six."

Billy closed his eyes and lent into the kiss. "6:00 pm tomorrow, dinner, right," Billy said.

He watched Mason as he walked away. "Cute butt," he though idly, he snorted at himself, who was he kidding? Mason was his dream man.

Billy let out a sigh and quickly walked to the garage had at least two more hours of work left on the SUV, and he needed to get it done. He finally finished at 2am.

He had gotten little sleep when his alarm went off at 5:00 am, so he could open the garage at six.

The day passed quickly, the owner of the SUV very happy the work at been done so quickly and before Billy knew it the clock showed 5:45 pm. “Shit,” he said to himself, and hurriedly closed up the garage and sprinted home.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

He was just out of the shower when he heard someone knock on the door. He put his towel around his waist and went to answer the door.

A burst of lust shot straight to Mason's groin, when he saw Billy standing before him, covered in nothing more than a towel.

"Is this what passes as dressed and ready these days?" Mason asked as he pulled Billy in for a kiss.

“I'm sorry,” Billy said blushing. “I lost track of time. I'm just getting changed. If you'd like to wait the living room, it's on the right. I'll ready to go in a minute.” Billy quickly pulled on a pair of smart slacks and a nice dress shirt; he padded into the living room in his socks and winced when he realized how messy the living room was.

“Sorry,” Billy felt he was saying that a lot to Mason. “It's the maid's week off,” he joked. “I don't spend a lot of time here, and six men can make a hell of a mess,” he explained. “I’ll just get my shoes and we can go. Where are we going anyway?"

Mason took Billy's hand and walked him to his truck. "We have 8:00 o'clock reservations at the steak and chophouse in Kelowna."

“Wow, hot truck,” Billy whistled in admiration. “I'm in the process of restoring that old Ford truck in the garage. I don't get a lot of free time to work on it,” he added wistfully. He got into the truck and immediately began to enthusiastically examine all the bells and whistles, talking non-stop. After about ten minutes of telling Mason all about his day, his voice started to slur and almost in mid sentence he fell asleep.

He slept the rest of the drive to Kelowna and awoke only when the truck stopped in front of the steak and chophouse. “I'm sorry,” he said thinking to himself, ‘there's that bloody word again’. He rubbed his eyes. “I guess I was tired. Didn't get much sleep.”

“How much sleep did you get?” Mason asked the younger man.

Mason’s face showed his displeasure with Billy’s answer. He thought they would need to have a discussion about his expectations early in their relationship; he just hadn’t realized it would be on their second date.

Mason and Billy were seated, and placed their orders. Mason again noted how tired his date looked. He gently placed his hand on top of Billy’s, and began to gently massage Billy’s palm as he spoke. “Billy, in our short time together, I have found that I'm very attracted to you and would love for our relationship to continue to develop. But for us to do that I think you need to know a little about me.

"I have a strong and firm personality. I also love to have fun and can be quite romantic. I want a partner to love, cherish, spoil, care for, and to whom I will supply guidance when it is needed. In exchange for those things I have high expectations of my partner to follow my direction, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that we have a wonderful, happy, and healthy relationship.”

“I'm really attracted to you too,” Billy said. “I hope I meet your expectations.” He felt a touch uneasy about the 'following my direction' thing but was willing to listen. “I really want a partner. I'm in a stage of my life, where I am settled for the first time, and want to share my life with someone special.” Billy smiled shyly, “I'm not very experienced,” he admitted. “I think I may have fallen for you, and would like to continue having fun and being romantic.” Billy's smile was interrupted by a yawn. “Sorry I am tired,” he said, stating the obvious, “but I'm having a great time.”

Mason smiled again at the handsome man sitting across from him. "Honey, I'm sure you will meet my expectations and if you are struggling I'll be there to help you. I think you could use my help with things like ensuring you get enough sleep at night and helping you manage administrative things at the garage. Because from what I hear around town, you are an exceptional mechanic and I want to support you in growing in your business. But I also want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and making time for our relationship.

"How does that sound to you?"

Billy smiled slowly. “That sounds great,” he said. “I do need help, I tend to get lost when I'm fixing a car and administration is such a bore,” he rolled his eyes. His eyes dwelled on the handsome man he was sitting with and wondered what this man saw in him. He shrugged mentally; most of his relationships with men had been brief flings he wanted more than that with Mason. He had a sudden suspicion, “How do you make sure I'm taking care of myself?” he asked. “I've been doing that for the last nine years. The only reason I've been a bit short of sleep is because I want to make sure I get a good reputation in town. The best way to grow the business is by word of mouth.” He was suddenly distracted by the hovering waitress. “Do you want to do coffee here?” he asked Mason, his voice showing how tired he was.

"No, no coffee," Mason said as he handed the waitress his credit card.

Mason waited a moment, until she walked away before he continued. "You, Billy Fleming are a sweet, intelligent, kind, hard working and very sexy man.

You have done a fine a job taking care of yourself. But, let me ask you a couple of questions--do you ever feel like life would be easier if you had a partner who helped you to make the tough decisions in life? Do you think you would be more relaxed and able to enjoy your life if you had a partner who cared enough about you to put you and your well being first--if you had a partner to help you ensure that you have a balance between successful business owner and being a healthy, happy, and active man.

I can be that partner by holding you accountable when you struggle? I would make sure you were taking care of yourself, by helping you to develop healthy habits that would allow you to be all of those things...and I will love you enough to give and enforce consequences when and if you chose not to use the skills I taught, or to follow the decisions we made."

“I'd love to have somebody there for me,” Billy said. “I was raised by Nannies, and then sent to a boarding school when I was five. I only got attention from my parents when I was in trouble. Then finally at fourteen, I was expelled and sent to my Uncle. They paid him well to look after me and make sure I didn't cause any embarrassment. It's strange to me that someone wants to take me on.” Billy blushed, he was used to keeping his emotions tightly under reign, and this kind of discussion would have been hard for him, even if he was fully alert. “I love you Mason,” he said honestly. “And I'd love to be your partner and lover.” He lent in and kissed Mason. He laughed and pulled Mason out of his seat. “Let's blow this pop stand,” he joked.

Mason kissed the top of Billy's head.

When they arrived at the truck, Mason opened the door and assisted his tired partner into the cab. He pulled a blanket and small pillow from the back seat and handed them to Billy. "Sleep, my little grease monkey. If you are a good boy and get a good night's sleep, I'll make it well worth your while in the morning," Mason said with a suggestive wink.

Billy cuddled down, head on pillow, and blanket pulled up. He was so tired he didn't register Mason's last words. He slept peacefully all the way back to Jade Heights. He didn't even wake as the truck drew up in front of Mason's two-story wooden house.

Mason was thankful for his fireman’s strength as he lifted the sleeping man from the truck and carried Billy up to his bedroom.

Billy’s exhaustion was such that he didn’t stir during the trip into the house. Mason smiled, as Billy muttered nonsense, while he divested the sleeping man of his clothes.
He had planned to leave the younger man in just his under shorts, but let out a small snort when he discovered Billy wasn’t wearing any. So he tucked the naked man under the covers and kissed the top of his head.

Mason went for a shower and had a difficult time not fantasizing about the naked man sleeping in his bed. He turned the tap to its coldest setting to cool off his growing desire and quickly finished cleaning himself. Stepping out of the shower, he dried himself off, donned a pair of sleep pants and climbed into bed next to Billy.

Mason awoke not much later to find Billy breathing softly and draped over his chest. He gently stroked Billy’s hair and fell back to sleep very contented.

Billy woke up, disorientated. He sat up abruptly wondering where he was. Not only was he somewhere he didn't recognize, he was stark naked, and in bed with somebody. No, he was in bed with Mason. That steadied him a bit. 'Had they done anything?' he wondered to himself. Then snorted as he realized if they had, he would be feeling something physically. Billy stretched; he hadn't slept this well in ages. He'd forgotten how good that felt.

He looked at the bedside clock, “Oh fuck,” he said out loud, and pulled back the bedclothes to get out of bed. Although it was Sunday, and the garage was officially closed, he often spent the day there, in case anyone wanted him urgently.

Mason gently took hold of Billy's arm and pulled him onto his lap. "Where do you think you're going?" Mason asked as he pulled Billy into a long passionate deep kiss.

As they separated from the kiss, Mason said, "I was hoping to spend the morning making love to you. And that maybe I could convince you to let me make you a gourmet breakfast, which I would serve in the garden. I would also like to finish last night's conversation...and then if there was time, maybe make love again."

Billy's thought processes fled, as he eagerly returned the kiss. Hearing Mason's proposed plan, his cock twitched. He scrambled after his thoughts. “That sounds really good,” he managed to say, finally. He smiled lazily, “I guess today the garage can stay closed.” He turned to Mason and pulled him into another deep kiss, while his hands began to wander, brushing oh so lightly over Mason's skin.

"I'm glad my offer is more appealing than going into the garage," Mason said before he began to kiss Billy again. "What have you done?" Mason said, and he applied another kiss. "Sexually, I mean. What do you like? What do you want me to do to you?"

“Well I have had a couple of lovers,” Billy admitted .“But it was a while ago. I've had anal sex but...ummm...I don't like being on top. I really like being the bottom,” he blushed. “I'm willing to go along with whatever you want,” Billy said, looking into Mason's eyes. “If I have any problems, I'll tell you.”

"Thank you honey," Mason said, as he laid Billy down on the bed. "But this morning is all about you. I want to spend the morning pleasuring you." Mason kissed Billy's shoulder. "Do you want to have anal sex?" Mason asked, as he ran his tongue over Billy's nipple. "Do you want me to top you?" He licked Billy's belly and then took Billy's penis in his hand and ran his tongue around the head. "Or, maybe you would like this first?"

Billy arched in pleasure. “Oh God,” he moaned, “Yes please.” His cock sprung to attention under Mason's tongue. “That feels so good.” His slightly glazed over blue eyes looked into Mason's brown ones, “But as good as that feels I want you in me. Please.” Mason had said he wanted to please him, and Billy wanted to take as much advantage of that as he could.

Mason smiled, and got off the bed. He stood and kept his eyes directly looking into Billy's while he slipped his sleep pants off and removed a condom and bottle of lube from the nightstand.

Mason sat down on the bed and pored some lube into his hand. "Raise and spread your legs, honey," he instructed.

Billy shivered in delight as Mason gently began to open him up. It had been such a long time since he'd felt like this. He began to thrust back keening in need. “God, Mason,” he begged, “that feels so good.” He moaned as Mason slowly entered him. The sweet burn of intrusion soon gave way to overwhelming sensation.

Mason was slow in his lunges. He wanted to saver every moment of his first time making love to Billy. With every movement the intensity of his pleasure increased. He took hold of Billy's cock and began to stimulate just the head and opening, working to supply all the pleasure and sensation he could.

Billy writhed with pleasure. It felt amazing. He'd never had a partner who cared so much about his pleasure as Mason did. “Wanna come,” he managed to gasp out finally.

"Go for it, baby," Mason said, as he continued his slow thrusts and soft touches.

Mason came shortly after Billy; the sound of Billy's pleasure sending him over the edge. he gently pulled out of Billy's body, removed and disposed of the condom. He pulled Billy in close. "You were wonderful. You are wonderful."

“You're not bad yourself,” Billy replied, after he getting his breath back. “Man, that was sooo good.” he grinned at Mason.

“Didn't you mention something about breakfast?” he joked. “For some reason I suddenly got hungry and I probably need to keep my strength up.”

“You are cheeky, my little grease monkey,” Mason said. He applied a playful swat on Billy’s butt, “Go take a shower, and I’ll see if I can find any bananas for you.”

“This monkey eats bacon and pancakes as well,” Billy laughed, dancing out of range. He asked Mason where the shower was and after having used it, he followed his nose to the kitchen. He was wearing his slacks, an unbuttoned shirt, and was barefoot. “Couldn't find my socks and shoes,” he announced as he entered the kitchen.

"Your socks are inside your shoes; they were underneath the chair your clothes were sitting on. Do me a favour and take that tray with the fruit salad and condiments outside to the patio. I'm right behind you with the pancakes and bacon cheddar quiche."

“Yes sir, Captain Monroe,” Billy said, laughing. “This looks really good and the quiche smells great.”

Billy set the tray down and turned to Mason. “After breakfast, I just have to pop down to the garage and make sure every thing's okay. I won't be gone long, promise.”

"I'd like to finish our discussion from last night first," Mason said.

“What discussion?” his memories of the night before were a little fuzzy, and he thought he might prefer to forget what he did remember. “Is it really that important?” Billy squirmed in the seat. “I remember I told you I was all grown up,” he whined, sounding more like a teenager, than the 27 year old he was.

Mason let out a soft sigh. He got up from the table and held his hand out to Billy. He then guided his sweet and squirming Brat over to swing. He sat down and stretched one leg out across the back of the swing, and then motioned to Billy to sit, so his back was resting on Mason's chest.

Mason wrapped his arms around Billy and kissed the top of his head. "Do you want to try that again? This time try not to stretch the truth so much."

Billy felt safe in Mason's arms. “You said something about helping me out with the business by making sure I had healthy habits like sleeping enough, and that you'd give and enforce consequences.” Billy blushed. “I guess I remember more than I thought,” he admitted. “I also remember I said I'd love to be your partner and lover, and I mean that even more now. I guess want you want to talk about is the rules and the consequences. Right?”

Mason slightly turned both men so that he could apply a gentle kiss to Billy’s lips. “That’s part of what I want to talk about, but I also want to talk about the values and beliefs that will make our relationship strong.”

Mason settled Billy back against his chest, and took the mechanic's calloused hands into his, and began to softly massage them. “Let’s promise each other before we get started, that we'll remember we love each other and our ultimate goal in all of this is to ensure we are building the foundation for a good relationship where we are both happy and healthy.”

Mason could tell that Billy was starting to settle, but could still feel his heart beating fast, “This is kind of scary, huh?”

“Real scary,” Billy said. “This is the first time I've ever sat down and discussed a relationship. All my experience before has been sex only, not real relationships.” He grinned ironically. “It's hard to form real relationships, when you're always on the move, or being sent off to school.” He settled back into Mason's chest feeling safe and secure, “I'm ready to listen,” he said.

"So," Mason said, with a long pause before he continued, "I discussed some of my expectations at dinner. I told you I have a strong and firm personality. I'm a natural leader, and because of that I need to be in charge. I need to be the leader of our family, meaning that as for major decisions in our relationship--we will always talk them out together, but if there is major disagreement, I have the final say in making the best choice for us. Can you agree to that?"

Billy cocked his head to one side thinking hard. “We talk things over and then you make the final decision?” he said. “I guess I can live with that. But what happens if I don't agree with your decision?” Billy looked at Mason, his eyes serious. “I'm guessing you don't want me spending so much time at the garage. What if I feel I need to?”

"Well, baby that is when I need you to trust that I'm making the best decision.

"I do think you're spending too much time at the garage, but I'm not a tyrant. I know you're trying to grow your business and that takes time. What I would like us to do is sit down and go over your business plan, look at your goals, and figure out what would be acceptable hours for you to accomplish those goals."

Billy had relaxed as Mason had discussed how to help with his business. This was taking things seriously, and he secretly agreed he needed the help.

"If you feel you need to spend more time at the garage than I would like, we will talk it over see if we can come up with something that allows you to put time in without compromising your sleep or your health.

"But, you will need to listen to and do what I say even if you don't like it. If you don't you'll be punished."

Billy sat up with a bang at the last statement. He twisted around and looked at Mason with incredulity. “Punishment,” he squeaked with surprise. “What do you mean by punishment.”

Mason wanted to smile at Billy's outrage, it was really quite adorable, but this was an important moment. He leaned forward and kissed the outraged face before him. "Well sweetness, from what I have noticed you have a bit of difficulty following rules."
Mason noticed that Billy was growing angrier; he took hold of Billy's hands. "Baby, remember that we love each other and our ultimate goal in this is a good strong relationship.

I believe that you are going to need some incentive to help remind you to follow our rules. And sometimes the best incentive to following the rules can be not having to deal with the consequences of breaking them. In our relationship the consequences you would have to deal with if you deliberately broke a rule would be a spanking."

“You're barking,” Billy said, not caring if Mason understood the slang or not. “Mad, nuts. I'm a grown man for Pete’s sake I haven't been spanked since I was eight.” He stopped and looked at Mason and added quietly, “Caned, strapped, yes, but not spanked.”

He looked at Mason, his eyes serious “Where did you get this from? It can't be something you just dreamed up. Have you done this before? How exactly does it work?” Billy was trying to wrap his mind around the idea. He knew he felt safe with Mason and wanted the relationship, but could he handle Mason's expectations? He took a deep breath, relaxed and waited for Mason's answers.

“You wouldn’t be the first to tell me I’m nuts.” Mason smiled. “Yes, I have been in a couple of relationships where I disciplined my partners.

“Hmm, where did I get this from…did I dream it up? Yes and no. I have always been attracted to men who I felt would benefit from a bit of guidance and discipline, and I have felt a strong need to be the one that provided that to them. But, I am not the only person that has a personality that draws them to this type of relationship.

“There are other couples that incorporate discipline in their relationships, in fact there are several right here in town.”

Mason stopped and ran his thumb gently over the back of Billy’s hand. “How are you doing? Do you want me to keep going?”

“Yes,” Billy replied enthusiastically, “If I'm going to commit to this type of relationship, I need to know everything. I think it sounds ok. I guess I have felt I needed some sort of structure, but I've never heard of anything like this before.” Billy looked at Mason, tentatively. “You said spanking. With the hand? I swore I'd never let anyone use a cane or strap on me again. That would be a deal breaker there and then.” He tensed up again.

Mason pulled Billy into a tight hug. "Honey, I would never abuse you. I would never spank you from anger, and I will never spank with you an implement that you didn't approve of.

"If you broke a rule that warranted a spanking--we would talk about the misbehavior first and after our discussion I would give you a spanking, with my hand, on your bare bottom. I think spanking on the bare, makes you take it more seriously, and it allows me to ensure that I don't spank you too severely. I will never leave you with bruises.

"I can tell you that the spanking will hurt. That is its purpose, for it to persuade you not to engage in that behavior again.

"I would, with your permission, like to reserve the use of a paddle or hairbrush for more serious punishments. Cases where you endangered your health or our relationship."

Billy chewed his lip, thinking hard. “I must be madder than you,” he said finally. “I'm willing to give it a go, if you're willing to put up with me.” He grinned and relaxed into Mason's arms, “as long as we get to spend a lot of time like this,” he said cheekily.

He felt his stomach complain bitterly. “Now how about we eat breakfast,” he suggested.

“I’m more than willing to put up with you,” Mason said pulling Billy into a kiss. “Breakfast sounds grand, I do need to keep your strength up,” he said with a wink.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

It had been a good four months since Mason and Billy had started dating. Their relationship was growing stronger by the day. There had been several spankings, mostly related to Billy’s long hours at the garage.

Mason felt he was being fair, he knew Billy was still establishing his reputation in town, but the sixty plus hours a week that Billy was putting in were not healthy for him, and neither was his working through the middle of the night. Mason was allowing Billy to work up to fifty hours a week—but he was not allowed to work more than six days a week or ten hours a day. He was not supposed to be at the garage before 7:00 am or past 8:00 pm, and he had to take at least two weekends off a month. Mason also reserved the right to cut him down to forty hours a week if needed.

Mason had warned Billy that if another spanking was needed because Billy broke the rules regarding his work hours, Mason would paddle him, and would become much more strict in the monitoring of his Brat’s comings and goings.

Billy had assured Mason he would try harder and there would be no need for a paddling. So it was that Mason felt his heart sink when he noticed the lights on, door open, and could see Billy working in his shop as he passed by the Billy’s garage, while responding to a paramedic call at 1:30 in the morning.

Billy was deeply engrossed in what he was doing. A man had come into the garage as he was closing up saying his car was misfiring. Billy promised to have a look at it the next day, but the customer had said that he was a traveling salesman, and needed to have a reliable car, Billy, against his better instincts, said he'd see what he could do.

He didn't realize what the time was and had finally found the problem when he heard a voice. He raised his head. "Uh. Hi Mason," he said, wiping his hand nervously on his overalls.

“Hi, Monkey,” Mason said. “I was shocked to see you in here working when I drove by on a call at 1:30, but I’m thoroughly dismayed to find you still here at 3:00 am.”

Mason walked over to Billy and pulled him into a hug. “This wasn’t how I wanted to do this,” Mason said, as he planted a kiss on the top of Billy’s head. “I miss you too much the nights you aren’t in my bed, and I worry about if you’re working too much. I want you to move in with me, so let’s lock this place up and go get your stuff.”

"What now?" Billy was astonished "Mace, I've just found out was wrong 
with this car. I can't leave it now." He pulled out of Mason's hug 
and turned towards the car. 

He stopped and turned "Move in with you?" he said, shocked. "I'd love 
that. Now I've found the problem with the car it won't take longer 
than half an hour to fix." Billy's mind was whirling.

Mason pulled Billy to him, and applied a very firm swat to the seat of Billy’s overalls. “I was going to wait to paddle you until later this morning, but if you insist on arguing with me, I’m sure I can find something here in the garage,” Mason said giving Billy a very stern look.

You have two options right now--one is to not get yourself into anymore trouble and come with me. The other is for me to give you a pretty major spanking and then you come with me. Neither of those options involves you staying at the shop. They do both involve you coming home and joining me in our bed, so what’s it going to be—are you going to bed with a sore bottom?”

Billy blushed and he felt his bottom clench. He'd spent quite a bit 
of time over Mason's knees, being reminded he shouldn't work so hard. 
None of it had been pleasurable, when Mason punished he did it thoroughly.

"I guess I’ll come with you, now," Billy replied. "You don't 
need to paddle me Mace, please, I promise I won't do it again." 
Billy's blue eyes had a pleading look in them.

That one swat had stung.

“It’s okay baby. I know you don’t want a paddling, but we’ll get through it, tomorrow. Right now I just want to get you home so you can get some sleep. You can have four hours to get whatever is pressing done tomorrow, but then you are to come home. The garage will be closed Friday and through the weekend.”

Mason heard Billy start to argue. “Billy,” Mason’s voice had a warning tone, “This week was set as a 40 hour week, and if I am guessing correctly tomorrow’s four hours will put you over your 40 hours.”

Billy blushed, and Mason wiped a tear off of his cheek. “Hey, it’s just a spanking sweetheart, and yes I am going to be more strict with your hours, but I will make sure you have something worthwhile to come home to.” Mason applied a soft kiss to Billy’s lips. “Okay?”

"What do you mean we'll get through it?" Billy demanded. "It's my ass 
that's in the firing line." His voice wavered slightly, and he wiped 
away the tears, he was too tired to stop. "I can't close for three 
days," he objected. "I've got cars booked in every day, until 
Christmas. It's not fair," he was so frustrated, he almost stamped 
his feet.

Mason frowned at his Brat, “I guess you do want to go to bed with a sore butt.” He reached into Billy’s pocket and extracted his keys. He then applied six swats to his Brat’s butt. “Go take off your coveralls and find a corner in the office. I’ll be in after I’ve locked the shop.”

Billy trailed into his office and found the corner as ordered. The 
six swats had hurt but he knew they were the least of his problems. 
He kicked the wall, beyond frustrated.

Mason closed up, and entered the office to find his overly tired and brooding partner kicking at the wall. He retrieved his Brat from the corner and took him over to the office chair, sat and began to unfasten Billy’s jeans.

“Baby, you are past exhausted, and as much as I would have liked to just cuddle you to sleep that obviously isn’t what you need tonight.”

Billy blushed as his pants were pulled down, and he braced himself when he found 
himself over Mason's knees.

“You’re right it is your ass on the firing line,” Mason said applying the first swat to the under curve of Billy’s bottom. “You do not sass me young man.”

The first swat landed and he gasped in pain. He always forgot how 
much spankings hurt. "I'm sorry," he managed to say before the pain 
began to build to intolerable levels and he just started to cry.

Mason continued to cover the bottom in front of him with his firm hand, turning it to a fine shade of unhappy pink. He stopped when his Brat’s body shifted from tense and defiant to limp and regretful.

He then gathered Billy up onto his lap, settling the hurting bottom between his legs. He slowly rubbed Billy’s back and dropped little kisses on his head.

Finally it was over, Billy felt well punished and just cuddled into 
Mason's chest and closed his eyes. 

His sobs slowly tapered off. "I'm sorry," he muttered again, he hated 
letting Mason down and felt guilty. "I really did lose track of time. 
I didn't mean to be disrespectful to you." He looked up at Mason, 
tears in his eyes, "Do you still want me to move in with you?" he 
asked, tentatively.

“I know Monkey,” Mason said, before he planted a soft kiss on Billy’s lips. “You need to trust me baby, and not just lash out with that temper of yours. And we need to find a way to help you keep better track of time, or your bottom is going to be very unhappy.”

Mason gently brushed away Billy’s tears with his thumb. “Yes baby, I still want you to move in. I want to wake up with you every morning and fall asleep next to you every night. The fact that I spanked you doesn’t mean I love you any less. It means I love you so much that I’ll keep our boundaries strong to keep you safe.”

Mason paused for a moment and wondered if Billy was changing his mind. “Do you still want to move in with me?”

"Yes," Billy said, "I want to go to sleep with you, and wake with you 
as well."

He sighed "I love it, when the slate is clean." He snuggled 
deeper into Mason's chest, realizing how tired he was, despite the 
burn in his bottom.

Mason slowly helped Billy to stand. “Let’s get you dressed, and then home to bed--to our home and our bed.” Mason smiled. “You can have lots of cuddle time at home,” Mason promised when his brat seemed to give a little pout about being moved off of his lap.

“Tomorrow we’ll move your things out of your rental.”

"Cuddle time sounds good," Billy replied, smiling sleepily. “We can 
pack tomorrow afternoon, after I've finished off the cars in the 
morning. You did say I could do four hours tomorrow," he reminded Mason. Billy bent over and pulled up his pants, hissing in discomfort 
as he did so.

Mason grinned, “Yes Baby, you get four hours tomorrow.”

Billy leaned sleepily against Mason. “Are you going to make it to the truck, Monkey, or do I need to carry you?”

Billy smiled sweetly "Carry me," he said jumping into Mason's arms 
blithely convinced his man would catch him. "So we better set the alarm 
for seven," he muttered, as Mason carried him out to the truck. "That 
salesman needs his car by eight."

Mason loved to carry Billy; it was a physical representation of his emotional commitment to his partner. Although this morning he was saddened a bit as he carried him, noticing that Billy had lost some weight in the last couple of months. Not only did his Brat have a tendency to loose track of time, but he also often forgot to eat.

Mason really wanted to keep Billy in bed much later than seven tomorrow, but he figured the sooner he got his Brat settled the better. “I’ll make sure you are here by seven,” Mason said as he deposited Billy into his truck.

Tomorrow would be long day for them both; Billy would still be exhausted when he started his day, and at some point Mason needed to inform his partner that the spanking he just received was a response to his tantrum, and that he still had a date with the paddle. Mason would wait until he picked Billy up from the shop tomorrow to broach that subject; now he just wanted to get Billy home and cuddled into bed.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The alarm went off distressingly early. Billy rolled out of bed, 
grumbling. He headed straight for the kitchen, ignoring the fact he 
was stark naked, and put the coffee on. He then wandered into the 
laundry, pulled on some underpants, a T-shirt and his mechanics 

"Want a cup of coffee before we head out?" he yelled up the stairs
to Mason.

Mason groaned at the early hour. Life as a fire fighter allowed him to function well on little sleep, but that didn’t mean he liked it. “Yes, please,” he called down to Billy. He got out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans, t-shirt and his favorite ball cap.

He took the cup of coffee that Billy handed him, and pulled Billy into a long warm hug. “Shall we go Monkey?”

"Yes," as tired as he was, Billy was eager to go. They arrived at the 
garage and within the first half hour, Billy had finished the 
salesman's car. He handed it over and then went back into the garage 
to work on the other four cars. He was interrupted from time to time 
to pump gas for customers. Before he knew it, Mason's truck drew up 
and Billy realized he was 1/2 hour over his allocated time.

"Hi Mace," he said brightly. "I've only got about an hour to go before 
I finish these cars. Then we can go pack me up."

Mason was not a happy man. It wasn’t Billy’s fault. Mason had dropped Billy off and then left to go pick up some breakfast for he and his Brat at the Maple Grille. It was while he was waiting for his order that he received a page from the firehouse. It seemed that the provincial fire commissioner had stopped by not realizing it was Mason’s day off. The commissioner wanted to review some new protocols and get Mason signed off, and he would really appreciate it if Mason would meet him for a few hours, so he wouldn’t need to make a return visit.

Mason informed the commissioner that he could be at the firehouse by 9:00 am. He then waited for his order to finish cooking, and took breakfast to Billy at the shop. He sat and ate with his partner, to ensure that the handsome mechanic ate. Mason then kissed his Brat and informed him he would be back at just around 11:00 to take him home.

So, when Mason rolled up at 11:30 he was frustrated at the commissioner and himself for not being able to be back at the garage to ensure Billy was ready to close up on time.

“Hi Baby,” Mason said planting a kiss on Billy’s lips. He then lifted his finger to Billy’s mouth. “I’m sorry I’m late, I wanted to be here to help you close up at 11:00. But, I am here now, and it is past the four hours I gave you.”

Mason could feel Billy’s lips begin to move in protest, and he pressed his finger a little firmer against Billy’s mouth. “Monkey, it’s my fault you didn’t close up on time, but I am not going to allow you to work any more today. Please remember what happened when you argued with me last night, and let’s close up the garage without an argument.”

Billy decided it wasn't worth arguing, not when Mason had such a 
convincing argument against it. He pouted slightly however. "Are we 
going to my place to pick up my stuff?" he asked as he locked the 
office and the main garage door. He wrote a quick note informing 
people, he was closed for the next two days and left his cell phone 
number, in case of emergencies. He made sure Mason didn't see the
note; he didn't think his partner would approve.

Mason opened the door to the truck for Billy and planted a soft kiss on his lips. “Thank you for not arguing, Baby. Yes, we’ll go pick up your things later this afternoon; right now, I thought maybe we could grab a pizza for lunch and then go home and catch up on our sleep.”

"Sleep?" Billy said. "I'm not tired. I can't sleep during the day. 
Lunch is a highly over rated time of day as well," Billy declared. He 
was grumpy, and at the moment didn't really care, what Mason thought of 
him displaying his temper.

“You’re kind of darling when you’re grouchy,” Mason said pulling his Brat into a kiss. “If you think we can get all of your stuff in one load, how about we go get all of your things. I bet then I could convince you into a steak sandwich and fries from the Grille. Whadda ya think, handsome?”

"Yeah, I don't have much stuff," Billy said, cheering up a bit. “A steak 
sandwich and fries sounds nice," he said. "Then we can go home and chill," he said, "or get hot and sticky."

Mason smiled at Billy, thankful he had found a compromise that slightly cheered his exhausted mechanic.

Loading Billy’s belongings didn’t take long, so they were done with packing and lunch by 2:00 pm. When they arrived back at the house, Mason pulled his handsome Brat out of the driver’s side of the truck by his ankles. He quickly swung him over his shoulder into a fireman’s carry and lugged his giggling lover over the threshold of their home. “Welcome home, my love,” Mason said, as he set Billy on the ground and pulled him into a long passionate kiss.

Billy returned the kiss eagerly. His hands began to wander all over 
Mason's body. "Want to go to bed?" he said, "and I don't mean to 

As much as Mason would love to take Billy to bed, they still had a difficult afternoon before them. Mason gently stopped Billy’s hands and brought them both up to hold between his own. He rested their entwined hands between their chests. “Baby,” Mason said, “we still need to discuss last night and the consequences of your working too hard and disobeying me.”

Billy was confused. "You spanked me last night," he pointed out. "It still hurts. Why do you want to talk to me now?" His eyes, suddenly widened in shock, "You're not going to paddle me," he finally, blurted out. "You can't, you punished me last night. You can't punish me twice for the same thing," he protested.

Mason pulled Billy into a hug, and kissed the top of his head. “Shhhh, Monkey. Let’s just talk.” Mason shuffled over to the large lounge chair and sat down. He gently pulled his Brat down onto his lap. He slowly rubbed circles on Billy’s back and planted soft kisses on his forehead, eyes and eventually his lips. “I’m worried about how much you work, baby. You’ve been loosing weight. You can’t afford to loose any more; you can’t really afford to loose what you lost. You aren’t getting enough sleep or eating properly. You can’t be feeling very good...can you?”

"I'm OK," Billy said, leaning back into Mason's embrace. "I need to 
work to get ahead. I don't want the garage to fail." He looked up at 
Mason. "I promise to eat from now on," he said. "Breakfast, lunch and 
dinner, honest." He skipped past the sleep question, if he ignored 
it, Mason might forget about it. He kept his fingers, tightly crossed.

Mason tightened his embrace around Billy. “You’re not okay, baby. You’re exhausted all the time, your beautiful blue eyes are sunken, and you’re just skin and bones.”

Mason stopped and looked at his Brat, “I don’t want you to stop working, and I certainly don’t want the garage to fail. But honestly baby, if you keep working the way you are, you’ll make yourself so sick that you won’t be able to work, and the garage will fail.

If we can get you healthy and strong again, I think you will be able to accomplish more work in your forty hours than you are now in the sixty plus hours you’ve been working.

And selfishly, I miss you when you work so much. I want you to be home more, so I can ravage you, cuddle you, cook for you, and laugh with you at will. But, I’m not going to be able to do any of those things if you aren’t home; you’re too sick; or too tired.”

Mason could tell that what he was saying was beginning to get through to his sweet Brat from the tears that had begun to fall. Mason wiped away the tears. “So, my little Monkey, when we first got together, we decided that part of my job was to help you with the shop…I have helped you to get the office and paper work squared away, and to develop your business plan. Now it’s time for me to make sure that the garage has a top shape healthy mechanic. I promised you that. In order to do that, I’m going to become a lot more strict about setting and monitoring your work schedule, your food intake, and how much sleep you’re getting.”

Billy had felt the tears begin as he listened to Mason. This handsome 
man wanted to help him. He was not used to this level of caring, and 
was overwhelmed. He had agreed that Mason could have control over his 
life and had to admit that his lover had some very good points. 
"What restrictions are you going to put into place?" Billy asked 

“Sweetheart, you’re going to continue to fight them if you think of them as restrictions. We are establishing guidelines to help you be more healthy and happy. It’s your choice whether you follow them or not, but as we agreed if you don’t follow them there will be consequences.

Until you get back to normal weight, I’m going to monitor that you are doing the following things--working a standard forty hour work week—8:00 am to 5:00 pm with an hour for lunch; getting at least eight hours of sleep; and eating three healthy meals a day.”

Mason gave Billy a small smile and kissed his nose. “We’re going to make a doctor’s appointment for you—I want you to know exactly how working so much has effected your health.”

Mason noticed Billy begin to wiggle and could feel the outrage growing in his lover, so he held him tight and placed a finger on Billy’s lips. “Hold on, I’m not finished. There is one more very important thing.”

Mason paused for emphasis, and his Brat seemed to get more frustrated.

“Lot’s of sex,” Mason said. “I think you need regular exercise, and you don’t seem enjoy many other forms, so if you think you can handle it, I think we should have lots, and lots of hot, steamy, sweaty sex.”

Billy had to laugh aloud. "I definitely agree with the exercise 
plan," he said, "In fact I think we should get some exercise in now." 

He was frustrated about the rest of the guidelines. ‘Restrictions,’ 
he thought to himself.
 "I don't want to be poked and prodded by a doctor," he growled, "I'm not sick. I can't take an hour for lunch, it only takes 10 minutes to 
eat, what the hell do I do the rest of the time?"

Mason smiled at Billy’s laugh, he had meant for his exercise comment to remind his Brat of how much he was loved, and he was glad it had worked.

“Sorry Monkey, no exercise right now. We need to finish out talk.

The doctor is non-negotiable. Doctors aren’t just for sick people; they also establish a baseline of your health, so that when you do get sick the doctor knows what your health looks like normally. Drs. Carter and Miller are great; they won’t poke and prod anymore than absolutely necessary. I can go with you if it would make you feel better, Baby.

As for lunch, I thought it might be nice if I walked over and started having lunch with you, or if we met at home. It could be a good chance for us to get some exercise in,” Mason said with a wink.

"Okay," Billy growled, "I give in, you have answers for everything. I'll only do 40 hours a week, I'll have an hour lunch, I’ll sleep eight hours a night, and I'll go to the damn doctor and as for the exercise," he paused, and his eyes twinkled, "That I'll enjoy. Now are we finished re-arranging my entire life?"

"Mostly, Baby...just the paddling left to handle," Mason said softly.

"What? Mace, you punished me last night. You can't punish me twice for the same thing." Billy felt tears slip down his face; he really was very tired. "Why?" he almost wailed.

Mason gently placed his hand on the back of Billy’s head and pressed it to his shoulder. “Baby, I spanked you last night for your attitude and sass. We still need to deal with you working late and disobeying me.”

"Maaassssoooon," Billy wailed. "I promise I won't do it again. It was an 
emergency, that salesman needed his car back ASAP. It means he'll 
recommend me to all his friends. Please don't paddle me."

His tears 
didn't stopped flowing, he hated it when he felt he'd let Mason down. 
He knew he'd broken one of their primary rules, and not for the first 

Billy continued to cry while Mason massaged his neck. After a couple minutes of comfort, Mason steeled himself and helped Billy to stand up. They walked quietly to the office, hand in hand. “Take your pants down, Baby,” Mason instructed while he removed the paddle from the office closet.

Billy blinked back the tears, and saw the paddle Mason took out. It 
looked like a ping-pong paddle, but he shuddered at the prospect of it 
impacting his bottom. He surrendered to the inevitable and started to 
take his pants down.

Mason sat down on the couch and drew his partner over his lap. He put his right leg up on the wooden trunk, making the tender sit spot on his Brat’s bottom more vulnerable.

Billy felt extremely exposed when Mason adjusted him. He tried to 
swallow his tears, before the first swat landed.

Mason’s heart sank a bit as Billy hiccupped a sob at the adjustment of position. But he steadied himself and lowered Billy’s underwear to join his pants around his ankles.

It was rare for Billy to be crying before a spanking started, and Mason knew it was the result of many factors; his partner was exhausted, scared, and he hoped remorseful. Mason gently ran his hand over Billy’s bared bottom. It wasn’t pink anymore from the previous evening’s spanking. Despite his Brat’s protests, the spanking the night before had not been severe.

“I love you Billy Fleming. I want you to be a part of my life for a very, very long time. So, neglecting your health and disobeying the rules I set to help you are not going to be overlooked. They will earn you a sore bottom, and in this case, my sweet Monkey, a very sore bottom.” Mason raised his hand and landed a firm swat to Billy’s bottom. He than began a regular pattern that landed several swats in the same general spot, switched to the other cheek, and then lowered his target area and repeated.

It was not long 
before Billy was sobbing, Billy felt Mason was turning his bottom into a raging inferno.

Mason paused realizing that he had appropriately warmed his Brat’s butt with his hand; Mason felt that the bare bottom was now ready for the paddle.

Billy felt relieved 
when Mason stopped and he tried to rise.

Mason patted his sore bottom and said, "“We’re almost done baby, I’m going to give you six with the paddle. If I catch working in the middle of the night again it will be twelve.”

Billy’s heart sank at the revelation of the paddle coming out,
and he didn't really hear any more as he cried out a protest.

Mason then raised the paddle and applied one swat each to the center of Billy’s cheeks.

"Mason, please no more, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." The paddle 
landed, and Billy desperately tried to levitate off Mason's lap.

Mason then applied one swat to Billy’s sit spot.

the time the third landed, Billy was limp, and just wanted the paddling to be 
over. All he could do was cry out in pain as each stroke landed. 
He felt remorse, he had let Mason down, and his butt was paying for 

Mason also applied the last three swats to Billy’s sit spot, one on top of the first and the then applied the same to the other side. “Okay Monkey, we’re all done,” Mason said a
s he slowly began to rub Billy’s back.

Billy didn't realize that the paddling had finished for a moment, and then he felt Mason's hand rubbing his back. He stood up stiffly, and fell into Mason's arms, hissing as his bottom impacted his lover's lap. He 
turned onto his hip, and buried his head into Mason's chest. "That thing
is evil," he finally managed to mutter, as his sobs finally tapered 

“Yep, baby, it’s supposed to be a good deterrent. I hope I won’t catch you working in the middle of night again anytime soon, because I don’t think either one of us want to get it out again soon.” Mason gave his brat a gentle kiss. Mason stood up, continuing to hold Billy in his arms. “Come on baby, I think you might be more comfy in bed.”

Mason carried his tired lover up to bed and striped him and then removed his own clothes before climbing into bed and gathering his partner in his arms. “I love you, baby.”

"Love you too," Billy said; yawning and comfortable in Mason's arms, he
fell asleep.

Copyright Tarabeth and Jo 2008

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